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Eric Swalwell Reveals Gun Control’s Real Goal…Again

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By Larry Keane

U.S. Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) might be gunning to outdo President Barack Obama’s “best gun salesman” title. That’s right. He’s at it again, reminding every law-abiding gun owner and potential voter what’s truly at stake in the next election.

Rep. Swalwell reiterated his threat of mass gun confiscation this week. He aired this threat on ABC’s “The View,” couching it as a mandatory “buyback” that would strip the more than 16 million modern sporting rifles from legal ownership should he be elected president.

“Ban and buy back every single assault weapon in America. I’m the only candidate calling for that,” Swalwell told the approving panel. He cited shootings, none of which were committed with the rifle he’s set his sights on.

Double Down

This isn’t a slip. Rep. Swalwell is openly embracing disarming American citizens and denying them their constitutional rights.

It’s not the first time he’s made blatantly unconstitutional threats to deny American’s their right to keep and bear arms. He first floated the idea in April, but added the threat of jail for those who would oppose the measure and not “voluntarily” submit to his mass confiscation plan. He offered a caveat, in what could only be surmised as his idea of a concession. He said gun owners could keep modern sporting rifles if they were stored and locked at a hunting club or shooting range.

Other Democratic candidates for the White House have embraced federal gun licensing schemes, compulsory registration and bans on future purchases of modern sporting rifles. U.S. Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), for example, supports a federal gun ownership licensing plan. Sen. Bernie Sander (I-Vt.) said the United States should follow New Zealand’s lead and embark on gun confiscation.

Rep. Swalwell is just the most honest about his true intentions. His true goal isn’t to prevent the criminal misuse of firearms. This sitting U.S. Congressmen is calling for unilaterally confiscating firearms from law-abiding citizens.

End State: End Second Amendment

Congressman Swalwell is just laying out the true goal. He wants to end the right to keep and bear arms. In his view, after all, the Second Amendment allows for that. He says he doesn’t want to repeal the Second Amendment. He just wants to bend it to his will.

American voters might consider Rep. Swalwell a joke, or his protestations an empty threat. But he’s deadly serious. He was challenged on Twitter about the potential havoc he would cause should he embark on such an unconstitutional endeavor, noting such a move could provoke a violent reaction.

In fact, the Second Amendment was written to ensure the citizens could resist a tyrannical government and defend themselves. After all, the Battle at Lexington and Concord occurred because British troops were coming to take the colonists’ firearms. Should the citizenry resist a tyrannical federal government Rep. Swalwell appears to believe it would be appropriate for that government to threaten its citizens with nuclear weapons.

This isn’t leadership. This isn’t in keeping with upholding the Congressman’s oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

It is a clarion call to all voters, not just gun voters. The danger isn’t law-abiding gun owners. It’s politicians who pervert the Constitution to serve their political ambitions and warped vision that citizens serve the government instead of the values of our Founding Fathers that deemed the government is designed to serve its citizens.


Larry Keane is Senior Vice President of Government and Public Affairs and General Counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the firearms industry trade association.

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  1. Politicians such as Congressman Eric Swalwell IS THE ENTIRE REASON that the founders wrote the 2nd A.

    Swalwell embodies the concept of tyranny.

    • I would propose that this dipshit be allowed to keep his head, as long as he keeps it completely silent and out of sight.

      • I’m glad he’s free to speak, and glad he is willing to do so. If all leftists were as forthcoming on all issues, they wouldn’t be nearly as much of a threat.

    • The American Revolution starters over “gun control;” prohibition proved that the drys had their laws and wets had their liquor; that was all the public would endure. Back during the revolution, several hundred backwoods gun smiths, primarily from Germany, supplied enough firearms to make the revolution possible. Now people can get an 80% finished AR-15 or other firearm, finish it by themselves and put it away, just in case, like with a fire extinguisher. We have God given rights like to life and therefore with such comes the right to keep it. Back in Nam, a bunch of rural folks defeated the most powerful military in the world; they lost maybe 2 million doing it but they won; they lost on the battlefield but they wore down this country. We were defeated in the streets, in congress and in the media; this was deliberate and it worked. No unpopular law like prohibition can succeed. Making a working shotgun with pipe and common tools is also possible.
      For someone to take the oath of office to defend and support the Constitution and then work to break its intent is treason. It would be a casus belli.

    • Then we should all vote for him. So many folks seem to want a revolution. Let’s move it along.

    • Gillibrand is currently # 20 in the Real Clear Politics Presidential Poll with 0.3% support. Swallwell is somewhere below her with less than 0.3 % support. He’s a fart in a Category 8 Hurricane.

      • ^this.

