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Ben says, “This is my go to carry for working in and around Nashville.” We’d guess a G19 and a Benchmade blade are the choices of lots of Music City residents. See all Ben’s gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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    • It annoys me as well.

      Especially since my EDC watch is a $10 Timex bought about 17 years ago, and it is on its third battery since bought new…

    • Alot of these “designer” watches are just a case with a logo, stuffed with an off -the-shelf ETA caliber. They don’t tend to sell well at MSRP and are often blown out at big discounts. My daily wear watch is a Gervril GV2 which retailed for something ridiculous like $2500 but was under $300 on line. Decent value because of the locking crown, sapphire crystal (10 years of real work including industrial kitchens and not a scratch) and rubber strap with deployment clasp. And ii’s just an ETA inside, if it ever craps out I can just buy a movement online.

    • An $800 watch assembled in Detroit from a case, dials, hands and crystals made in China and a quartz (not automatic) movement from Thailand & Switzerland. The Made In Detroit marketing thing sold a lot of these watches and brought the FTC down on the company for misleading marketing.

      You can get twice the watch for about half the price from many foreign-based watch brands, or a comparable watch for about $100-150.

    • I’ve never seen that brand for sale before but, in and of itself, there’s nothing wrong with an $800 watch depending on what you’re buying.

      *slides sleeve down over watch*

  1. How the hell do you pocket carry a G19, I’m 6′ 190lbs and that would be annoying as hell even in baggy pants.

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