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Alberto Ramos forgives the NYPD for shooting him or, if you think about it, not shadowing Jeffrey Johnson until they could apprehend the killer without endangering the general public on a busy Manhattan street. So no City payout then, right? Now I’d like to know if any members of the family of Johnson’s victim have pondered whether or not the murdered man should have carried a gun to defend himself. Probably not. Not that Steven Ercolino could have carried, what with the Big Apple’s de facto concealed carry ban. Besides, Mayor Bloomberg and his political predecessors have suppressed the idea of armed self-defense for so long it probably never occurred to them—despite the fact that Ercolino went to the police about Johnson’s behavior. According to, “his family focused on the way he lived and not the way he died.”

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  1. How about the news find someone who isn’t so charitable? Or are we not interested in another point of view in NYC? Are the 9 victims in agreement? And will they be considered Johnson’s victims or NYPD victims?
    This is a lawyer situation.

    • GS650G: “How about the news find someone who isn’t so charitable?”

      In one of the stories I read on the day of the shooting, they got a quote from another victim, who had a through-and-through of the upper arm, as he was leaving the hospital. His response was much the same, paraphrased, “The cops were doing their job. These things happen.”

      Until I watched the video and saw this guy was shot in the foot, I assumed it was the same guy, because I really didn’t see two people being that forgiving.

      • Let’s see how charitable people are if a round goes through a wall into their house and strikes them in the arm during a DGU. If we are not “just doing our job” are all bets off?

  2. For the benefit of people who haven’t had the pleasure of living in an anti-gun zone like NYC or Chicago, ill state this:the culture regarding firearms is so different it really evokes the thought process of visiting a foreign country. In Red State America, guns are ordinary objects, the ownership of which is neither suspicious or suspect. In Chicago, firearms have been outlawed for so long that the citizenry associates them with Sarin gas. Say you want a gun in Chicago, and the commoners will wonder what gang or criminal activity you partake in-after all, good guys don’t carry guns. Because there is no such thing as civil shooting sports in places like Chicago and NYC, real world knowledge on firearms is something like King Tut’s hieroglyphics, an ancient art lost to the sands of time.

    Thus you get news articles like the headline above. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

  3. Anybody explain to this guy that NYPD hit him because they modify their weapons to avoid Negligent Discharges by increasing trigger pull to 12lb making it almost impossibe to shoot accurately under stress? They don’t trust their own officers and are unwilling to spend the money to train them properly.

  4. I’m glad Mr. ramos is able to forgive, that makes him a better person than I am. I’m also wondering who is picking up the tab for all these medical bills? I hope they are being paid by the city of New York , I sure wouldn’t want to run it through my personal insurance and be responcible for all the co-pays and deductables. I’d want to be able to keep my future lawsuit award money and not have to split what’s left with the doctors AFTER the lawyers get their bite.

    • I sure wouldn’t want to lose pay and sick time/vacation from work b/c of this either . . . . .

  5. I also suspect the charity shown by Mr. Ramos means he has not had the personal pleasure of “stop and frisk” yet. I hope someone tells him to STFU and speak with a lawyer first before he signs any release.

  6. I’m reading Jim Cirillo’s book about his days with the NYCPD stakeout squad back in the 70’s. Members of the highly-trained squad were in a lot of gunfights with armed perps. Cirillo: “In all of the gunfights that stakeout members engaged in, not one innocent person was ever hit by stray bullets. This included firefights in crowded supermarkets on Friday nights. … Evidently our training tactics worked well. Not one stakeout member ever folded during any of the 252 armed encounters we faced.”
    Compare and contrast…

    • Makes you wish for the good old days when cops could shoot straight everybody(not just the elite few) could and did own firearms!
      I remember as a teenager sitting on the street corner many times trading guns with the “Old Men” or trading knives too.
      Not really been too long ago since I just turned 50 this month!
      Times sure do change in a hurry.

  7. Jeffrey Johnson’s elderly mother has spoken with the MSM. If accurate, she has been very compassionate and understanding to all parties: the victim who should not have been shot, the police for shooting her son in self-defense, and her son she remembered as a good person who for some reason emotional and/or physical (earlier injury?) reason snapped.

  8. “I Don’t Blame the Cops for Shooting Me”

    Sometime during the ’90s a survey was done in Russia asking Russians when they had it best in life. 20% of the people said their lives were best under Stalin. There will always be categories of people whose temperaments direct them into various ways of thinking, feeling, and believing. There is usually little to nothing that can be done about it no matter how unrealistic they are in denying the facts and truth in front of their face.

  9. After listening to Mr. Ramos speak, I have to say that I don’t blame the cops for shooting him either.

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