        I don’t know what Biden (or whoever they trot out later; I fear Kerry) would actually do.

      • I think in his high school yearbook he was named “Most likely to be eliminated by a right wing extremist group if he ever becomes President”.

        OK, we all know there is no such category. It was actually “Most likely to continue to be a bloviating, pompous, jackass for life”.

    • This is off-point, but I think some of the people on here would want to know….

      I sent an email to Adam Kraut last week, asking him to stop by here, and give us any suggestions he might have.

      Got his reply today……He said he is NOT going to run for the BoD next time; 3 times was enough. Also, because of the turmoil within the organization. He said perhaps he would drop in, closer to election time next year, and offer his suggestions, so I guess all we can do is hope……..

  2. Third party or write in Rand Paul. The Right to keep and bear arms is like 90% infringed already. Trump infringed it more than Obama did. No point in voting for either party. Nothing will change until voters start electing Constitutionalists.

      • Um wrong. I’m old enough to remember the 1992 presidential election where enough Republicans voted for H. Ross Perot to give the election to Clinton. 8 years under Democratic rule with passage of both an Assault Weapons Ban and the Brady Act is more than enough evidence that voting for a Third Party is a very good way to ensure that the party you really don’t want in office succeeds.

        • Not entirely true, while Ross Perot did get nearly 19% of the popular vote he didn’t get a single electoral vote as he did not carry even one state. The final tally was Bubba at 370 over George H.W. with 168 electoral votes.. The popular vote was 45M for Bubba, 39M for Bush and 19.7M for Perot… Bush would have needed Ohio, Pa, Ga, Mi, Wi, Il and Iowa or Mn. to pull it off.. George H.W. Bush lost because he ran on one thing “No new taxes” and one of the first things he did was let a Dem Congress pass a new tax bill which he signed…

        • James Brady was Republican and the assault weapon bill was authored by republicans under HW Bush. Bush backed the bill but didn’t think he had enough votes to pass it. Dems passed the bill thinking they could scoop the (R)’s and it backfired on them. (R)’s learned their lesson and realized they dodged a bullet. (D)’s have been doubling down on tyranny ever since….. Republicans are not our friends.

        • GHWB instituted an import ban of “assault weapons,” using the “sporting” standard to do so. Ban didn’t pass until Clinton.

        • No new taxes wasn’t the only thing that cost Herr Bushler votes.

          He ran on a platform of “I’m a lifelong NRA member because I bought a life membership yesterday”, and implemented an executive gun import ban in early 1989.

    • That is simply terrible advice.

      You must vote for the person who has the best chance to beat whatever Democrat is running. That is NOT a third party candidate. Your suggestion would just guarantee that the Democrat would win.

      • You can’t make republicans become pro gun and constitution in general by supporting them. I don’t care if a democrat gets into office if the republican is just as anti constitution. Privacy, bearing arms, property rights, and a long list more are completely ignored by Trump.

        There is no point. Just because he wants to ban guns a little less seems to mean he gets to ban more than a democrat can get away with. Stop pretending it’s worse with dems it’s not.

        • “Stop pretending it’s worse with dems it’s not.”

          Only a blind, deaf and dump person would think Dems are not worse than Republicans when it comes to privacy, guns and freedom. You think Trump is not better than Hilderbeast?

          Repubs do suck, but Dems are FAR, FAR worse.

        • Explain how they are worse? I bet if Trump thought he could get away with it he would add European style gun control along with a good portion of republicans. He appointed anti privacy and anti gun kavanaugh. I don’t see how it’s better. The Constitution is my main issue and the only difference between him and a dem is he pretends be constitution abiding while people like you pretend he is somehow better.

          Nothing will ever get better if we keep voting for the lesser of two evils. It will just be a slow degradation of rights. 20 years from now the republican line on what is acceptable gun regulation will be even further to the left. It’s been happening for over 100 years.

        • D, I’m fairly certain that you’d oppose Hillary’s anti-gun initiatives, whatever they were. That’s how I know Trump is more dangerous in this area.

        • This ^^^^ Well said and true. No one in big government either Dem or Rep truly supports gun rights as it is a danger to them and their power.

        • Stupid if a demoncrat gets in they will not only go after our guns they will tear down the southern border wall and reverse everything Trump has done.The start in on THE NEW GREEN DEAL .Trump may not be the answer to everything,but he beats any one on the left.

        • Biatec says: “Nothing will ever get better if we keep voting for the lesser of two evils.”
          If those are the only viable choices you are presented with, any other choice is nothing but a masturbatory fantasy.
          A Third Party candidate has little to no chance of actually being elected to the presidency, and even if he were, his chances of actually getting anything of consequence done in the legislature would resemble that of a snowflake surviving in hell.
          Politics is the art of the possible. Not even Bernie Sanders could/can pull this off. (He needs to campaign with the Dems to get heard at all.)

