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Liberal Gun Owners member Kat Ellsworth of Chicago, poses for a portrait with five of the seven guns she owns at the Caliber Tactical Gun Range in Waukegan, Ill. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)
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By Rob Morse

Most Democrat gun owners support the right to keep and bear arms. There was a time when the Democrat party did too. Unfortunately, that changed decades ago. Today, gun control and civilian disarmament is all but the official Democrat party position.

Do gun-owning Democrats believe their own politicians? Even if their particular candidate hasn’t advocated the confiscation of guns today, he will vote with a party that champions “compensated confiscation” and adding more gun control laws to the tens-of-thousands of firearm regulations already on the books.

Sen. Mark Kelly, D-Ariz., speaks at a Democratic rally in Phoenix, Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2022. (AP Photo/Alberto Mariani)

Arizona Democrat Senator Mark Kelly, who never appears on the campaign trail without his astronaut jacket, said “It is f@cking nuts” not to pass more gun-control laws after the murders at a grocery store in New York and at a school in Texas. Kelly didn’t comment on the fact that the sites of those attacks were “gun-free” zones where ordinary citizens were disarmed by law.

Senator Kelly says that the police should be armed, but we should not. He ignored the fact that hundreds of police officers stood outside an unlocked classroom door while children were being murdered in Uvalde, Texas. Senator Kelly didn’t comment on the 1.6 million times each year that honest citizens use guns to defend themselves.

Raphael Warnock
Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga. (Bill Clark/Pool via AP)

Georgia Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock voted to ban modern sporting rifles. Fortunately, that provision didn’t have enough support to pass the US Senate. The bill he supported would fund cameras in schools, but money could not be spent to put more armed police officers or armed school staff on campus.

Senator Warnock wants armed security for himself and his family, but wants to deny it to our children. Warnock received a “strong endorsement” by the Giffords gun-control organization.

Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, D-Nev. (AP Photo/John Locher)

Nevada Democrat Senator Catherine Masto was a co-sponsor of the bill that encouraged states to enact due process-free “red flag” laws. The idea behind these “red flag” laws is that concerned family members can ask the police to take a relative’s firearms. The problem is most red-flag laws remove a person’s firearms before the individual is represented by legal counsel in court proceedings.

These laws allow confiscation, but without providing mental health treatment for those who may need it. For the last two decades, some states have had mandatory background checks and mental health laws that allowed involuntary confinement and firearms confiscation. Senator Masto didn’t mention that those states didn’t reduce their rates of suicide.

Pennsylvania John Fetterman senate campaign
John Fetterman (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman has said a lot about gun-control. He wants to ban modern sporting rifles. As a US Senator, Fetterman would outlaw both the sale of these firearms and their possession. He doesn’t say how he would remove the more than 25 million modern sporting rifles that are already owned by law-abiding citizens. Neither does he say how disarming them will stop criminals and the few people who commit mass murder in order to receive worldwide publicity.

He wants the rest of the US have the kind of gun control laws found in places like California, New York and New Jersey.

Mandela Barnes
Wisconsin Lt. Gov. and Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Mandela Barnes (AP Photo/Morry Gash, File)

Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes has pushed for background checks and red-flag laws. After the attack by ISIS terrorists at a concert in France, Barnes said that people who believe in “God, country, and guns is as dangerous of a rhetoric here as it is over there.”

Barnes supported a ban on homemade firearms, bans on modern rifles, and making firearms manufacturers and distributors financially responsible for the actions of criminals who use a gun. Barnes also proposed a ban on ammunition magazines that hold more than 20 rounds.

Barnes does not say how this would affect the millions of people who legally use a firearm in self-defense each year, though he has said he “really could not care less about a 2nd Amendment ‘right’.”

Independent Evan McMullin (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)

Evan McMullin is running as an independent candidate for the US Senate in Utah. His campaign brochure proposes more “sensible gun-safety legislation.” It is hard to tell what that means beyond the fact that McMullin encouraged Utah Senator Mike Lee to follow the example of Senator Mitt Romney and vote with Democrats to move more gun control legislation through the Senate.

