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There’s not a whole lot of variation in AR-15 rifles. Whether you buy one from Wilson Combat or the guy down the street who builds his own, bone stock AR-15s will look damn near identical. Which is the whole point, after all. NcSTAR is introducing something this year to allow people to make their rifles stand out a little bit more. They call it their “BlastAR Kit.”

According to the NcSTAR rep, the idea behind the kit is that it gives gun owners a good base kit on which they can create something different and interesting. Whether that’s a STAR WARS-inspired paint scheme or something completely different, the kit gives your gun a more space age look and plenty of real estate on which to doodle.

The handguard uses Keymod attachment points for external bits and works just like an existing delta ring stock.The forward carry handle mounts to the top of the handguard and uses a standard front sight gas block to attach. It does a good job covering the gas block to make the gun look a little more futuristic while still allowing the sight to function normally.

The stock and grip (here a 3D printed prototype going into production shortly) attaches directly to existing buffer tubes without any modification to the gun beyond removing the existing pistol grip. It is not adjustable but does include some new QD cups.

The last inclusion is a flared magazine well.

The kit will be available shortly for about $180, and is sure to make the process of creating a cool looking airsoft-y spacegun much easier. I’m not sure how well it would hold up on an actual AR-15 but I can’t wait to find out.

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  1. Why do some gun owners insist on making their guns look like cartoons? If want ugly and hideous, just go featureless, you don’t need all of this functionless cladding.

    • I like it, but my friends will tell you I like ugly guns. I call them unique. I bought a KSG because of how much it looks like a Star wars gun and a mossberg 464 SPX because it was weird looking (and I need an extended stock because of an elbow injury) On a side note I was surprised that of all the guns I have that the SPX has been the most fun to shoot.

    • cool until some kid shoots another with it and the public wonders why an assault rifle was kiddied up to look like a toy.

      and they’ll have a point.

      • Because a gun that looks more like a toy is somehow more lethal than one that isn’t? C’mon. You can make a better argument than that against it.

  2. Now you can have an AR that looks just like everyone else who bought the kit.

    Does give it a bit of a Star Wars theme.

    • Because there are millions of ARs in the civilian market and occasionally someone wants something different. Since ARs saturate the community, they figured they might as well just make an AR look different for a change.

        • It’s the same reason some people paint flames or put decals on their cars. Sure it’s a functional vehicle if it is base generic white, but it is more pleasing if you add some color to it.

    • Have you seen NCStar products up close? They’re all half-assed, especially on the manufacturing side. That “prototype” stock looks exactly like what you’ll get in a production box.

    • I came in fully prepared to hate on this but you know, to each his own.

      If it makes it more enjoyable to someone then great.

  3. My wife received an A R15 as a gift (by permission of the court) from her brain dead brother a couple of years ago and I just decided to kit it out for her. For half the money of this ‘blastar’ kit I swapped out his cheese grater quad-rail and Batman butt stock with Magpul MOE handgrip and (CTR) butt stock and pist ol grip in OD green. (Scope mount ordered and possibly a Timney trigger soon too.) Frankly I was shocked at how much better the rifle looked. A little disappointed Magpul doesn’t make Pmags in OD green though.

    AR lovers will never stop hanging stupid sh!t on their rif les.

    • I picked up half dozen olive drab Hexmags for an AR I built with the OD Magpul accessories. I can’t speak to the long term durability of the Hexmags but so far they’ve worked well and look sort of cool. I bought them right before election day for around $9 each and I suspect that you might find a little better deal post Trump.

      • Just so long as the two OD greens match. Maga zine failures at the range are no where near as embarrassing as clashing ODs.

      • Now post-trump, pmags are around $13-$15.

        Getting harder to purchase gun related products, post-Trump.

        Fucking morons voting for a moron.

        • You have officially had your Firearms Enthusiast Certificate revoked. You are no longer one of us. Trump has his faults, and let us down by not passing the “Hearing Protection Act”, but he’s several orders of magnitude better than Hitlary Clingon. If you can’t see that, well, then maybe the person you’re calling a moron is in the mirror…
          Please take all of your firearms & related accessories to a pawn shop and sell them. You may use the money to purchase environmentally-friendly dildos, medical grade bongs and hoodies with catchy SJW slogans on them. We respectfully ask that you never set foot in a gun shop or on a shooting range again. Please refrain from hunting (your kind are usually vegans anyway, so this shouldn’t be much of a loss…). In addition, please stop visiting all gun-related websites and if you receive any gun magazines, cancel your subscription(s) immediately.
          Thank you for your cooperation. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors as a socialist cuckold.

