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First billionaire Tom Steyer quit on Saturday after spending over $252 million on his lackluster campaign for the Democrat nomination for President in 2020. Then the failed former mayor of some Midwestern town saddled with violent crime and poor economic prospects called it quits Sunday evening. And now Amy Klobuchar has ended her run for the nomination and announced that she will endorse creepy Uncle Joe Biden.

Candidates usually wait until after decisive election results to end their campaigns. But not this year. Super Tuesday with 14 states on the line is still a day away.

Why it’s almost as if something big happened behind the scenes in recent days to bring cause them all to throw in the towel. Meanwhile, once again President Trump might actually know something.

Will gun owners cry much about these radical candidates ending their hapless campaigns? Not likely. All of the aforementioned Democrats campaigned vigorously on their support of racist, classist, sexist gun control laws.

Billionaire Tom Steyer called for gun bans and firearm owner licensing.

From Politico:

Steyer’s plan calls for instituting universal background checks, enacting “red flag” laws, closing several gun sale “loopholes,” banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines, and establishing mandatory waiting periods for the delivery of guns following their purchase.

Steyer would push for creating a gun licensing system, national assault weapons registries, and voluntary buyback programs for all firearms — not just assault weapons.

Cook County Illinois has pretty much all of those gun control measures in place. Clearly those gun control schemes have worked well to prevent violent crime in Chicago, no? And They’ve kept the minorities who live there safe, right?


Amy Klobuchar’s campaign offered a similar series of proposals, as reported in Medium.   Clearly Klobuchar doesn’t care much for promoting gun ownership for women to combat physical violence and sexual assaults.

Instead, she would rather make gun ownership as difficult as possible, especially for undesirables. Just as her predecessors did with poll taxes to make voting difficult, especially for poor minorities.

Meanwhile, failed former Mayor Pete Buttigieg demanded most of those same gun control initiatives. Obviously, Mayor Pete doesn’t know that armed gays don’t get bashed. Or maybe attacks on the LGBT community take a back seat to the far larger priority of civilian disarmament.

At the same time, none of these candidates’ proposals would stop criminals from victimizing law-abiding members of society. They know that gun control laws only impact the little people, but their platforms suggest that they don’t care as they campaign behind protective details of armed good guys.

So now, the Democrats are left with three men in the race, all significantly older than President Trump. Oh, and a 1/1024th native American who likely won’t even win her own state’s primary.

The establishment Democrats really seem to want Joe Biden to come out on top, but after what appear to be looming Super Tuesday losses, his campaign funding will likely dry up. That will probably cement his effort at becoming a three-time Presidential loser.

At that point, in an effort to deny Comrade Bernie the nomination, look for desperate establishment Dems to turn to rabidly anti-gun (and fantastically wealthy) Mini-Mike Bloomberg, who takes a back seat to no one in his antipathy to Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

Time will tell how well Plan C works out for them.

In the meantime, gun owners shouldn’t be cocky.


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  1. Yep. Is it because they’re afraid bernie will lose to trump or that he might win and basically blow up the democratic party establishment? I guess it’s lose-lose for them.

    • It’ll be Biden vs Bernie…with bloomberg possibly playing the role of wild card…people dropping out is routine at this point…2 of the 3 seem committed to gun control as a winning issue…not something I totally agree with…guess we’ll see…..

  2. If there’s one left, then the dems still have an anti gun candidate in the race. You cannot vote dem and be pro gun.

      • Yes there are people who really do lie to themselves. And then they lie to other people.

      • What does owning a gun have to do with being pro-gun as a policy matter? Nothing.

        Feinstein owns guns. There was that infamous picture Obama in his mom jeans firing his shotgun. I’m sure Kim Jong Un owns guns, too.

        Aside from politicians and wealthy, well-connected individuals who always seem to have special rights, even your basic rank and file liberal gun owners aren’t known as pro-gun. Most continue to support the litany of gun control measures. Most expect some grandfathering for their own guns and for new laws only to apply to the other guy. That’s not pro-gun.

