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"Tea Party Terrorists" (courtesy

That’s the headline over at Americans Against the Tea Party, who fail to understand that Internet sarcasm requires a “/sarcasm” tag. “In Dallas Texas on Saturday, a group calling itself ‘Open Carry Texas’ showed up armed with semi-automatic pistols, rifles and other various firearms.  In order to present a strong and intimidating front against a group [four members of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America] they believe wants to limit their liberty, these brave men stood shoulder-to-shoulder, weapons poised for immediate response to any hostile move from their sworn enemies.” Yes, well, no. In the picture above they’re posing (for a photo) not poising. Check out this other angle provided by Moms Demand Action’s Twitter feed . . .

Open Carry Texas poses outside meeting of [four members of] Moms Demand Action (courtesy Moms Demand Action Twitter feed)

Question: were the civil rights marches of the ’60’s aimed at “intimidating” the racist power structure of the time?

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    • Oh Shannon Watts got on the Ed show. So she got a few thousand eyeballs to listen to her bitch and moan.
      That is if they stayed tuned in that long.

    • Here is the problem with that statement. PERCEPTION is NOT reality. That is why they are two different things. If we accept the perception…and not FACT we will surley let our rights slip away.

      I am not a fan of intimidation, or open carry for that matter…….but the reality is we have the right to do so.

      Think about it……..would you buy a car based on perception?

      • Many people do… that’s sorta why there are so many car ads out there that don’t say much of relevance about the car but instead sell it as part of a ‘lifestyle’.

  1. We shall overcome. We shall overcome. Deep in my heart I do believe we shall overcome. And I believe it because somehow the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice. We shall overcome because Farago is right; “no lie can live forever”.

  2. 4 members of mda? They brought their whole membership? Wow. Such committment to the cause. I see at least 3 women with the gun packing side.

  3. Regardless of the photo angle I would feel very safe to have them protesting any ralley I was at. Mom’s demand action really needs to realize that something terrible could have happened if it weren’t for the ever vigiliante well armed members of this country taking care of them.

  4. MDA and Shannon Watts throwing a hissy fit, over a bunch of families in the parking lot across the street. Say it aint so!!!

  5. “OMG! Smiling! I’m afraid of my life! There are people with guns SMILING at me!”

    I cannot believe this s**t is being promoted. How can people be so stupid? (facepalm)

    • Actually did anyone ask them what they political affiliation was? I mean they could have been libertarians. Geez… I call MDA racist!!!

  6. Forbes describes the MDA meeting as “the Texas chapter of ‘Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America’ (MDA).” What I can’t get over, and I’ve not seen pointed out anywhere else but here, is that the meeting of the Texas chapter consisted of four people. If everything’s bigger in Texas, how many show up at the Florida chapter meeting? One?

  7. They were complaining hard online, but didn’t feel threatened enough at the time to call the police. “waaaah, I’m feeling threatened, but I’m only saying that because it serves my agenda, waaaahhhh” Want some cheese with that whine ladies?

  8. I like the tweet where it is a pic of all the “gun bullies” lounging around, one does a goofy flex pose. The comment says “legal? do you want this kind of country for your kids” or something to that effect. Really? Seriously?

    Someone needs to get it through some women’s heads. Just because you shoved a child out of your pussy doesn’t mean you have some extra knowledge or insight. In fact it is prone to make you more emotional and less logical. That goes for both genders. Using “mom” or “dad” as some title is ridiculous.

    • I’d bet they all have had those “Baby on board!” signs in their car windows for 20 years or so and still drive like maniacs. Take some estrogen and chill, women…

  9. A good portion of their comments posted in there ask “What would the teabaggers do if there were Muslims holding the guns there?!”

    I just… wow. And we’re the intolerant ones?

