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Mexican drug cartels may be a bunch of vile, hyper-violent murdering scum, but they’re not necessarily stupid. Some have apparently figured out that they can save the cost and risk of mules (hired smugglers) and avoid digging expensive and dangerous tunnels to get their product to the Norte-Americanos. Their latest weapon: the potato gun. Or something similar. From “An attempt by drug smugglers to propel cans of marijuana into the United States with a pneumatic cannon was thwarted by Border Patrol agents over the weekend.” . . .

The drug smugglers crossed the Colorado River with the pneumatic cannon and entered an area of U.S. territory outside of the border fence. They then used a carbon dioxide canister to propel the pot over the salinity canal and the border fence into a field abut 500 feet away. The marijuana was tucked inside what appeared to be soup cans inside of larger cans and sealed on the ends.

So fair warning: if you live in the border area or will be visiting in the near future, you may want to don a helmet to protect yourself from flying packages of contraband.

Although no arrests were made, and the smugglers escaped with the cannon, agents were able to seize a tank of carbon dioxide outside the border fence, along with 33 cans of marijuana. The cans contained about 85 pounds of pot worth an estimated $42,500. The pot is scheduled for destruction.

As the executive and legislative branches assiduously work to ban certain kinds of firearms, it’s good to see that other forms of prohibition are working so well.

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  1. Ban carbon dioxide, not assault potatos!

    We need to make sure our impressionable neighbors don’t forget the other lawful uses for potatos, that the Irish Potato ban of the mid 1800s was a disaster, and our constitution implies a universal right to eat.
    Satistics show high levels of CO2 in majority of asphixiation victems.

  2. o_O wow. Maybe they will go old school and build a giant Trebuchet? I built one in Jr High and waged unholy pumpkin war on the old barn in my back yard until my dad yelled at me.

  3. I’m sorry, but the engineer in me finds this to be a facinating solution to a problem. The cost-per-shot (if you can avoid the cannon being confiscated) runs to nearly zero if you get enough shots off. Boost the pressure and scratch-rifle the barrel, and the range goes well beyond 500 yards. Still pretty quiet as long as you keep using a compressed gas for propellant.

  4. Not potato. Pot. It’s a pot gun. If it was a potato gun, it would be shooting, you know, potatoes. Or rutabagas. I hate rutabagas.

  5. Seems like an excellent justification to deploy Patriot batteries along the US-Mexico border. Or perhaps that new tactical laser system that they’ve been trying out on mortar rounds.

    Because, y’know, Mexicans shooting pot canisters across the border is a Serious Threat To National Security.

    Dammit, I couldn’t even write three lines without cracking up at the misguided ingenuity of these guys.

    • This is for real!? I mean is this the same sort of potato gun or is their version a real explosive weapon?

  6. Picture you’re out in the middle absolutely nowhere in the Southwestern desert, and then suddenly…


    “What the hell was that noi-” ~CRASH~ “WHAT THE HELL JUST HIT MY TRUCK?!”

  7. That just ‘chaps my arse’, sensational! Spud guns are grouse! Took mine down to a beach break with my kids and a few of their mates and loaded up on them with lemons while they were surfing, only got away with that one once. Bigger the better, yowzah!!! Brings out the devil in one

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