McMullin was a CIA operations officer until 2010. His previous political experience consists of running against President Donald Trump as an independent in 2016 and despite denials, he’s widely expected to caucus with Senate Democrats if he’s elected.

Gretchen Whitmer
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has said we need more gun control. She didn’t explain which of the existing 23,000 gun control regulations failed when a teenager stole his fathers gun and murdered his classmates in a Michigan high school.

Some county clerks and police departments in Michigan stopped processing firearms applications after 2019. Some counties imposed over a year’s delay in processing the state required paperwork. Whitmer vetoed legislation that would require government officials to process firearms-related permits during emergencies.

Whitmer called “gun violence” a public health emergency. She didn’t explain how most counties in America will not have a murder of any kind, yet more than half of our murders occur in just two percent of our counties, mostly in our failing cities.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul
New York Governor Kathy Hochul (AP Photo/Yuki Iwamura)

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has little use for armed citizens other than on duty as her security guards. Hochul said, “This whole concept that a good guy with a gun will stop the bad guys with a gun, it doesn’t hold up. And the data bears this out, so that theory is over.”

She ignores the 1.6 million times or more that an armed citizen uses a firearm for legally justified self-defense. She called for and signed the sweeping new gun-control bills that made most of New York state into one big “gun-free” zone. Somehow, Governor Hochul ignored the fact that mass murderers perfer such “gun-free” zones.

Huge numbers of gun control laws have been have been enacted and tried for decades. We’re told that that while this mountain of laws hasn’t stopped violent crime yet, the next gun-control law is sure to work.

After missing the target 23,000 times, I’m skeptical that one more regulation limiting what law-abiding gun owners can own or do will be any more effective than the rest. Do Democrat gun owners believe that?


This article originally appeared at Slow Facts and is reprinted here with permission. 

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    • Check out what just dropped on ‘MSN’, of all places :

      This is a southern-border Hispanic person speaking –

      {Un-checked immigration}

      “I’m all about the American dream. But this is unsustainable, just totally unsustainable,” Lozano said. “Government is supposed to be about stability. But this party, my party, is inviting all this instability. I’ve had enough.”

      Read the whole thing, it’s seriously encouraging news… 🙂

  1. If you are dumb enough to still belong to the democRat Party then by the same token you are too damn dumb to be anywhere around firearms.

    • Democrat politicians consider anyone who is the least bit conservative as their enemy. They don’t just disagree with conservatives but do everything possible to silence them. Well, it’s about time we conservatives realize that Democrat politicians are our enemy and those still voting for this vermin are either too stupid to know better or just plain morally corrupt. If we continue to let these immoral bastards govern us we will soon be punished by the wrath of God. When the Supreme Court made abortion the law of the land through their Roe v. Wade decision this was beyond our control and so God spared us from his wrath. But now, that Roe v. Wade has been reversed abortion is now dependent on how we vote. If we keep voting for abortion-supporting politicians, God will not spare us from his wrath. Mark my words.

  2. All of them are lunatics and hypocritical traitors that should be tried, convicted, and absolutely executed in public and left to rot in public display thereafter. They’re in the same category of scum as pedophiles and serial killers.

  3. DINO’s lol no. People who actually vote democrat I would imagine it’s a mix of belief in the lie or actual agenda so wouldn’t care what they had to say about guns to begin with.

    • all things aren’t black and white….but their position on further gun restrictions is pretty clear…

  4. There are no more democrats, they’re communist traitors. Jack and Bobby been gone for a while now. Governor Bredesen, last decent one, and appears that he has drank the coolaid now too.

    • You have to go along with it now or they kick you out of the club because they detest diversity of opinion. Bredesen came along just as TN was transitioning to a red state before the dems went full commie. You never go full commie.

    • the party has changed from what it once was…even from the Obama years…and the far left now holds sway over much of their policy decisions…will it ever return to what it once was?…only the voters can force change…and on this issue, even republicans need to be viewed with an element of skepticism….