          What’s really funny, to me, is the number of Democrat candidates telling us that he or she is the only chance of getting rid of Trump. That’s a lot of “onlies.”
          Don’t be confused by the seeming promotion of “democratic socialism” (which isn’t socialism at all, but instead an attempt at “income equality”); this is nothing more than an attempt to rope in gullible youth, to swell numbers.

      • Yep, Vote third party in the primaries if you want, but voting third party in the general election mathematically is a wasted vote. If you’re doing that, you’re not helping.

        • Trump has until the election to do something truly pro gun or I will sit it out or vote 3rd party. Voting for people who will F you with lube instead of without is a wasted vote. If we all went 3rd party they would win.

        • Mathematically speaking, my presidential vote doesn’t matter in the slightest.

          It might be otherwise if I lived in a valuable swing state like Florida or Pennsylvania, but in this deep blue state, voting for a Republican means nothing; my minority vote is not reflected in the electoral college results. Voting for a Democrat also means nothing; with a reliable 60 percent-plus majority, no Democrat needs my vote (even if they could get it, which they can’t).

          So there’s no reason at all why I shouldn’t vote third party…or just not vote at all. There’s no conceivable downside to following my conscience and opposing BOTH of the current parties.

        • The Crimson Pirate says: “If we all went 3rd party they would win.”
          And if pigs could fly, we’d need much better windshield wipers.

        • @ING

          All your “my vote doesn’t count” goes out the window with various states attempting to assign electors to the popular vote outcome.

          Idiots like you in Calif, NY, and other “deep blue” states who were too lazy to vote contributed to Trump not getting the popular vote.

      • If you normally vote Republican and you vote 3rd party what you are actually doing is making the Democrat +1.

        Don’t be stupid.
        Don’t be a stompy foot child.
        Don’t be like a Leftist.

    • vote for trump then support impeachment…he doesn’t really have that many friends in his own party….

  3. Rep SwallowWell, please come personally to my residence in South Carolina, during the hours of darkness and I will personally introduce you to “The Protection of Property and Persons Act”. Don’t call, don’t send advance notice just show up unannounced.

    The proceeding message was brought to you as a Public Service Announcement by “Drain The Swamp”

  4. Lol.. Swalwell and the entire United States Treasury Dept.., could not afford to buy my guns from me…

    • I was about to say the same, but on sober reflection I realized that I *do* have a price.

      If Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Nick Hanauer, and the Paul Allen estate all sign over everything they own to me, I’ll give up my guns.

      Everyone can be bought for the right price, and I’m no exception.

      • When Swalwell cuts off his dick to prevent rape and other aggressions I will give some consideration toward turning over arms. Until then ….. bugger off.

        Nous Defions

    • Sure they can.
      You don’t seriously think they’re gonna give you more than a few cents on the dollar for them, do ya?

    • When they come for our guns, and one day they will, it will be with a mafia like offer that “one cannot (or dare not) refuse”. How much is one’s life worth?

      • With the way things are today, and information is made public so easily, those “mafia” guys, and those who give the orders to usurp the Constitution, will have to worry about protecting their wives and kids in their own homes. Once they start confiscating guns from Americans, they ALL become legitimate targets. Including their dogs. So the question really is, what do THEY value more….confiscating our guns, or the lives of their children?

  5. The modern democrat party are THE domestic enemies our Founders warned us about. These terrorists are irredeemable and there can be no reconciliation or reconstruction. When Patriots are finally forced to defend our Constitutional Republic against the “War of Leftist Aggression, the few surviving feral leftists will have no one to blame for their literal genocide but themselves.

    • Yeah, I don’t see why he should be free to threaten our lives, but not we. I’m pretty sure there’s a double standard, there.

      • Absolutely.
        If *I* threaten the lives and livelihoods of those around me, I go to jail.
        When *he* does it, he becomes more popular (at least with like-minded idiots).
        Our political system (with the full cooperation of the media) is truly fucked up.

  6. In a nutshell the Second Amendment enshrines in the basic law of the Republic the right and necessity of the common citizen to own and bear arms of common utility to a standing army.

    This means all military issue firearms carried by military personnel. Handguns, rifles, carbines in all actions, capacities and calibers now used by our national military forces.

    That is about the hardware. The “well regulated” part of it is about training in small units. We no longer do this at the level of common citizens. We should but it is long out of fashion.

    Need to get back to that.

