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Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Ben Blake


Ben, who works in the firearms industry, says he doesn’t leave the house without this kit. Makes sense to us. See all of his must-carry gear at Everyday Carry . . .



  1. avatar James69 says:

    Looking good! If ya just gotta carry a semi-auto 9, that’s the one.

    No phone?? – even better.

  2. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Nice, tidy kit.

    I am amazed at the lack of a phone.

    1. avatar Kevin says:

      He probably used it to take the picture. 🙂

  3. avatar Son of Alan says:

    Last couple of times they have not identified the holster. Kinda looks like a Bladetech

    1. avatar Frank in VA says:

      Whatever it is, it has some rough edges and hard corners on it below the trigger guard. It looks like somebody did some trimming.

  4. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    Clearly, if you don’t carry an Old Time pocket knife and a revolver, it’s cause you’re trying to be a Super-Secret Squirrel Commando.

    Things that are new frighten and confuse me.

  5. avatar Adam F says:

    I hate it when Everydaycarry can’t figure out some of the gear. I’m in the market for a holster and I get ideas from what people use. No info on the holster- bladetech?

    1. avatar Tex300BLK says:

      That sweat guard looks like a Raven Concealment Eidelon (or a copy of one).

    2. avatar Ben blake says:

      It is a red eye tactical. From a local guy in Huntsville al that makes them. This is my old edc. And it has been updated since this picture was taken

  6. avatar Derek says:

    Some excellent choices, but still no spare mag or medical.

    1. avatar Tile floor says:

      Medical? That’s a bit cumbersome…

      1. avatar Hannibal says:

        Some people here are apparently always suffering massive blood loss due to prolonged gunfights on the way to the gas station.

        1. avatar Derek says:

          Tile, A small basic kit (gloves, tq, celox, compression bandage) weighs as much as a spare magazine and will fit in your front pocket. So it isnt that bad.

          Hannibal, I operate on the assumption that people who carry firearms daily are doing so to be equiped to protect themselves and the ones they love from any violent encounters that may arise as we live in an increasingly dangerous society. I tend think those people are rational enough to understand that if violence occurs they or their family members may be badly wounded and would act accordingly. I guess that isn’t the case and some gun carrying people either are unaware of that statistical posibility or they attend the dunning kruger school of advanced tactics and will never be seriously injured in a violent encounter.

  7. avatar Dave says:

    I’m leaving this here and need some help if anybody out there can help me please listen to this story which happened to me today and see if they have any information or input. I would like for one of the sign shops or system managers to please contact me via my email address on this issue thank you. I went to my local nurse practitioner my primary care physician today because I am a type 1 juvenile onset diabetic and I’ve had a really bad upper respiratory and sinus infection for the last week and it has caused my blood sugar’s to be so out of control that I needed a doctor to prescribe me some antibiotics to get over the infection. I showed up to the clinic and waited for about 40 minutes finally got to a room to wait for the doctor and started feeling low blood sugar coming on I am a brittle diabetic. I ended up trying to be fed by the nurse practitioner cookies from somebody’s lunch there at the clinic and chocolates to raise my blood sugar level after yelling for help in the room that I was in behind closed doors trying to get assistance. Once they finally came to help me I was in very bad shape. They had to call ambulance to administer dextrose 10 IV to bring me out of a seizure that I was in. Next thing I know my mother-in-law and my girlfriend were being questioned by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department on if they should take my gun privileges completely away including my concealed weapons permit. I have never had a problem whatsoever with the law concerning my guns or my concealed carry license in the 16 years I’ve had one. I was told by my nurse practitioner that they were going to file a report so that a judge would have to listen to see if I was competent to still possess my 2nd Amendment rights. I am a hundred percent disabled and live off of very small income. This has completely blown my mind and I feel that my constitutional rights as a citizen of the United States of America have been violated extensively. Not to mention the Disability Act that was enacted to keep people that have disabilities such as myself from owning firearms. I’m very scared that I may lose my 2nd Amendment rights as if I was a convicted felon. I need some answers from you guys out there I know there’s some attorneys that watch this website and some people that might be able to instruct me on how to go about dealing with this matter. Please help! Thank you David.

    1. avatar Dave says:

      I was carrying my concealed firearm at the time. But it never left my holster I never made any threats never was abusive just needed medical help that’s why I was at the clinic in the first place. I find this very unamerican and very intrusive in my personal life and absolutely ridiculous. Is there anybody out there that can give me some insight I live in Florida.

      1. avatar Tile floor says:

        I don’t know about FLA, but I am LE in VA and I’ve never heard of a process, here at least, to take someone’s 2A rights away that doesn’t involve a felony, involuntary commitment to a psychiatric ward, or a protective order.

        I know you’re on a limited income but I’d see if you can find an attorney, or contact a local 2A group that might be able to help you foot the lawyer bill if it comes down to it.

  8. avatar Hannibal says:

    Boring, yet practical.

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