    • I don’t care what someone’s religion is, we are all American and live in America so we are all entitled to our protected liberties. I know that’s easy to say, with me being WAP, but I believe it, support it, and was sworn to defend it. If I saw a group of Muslims (especially since anybody can be a Muslim, it’s not just a middle eastern looking thing) I’d think, “Look at all those people peacufully protesting for gun rights.”

  10. Goober in the front row there probably shouldn’t be hanging out in patrol ready. That’d get you a brandishing charge even in a lot of free states.

    Other than that, legal’s legal.

    • Yep. Many noticed that Forbes’ columnist Rich Ungar made the small bit of at-the-ready look grounds to describe the Pro’s appearance as, well, practically a terrorist incident. Media savvy? Not. It actually is worth pointing out the LEO’s generally will not have a patrol rifle in two hands if there is not an incident underway. Sling the thing.

      Maybe people have noticed that any publication that that has a “let’s control guns” ownership is turning it on over the last week. Just chance, of course. Or the anti’s are using the Christmas season to work up some panic. Guys, if there’s a commercial Santa or reindeer nearby, please just leave the rifle slung.

    • While attending a rally, my rifle has to be slung in front because the muzzle sweeps all of those taller guys’ heads. The barrel also tended to smack them in the face every time I turned in the crowd. It’s perfectly fine to carry like that in Ohio and, at least in my case, it can be safer for everyone else. If restrictions on SBRs were repealed, I would consider carrying a shorter rifle on my back. 😉

      (Not quite patrol ready but looks to some like I’m trying to make a statement or show off when I’m not. It could be because they are squatting down and it seemed like the best way to hold the long gun at the time.)

  11. Just a small rant. I’m noticong the SKS in the center of the 2nd pic looks pretty nice from what I can see.

    What I don’t get is why Nine only finds Tacky-cooled SKSs and ones that look like a whittling contest was won with it?

      • I have a nice 51 russian that is stock except for the recoil pad. Added that because russian rifles always have short stocks for me.

        • All the Russky rifles had short LOPs to account for the heavy coats that the Red Army soldiers needed to wear to survive the Russian winters.

        • Very true. But I have the same problem with all mass produced military guns. They’re made to fit that mythical “Average” man. I’m bigger than a lot of folks. I just usually get a slip on recoil pad for the milsurps to give me a little more stock.

          For my favorite Mosin and my sks I got after market replacement recoil pads. They work fairly well in making the rifle more comfortable to use.

    • So many of those twits – I really don’t know what to call people who twitter – are deeply offended by what they term as armed intimidation. Wow. I had no idea so many of them would support our stand in terms of firearms for self defense against tyranny. That’s pretty cool.

      The only one in the twitter conversion with any balls was the woman. That’s pretty awesome.

  12. We support these solutions to help address gun violence in the United States:
    Require background checks for all gun and ammunition purchases;
    Ban assault weapons and ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds;
    Track the sale of large quantities of ammunition, and ban online sales;
    Establish product safety oversight of guns and ammunition, and require child-safe gun technology;
    Support policies at companies and public institutions that promote gun safety;
    Counter the gun industry’s efforts to weaken gun laws at the state level.

    And when these already proved not to work policies don’t work what will they think of next? I suppose next on the agenda is banning all handguns, elimation of all CCW & SYG laws. Of course the final goal is the elimination of all guns in civilian hands

  13. “B-but some hypothetical pro-gun people I can’t be arsed to identify do bad stuff, too! That makes it okay for MDA to use lies and defamation to spread their message!”

    …Damn, this spineless equivalency is tougher than it looks. How does Hannibal do it?

  14. Need more chicks attending these rallies. Old chicks, young chicks, hot chicks, not so much chicks, mom chicks, grand mom chicks, married chicks, single chicks, minority chicks.

    Lot of people have no idea how many women own guns and growing everyday

  15. youtube popularity contest time:

    MDA has 338 youtube subs today. Kirsten Weiss has 5,721. Iraqvetran8888 has 275,928.