      • Their website only has ‘black’, ‘sand’ and ‘medium coyote tan’ but I’ll keep my eyes open. Maybe they make a special run every so often.

  4. Borderlands……Is shooting bullets just not cool enough for you? Buy a Maliwan and light some people on fire!”

    • Hey, my rifle has ’em, as well as a matching original A1 stock and pistol grip. They’re more comfortable than the modern milspec stuff.

    • The only reason I don’t own an AR is because I can’t find one with a triangular fore end and fixed stock (Viet Nam Style is what I call it) that I can afford.

  5. Non-adjustable stock… a carrying stock ffs… they’ve basically just gone back a couple generations of the weapon and made it uglier.

  6. They’ve officially run out of good ideas. Why not add a bright orange flash suppressor? Making a firearm look like a toy is arguably the worst idea I have ever seen.

  7. It’s not for me, but I could see how it adds some fun, if that look is your bag.

    Really, everyone’s running around with their military-style rifles, why? Because it’s fun and because it’s tough looking. Blah blah blah all day about accessories, flexibility, effectiveness, Bill of Needs, etc. The badass factor is omnipresent. Why deny it?

    Some people tool up to pretend to be G.I. Joe. Others may buy this kit to fantasize that they’re one of Vader’s Storm Troopers. If Ruger made a replica Pennsylvania flintlock rifle in, say, .233REM, hell, I might buy one and run off to the woods to play Natty Bumppo. So what?

    To each his own. It isn’t hurting anyone. Let’s dispense with the gun snobbery and hypocrisy.

  8. Paint it orange and yellow and stencil “N-Strike” on it.

    California camouflage 😉

  9. Are those of you here who are “tut tut”ing and looking down your noses the same guys who drive bone stock trucks, cars, and motocycyles or have you customized them to some degree to suit your tastes? The gun community is so thick with the holier than thou purists that it is a wonder new people even get into gun ownership. You cry about millenials and the younger crowd not appreciating gun owner ship but in the instances where companies find ways to interest them and their preferenes for moding, you start up with the old man afraid of change routine.

    • Meh. If you want to customize something, by all means please do; it’s no skin off my nose and I certainly won’t object to what you do with your stuff. If I choose to leave that same something stock, I’ll ask you to extend me the same courtesy.

      I’ve lived long enough, and gone through the “it’s new and shiny” phase with enough cars, trucks, and motorcycles, to have learned that I do better to start out trying to make the best use of what comes stock, and only after I understand what it can and can’t do, try to make it “better.” But that’s me; you go be you, and we’ll both be happy, eh?

  10. I think a lot of things look space-agey and science-fictiony because we simply don’t have them in everyday life. i.e. in our personal contexts. For instance, a now-old-fashioned Motorola Razr flip phone is pretty much a real-life (and more compact) Star Trek original series communicator. Smartphone? Tricorder (and communicator – bonus!). Bluetooth earpiece? ST:TNG, just not as part of the insignia. Or Uhura’s ear thingie from TOS, your choice. Broomhandle Mauser? Solo’s blaster. And that worked so well because by the time Star Wars came out, nobody was using those guns any more. It wouldn’t have been nearly as memorable if he pulled out a Beretta. (Anyone remember Greedo’s blaster? Thought not.)

    When the AR-15 / M-16 first came out it was a “space age” design – no wood, all polymer and alloy. Then we all got used to the look and it just, well, was. And after a while longer, what it was, was kinda boring.

    Then we had the wave of free-floating handguards, quad rails, flat-top railed uppers, and new stock designs, and again it looked futuristic. Now, we’re all used to that look and it’s just the way ARs are.

    And here we are again.

    I have zero problem with customizing a gun – or a car or a motorcycle or what-have-you – to personal taste. Just, understand that anything that becomes widely accepted in the circles you frequent will be seen as “the norm” and no longer futuristic / unique. When I lived in California I knew a number of Harley riders who got very annoyed to see other “custom” bikes with more or less the same set of replacement parts they used.

  11. Blastar the living bombburst!”(also seen in Avengers Age of Ultron) From an early Fantastic Four comicbook…this seems equally comicbookish. Gotta’ sell Ar’s I guess…

  12. Not gonna lie, I’m building my suppressed blackout SBR in a starwars-ish theme, but that really just means I’m going with distressed white over black duracoat lol.

    This is just ugly. There’s a build, then there’s this which I consider the equivalent to a body kit on a Honda Civic. Doesn’t help it’s made by ncstar either.

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