    • It’s really more an extension of the right to free association, if you think about it. The right to freely associate in a martial sense, is a different sort of threat to a tyrannical government than the right to freely associate in a political sense. Forbidding the passage of speech laws is the only way to protect the former, forbidding the passage of arms-controls is the only way to protect the latter.

  7. It’s interesting a progressives argue so strongly for granule-level gun control but are also adamantly opposed to even the most commonsense, completely logical and morally justified //sarc// efforts to insure that people casting votes in our elections are who they say they are and are actually US citizens.

    • Well, they deeply despise everything this nation was founded upon and are likewise deeply committed to its destruction.

  8. Confiscation = Civil War 2.

    Try it Swallowswell. Most people would never turn them in even if you knew where they were…..what a jackass….

  9. “He said gun owners could keep modern sporting rifles if they were stored and locked at a hunting club or shooting range.”

    This is yet another part of the plan. He (and the other anti’s) KNOW that this will not and cannot take place. Safe storage, insurance, security, liability, EMPLOYEES, etc., etc.

    My shooting club is in a very rural setting of Arkansas, run completely by over-extended volunteers, in the middle of a forest. There would be no effective way to ensure security EVEN IF we could afford to do it.

    This is yet another one of their nails in our coffin.

    • My “Shooting Club” has one member. Me. And the range is 30 acres of my forested property, which I live in the middle of.

    • The clubs would have to install better security than most banks. They would be a target to thieves everywhere. Most gun clubs would close because of these requirements, so it is not a bug but an intended feature.

      • Those shooting clubs would also make it very convenient “one stop grab” if and when Swallwell decides that he wants to confiscate all the rifles after all.

  10. Soap box, ballot box or cartridge box….he is using the first two to soften up the weak minded to more “common sense gun laws”.

    • Exactly ! There are enough people willing to support this guy’s radical ideas while asking him to represent their cause. He is more than happy to take their money. He has to realize that he is a political nobody with no chance in hell to win the Demos’ nomination. He is just looking for his 20 minutes.

    • I think he’s got the meter pegged at 0% right now…his own house is polling as undecided.

  11. Ha fcking ha. I’m voting for this guy, yup yup . Banem mutha fuka. Come on do it, ban fireaarms in America.

  12. cowabunga it is. Good luck trying to defend all of those thousands of miles of electrical grid and vital infrastructure supplying leftwing cities when the revolution comes.

  13. Said it before…Saying it again. By this time next year. No one will care about Swalwell. WE Will Still Be Building That Swell Wall. #MAGA 2020 #KEEP AMERICA GREAT

  14. HaHa, This clown isn’t even on the radar as a viable candidate and you’re getting your panties in a twist over anything he says? Now polling at 0% on every stinking poll and convention held.

    • Meanwhile, the pol who’s got a 60% or whatever chance of winning is going on about banning silencers…and he’s supposedly ‘our’ guy!

  15. Not that we shouldn’t be concerned when an elected official makes tyrannical comments like these (the fact he’s in government in the first place is a bigger problem imo), but this dipshit doesn’t have a snow ball’s chance in hell of being POTUS.

  16. He is polling in the 0% category and has no chance whatsoever of getting nominated. The idiots running on gun control ought to look at the latest polls showing that gun control is way down on the list of issues that voters are concerned with.

  17. This jackass deserves to be drawn and quartered. I’m sick of the left is assclowns thinking that they are the chosen people. It is well past time for a hard reset in this country. It is well past time for these idiots to be removed from office.

    They do not represent, they seek to make the populace submit to their dictatorshit.

  18. SwallowWell… typical Kalifornia assclown. Ever notice that when he speaks, he literally looks like he’s rolling around a gumball turd in his mouth with some koolaid slurry.

    • “SwallowWell… typical Kalifornia assclown. Ever notice that when he speaks, he literally looks like he’s rolling around a gumball turd in his mouth with some koolaid slurry.”

      Typical ? If you had some actual real world experience you would recognize that his views are quite radical even for California. (and by the way, even the word ‘Communism’ is spelled with a C not a K) Your astute observations reflect an impeccable intellect.

      • These views are not extreme for California. I seem to remember a certain long time congresscritter from California known as the wicked witch of the west, who in 1985 said something to the tune of: “Mister and Misses America, turn them all in!
        Oh, here it is:

        • It is extreme compared to the overall general populous. Besides, your talking of Feinstein, a bona-fide radical extremist. It’s not fair to use her as an example. Not all Californians are sheepish.
          And we know the “buy-back” money will come from Taxes-out of one pocket and into another taxes. that = lose/lose.

        • “It is extreme compared to the overall general populous. Besides, your talking of Feinstein, a bona-fide radical extremist. It’s not fair to use her as an example. Not all Californians are sheepish.”