  5. Democrats live in a hive mind. It it literally psychologically impossible for them not to think what the party tells them to think. They may be gun owners but gun owning democrats only view that gun owning democrats shoots have guns and the best thing for tte United States is the complete and total band of all guns and gun ownership because they asked Democrats will not be affected because they are Democrats. They only support themselves have a Guns. For everyone every single solitary gun owner that is a Trump supporter, Republican, vote, Republican, has conservative values, opposes the Democrats in any way, shape or form, they government should implement the door to door confiscation of all gun and the killing of all gun owners who refuse. Most of them would also fully support the mandated extermination of literally every single gun owner in person, and a home with a gun. Democrat gun owners view the literal government mandated total extermination of literally every single solitary gun owner not a democrat in person in a home with a gun not a Democrat as a good an acceptable thing. to put it simply, they desire, nothing less than the literal total and complete extermination of every single person that owns guns, every single person in a home with a gun and literally the entire population of the United States that does not own guns that is against that up to, including the literal, complete and total extermination of the entire population of the United States that opposes, or resist the Democrats in any way, shape or form up to, and including the literal deployment of nuclear weapons to kill the entire population of the United States. Because they are Democrat gun owners, and therefore have the right opinions they feel that they will not be caught up in the extermination.

    You can ask a democrat gun owner if they would support or oppose the deployment of the entire United States nuclear arsenal in the upper two literally exterminate, every single gun owner, person in a home with a gun that is conservative Republican, plus the complete and total extermination of the entire population of the United States, that opposes, or resist that up to, and including the literal extermination of a human life in the United States except for Democrats. 100% of them would probably say no. But that actually is yes.

    Democrats only really have one true goal anymore: the literal complete and total extermination of the entire population of the United States that opposes them in anyway shape or form up to, and including, preferably the literal extermination of a human life in the United States. They literally want every single solitary man, woman, and child in the United States. Not a Democrat party member dead. Except for some illegals to keep the slaves.

    • Democrat voters think gun control laws will be enforced on “those other people” and not them.

      • true enough…which is why extreme measures that threaten us all usually fail..forcing them to settle for half a loaf…which may have been their intention from the outset….

  6. Liberals are liberals first.

    Democrat gun owners are only pro-2A when it concerns the firearms they personally own or the ones used by the hired goons they have for their protection.

    For everyone else it’s just like Arnold Schwarzenegger said…”screw your freedom!”

  7. Why are the democrats who say they support, truly support not “I support but”, the 2A still members of the democrat party?
    Are they perhaps disingenuous!

        • If some of these black and Hispanic projections turn out right I look forward to hearing all the affluent white liberals explain to them why they voted wrongly.

        • “If some of these black and Hispanic projections turn out right…”

          They’ll see it, and simply dismiss it as an anomality or just blame the ‘stupid voters’ for “not voting in their best interests”.

          The Leftist Scum ™ really blew it when they wrongly believed they could just write off middle-America as nothing more but an aging demographic they could easily ignore, since all those Spanish-speaking folks that were pouring over the (open) border would never vote for a racist conservative who hates people with brown skin.

          They don’t realize that those people pouring over the border aren’t coming here to be a Latino, they’re coming here to be an American *first*. They have personal family histories of what happens when an actual fascist takes over, and cancels future elections.

          Venezuelans have recent memories of being the wealthiest nation down there thanks to massive national oil reserves, until they stupidly voted in someone who told them pretty lies as to how they would “spread the wealth around” (an actual Obama quote to ‘Joe the plumber’) once they were in power.

          They took that power and destroyed the economy by ‘nationalizing’ the oil industry and then robbing it blind, making Venezuela one of the poorest of the South American economies. They see that clearly and want no part of it happening here. They are deeply devout Christians, and those values don’t line up with the Democrats.

