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About his gear, Ajax the Athenian says, “The G26 carried appendix with the Eclipse is very comfy. The horizontal carrier by Bawidamann is very discreet. I use a G17 mag for those extra 7 rounds. The Victorinox tool is kind of a novelty for me. I used the SAKs as a child and still want something Swiss on me to connect me with my childhood.” See all of his gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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    • I swear some of these pocket dumps are just put together for a laugh. Unless this dude is a locksmith.

      … But before there was Gorilla brand tape, there was DUCK tape, originally used in the military to seal ammo boxes from moisture. It repelled moisture “like water off a duck’s back,” hence the nickname.

      Many ill-informed homeowners since then have used the stuff to seal joints in heating ducts in homes. But it was never designed for that purpose and is poorly suited for that application. It tends to dry out and fall to pieces over time.

    • Ajax should really rethink his carry set up. According to him the pick set is for work and his “employer” is aware of what he carries. If I had come upon him in my previous employment, the pick set would have qualified for burglar’s tools. That along with the pistol and the duct tape would have earned him a free ride to the gray bar hotel for the night. The gun, tape and picks would’ve been seized for evidence and his car towed.

      If the picks and tape are for legitimate work probably best to keep them there.

      • I take it you worked in one of the six states in the union where picks are considered burglary tools unless you’re a locksmith?

  1. Gorilla duct tape. *snort*.

    Every operator operating optimally opts to carry a stolen, er, a ‘procured’ roll of ‘EB Green’… 🙂

  2. I’ve never seen the point of the magazine extensions for the 26 et al. It makes the grip as long as a 19, so just carry a 19 instead and have an easier to shoot gun for the same ease of concealment! Only the flat-base magazine gives you any concealment advantage.

    • The Glock 26 is shorter and lighter than the Glock 19, with or without the grip extension.

      Everyone has their “just right” compromise of size & weight vs. capacity. I like my G26 with its Pierce grip extension (as above). Your mileage may vary.

    • I prefer the G26 with a G19 mag to an actual G19. The shorter slide is easier when I’m sitting and driving and the grip length allows me to get my whole hand on it.

      The fact that there isn’t a grip over the mag has never bothered me and in fact the protrusion from the mag base plate makes my pinkie less likely to slip off than it is even on a G19.

      To each his own.

      As for all the other stuff. Lock picks??!!?? Secret aaagennt Man, Secret Aaaagent man . . .

    • Not pictured: zip ties and gloves.

      “Tools. Tools. Duct tape, zip ties and gloves. I have to have my tools! “

    • hilarious, I was thinking the exact same thing. I recall the scene when he is going through the trunk of his car and has what amounts to a serial killer kit.

  3. Yea, I’m gonna go ahead and question how a roll of Gorilla (and it is) tape is every day pocket dump, looks more like a grab and go kit than whats in your pocket.

  4. I know titanium is expensive to work with but for such a limited set that ITS set of picks is pretty darn expensive.

    SouthOrd Stainless picks are a far better value and easy to replace individually when you inevitably break one.

    His occupation/location makes me wonder… what kind of consultant is he? Does he work for Academi or something?


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