          Really? That’s why she keeps getting re-elected by the general populace for the past quarter century. Her constituents keep gaining ground in the Left Coast BLUE State. That’s a lot of sheep grazing amongst any bison.

  19. Respecting his current proposals, and the oath of office he took, might he be charged with perjury? I wonder.

  20. If disarming a populace is so simple, lawful, and easy, then why don’t Swalwell and Co. start by disarming known criminals? Eric, knock yourself out. They’re not supposed to have guns now anyway.

    • Shoot, confiscate their drugs while you’re at it. And if you *really* want to get after it, change their damn climate for them! Ha! Take that!

  21. He’s a pandering ass eater!! He’s going around apologizing for being a man!?!? This dude with his crooked fake smile has the personality of a euthanized dog. Wonder if he’s willing to be point man when they come to take away these scary weapons?? Wonder if his security is willing to give them up also?? Eric can kick rocks !!

  22. Hey Swallowell – if you’re reading this I want to tell you that you’re not doing a goddamn thing with anyone’s guns except getting a few stuck up your ass.

  23. He is absolutely the biggest piece of shit that has ever come out of the state of California. Why would anyone vote for this dumb fuck is beyond me.

  24. He is polling at zero percent and just trying to get media attention for his eventual book deal. He knows he isn’t going to win which is why he can say anything he wants.

    • He can say anything he wants? Isn’t that also an amendment?
      Wonder how much he’d like that one taken away.

  25. Those that advocate voting for a third party are enemies of the 2nd Amendment.

    Those that think for a nanosecond that Republicans are the same as democrats on gun control are either highly susceptible to propaganda or are in the business of spreading propaganda.

    It’s that simple.

    By the way, Swalwell isn’t actually running for President. He is running to stake his claim as the leader in the democrat party and his ability to set the agenda. His goal is Speaker of the House.

    This asswipe will be a pain in the ass for years to come and is dangerous. Those that don’t vote against him are always voting for him.

    • Yup. His goal appears to be gun control, but he’s only pushing folks buttons for attention to move up in his political career. Gun control is not a high priority for his voter base.

      • Gun control is the emerging market. The NRA has the corner on anti-gun control so politicians can’t expect as many contributions from that sector as they can the Anti-gunners. Currently Anti-gun sympathy is on a power move because of the string of mass murders and there is much more money circulating for this. That being said, Gun control, regardless of it’s popularity is not one of the top priorities for most who support it. There are still bigger issues that affect everyday life, I.E. Gas, Food and Lodging. Any person running for office has to have more to contribute than this one dimensional objective. This guy has nothing else to offer and is obscure enough that his public service days are probably numbered so he is just trying to get whatever he can out of it. It’s his gimmick.

  26. Come on enough fear mongering. No one is proposing a repeal of the 2nd amendment. Even if they were and you understood the constitution u would know that what it would require is almost impossible. Fact muskets fired one ball with a long reload interval. Today we have 50 round magazines and that is ridiculous and unnecessary. If we try and compromise we are a better and more honest nation.

        • Froll…nah, maybe Tudd? Trudd? I think Trudd might work.

          Trudd: A term encompassing the idea that the person so identified is either a truly despicable and hopeless fudd, or else is a troll, where the truth is not yet readily perceived.

          Can we agree on Trudd?

    • Sure the left is proposing just that. Banning all civilian ownership of firearms. Some are just more honest than others.
      Compromise to you is that we give the left its way and we get nothing in return. There have been a whole lot of compromises in the past and they all went one way- we lost gun freedoms and are not any safer than before.
      Are you terrified of 50 round magazines? Are you terrified that I can acquire a Ferrari that can run you over at 165mph? If I shot you with that musket, you would be just as dead as if I emptied that whole 50 round magazine into your body. If I run you over on purpose, with a Ford Pinto, you would be just as dead as if I were to run you over with that Ferrari. It is the intent of the person not the tool!

    • Please describe your evaluation of where both ” ridiculous” and “unnecessary” begin, especially when compared to the possible weaponry of any potential opposing combatant(s), be specific. Also please include your definitions of “better” and “honest” and the metrics by which these could be evaluated.
      Extra credit: Evaluate from a constitutional perpective.

    • Harvey = Fudd alert!!! Fuck off Harvey. We are done compromising. Especially when we do all the compromising and the progressive left gives us NOTHING in return. Now go jump off a cliff you Fudd.

    • Compromise? You mean “distraction”, I think.

      We’ve done enough random nonsense distracting from actually reducing violence. Known wolves, soft targets, criminal enterprises where violence is just a tactic.

      Here’s my compromise offer: drop the nonsense that doesn’t help and you don’t have to actually help doing something useful.

