Are you part of the legion of Garand lovers out there who devoutly believe that .30-06 is God’s own caliber? It’s a dwindling but still very vocal group. But if you’ve been struggling with filling out your Christmas list for Santa this year, here’s a little stocking stuffer you’re sure to love and wear with pride. For only $7.50 plus shipping you can sport this three-bullet belt buckle designed to show the world – in no uncertain terms – just what your favorite caliber is. All of the usual TSA-related pre-flight warnings apply, of course.


  1. File this under strange but true. If there are any “real” components to this buckle, you would need a permit to possess one in Massachusetts.

  2. In Jamaica you would get life at hard labor from the gun court. In South Korea you would get the death penalty. No matter how inert they may be. Be aware when traveling abroad, a casing may be enough for harsh sentences.


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