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Click here for the official list of handguns that the City of Chicago has deemed “unsafe.” According to the po-po’s PR machine, the list contains the handguns that have been “specifically disapproved by the Superintendent as unsafe handguns and therefore cannot be registered within the City of Chicago.” You may notice that not all the names are model specific. That’s because the cops can’t be bothered (and what a list that would be). So, “Where a model or type is not specifically referenced, all models from the listed manufacturer are deemed unsafe.” Bottom line: almost all of the prohibited guns are “Saturday Night Specials” (i.e. inexpensive guns). What does that tell you?

First, the exceptions that prove the rule.

The Chi-town police consider all Smith & Wesson “spur trigger” guns firearms non gratis. Which is a “trigger mounting system that housed the trigger in an extension of the frame in some old guns. The trigger projected only slightly from the front of the extension or spur, and no trigger guard was used on these guns.”

When did Smith last make one of these? Long before you were born Sunny Jim. Back before ambulance chasers roamed the land. (Was there ever such a time?) Anyway, bullet dodged there, eh?

Also, the Sig Sauer Mosquito and Walther P22 didn’t make the cut. Why? No clue. I just got off the blower with the Police Department’s Gun Registry unit and here’s the thing: they don’t know either. They have no clue on what basis ANY of the guns were put on the list. In fact, the officer’s comments were so out there I’m doing a second post on them.

Anyway, I suspect that Chicago chose these guns because they’re inexpensive. By banning cheap guns, Chicago will stop poor people, poor BLACK people, from buying guns.

Not to put too fine a point on it, this list is a complete outrage, one more way Mayor Daley’s mob can circumvent (I was going to put another word there) both the letter and the spirit of the law, as determined by The Supreme Court of the United States.

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  1. Looks like I won’t be taking my Walther to Chicago. Wait, never planned on going anyway.
    Parole and You Bet firearms? Never heard of them.

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