          I’m convinced the trend of voting conservative will only accelerate, and they will be utterly baffled as to why it’s happening. If they do realize the trend is real and threatens their political power, they will simply organize a committee to come up with some different messaging to try and get them back. Meanwhile, we will continue to convert them to our side… 🙂

        • “…really blew it when they wrongly believed they could just write off middle-America as nothing more but an aging demographic they could easily ignore…”

          They have no intention of ignoring this demographic. The intention is to strip-mine the older cohort and buy off the younger one.

          The first half is working as planned, the WH even unwittingly Tweeted about it and then deleted that Tweet when it was fact-checked. The second half didn’t work out as they hoped.

          Which is lucky for older folks because if it had you would have been fed into a woodchipper feet first already. Which is, IRL, already happening but… you’d have already been gumbofied and spit into a lake or something if all had gone according to plan.
          Why did Willie Sutton say he robbed banks? Because that’s where the money is.

          I’ll point this out again: The Silent Generation is mostly gone at this point from an asset standpoint. Statistically, Boomers hold most the hard property assets in this country. Historically a very significant concentration of those assets too. Abnormal in US history and by quite a bit. That makes them a very juicy target and this has not gone unnoticed.

          Especially since over 1/3rd of them are entirely reliant on Social Security and Medicare to make ends meet and another nearly 1/3rd are heavily reliant on these systems.

          When you examine the tables for just that generation what you find is that, on average, a Boomer retiree is owed $171,000 more than they paid in to the system. Total they represent a bare minimum of $11.9 Trillion in unfunded liabilities. More if inflation continues.

          So they have a lot of hard assets but limited cash flow. They also as a group represent a ungodly large liability. What to do?

          Undercount official inflation, adjust SS as required by law, and the retirees lose ground at ~10% a year while .gov buys “breathing space” with inflating away the debt. Soon, because the vast majority don’t actually have real serious wealth measured into today’s dollar, and they lack liquidity, the retirees have to sell assets to stay afloat. In step folks with lots of liquid (basically worthless) capital and they scoop up hard assets at a major discount from motivated sellers.

          Vanguard has earmarked $55 Billion for this purpose just for 2023. Other major players have larger warchests and they all say the same basic thing: They’re really licking their chops for 2024 which they expect to be a bloodbath for the Boomers. They’re probably right too, assuming the country makes it that far as-is.

          These are not hard tea-leaves to read. ZeroHedge actually does a decent job at this but won’t say the quiet part out loud because their audience is smarter than Breitbart’s audience but twice as crotchity.

          TL;DR: We’re fucked.

    • selling guns to pay the bills falls within those parameters…but they would even strip us of that if they could…

  8. There is very simple and easy-to-understand psychology which underpins all of this type of garbage.

    In a nutshell a large percentage of people consider it their highest priority in life to be integral members of a “tribe”. Their desire to be a member of that tribe overrides pretty much everything. That being the case, they will reject obvious facts if necessary and embrace–and even defend–obvious lies. Such is their terrifying fear of their tribe rejecting them.

    And then you have a non-significant percentage of people who get-off on directing the tribe into ever-more fantastic/bizarre directions. Those people inherently understand that the tribe will follow them into pretty much anything. That is what enables “influencers” to dream up all of this garbage and take their tribe (Progressive True Believers) into the weeds.

    Reject this simple fact at your own peril. Just ask the Jim Jones tribe better known as Jonestown. Oh, wait … you can’t ask them about this dynamic because they all committed suicide at the behest of their tribal leader Jim Jones. When you have a tribe of nearly 1000 people who willingly commit suicide (because their leader asks them to do so), it is easy to see and believe why Progressive True Believers will accept and even defend Progressive Party planks such as civilian disarmament.

    • “In a nutshell a large percentage of people consider it their highest priority in life to be integral members of a “tribe”. Their desire to be a member of that tribe overrides pretty much everything. That being the case, they will reject obvious facts if necessary and embrace–and even defend–obvious lies. Such is their terrifying fear of their tribe rejecting them.”

      This. So much *this*.

