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Doc GLOCK 43 G43 concealed carry EDC CCW

Not all docs knock GLOCKs. Doc Locke packs his GLOCK — a G43 — under his scrubs. As he writes,

This is my standard minimalist daily carry. In scrubs (with cargo pockets) everything fits nicely. Pistol usually ankle carry due to wardrobe limitations. Not shown is a RATS tourniquet that I carry in the mag pouch on my ankle holster (Concealed Carrier). When I’m not at work I usually carry 3 o’clock OWB in a Bravo Concealment Kydex holster (not shown).

edc ccw concealed carry

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  1. My hospital, like most hospitals, has a no guns policy.
    This has no force of law in Florida unless the hospital treats psychiatric patients in a locked ward.
    I know that a lot of doctors here conceal carry in spite of this policy.
    They would be immediately fired if found out.
    They value their lives more than continued employment.
    You can always find another job.
    Another life is hard to find.


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