It’s hard to argue with any of 1RidgeRunner7’s choices. The only thing working against him is the fact that he’s a Cubs fan. Check out all of his gear at Everyday Carry . . .


  1. Nothing wrong with being a Cubs fan…unless you happen to live in Milwaukee, St. Louis, or Cincinnati.

      • Yeah, but they’re American League, so you can still like them and the Cubs. I’m both an Indians fan and a Reds fan, unless they’re playing each other, and I like the Cubs too unless they’re playing the Reds or the Indians. I guess that makes me a sports-slut.

  2. What is hard about arguing against a dim/fragile weapon light, no pocket light, and zero medical being carried by a leo?
    I’d also upgrade to some respecyable sights before dropping money on an aftermarket barrel too but that is more preference than the rest.


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