      Here’s an explanation as to how ‘transgenderism’ has recently taken root. It’s a bit of a read, but well-worth the time :

      “Headline: When a quarter of the class identifies as trans”

      “I keep seeing people say, both on the hell-site Twitter and in the popular media, that the trans population is a tiny minority, less than 0.1% of the population. If that is true, what is going on at my child’s school? What has made the number of trans-identified girls in one year group grow from a constant zero pre-pandemic, to 25% now?

      Here’s my theory, and I know that this will be a familiar story for many parents.

      The first issue is with what the school is teaching children. My daughter’s trans identity started when the school taught a module on ‘identity’ during which they told a group of 11-year-olds that, if you feel uncomfortable in your body, it means you are transgender. My daughter had just had her first period two months prior to this class. Of course she was feeling uncomfortable in her body. She went home, looked up ‘transgender’ on Tiktok, and that was it. She was now trans.”

      It doesn’t take much of an imagination where this leads. They are actively-manufacturing a generation of completely fvcked-up people, who are going to be very angry in a few years, when they realize they were permanently *maimed* by hormones and surgery… 🙁

      • Inwatched this old Frontline episode over Halloween:

        The whole time all I could think of was how similar that nonsense was to the trans crazy going on today. “Experts” in their fields teaching other “experts” and doing “whatever it takes” to save the children. Complete with the clout-chasing brainwashing of the parents all backed by celebrity sparkle.

        What they did should have landed them in prison but instead some got sued and very few actually lost their licenses. The whole ordeal from “serious healthcare endeavour” to “money grabbing scam” to “dear lord, how could we have been so stupid?” took about 20 years.

        This is what all the trans shit is today and in two decades time there will be a horrible reckoning as these children realize the abuse they’ve put through and the adults left who haven’t suicided run wild to blame anyone but themselves.

        • “This is what all the trans shit is today and in two decades time there will be a horrible reckoning as these children realize the abuse they’ve put through…”

          I have a personal connection to that, I have a cousin who’s child is in the process of ‘transitioning’ from female to male. The psychological ‘lock’ they have in those people is fearsome. I really wanted to pull her aside at a family gathering, but I didn’t dare.

          There is a ticking time bomb coming, and I’m beginning to believe that is what they want in their quest to tear the whole thing down so they can seize power… 🙁

        • Geoff,
          Your cousin needs to watch videos of girls that did that and regret it. If they mess with her hormones, she could have health problems for the rest of her life. It will also permanently alter her voice. This isn’t some trendy rainbow flag she can wear for awhile then discard when she grows out of it. Depending on the state, it could be considered child abuse.

      • I’ve been sounding the alarm bell about this issue for awhile. At first, I thought it was the schools causing this. After taking a closer look, I realized that social media was the main driver, supplemented by peer pressure.

      • whatever happened to the three R’s?…using schools for indoctrination rather than education is perverse…the schools are failing in their basic mission….

  9. Just like the two-tier justice system, Democrats are “rules for thee but not for me.” They would gladly vote for gun restrictions to be placed on people they don’t like, but keep it for “party” members. They are incensed when they need to follow the rules, like background checks and waiting periods, but not when others they do not like are subject to the same restrictions. Many Democrats I have known are scrupulous about paying the least in taxes possible. All Democrats are hypocrites. Every single one.

    Every single one.

    • Johnny Le Blanc:
      “Every single one.” is just another unsubstantiated general statement that betrays a lack of rational thinking.
      I can imagine how you feel, but there is no such thing in the human race as: “Every single one.” Not even among Democrats.

      • “…there is no such thing in the human race as: “Every single one.” Not even among Democrats.”

        With Dimwitocrats, the likelihood may be small, but the possibility is ever present.

  10. The label: “Soccialist-Demmocrats”

    more accurately describes the democrat party.

    On another note, has anyone tried the venison pastrami recipe?