    • shannon watts dropping some change on the floor would get more attention from me than this bunch of folks holding guns.

      edit – woops didnt mean to make this a reply


    That woman in the middle looks kind of brown. All gun owners are lilly white. I call BS.


  17. Actually, you should see what the original photo was. Two photo’s taken at the same time of the same group. Both relay different messages, depending on the messenger.

    But only one conveys what this groups intent was. The other, propaganda. I’ll let you decide which is which.

    Here’s the photo’s in question:
    (Credit to TheThingThatGoesUp)

    • When you KNOW the media is against you, why feed the troll? There’s no due cause for anyone to have a firearm in other than a slung across the back attitude. Want LEOs to relax? REMOVE THE DAMN MAGAZINE. USE the plastic “empty chamber” device.

      IF I was to roll-up, on a 911 call, from the left-side perspective used by MDA?
      I’d have put my gun on the fellow with the red shirt:
      “YOU! Drop the weapon. Comply NOW NOW NOW!”
      Failure to do so, or to rise with the weapon in-hand? Fatal.

      These are OBVIOUSLY not toy guns – and a Airsoft-type TOY AK-47 got a child, Andy Lopez, shot dead in California exactly how long ago?

      This IS where “perception is reality”. Your average voter will see the guy in the red shirt and say: “OMG, he’s ready to shoot someone. This sh1t need to be stopped RIGHT NOW!111”

      As to why all the anti-gun groups and publications are ramping-up? Just over a month to the nationwide celebration – no, scratch that. Memorial, to the children of Sandy Hook Elementary. The celebration was short, when DiFi’s first attempt failed. You’ll see a “renewed call” mid-December… and a push by certain people to ensure who ever runs as a (D) in 2016 is solidly anti-gun.

      Politicians will be schooled, and vetted:
      “Before you answer, we’d like to have you meet with the parents of the SHES children. With these Chicago and Detroit moms, who lost children to gun violence. Shot in playgrounds, on doorsteps, in parks, on streets.
      It’s got nothing to do with the War on Drugs, nothing to do with crime, gangs, and parenting. NONE of this would happen if there was a gun ban.
      You need to agree to a Semi-auto ban and confiscation.
      We need to be England, Mexico and Australia, anti-gun.
      OK, so maybe Mexico isn’t a good example.”

      • “IF I was to roll-up, from the left-side perspective used by MDA?
        I’d have put my gun on the fellow with the red shirt:
        “YOU! Drop the weapon. Comply NOW NOW NOW!”
        Failure to do so, or to rise with the weapon in-hand? Fatal.”

        Good God, man! Do you have issues or what? That kind of response IS part of the problem. Please look in a mirror before you try to ‘fix’ the rest of us.

  18. It seems to me that the only acceptable voice at MDA is that of Shannon Watts–and when her followers realize that they are being used and abused, that discussion and dissension are not tolerated, those few followers she has drawn to her cause will dwindle to none. More and more, she is reminding me of Bloomie.

  19. Just a minor nit to pick. First the little “rally” was in Arlington, not too far from Jerry’s world and the Ballpark at Arlington. Second, the only time most anybody heard about this was on the 6 o’clock news. I know my wife and I heard the headline and started laughing. This would have been much bigger if the word had gotten out.

  20. This picture has got some mileage hasn’t it.

    Anti-gun campaign is not interested in any facts as the facts of history are contrary to their campaign.

    The anti-gun campaign is based on the imaginary situation the USA had never armed its citizens. They do hate any gun of any type and want them eradicated. They have zero interest in what is rational and logical. Total control with total government dependance is the goal of the anti-gun campaign.

    Anti-gun rationale: Disarming law-abiding citizens results in disarmed criminals.

    Anti-gun rationale: A disarmed Country is a safe Country.

    Anti-gun rationale: Give all control to the Government.

    Anti-gun rationale: A firearm owner is a murderer.

    The anti-gun movement is playing with fire as their actions against the US are similar to the actions of terrorism. The label of traitor is a glove fit.

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