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Blakes works in marketing. But rather than going for the sizzle with a flashy carry gun, he’s chosen the affordable, FMK 9C G2 for his EDC in a Galco (Fletch?) thumb break OWB holster. That extra mag’s not a bad idea either. The rest of his gear is detailed at Everyday Carry.

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  1. FMK? That’s obscure. The one with the 2nd lasered on it? Never seen one in the flesh…

  2. My uncle just bought one of those. He loves it. He says the relief cuts in the grip allow for the most comfortable grip he’s ever felt. I felt it, it feels nice. It looks just like a Glock on the inside. I’m going to pick one up as a beater/truck gun.

  3. Some of these pocket-dumps have thousands of dollars of gear before the gat. Interesting to see not everyone tools up with top-of-the-line high priced gear. Good for him for being ready.

      • Slang for gun. Learned it myself here on TTAG as a matter of fact.

        Guess I’m old too. 😉

        • I thought ‘gat’ was a really old term, one you might hear in an old black & white movie from the 40’s.
          Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

        • Gat is an old term apparently but these days you here rappers/gangsters/etc… using it as a synonym to ‘gun’.

    • I’ve never understood that either… on the other hand I wear a $1000 watch that my wife gave me a few years ago… so maybe I’m guilty too.

  4. Why is it that all of the stuff in these “pocket dump” photos always looks so clean and shiny and unused? My stuff is always full of lint and looks like I just took it out of a rock tumbler.

    • That is something I pointed out a while ago. Some of these so called pocket dumps would require an extra pair of pants. There was a guy with two multi tools and a knife along with flashlight, extra magazines, gun, and the normal things you would need for daily life. It is kinda silly. The whole damn point in a multi tool is so you don’t have to carry as many individual items. Nevermind two plus a seperate knife. This should be called gadget dumps.

  5. I saw an FMK a year or two ago in a LGS and had never heard of it before. I handled it and it seemed like a decent handgun and the fit and finish seemed up to snuff. I didn’t have need for another striker fired 9 so I put it back. I would be interested to see how it holds up to a TTAG review

  6. My first ever handgun was the FMK 9C G2, I’ve never had any issues with it even after around 2000 rounds, it’s comfortable, it’s cheap, it’s reliable and it takes Glock sights so upgrading to night sights would be easy if you’re looking to upgrade. I would definitely recommend the FMK, if you can get over some brand snobbery

  7. I don’t see why the price of the gun matters as long as it’s decent quality. My first carry pistol was a Star BM that cost me like $200. Worked great and I still have it.

    These days my EDC is either a 1st Gen 941 Jericho in .40 or a full size USP in .45. I’m not a big guy but I don’t find carrying a full sized gun to be that big of a deal. I carry the 941 in a Falco (no, not Galco) “roto-tilt” shoulder holster or the USP in a SafariLand concealment holster and throw on a semi-baggy overshirt.

    Is the concealment perfect? No, but the only people I’ve met with perfect concealment bought their entire wardrobe around the idea of carrying a gun and I’m not going to go buy $2K worth of clothes to make my concealment better. 99% of the idiots who freak when they see a gun don’t pay enough attention to notice you’re carrying anyway, they’re too busy with their nose in their smartphone or blathering on about some nonsense as if they know everything.

  8. I have the G2 FMK and really like it. Very comfortable to shoot. I may have to check in to that particular holster.

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