  11. quote—————These laws allow confiscation, but without providing mental health treatment for those who may need it.———-quote

    An thank the corrupt Republicans, prostitutes of the drug and insurance companies. that have prevented affordable health care from becoming law. The Republicans secretly know its cheaper to ban guns than fund a mental health care program so they do not.

    quote———Most Democrat gun owners support the right to keep and bear arms.——–quote

    The average gun owner whether he be Conservative or LIberal is not like the radical far right paranoids that hang out on T Tag. Both sides know that something has to be done to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and nut cases and that involves red flag laws, Universal Background Checks and safe storage laws.

    quote———-adding more gun control laws to the tens-of-thousands of firearm regulations already on the books. Huge numbers of gun control laws have been have been enacted and tried for decades. We’re told that that while this mountain of laws hasn’t stopped violent crime yet, the next gun-control law is sure to work.——quote

    This is the standard moronic propaganda the Far Right Constantly mouth but they are too ignorant and or paranoid to realized that all of these laws are totally meaningless when States that have lax gun laws ship in millions of guns to States that have tough gun laws via the Iron Pipe Line that has been verified through Law Enforcement tracings. Without a Federal Law the myriad of U.S. State and Local laws are totally meaningless. Only a retarded penguin would not fail to see this.

    quote————The problem is most red-flag laws remove a person’s firearms before the individual is represented by legal counsel in court proceedings.——–quote

    The Far Right would like to see so much red tape put into red flag laws as to render them unworkable and meaningless. When a nut case starts ranting he is going to kill his wife and family law enforcement needs to act instantly, not spend a year in court trying to confiscate the guns long after the family is dead and buried. The guns taken can be returned but lives cannot be returned. The advanced paranoia of the Far Right Radicals prevent them from comprehending or accepting common sense gun laws that do indeed save lives.

    quote————–“It is f@cking nuts” not to pass more gun-control laws after the murders at a grocery store in New York and at a school in Texas.———-quote

    Capitalvania has the highest mass murder rate in the world as compared to civilized countries that have way lower homicide and mass murder rates with firearms and this is because they all have common sense gun laws that weed out potential nut cases and criminals through very thorough vetting before one can purchase a deadly weapon and most nations outlaw private ownership of weapons of mass destruction that were designed to kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. Assault Rifles have to at least be put on the NFA list and a good case can be made for outlawing them altogether as there is no reason that the public needs one, not for self-defense and not for hunting either. Most civilized nations have done so years ago and their much lower mass murder rates prove they did not make a mistake in doing so. The Historical proof is there for all to see if one is sane enough to see this and accept this.

    • after witnessing the civil unrest of 2020…and the attempt at neutering the police that accompanied it…further attempts at disarming the public will be a very hard sell at the federal level…and an “assault rifle” stashed away does provide some comfort when protection provided by the state becomes nebulous and criminals are released to roam freely among us…

      • …and asking a neighbor to change the rules of their household because you can’t manage your own is never going to fly….you can’t externalize a problem when you refuse to look in the mirror….

    • Please, you are as welcome here as a skunk at a picnic. You convince nobody of anything and exist simply to troll. Is that where you find your joy in life? Does it make you feel like a big man in a world where you have been otherwise emasculated by age or ideology?
      Just go back to whatever communist hell hole you came from and leave decent people alone. Maybe you can have a protest with your “partner” in your safari shorts and gardening hat. Not one single person is buying your anti-freedom BS.

  12. How can you be a gun owner and be a democrat?? It is impossible when the democrats are for total control of everything you do, it would be the same as calling yourself a Christian and follower of Jesus Christ and being a democrat. Democrats do everything that is against the word of GOD. Can anyone explain this?

    • “How can you be a gun owner and be a democrat??”

      Easy peasy, that’s how….Dims own guns to protect themselves from non-Dims. No non-Dims? No need for guns.

      No non-Dims? The Second Amendment simply becomes sibling to the Third Amendment; historic artifact.

    • Samson, I know people like this.

      First question:
      A. You’re a fudd. You think more regulations sound reasonable. You’ll go on owning your shotgun, revolver, 10 round capacity magazines, etc.