    • “you cannot vote dem and be pro-gun”
      “you cannot vote gop and be pro-choice”
      “you cannot vote dem and be pro-business”
      “you cannot vote gop and be pro-diversity”

      Actual humans do not all fit into these two boxes but have a variety of interests beyond one. There are plenty of us gun owners who have never given two shits about whether gays get married or if they take prayer out of schools. Or those who rejected the international adventurism into the middle east in the 2000s. These people may be pro-gun but that doesn’t mean the GOP can count on their unquestioning support despite negating every other issue (and not doing much good on guns anyway). Nor can the democratic party necessarily expect them to always vote D if they push more and more gun control. Priorities shift.

      Surely there is some theoretical limit of horrible governing that would stop you from voting the ‘pro-gun’ side. Summary executions of jaywalkers? Rounding up redheads and putting them into camps? Something, right? Well, that’s why you have pro-gun democrats. It may not be the most important issue for them, or at least not the ONLY issue.

      If we had a less stupid electoral system where single-issue candidates or parties had a chance, we would all be much better off (because the pro-gun side would be a lot more motivated to support such candidates than the anti).

      • If wishes were horses then beggars would ride.

        This is a gun blog. Those other subjects have plenty of sites devoted to them.

        • That is an ignorant and unresponsive reply. Reading and commenting on a gun blog does not mean you have to be a single-issue cultist.

        • Since the electorate is made up of more than the comments section of gun blogs I’m not sure it’s wise to dismiss everything else.

        • Hannibal. i’m not dismissing any concerns. But this is not the place for anti vaccine, or pro for that matter, discussions nor is it the place for gay marriage talks.

          You would be surprised at how liberal I am. But none of that matters so long as the dems are actively seeking to curtail my rights.

      • I like it, but we’d probably have many burn their selection notice or move to Canada to avoid the service, till we drew a sociopathic asshat.

    • Bloomberg’s Fox News Town-hall devolves, when he won’t answer question about why his security forces should have the firearms he seeks to confiscate from citizens. His reply focused solely on background checks that “do not apply to guns sold over the Internet or at gun shows.”

      Starts at time-stamp 12:45;

      • He’s okay with everyone protecting themselves as long as they hire professionals to do it. You’re too dumb to be trusted with a firearm.

    • The reason why the Democrats have such a… thing for gun control is they are hiding the fact they have no policies on unemployment, health, environment, infrastructure, resources, energy, education, or anything else most people would consider important.

    • Bernie has never stressed gun control…he seems to have been making anti-gun statements lately because of the way he has been attacked on this issue…his primary thrust seems to be on economic issues……

  3. Mike isn’t taking Bernie’s votes, he’s taking potential Biden votes. Mike may actually help deliver the nomination to a socialist. I think the only way Biden even has a chance is if Mike drops out immediately. After tomorrow, the damage will probably be done.

    No Bernie fan here, but it will be so satisfying for him to beat Warren in her home state after that sexist stunt she pulled on the debate stage.

    • What I’m hoping for is that the dnc, with bloomies backing, screws bernie out of the nomination. It will wreck the democratic party for at least one generation.

      • In my estimation the Democrats have essentially two choices at this point:

        1) They can go through a serious “soul searching” in the political wilderness by nominating Bernie and having him get annihilated in the general and then trying to find their way back to political relevance with the general population, or

        2) They can roll with a brokered convention/find another way to screw Bernie and his supporters and at the same time shatters the party’s core. At that point the party goes the way of the Whigs.

      • And we might get to see burning cars light up the streets of Milwaukee (not that I would hope for this).

          • I can’t believe I am actually making plans to WATCH the upcoming Dem Shitshow because I think it will be the BEST entertainment on TV this Summer and with the added drama of “Will they or won’t they burn Milwaukee down” as promised when Bernie gets the big Super Delegate fucking in round two it has the potential to win Mini Series of the year…..

    • Bloomberg is about as bad as you can get from the democratic establishment. There is no candidate more nanny-state than he is, even the socialist. I hope that he not only loses but that his run utterly ruins whatever political cache he has developed over the years. There were a bunch of people who have wanted him to run for quite some time and I hope they end up with egg on their faces.

    • After spending three years trying to paint Trump as a sexist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic fascist, the Democrats are now rolling out the red carpet for a sexist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic fascist named Bloomberg.

      Hypocrisy runs strong and deep with the Democrats.

      Ironically, we could actually see a Democrat posing as a Republican (Trump) running against a Republican posing as a Democrat (Bloomberg). Just goes to show you — all the parts are interchangeable.