      If you keep quiet, we’ll leave you alone.

      Legal: It doesn’t say “musket”, it says arms.

      At the time, citizens’ personal arms had parity with military general use. Civilian ” long rifles” were superior.

      Political: If it’s so obviously a good idea, pass an amendment. Civilian disarmament lacks general interest n support. You are noisy outliers, not main stream.

      Empirical: What’s “reasonable” is maybe not messing with 200,000+ times a year people protect themselves from assault n worse, using a gun. And the A W B did nothing, so let’s do it more?

    • Fact: When the Bill of Rights got ratified, those muskets were exactly what armies were armed with. Private persons owned and used not only rifles and muskets, but also war ships armed with cannons.

      Fact: Nowhere in the 2A it says anything about what kind of arms the people have right to keep and bear. It protects any and all arms.

      Fact: 2A protects our RTKBA in order to be able defend ourselves against government if it ever turns into tyranny. It means that we need to have at least as good weapons as the government does.
      I can decide myself what is or isn’t necessary for me, thank you very much.
      I don’t see how being defenseless makes us a better nation. The world is full of countries with such gun control laws as you seem to like. I bet one of them will accept you as a refugee.

  27. I liked the signs Maryland “gun guys” took to the State House to protest the latest batch of gun-grab legislation proposed by the overwhelmingly Democrat Legislature. (Not that there was much left after screwing us royally with the draconian “Gun Safety Act of 2013”.) The signs said simply “We will not comply”. We don’t have to resort to civil disobedience or any other form of protest. We simply refuse to obey any unconstitutional law. Be polite but firm with any authorities who try to enforce improper laws. They can’t put us all in jail.

  28. Just remember: Manzanar and COINTELPRO were what the Democrat party was willing to inflict on armed opposition. One only need look to history to see what they’d do to a disarmed populace.

    30 years and one day ago in a gun free country

  29. The American Revolution started over “gun control;” prohibition proved that the drys had their laws and wets had their liquor; that was all the public would endure. Back during the Revolution, several hundred backwoods gun smiths, primarily from Germany, supplied enough additional firearms to make the revolution possible. Now people can get an 80% finished AR-15 or other firearm, finish it by themselves and put it away, just in case, like with a fire extinguisher. This is possible with no paperwork. We have God given rights like to life and therefore with such comes the right to keep it. The National Firearms Act of 1934 only put a tax on machine guns; they were not banned since congress did not believe that they had the authority under the Second Amendment to do so. Back in Nam, a bunch of rural folks defeated the most powerful military in the world; they lost maybe 2 million doing it but they won; they lost on the battlefield but they wore down this country. We were defeated in the streets, in congress and in the media; this was deliberate and it worked as planned by Gen. Gap. No unpopular law like prohibition can succeed. Making a working shotgun with pipe and common tools is also possible.
    For someone to take the oath of office to defend and support the Constitution and then work to break its intent is treason. It would be a casus belli.

  30. Where do dorks like Swallowell or what ever, get their votes,,, people in his state must be really stupid, dead or illegal ,,, I know the G O P has their problems with RINOS,,, but the donkey party is totally full of morons,,, & anyone who does a third party is not too bright either…

  31. This Eric Swalwell punk snowflake is clearly the little weasel that used to get beat up in high school, he’s got that punch me in the face look to him, unAmerican scum bag he is

  32. This is why we have the Second Amendment. Hopefully this asshat loses at the ballot box before he has to learn about the other ones.

  33. Seems like the fringe candidates have the most extreme ideas. It sorta makes sense though. Say things like all the gun owners should be rounded up and shot. Everyone thinks that’s crazy and extreme but then a real candidate says something about bans and such and it doesn’t sound so unreasonable when compared to the other laughable ideas.

    • It’s like the other 7th grade boys. In order to attract the attention of Buffy has to out stupid the other morons boys.

  34. Not a threat, but an observation. Any politician that tries to deratify the second, by fair means or foul, would most likely end up starting a rebellion, that will drain the swamp faster than any other method. Just an observation.


  36. He may not have a chance in heck of being nominated and be gone before the 1st round of debates but he still serves as a dangerous and useful idiot up until the point he is forced to shut his yap. It’s a smokescreen and it makes the other yahoos sound less extreme and more sensible up to the point where even their ostensibly left-wing ideologies sound mainstream by comparison. It’s a diversionary tactic that works every time.

  37. There’s our Hilter! I guess he’s in the running for my vote if he holds on for the final round. I believe AOC would be the best medicine but this character might just be second best.

  38. Quit trolling for clicks TTAG. It’s pathetic. This twit is hanging in Iowa working on this resume as “former Presidential Candidate”.

