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Every Damn Day.”  That’s how Mr. Operations Manager COStew describes this ensemble.  Submitted to Everyday Carry.

He writes:

I don’t carry a lot but these items leave the house with me every morning regardless of where I’m headed or what I’m wearing. All of them have proven durable, reliable, and budget friendly. The Ruger [American Compact Pro] has never missed a beat or malfunctioned in the 3k+ rounds I’ve put through it. The blade [A Kershaw Pico], while not top of the line, always locks, never rusts, and sharpens easily. The [Edge Eyewear] copper lens sunglasses are great for driving, shooting, working, and awesome for visibility in all types of weather while keeping my eyes safe. Not pictured is an additional 12-round spare magazine and Alien Gear IWB holster.

Yay!  Spare magazine.  Good holster!  And I’m sure the belt that holds it all together.

The only thing missing is a light!


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  1. Similar to mine, except replace the Ruger with a Glock 43, add a Leatherman multi-tool and holster, replace the Kershaw Pico with a Kershaw Blur, and replace the Alien Gear IWB with a Sneaky Pete. Hang it all on a Bigfoot gunbelt. Ooops wait, so it is not so much like mine, afterall. Well, I like it anyway.

  2. Good, reasonable EDC.
    To all that think a light is indispensable, please, put it where the sun don’t shine.
    Urban dwellers may find them indispensable while trapped in an elevator during a black out, or while navigating the deep dark of the subway or finding the key fob after a light dinner of martinis at 2130 hrs, but a lot of us do not find them a must carry.
    A good gun w/a good holster, a good knife. Sometimes a spare mag. That’s it. We will have a good light in the truck/car, and maybe a get home bag and truck gun.
    But then, my chances of being in any of the urban scenarios is non existent.

    • I carry a small streamlight for this dark corners of the office where pens and things go and hide.

    • Urban is somewhat relative though. Like going to wal-mart and having the power go out while you are at the back of the store. Even in my location, wal-mart is pretty crowded and given a shitty scenario where it’s more than just the power going out… I’d like to be able to see. But mostly I carry a light because I use it a lot, and the power does go out a lot during the winter and shitty weather. Just being in town or in traffic at a stop light to me, is urban. If something would happen and I had to be on foot, especially at night (and in my location during winter it gets dark very very early), then I need something to see. Not harping on you, just sharing my reason for needing an EDC light.

    • “… but a lot of us do not find them a must carry.”

      30 years back, I thought the same way about people who suddenly started carrying clip-it Spydercos clipped to their strong-hand side front pocket all the time. They told me since they started carrying them, they considered them indispensable, and used them several times a day.

      I thought that was a little weird. Until a Spyderco caught my eye at a gunshow, and I picked it up. What do you know, they were right. I’m rarely without one today.

      Just give carrying a small, bright light a try EDC sometimes. You may come to the same conclusion I did about pocket knives years back…

    • Right back at cha….nothing of an urban dweller….I use my light all the time.

      Maybe it’s just that I so things where I’m not in bright full sun and may need to see something in detail. Or I may need to find a part in the grass without having to hump back to my truck to get a light.

      You could say the same thing about a knife…or a gun….”got one in muh truck”.

      Who gives a shit?……do you have it with you? Kinda nice to have things that make life easier.

      If you’re sitting on the porch pulling beer out of the cooler …you probably dont need much..
      If you’re doing something useful….you just might need a tool.

      I have one and use it all the time….got three in my truck…dont live anywhere near a city.

      • To some above , I agree, there are times when a light is needed.
        The Wally world near me has skylights, and I’m out of there before dark. (100+ mile drive home).
        If I know that I will be out after dark (rare) I may have a light w/me. Depending on location of me to my truck.
        Other than when I was in SAR, I just don’t need it. My truck is always close enough. Horse camping in the wild is another story.
        Mostly, I’m home before dark as I don’t go out to the bars like I did in my misspent youth. Out here, they roll up the sidewalks at dark. And I’m miles from town.
        A knife has been with me at all times since I was 12 yo. Even in the Army after basic.
        If I’m w/out a blade I’m must be naked and in the shower. I have one in my nightstand along w/a gun and a good light.
        To each their own. But don’t preach.

        • “To each their own”…good words to live by.

          I choose to carry a light for the myriad mundane happenings of everyday life…used it earlier this evening at a restaurant to read the menu (I really miss the good night vision of my youth). Age affects us all in different ways and to different degrees…like the song lyrics said, you gotta “Roll with the Changes”.