      B. You’re not exactly a fudd. You have a semi-auto rifle and standard capacity magazines, but you think the talk about banning AR’s is just political rhetoric for attention. You aren’t a one issue voter, so you’ll cross that bridge if you ever get there.

      Second question:
      The idea of being kind, charitable, and accepting is appealing to Christians. That’s the MSM narrative for dems. The Christian dems I know are unaware of the evil being pushed because they only consume MSM (propaganda). It’s becoming so blatant now they have to be aware on some level, but they’ve been convinced their entire life that the other side is evil. Something about old dog and new tricks…

      • …but they’ve been convinced their entire life that the other side is evil. Something about old dog and new tricks…

        Aquinas wrote a reasonably short but interesting treatise on “well worn grooves” of thinking, behavior and poor faith. In it he essentially argues that it is a Christian’s duty to find such people and get them back to the right path while lamenting that so few choose to be their brother’s keeper in this regard.

        He died in 1274, so it’s not a new problem. Kinda amazing he didn’t get himself burnt at the stake considering how many people he pissed off while he was alive.

    • The percentage of “Christians” that really are Christian and therefore actually know their own dogma and truly study their own religious texts in a serious manner is vanishingly small. The vast majority that use the title are people with a hour-a-week habit and a short attention span.

      Which is to say that many people who claim the mantel really aren’t Christian in any real sense. It’s not a way of life to them, it’s effectively a designer label, a habit they don’t really understand but can’t shake or a semi-Conservative virtue signal.

      The people who really live life as Christians tend to be pretty awesome and inspiring people. Most who claim to be Christian are anything but.

  13. Democrat gun owners often cut off their own nose to spite their face.

    I expect that to continue until the country collapses or the Civil War goes hot.

    Priorities, guns ain’t one of them. They’ll do exactly what Obama voting gun owners did. Vote and then get serious buyers remorse and scream “He can’t really be after voted AR-15! I voted for him!”

    These people think that good intentions will buy off pit vipers that are high on meth but life doesn’t work that way.

    One can look at some of the energy policy of the Left and then consider that in terms of “carrying capacity”. Viewed in that light the outcome is obvious and there’s no way the people in charge on the Left don’t know the consequences. But the sheep being nice and orderly on their way to slaughter is useful and the average D voter is easily manipulated.

  14. A professed left democrat claiming to be pro-gun and pro-2A is like a transgendered person that has under gone the surgery to ‘transition’ – neither one is actually as they claim to be when you look beyond the physical.

  15. Yes…until Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ), Ted Kennedy, including both the corrupt and abusive Earl Warren and Warren Burger Supreme Courts the Democrat Party was largely on the side of the American gun owner, NRA, and our sacred Second Amendment heritage. LBJ’s crooked lieutenant then in the U.S. Senate: the late Thomas Dodd (D) of Connecticut, in lockstep with other treasonous members of Congress during that 1968 era in both the House and Senate, commenced the class warfare against gun owners, the NRA, our Second Amendment, and much more! Read my anti-LBJ letter I posted below.

    Klamath Falls Herald and News: Tuesday, September 26th, 2016/Letters To The Editor

    Trump description would fit LBJ well

    In her Sept. 20th letter Sandy Couch describes Donald Trump as “narcissistic and egotistical.” That is an accurate description of Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ), perhaps the worst president in American history. Unfortunately, an issue doesn’t disappear simply because it’s been ignored, censored, covered up and concealed for decades. Also, the legacy of deceit, abuse of power, and political corruption that continues to curse America today! Case in point: “American Experience, “LBJ: Beautiful Texas/My Fellow Americans. A profile of Lyndon B. Johnson.” This recently aired on KSYS Channel 8.1 Aug. 15 and 16, respectively.
    Consider the following the itemized links below:

    Barr McClellan’s 2003 book: “Blood, Money, and Power: How LBJ Killed JFK”. Also posted at YouTube.
    J. Evett Haley’s 1964 book: “A Texan Looks At Lyndon: A Study In Illegitimate Power.”