    Jerry Falwell has a better chance of winning the demtard nomination much less POTUS>

    • If you don’t think this filthy, subhuman leftist terrorist isn’t dangerous, and that the anti-American shit he’s spewing isn’t contagious, then you’re sadly misinformed or worse, intentionally obtuse. No one here thinks he can get elected. But his few base supporters, who will be the rabid gun controllers, will force their more electable candidates to officially accept these positions. He should be facing a firing squad tomorrow with his parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, along with anyone else he’s ever loved, serving as the backstop.

      • He’s not personally dangerous. The people backing him (establishment and big money leftists, plus legions of indoctrinated useful idiots) ARE dangerous. I think we are talking about the same thing, though.

        But I disagree about shooting him. Strictly speaking, if he was upholding his oath of office he wouldn’t be talking about a law or an executive order to confiscate weapons without first proposing a Constitutional amendment (which they all know is a non-starter). But I’d say he still gets to speak, and I’m happy to know who the totalitarians are.

      • This guy? He’s no threat. He gets intimidated by some pimply faced teen working at a charity event. I saw him after a recent flood in Petaluma helping serve food to victims. He was being directed by a teenage girl but seemed so inept at such a simple task of serving that the girl ended up taking over for him. He is one of those guys who laughs at everything to hide his ignorance.

    • Even if this guy personally is not dangerous, just the fact that he spouts this disarmist BS in belief that it will help him politically should give you a stop. It means that there is a large part of voting population with similar views. The unending anti gun rights brain washing by the media must have worked. He was already elected into Congress after all.

      • There is a bright side to all this, The radical wing, the true climate change, late term abortion, gun grabbing, pro Socialist/communist/fascist, impeachment folks have become emboldened by whatever outside influences have “guaranteed them victory. Thusly they are finally speaking out without fear and announcing their intentions based on the belief that the “majority” of Americans agree with them and the time has come to put their agenda into action.. Of course they are wrong and they will be squashed mercilessly for their premature assault on the Constitution and the Heartland of America. Outside influences are in reference to Soros and Steyer levels of money as well as hatred for the U.S…. Lastly there will be no civil war, All the big talkers are too damn scared to start shooting and the gun grabbers are damn glad of it….

  39. Swalwell is asking to get shot. Repeatedly.

    The 1st Amendment allows me a verbal redress of grievances agaist shitheads like Swalwell.

    The 2nd Amendment allows me ballistic redress of grievances against Swalwell.

    My message to that cunt is as follows: Try me, you coward bitch. Try me.

  40. Exhibit A: Politicians (and the scum that enforce their laws) are violent sociopaths. Every law they propose is a violent threat, but offer any resistance and you are the one who gets labeled as a violent sociopath – the Stockholm syndrome is so pervasive.

    No election, no court, no bill or law will ever make us free. We’ll be free when we stand together and send the message that enough is enough – that we’re done pretending that they have any authority over us. We just decide, and then we go on living peacefully. But it won’t work unless we do it together, like the founders did. Then we just have to avoid making their mistakes all over again – we have to stop using violence to control people.

  41. Yet Larry Keane supports ATF director nominee Canterbury, who publically proposed banning these same guns in early 2013.

  42. Take a good look at that top photo with that mouth wide open. Eric Swallows is a certified cock sucker

  43. This begs the question of exactly WHO would be imprisoned under Swalwell’s proposals.


    Last year, African Americans were shot by police at more than twice the rate of whites. African Americans are arrested at twice the rate of whites. African American defendants are 75 percent more likely to be charged with offenses carrying mandatory minimums. They receive sentences that are almost 10 percent longer than comparable whites arrested for the same crime.

    – President Barack Obama

  44. It’s easy to call for confiscation if you’re not the one doing the confiscating.

  45. Those who believe that people like Swalwell aren’t dangerous because they can’t be elected to the presidency aren’t paying attention to what’s happening in the House.
    The Democrat Party is being pushed ever farther to the Left by marginal politicians who have large numbers behind them. That those numbers represent ignorant and gullible youths doesn’t seem to matter. Pelosi is under continuous pressure to start meaningful impeachment proceedings by such outliers as Swalwell (AOC, etc).
    Those who are dismissed as being too far to the Left risk not understanding just how far to the left others are.

  46. “…and buy back every single assault weapon in America.”

    You can buy back every single weapon you sold to me.

    The rest of them I think I will keep.

  47. How does one “buy back” something one never owned? how can the gov’t buy back privately owned firearms? It can’t, because the gov’t never owned our firearms, not at any time, ever! “Turn them into the gov’t or get thrown in a cage for the rest of your life.” Does that sound like a voluntary “buy back”?