  4. How’d ya like to blow $250000000 and no one can quite place you?!? He he😆😎😏

  5. I can’t wait to see Trump burn some ass on stage and the only thing the competition has is a goddamn virus that’s killing people

    • They also have an entire treasonous 5th column in the mass media and social media companies that needs to be lined up against a wall and shot.

        • “Helicopter rides” a la Pinochet? “Get out of da choppa!”

          Free one way tickets for commies!

        • You will only get about 3 or 4 per helicopter and at a thousand dollars per hour in flying time. A boat would be far more efficient.

        • 3 or 4?

          A CH-47 ‘Chinook’ can carry 44 troops…

      • The comments here are priceless. Almost as if some posters were being paid to pretend they were gun owners just to make gun owners look crazy online…….

  6. As if any Democrat left won’t be anti-gun? They all claim the same cookie cutter list of nonsense in their proposed “reforms.” One of these things is just like the other.

    If course with Democrats ideas and actions don’t mean anything which is why their platforms are essentially identical.

    For Dems all they care about is the superficial. Should I pick the black one? The one with a vagina? The gay one? The Hispanic one?

    Because that’s the pressing issue for these deep thinkers. Let us not judge a man by his character but by his skin.

    • If you are going to call a woman “the one with a vagina”, then maybe you should refer to the “gay one” as “the dude who let’s people put their penis in his butt”.

      For the ignorant, the anus is not a sex organ. It is designed for pooping.

  7. Everyone sing it with me…

    “99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer…”

  8. Considering that all Democrats who are running for president are “anti gun,” that pretty much means they’re just narrowing it down and weeding out the ones they think have no chance of ever winning, either this time or in future elections years from now.

  9. I am glad as Hell all those Anti-Gun Democrats dropped out… So now I guess that just leaves 5 or 6 anti-gun Democrats in that race, hmmmm…

  10. I look forward to Antifa burning down a major Democrat controlled city. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Home for the DNC convention in 2020. A blue state. When the democrats steal the election, again, from Bernie Sanders. Perhaps the entire state will burn???
    We will see.
    If you own a store front. I suggest you have it boarded up during the convention in the state. Seriously. 17 minute long video

    More Project Veritas Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Staffers on hidden camera via James O’Keefe

    • That’s an old commie tradition just like the “spontaneous peasant demonstration tomorrow at 11:15.”

      Sanders IS a threat. There are a lot of miscreants out there who are stupid enough to vote for him. When they don’t get their way, some of them will be stupid enough to resort to violence. Technically, that violence is easy to deal with… except for one minor problem. Good guys tend to let bad guys have the first shot.

    • Millennials living in their moms basements talking about communist/anarchist insurrection. Comedy gold.

      • “Millennials living in their moms basements talking about communist/anarchist insurrection. Comedy gold.”

        There are at least *two* regulars here who grew up in the old Soviet Union, and are fully qualified to comment on what totalitarian communism actually is.

        And they aren’t Millennials, and they aren’t ‘Boomers’ either. The childhood communist memories they have are Generation X.

        Are your credentials on the subject better than theirs, jackwad?

        Now go fuck off, the adults are speaking… 😉

        • No thanks. At least one of the posters you’re referring to here remains a legitimate communist, though pretending hard not to be. Seems like the millennial comment hit your nerves. Good. Because from your comments you give the impression your an pathetic angry old man who gets his only social value from this ridiculous blog.

        • I do. It was when all the “peace protesters’ rioted and went to war in the name of peace. It was amazing watching the riots on the news at dinner. No better way to spread the message of love and peace than through unbridled violence and property destruction.

  11. What’s scary about these people and their crazy ideas on gun control, global warming, immigration and economics is that millions of people think these idiotic ideas are good ideas for America. The failure of the American education system. (or the success of the communist to infiltrate and deploy)

    • These are the very people mandating vaxines. Yet that’s suddenly acceptable to the some of the conservative segment of the population that allegedly understands the Constitution?

  12. I’m sorry, I thought they were all anti-gun. Did I miss a miracle conversion or something?

  13. I think there were some backroom deals. Drop out, throw support to Biden and if he wins (unlikely), they get a spot. ANYTHING to get rid of Bernie.

