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Don’t Tell Me You Didn’t Think About Doing This: Just Though I’d Leave This Here

Gotta kill them all! (Big Ben strikes again.) [h/t]


  1. avatar Vhyrus says:

    Apparently something can be retarded and awesome at the same time.

    1. avatar Tarrou says:

      Like all of Burt Reynolds’ films?

  2. avatar Troybilt says:

    Don’t point a shotgun at your feet (at 48 sec)

  3. avatar dh34 says:

    I can neither confirm nor deny that I was once part of a firing squad that executed a stuffed Barney.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Who hasn’t? That fucking purple dinosaur needed to die.

    2. avatar 16V says:

      He was one of many cute and cuddly toys rammed down the barrel of a Civil War cannon at Burning Man.

      (I wish I had the time these days….)

    3. avatar Poke says:

      Yeah, but in my idea the shotshells were loaded with Pokeballs and not 00.

  4. avatar Matt in FL says:

    I recommend the top video of the three displayed at the end of this one. I chuckled.

  5. avatar strych9 says:

    The heck did I just watch?

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      Homely Bunny something something pinkaupchuck.

  6. avatar John L. says:

    Vengeance pinata, anyone?

  7. avatar Matty9 says:

    WTF?☆¿《¡♤♡£¥○£. I quit internet forever.

    I mean it this time

    1. avatar jwm says:

      I’ve meant it every time I said it.

  8. avatar Excedrine says:

    I am here to tell you that I, in fact, did not think about doing this.

    1. avatar BLoving says:

      But NOW you can’t get it out of your head, right?
      S’okay, we won’t judge…

  9. avatar Mikial says:

    Oh well, he didn’t capture it but the shotgun handling was exemplary.

  10. avatar Mk10108 says:

    I rather watch paint dry than see that again.

    1. avatar Slick says:

      You must be fun at parties.

  11. Oh……..gawd!!! Manca is ……WOMAN!!! That’s all I could say and not get banned. I’ve never seen her before. I’m hooked. Don’t tell my wife.

    1. avatar anonymoose says:

      Polenar is nailing her brains out every night.

  12. avatar anonymoose says:

    Yeah, but in my idea the shotshells were loaded with Pokeballs and not 00.

  13. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    Slavizard? I think I’ve seen those before in the subways and street corners while traveling. I didn’t see the cigarettes though, or did I miss it?

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