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Wandered into this letter to the editor in the Salt Lake Tribune. I offer it not as flamebait (much), but as more evidence that those lobbying for gun control tend to view gun owners as morally bankrupt and psychologically defective. The use of the word “addiction” indicates the same sort of shift in societal interpretation of private firearm ownership as experienced by alcoholics: from sin to sickness. By some. But not most, methinks. Anyway, it’s not just Republicans who are living beyond their means. My name is Robert and I’m addicted to guns.

Both greed and guns are addictive. Those addicted to greed are obsessed with wealth far beyond their needs. Their compulsion results in a stunning indifference to others, which is also true of the gun addict. Gun addicts demand guns and ammunition far beyond their needs, with firearms at the very center of their lives. Self defense is used as an excuse, and a willingness to shoot to kill and to shoot first and ask questions later is the gun addict’s mantra. Both addicts flip off Judeo-Christian morality and worship at the godless alter of Friedrich Nietzsche and Ayn Rand, celebrating what Eric Fromm called “malignant narcissism.”

The Republican Party has become the voice for greed and guns, hyping both addictions as virtues, and society has paid a terrible price in loss of wealth and lives. Any respectable government is obligated to provide security for its citizens and should establish tight restrictions on both greed and guns. The GOP neither has the will nor moral integrity to accomplish this.

Ron Molen

Salt Lake City

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  1. "Gun addicts demand guns and ammunition far beyond their needs."

    That's funny, I thought in a free and capitalistic society that I didn't have to worry about my needs and could focus on my wants and desires.

    How is having a closet full of guns different than a garage full of cars? I had a girlfriend who owned 20 pairs of sneakers, at least 4 pair of sandals, and who knows what else. Obviously beyond her needs. We should regulate how many shoes she needs.

    It's also ironic that an "addiction" to a product almost the opposite of the greed he speaks of. My willingness to spend money on guns or Blu-rays takes money out of my pocket and gives it to someone else. Are they greedy for selling me that stuff to get my money?

    We must regulate everything. How we've survived this long with people thinking for themselves is astounding. We must regulate thinking before this goes wrong.

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