    • Pretty obvious that both are being bought out by the DNC.

      Klobuchar looked like she was vying for the VP spot all along. Pete would probably get something like HHS or Veterans Affairs.

      • ” Pete would probably get something like HHS or Veterans Affairs.”
        Bootyjug in charge of HOMELAND SECURITY is bad enough, but to have IT running VETERANS AFFAIRS is a whole Nuther Level of Hell…. I would rather see IT in the Oval Office than have to try to live with whatever fucked up shit is running through the brain of that Offiice Poage that considers itself to be an honest to God “Combat Veteran”…. At least as POTUS we could shut IT down with House and Senate majoritys….

  14. This is unfortunate. We don’t want them dropping out. We want the delegates spread thin enough for a brokered convention and the Dems turning on themselves like in 1968

    The more who drop out, the less likely we get a contested convention.

    Honestly this is the worst news I’ve seen all week.

  15. Even though Bernie runs as a democrat, he is not necessarily antigun. In fact he may make gun ownership more affordable.

    • “Even though Bernie runs as a democrat, he is not necessarily antigun.”

      There’s something you don’t understand about Leftists.

      They are first, above all else, a loyal Leftists.

      It doesn’t matter one whit what he thinks about guns, he will sign any gun control bill into law that gets dropped on his presidential desk…

    • Apparently you’ve not heard Berne lately, Please allow me to present you with a refresher, this is not the “OLD” Bernie of 2016, this is the “NEW and IMPROVED” Version…..
      Sanders emphasized the issue in his campaign announcement speech: “I’m running for president because we must end the epidemic of gun violence in this country. We need to take on the NRA, expand background checks, end the gun show loophole, and ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons.”
      Gun Safety
      When we are in the White House, we will move aggressively to end the epidemic of gun violence in this country and pass the common sense gun safety legislation that the overwhelming majority of Americans want.
      Key Points
      Take on the NRA and its corrupting effect on Washington.
      Expand background checks.
      End the gun show loophole. All gun purchases should be subject to the same background check standards.
      Ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons. Assault weapons are designed and sold as tools of war. There is absolutely no reason why these firearms should be sold to civilians.
      Prohibit high-capacity ammunition magazines.
      Implement a buyback program to get assault weapons off the streets.
      Regulate assault weapons in the same way that we currently regulate fully automatic weapons — a system that essentially makes them unlawful to own.
      Crack down on “straw purchases” where people buy guns for criminals.
      Support “red flag” laws and legislation to ensure we keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers and stalkers
      Ban the 3-D printing of firearms and bump stocks
      Nuff Said?

      • He can talk all he wants about taking on the NRA. That doesn’t matter to me. The NRA plays absolutely zero role in my thoughts about him. To me, that’s just him flappin’ his gums.

  16. A quarter billion dollars and I think I saw Tom Steyer’s name in the media about five times total. There is nothing on this earth that annihilates money pointlessly like American election spending.

    This is the big push to crush Bernie. They’re all throwing their delegates, supporters, and money behind Biden.

    • Egad, I think I’ve heard Steyr’s radio commercials here in SoCal more times than I can count. So glad they’ll be gone now. He wasted him money using the wrong media to get his message out.

      • He spent $3,700 for each vote he actually go, that earned him exactly *zero* delegates… 😉

      • Hell, his damn adds were still airing after he dropped-out! I guess he figured since he already paid for them, may as well run them.

  17. They can do whatever they want. None get my vote. They have all proven their anti-American sentiment. They have all proven they can’t be trusted. They all have proven they are unfit. It doesn’t even matter what Putin wants.

  18. Go to Jerry Miculek’s vid. Its funny. Bloomberg has been running ads on his channel. Jerry thanks him.

  19. Interesting that Biden decided tonight to call Beto O’Rourke up to the stage and promise that if Biden wins he’ll put Beto in charge of gun control.

  20. In the end who gives a ratsass what these idiotic losers had to say about guns??
    All that does matter if you include Napoleons money.
    Well over a billion dollars was wasted by these lunatics but added to the economy.
    That in itself is a good thing.

  21. Maybe I’m dense, but I didn’t really see a difference between any of their gun policies. When it comes to guns, all marching orders come from MiniMike.

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