  48. Eric “Mushroom Cloud” Swalwell is just like the national socialists in Germany, before they started to physically attack people. Next he will say it’s time to “milkshake” his opponents. Baseball Bats and other blunt objects will come latter.

  49. Swalwell doesn’t have a chance at winning the election. Its literally going to be a run against Trump, Biden, and possibly 1-2 other candidates left after the dust from the debates settles.

  50. I’m open to his “buyback” proposal. For a mere $100,000.00 I will agree to sell him my AR. Anything less than that and someone is going to have to get shot. Probably more than one someone.

    • Besides the many fully assembled rifles, in addition to the many, many manufactured rifles I already own, I own a few dozen lowers I purchased “just in case” (and for the purposes of gifting to my daughter and nephew) in the year preceding the 2016 election. Still, I’d be willing to allow the government to “buy back” a couple of dozen of these firearms, that they never owned, possessed or ever sold to me in the first place, for the reasonable price of $100,000.00 each. I’ll even agree to deliver them to any location that they prefer (as long as doing so is legal, and only with contractual indemnification), in the continental United States, at my own expense. Any elected democrat terrorists reading this that can get their state to approve this bulk purchase, and feel strongly that removing these weapons of war from civilian circulation is a way of protecting children, feel free to reach out to me on here. If you’re afraid to reveal your identity, send Dan Zimmerman a private email. He knows who I am and how to reach me. (I’ll make it worth your while Dan). See, there are reasonable gun owners willing to turn over their killing machines. Heck, between Purity of Essence and I, the filthy, vile, anti American leftist democrats could really put a dent in the numbers of these high powered, fully semi-automatic rifles in civilian’s hands.

      • Hell I’ll sell them a dozen or so for $99,999.99 and throw in a box full of new take off factory triggers that I’ve replaced with lighter pull single stage units.. Of course that won’t include the private stock.. Enjoy King Eric..

  51. “buy all 16 million modern sporting rifles”

    ok let’s call that an average price of a bill each, you’re already at $16 billion. That’s just the purchase price, not transportation, recordkeeping, destruction, verification (requiring door to door searches) and law enforcement on those who are non-compliant.

    To ecourage compliance, let’s put the average price at $2000 a rifle, so $32 Billion just to purchase them. round up all attached costs and you’re looking at, probably minimum, paying about $300 billion, and the effort would take minimum 10 years. If it doesnt cause widespread civil unrest, it will still cost hundreds of lives of both citizens and law enforcement. And for what?

    It’s not like there aren’t different rifles that can do the Exact Same Thing.

    • Swallwell is an idiot, first of all no one knows how many “Sporting” rifles there actually are in the U.S. or more importantly WHERE they are. They can’t even give an accurate account of how many American made weapons (duh, just ask the manufacturers) there are and (no clue?) how many are imported… if the estimate of 310,000,000 firearms in the U.S. is even remotely accurate and the AR15 is the most popular would 16 million seem a little weak. If 16 million is a valid number then I own 0.000001% of all sporting rifles in the country…. I think their numbers are off (way off)..
      “Ban and buy back every single assault weapon in America. I’m the only candidate calling for that,” Swalwell told the approving panel. He cited shootings, none of which were committed with the rifle he’s set his sights on.” He can buy back all the Assault Rifles he wants they already belong to the government anyway…

  52. “It is extreme compared to the overall general populous. Besides, your talking of Feinstein, a bona-fide radical extremist. It’s not fair to use her as an example. Not all Californians are sheepish.”

    Really? That’s why she keeps getting re-elected by the general populace for the past quarter century. Her constituents keep gaining ground in the Left Coast BLUE State. That’s a lot of sheep grazing amongst any bison.

  53. People can vote for who ever they want. If the powers that be don’t get the results they want then we all know they’ll just do a recount…. This guy here is not the problem. He is just another puppet voicing the propaganda and intent of what is coming. Whether we vote him in or some other tool…. This is going to be the future of our nation if we don’t do something about it as one! Step by step they are gaining ground in there motives. Dumbing us down with meds. Desensitization in the media. Distraction with empty conflicts amongst ourselves while they put the next move in order. It used to be the dream that in America a man can make something from nothing with hard work and perseverance. Yet today the only dream is to win the lottery? We are free to believe that we know freedom. When the reality is we know nothing of such things. We have free choice but we choose to believe they will take care of it or that it’s because of so and so that shit has gotten to be this way. When it’s been us and only us. Lie after lie we tell ourselves to justify our ignorance each of us as guilty as anyone else. How or what do we do to change this? Well that’s the million dollar question? It’s not the act of seeing the problem it’s the solution that matters!

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