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Rather than a pocket dump, bubba chose to submit the gear he keeps in his car. As he writes, “This is a small get home bag for you vehicle. It also has instant coffee, energy bars, and meds.” Not really a pocket dump, but…why not? See it all at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. In 25 years of driving, I’ve never needed any of that. You know what would make sense? A shovel, ice scraper, 2 water bottles, and jumper cables. Just my $.03.

    • How many times have you used your carry gun in those 25 years? If none, why not ditch it for a back up ice scraper or third bottle of water? I myself, have used keys, a phone, a lighter, energy bars, a wallet, cord, and a time piece.

      • Oh, and I have also used chap stick, a multi-tool, a knife, and a flashlight on the road before. Maybe I just live in a post apocalyptic world or something though;-)

        • Paracord. Getting home on foot means the possibility of a trip taking more than one day. Paracord could make it easier to build a shelter. It could also make a improvised shoelace should one of yours break.

          Roll a tarp and a blanket into a portable package and sling it up with paracord to carry. The list goes on.

        • I have used it to hold my trunk lid down when it had something in it I that didn’t allow it to fully close and latch.

  2. Where do you people live? In the Big Woods or on the Banks of Plum Creek in 1860? Hobbit land where you’ll have to go into some mountain to evade trolls? Come on. Numerous vehicles break down coast to coast every single day. When has the need for a snare ever come up? Or shelter? Or a splint? You got to be kidding. Call the police, AAA, or get a ride from a passing Good Samaritan (I actually stop for people), but this is TEOTWAWKI fantasy dreaming.

    • I frequently travel in areas with no cell phone reception. I’ve been to war. Hurricane. Major earthquake. Flooding. Storms in Texas that spawned tornados and had hail that killed a man.

      Ditched my car in a snow storm once and had to unditch it by walking it out of the ditch with a bumper jack.

      You’ve led a blessed life if you’ve never needed more than AAA or a cell phone to get you out of trouble. But all it takes is one unblessed moment to ruin your life.

    • You sound like the anti’s… Don’t think you need this stuff, then don’t carry it – problem solved.

    • In the great Atlanta/Birmingham Ice Storm of 2014, people called everybody and their fat dog with their cell phones.

      It didn’t matter because NOBODY could get to you. People left their cars and walked miles.

      I was stranded in a hotel with a captive staff (40% stuck there) that did a bang-up job of providing food and shelter for many.

      Had my get-home bag with me and gave out energy bars and water to some of the people sleeping the lobby.

      I also went through Hurricane Frederick and Camille (no cell phones) and even people who were well prepared at home struggled before it was over.

      I have also been stranded on the Interstate with a 10 mile back-up because of a 20-something car pile that covered both direction of traffic. Nice to have some food, water, aspirin, and maybe a gun.

      I also have jumper cables, flashlights, food, a blanket, a tarp, and a change of clothes in my truck. Just like other insurance, I hope I never need it.

  3. Funny, Big Woods Brewery is big stuff around here, and I live about a mile from Plum Creek.
    The weird thing about cellphones in hilly country is that they don’t always work, you know, zero bars.
    Anyway, every Boy Scout knows to “be prepared”.
    Girl Scout motto is “I like fantasy dreaming”

    • I’ve traveled to way less developed countries, been in the middle of nowhere where even a squat toilet would be a luxury, but still didn’t need half the stuff survivalists and preppers hoard in their cars as talismans to ward off evil. In fact, I’ll bet 99% of those who carry all that stuff can’t make a decent shelter or a snare from paracord. Granted, my beef with GHB is geared toward the people who live in the city yet buy .50 BMGs and .44 mag for when they go “bear hunting.” Nerd alert–they never do.

  4. So, when can we stop with these pocket dumps?

    I barely cared when it started, stopped caring as it went on, and now its getting annoying.

    • Then scroll right by them (they’re clearly marked) and quickly get to the cliche-/ hyperbole-ridden articles on other stuff.

      I like em just to see what people like if not what’s important to them.

  5. Just call AAA or the cops. I’m guessing you’ve never been through a natural or man made disaster . I have and I also make my living responding to those who call 911.

    Jobs are so backed up during those times the response time will vary from hours to,never .

    I have a similar bag I take back on forth to work and anytime I drive more than a hour or so,away from home . Mine also has some spare clothes and cash because cash is king at those times.


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