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CLEVELAND, Ohio [via]– A 24-year-old West Side woman was raped in her bed Monday morning by an armed robber who broke in through a window.

The robber and rapist also broke into another home in the neighborhood of Fairfield Avenue and West 10th Street and took a cell phone.

According to a patrol officer’s report, this is what happened about 4 a.m. Monday in the 1000 block of Fairfield:

The woman was suddenly awakened and saw a man in her room. It was too dark for her to see his face.

She sat up and he told her to close her eyes. She did, then felt a gun pressing into her forehead. He told her to open her eyes, then asked for money.

She told him she didn’t have any cash. He began rummaging through her room and found a bank card. He asked her for the personal identification number and she told him what it was.

The robber then pulled off her blanket, grabbed her and threatened to shoot her if she screamed. She told him her brother was in the house and has a gun.

The robber asked her several times, “How big is the gun?” She told him “medium size.”

The man then ordered her to take off her pants. She did so and crossed her legs. He said, “don’t or I’ll shoot you.”

He raped her, told her to count to 59 two times, rummaged through her bedroom again and a bathroom, then returned to her room and shined a light on her.

“Don’t move,” he ordered.

She stayed in bed for an hour, terrified that he was still in the house, then got up and woke up her older brother. They called police.

The rapist had left in her brother’s car. He also took the bank card, keys, a laptop computer and a backpack.

Police dispatchers repeatedly broadcast the stolen car’s description Monday morning, until patrol officers found it on Gertrude Avenue on the East Side. It was towed to a police garage to be examined for evidence.

The rape victim was treated at Fairview Hospital, where specially trained nurses also collected evidence.

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  1. And here we go again, guns are good, cuz I'll use one to pop a perp! And then I'll use graphic examples of close calls with criminals as evidence as defense for my cause.

    Truth is, a locked window and door would probably be more effective in this case. Perhaps a dog!

    No, no a 9 mm by my bedside is what I need.

    Again, grabbed by some poor logic. Moreoever, I doubt the Founding Fathers envisioned this type of scenario when they wrote the Bill of Rights.

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