      • Exactly…. Words to live by…
        I would rather have TOO MUCH, THAN NOT ENOUGH…
        I wonder if half the responses here are really people who want you to be ill prepared in an emergency….
        See… The thing about emergencies is THEY NEVER HAPPEN WHEN YOU EXPECT THEM TO…..

    • I live in a city, but I carry a flashlight all the time, because it’s a small rural city and most neighborhoods don’t have street lights so it’s dark when I get my mail at 5:30 pm in the winter. I also need a light to check the mouse traps, read house numbers, and explore the occasional cave. It’s not a lot of pocket space and I use it almost daily.
      On the other hand the chapstick stays at home, along with half the stuff I see in these EDC posts.

  3. My kind of carry…..if I carried. The rest of the tacti-stuff can stay in the car e.g. the flashlight, the Leatherman, sunglasses, smart phone with 3 extra batteries, paracord, extra knives, carabiner, big techno/international-time watch, back-up pistols, safety vest, yellow vest (just in case I fly to France), strobe light, cat litter/road salt, dog.

  4. No red dot? Where are your other five knives? Field notes? Tactical glass breaker pen? Flares? Do you even oper8, bro?

  5. Excellent. Simple and clean. Plus it’s a Ruger, MADE IN AMERICA!

    Just what a gun ought to be 🙂

  6. EDC is every day carry and not about surviving the apocalypse. Carry the minimum to win a gun fight or deter one.

  7. An Operations Manager without keys(?) for his buildings(?) as part of his carry?
    Ain’t seen no such thing.

  8. Nice and simple, the way it should be.
    I do have a light but I’ll admit that I don’t carry it every day.
    Blade is always clipped to my front pocket so I don’t need the tactical pen and if someone’s that close, I’m in trouble.
    But it’s like I say, “to each his/her own”.

  9. Thumbs up! Looks to be more realistic than most I’v seen on here. I don’t pack a light either: I’m only out in daylight, business have emergency/exit lights and if I’m on foot in zombie land after dark I don’t want to attract attention either.

  10. Right now i carry a Benchmade for HK edc and i carry my light on my keychain. I dont really need a light all the time and i have my keys with me all the time so im ok.
    When my CCL comes through in 100 years (november) i will add my p320 compact with an iwb carry.
    If i get the new job im interviewing for i will be spending lots of time in Chiraq and a big bump in pay so i think im going to edc a ar15 pistol iwb.

  11. Needs a light. Other than that …good kit.

    Or he could move to Wyoming where its never dark….anywhere….ever.

    • Got that right. Unless it’s overcast the stars are enough light to see by.
      Heck, we can even tie on a fly when we fish!
      A light at night in the summer just draws bugs.

  12. There are so many choices these days…. At least folks are carring something…. When I was growing up in the mid 60s having a pocket knife was about it for edc… Now I’m like most of you, glock 27, NA 22 mag, or a American derrenger 44mag a Kershaw or Gerber folder and a mini maglite.. May not be the best but it’s a he’ll of lot better than then a tube of chapstick and some chickletes😉

  13. Just because there’s only four items doesn’t make it “realistic”…..
    I have two pistols and multiple blades that come with me everyday…. It’s all real, so its “realistic” for me.
    I’m a technician so I’m more prone to carrying multiple items on me for work….
    So, don’t be jealous over my EDC just because you’re limited on what you can carry 🙂

  14. Alien gear = good holster… now I know the author of these edc articles is a moron. Spend any time looking at reviews of alien gear and you will see the glaring issues with their holsters. I fell for that BS once before but never again.

    • I have the cloak tuck 3.0 and it’s more work to clip on but super comfortable. I’ve held the shapeshifer, but the design felt bulkier. I wonder how this person carries the spare mag. Hopefully, it’s not the Alien gear ones. I have them and for IWB carry, they stick out a lot if trying to conceal carry.

  15. Almost a year ago I gave my sister-in-law an LED penlight. She graciously accepted it but said she couldn’t imagine ever needing it. Fast forward to last April. She was at an outdoor Easter service that required people to move from one location to the next (Stations of the Cross). It was getting dark and both she and her mother (late 80’s and unsteady on her feet) were having trouble negotiating the uneven, gravel pathway. One guess what came out of her purse and made their walk much safer and easier. She called, thanked me profusely and insisted she would never be without a pocket light. Like the rest of our EDC, we never need it… UNTIL WE DO.

    • A few years back I bought every single member of my and my wifes family a Photon Microlight II on a quick release key fob, for a Christmas stocking stuffer. Many said “What do I do with this?” I told them to put them on their keychains and most did. Many, including my doubting father in law, have had me replace batteries in them since because they really missed them when they were not available.

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