    “How Persecution of American Christians Really Began in The US!” via the Constitution Party
    of Oregon ( posted under “Liberty In The News.”

    Trump to Pastors: ‘Christians Have Been Silenced Like a Child” via Pat Robertson’s 700 club confronts the 1954 Johnson Amendment which remains blatant censorship.

    “Lyndon Johnson Murdered John F. Kennedy” at YouTube.

    The oppressive 1968 Gun Control Act LBJ signed into federal legislation and its Nazi/ racist roots long since exposed by JPFO, Inc. at

    Finally, the Vietnam War (1961-1975). How LBJ and then Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara greatly escalated this “no win war” in Southeast Asia. And at a cost of 58,000 American lives. Lyndon B. Johnson likewise paved the way for Carter, Clinton, and Obama.

    And while Richard M. Nixon was no saint, he wasn’t even in the ballpark with Lyndon when it came to the above political atrocities, abuses, and crimes against the American people.

    James A. Farmer, Ashland
    Once again a Klamath County, Oregon resident. First in Merrill, then again in Klamath Falls. Long Live The State of Jefferson!

  16. From James A. Farmer Klamath County, Oregon. Long Live The State of Jefferson!

    Gun Violence: a deceitful distorted and morally/intellectually dishonest term!

    From James A. Farmer Klamath County, Oregon

    News With Views at is an honest reliable independent source of information and remains one of few bulwarks against truth decay. Another is The Roseburg Beacon, a weekly newspaper which runs counter to the establishment elitists news media.
    On the Net: The Roseburg Beacon can be accessed online at [email protected].

    Klamath Falls Herald and News: Sunday, October 22,2017/Letters To The Editor

    ‘Gun violence’ a term that means nothing

    With total contempt I read Daniel Hernandez’s Oct. 8 elitist anti-gun “LBJ/KGB” style commentary: “For gun reform, thoughts and prayers don’t work-laws do.” The distorted term “gun violence” was pontificated six times! Comrade V.I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky would
    have called this writer a “useful idiot.” With the recent horrific Oct. 1 massacre of 59 innocent bystanders in Las Vegas, by a deranged and depraved sociopath, the anti-gun elite in both house of Congress in Washington, D.C. (mostly deluded Democrats, but including too a remnants of RINOs (Republican In Name Only) have already predictably
    pontificated the parroted term “gun violence.” They love dancing in the blood of the dead murder victims, and thus are exploiting this horror to advance their “class warfare” political agenda.

    There is no such thing as “gun violence.” This is a focus-group-driven buzzword and socialist anti-gun cliché talking point to create an imaginary demonic villain as the main anti-Second Amendment propaganda tool. While there exist evil, godless, depraved individuals who perpetrate lawless criminal violence with guns there are numerous others who perpetrate the same without them. And, since the morally and intellectually dishonest parroted term “gun violence” is a catchword/cliché, the title suggests an unattainable goal.
    People have been robbing and killing other people, using the weapons of the day, since the dawn of history, which identifies the real issue: controlling criminal impulses in humans, not the otherwise legal instruments they use to commit crimes. Anyone who doesn’t realize and/or acknowledge this isn’t thinking, and are into a denial > syndrome. Our liberty cannot depend upon what anybody “feels.”

    Without going on further I endorse reading the online commentary: “The Last Civil Rights Struggle? Discrimination and prejudice are still > encouraged, gun owners have taken it long enough,” by Alan Korwin.

    James A. Farmer, Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)
    Long Live The State of Jefferson!

  17. I think that Democrats who own guns are in two different groups:
    1. Yes, they are that stupid and believe the Communist who now control the Democrat Party
    will not outlaw firearms. This happened in Germany in the 1930’s when Hitler and the
    Nazi Party took power and convinced Germans to register their guns. Then they
    confiscated them and murdered anyone who opposed them.
    2. The hypocrites who publicly oppose gun ownership but secretly own them. Also included
    are politicians and other high-profile types who surround themselves with armed security
    and hide behind heavily defended enclosures, walls and fences.

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