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Wait! Isn’t this impossible? Clive says he’s a gunsmith from Norwich, England. Can anyone ID that “gat pistol”? See what one Brit carries at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Few things make me glad to live in California. The thought of living in England or almost anywhere in Europe makes me count my blessings.

  2. This is one of the dumber “pocket dumps” posted here in a while. I do truly feel bad for anyone in the U.K. Who can’t carry an actual Firearm.

    • You can carry anything that is obviously useful for self defense. The knife probably has a nail head tip so it can’t be used for stabbing. Very sad.

  3. Now that is truly sad. Maybe he could hit the bad guy with it, if it is heavy enough. Though he would be better off with a Mean Gene Leather coin carrier for hitting a bad guy with.

    • Parents; if your kid can handle a pellet gun, just see that they get a Benjamin, Hatsan or other reputable make. A couple extra hundred is a small price to make better use of their formative years.

  4. England even regulates air guns, and they can’t be over a certain velocity. Anyone know the FPS of the Gat?

    • I once had a 12″ piece of latex tubing that a BB would fit tightly into.
      Muzzle velocity of my hollow rubber band? More than a Gat. More than my Marksman 1010 pistol also, which was sort of a 1970s version of the Gat as far as uselessness went.

    • It shoots corks, pellets, darts, q-tips, nerds candy, pieces of food… just about anything you put in it or smush to the front of it.

  5. An oft heard refrain of the caliber wars is “I still wouldn’t want to get shot with one”.

    Well, I doubt I could tell I was shot with this particular pea shooter. Unless of course somebody hit me in the eye. From close range.

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