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Image: Chris Dumm for TTAG

Ken Onion’s Blur doesn’t have the aggressively ‘tacical’ styling of the Zero Tolerance 0350, but this one has the same supersteel at its heart: CPM S30V. It’s a little more discreet, a little more comfortable to carry, and a little less comfortable for heavy cutting. This all-metal, all US-made thumbstud assisted opener can handle any cutting task you throw at it, and it won’t even freak out the knife muggles when you’re opening a UPS package with it.┬áIs this spendier S30V version worth the extra money compared to the 14C28N version? I don’t know…yet.

Check out more at The Truth About Knives.

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  1. I have several Blurs in 14C28N, S30V, and 154CM. I have removed the torsion bar on all of them as they make really sweet manual openers.

    Great knife IMO.

    • I like my standard blur with the 14sanvic blade so much I have decided to buy another blur but with a s30v blade instead. Can you tell me how big of a difference you noticed between the standard sandvik and s30v performance ?

  2. I’m spending most of my days with a lowly 154 CM blade as my EDC when there are all of those wonderful S30V wonders out there. Bummer. I guess the most severe use I’ll encounter is either a knife fight (in which case I’ll probably use my gun) or cutting a seat belt. I’ve had no issue slicing seat belts with 154 CM. Still, I’m jonesing for a ZT 0300 or 0350 with a tiger strip blade.

  3. I have the ‘lowly’ 14C28N version and love, love LOVE my Blur. A tad on the large side maybe, but it holds an edge, has the best thumb stud around and all knives should be assisted openers. Well most anyway.

  4. I’ve got nothing but love for 154CM, although in my experience it doesn’t have the crazy edge retention of S30V or S35VN. I’d love to have all three Blurs, actually.

  5. I had the standard Blur and grabbed the S30V version when it was on sale for $60…cheapest knife I own of that steel by FAR, a complete steal (zing!)
    Really though, great value for a supersteal knife.

  6. I have one in my pocket now. second one I own, lost the first. Around $50 at Walmart, not too bad for an American made knife.
    Did break the tip off while trying to pry off a plastic panel in the car, but sharpened right up.

    • The $50 ones at Walmart are the 14c28n models but still good knife for the price.
      If you shop around you can find the S30V version on sale sometimes for the $60 range, otherwise its 80ish.
      Not bad considering most knives that use S30V and S35VN are high end $200+ blades

  7. I have the glassbreaker version in my pocket right now. I love it so far; it just feels sturdy. I have a griptilian mini but I find it’s not as good.

  8. I used to like the Blur line until I banged the mune of my tanto Blur on a piece of pine to see if I could make the thin liner lock fail. The thing consistently closes when so struck. I’ll take a different lock to save my fingers.

  9. My red Blur just celebrated it’s 10th birthday two weeks ago. While it may not have this new, fancy dancy steel, it has held up for a decade of adventures.

  10. I have a regular blur inbound. I have a ZT350 that I always carry but I’ve had many Kershaw blades. I used to carry a lowly Clash and I haven’t found that the clash needed to be sharpened that much more than the ZT and it was much easier to do so. I was wanting an s30v blur but I found a standard blemish one for half the price.

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