Chicago CTA station shooting video
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There’s a lot going on in the videos that captured a police-involved shooting that took place yesterday in Chicago. According to the local NBC station, the altercation took place yesterday at about 4:00 p.m. at a downtown Chicago Transit Authority station.

In the first video below that shows the beginning of the sequence, you can hear both officers fire their TASERs to try to bring the suspect down. The second video shows the female CPD officer later use mace after struggling to subdue him.

When that failed and the suspect managed to struggled free, the female officer drew her firearm and shot him.

Here’s are the NSFW videos, which might be disturbing to some viewers:

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the two officers tried to arrest the suspect after he was seen “jumping from train to train.”

The suspect appears to be unarmed. Note that the male officer, who had repeatedly shouted “Shoot him!” was directly behind the suspect when the female officer fired the first round. She apparently shot the suspect again as he reached the top of the escalator and she was a few steps behind him.

The suspect is reported to have undergone surgery and is in critical but stable condition.

Again from the Sun-Times:

Two officers were taken off the street pending an investigation of the encounter, part of which was captured on video that Mayor Lori Lightfoot called “extremely disturbing” and which police officials suggested could be part of a criminal probe.

It all happened just hours after interim Chicago Police Supt. Charlie Beck joined Lightfoot and CTA president Dorval Carter to announce a new security plan for the mass transit system, which has seen a rash of shootings in recent weeks.

Lightfoot said in a Friday evening tweet that “with the strong caveat that one perspective does not depict the entirety of the incident, the video is extremely disturbing and the actions by these officers are deeply concerning.”

As the Associated Press reports,

The shooting came on the same day that the department and the mayor announced that in response to a spike in crime on the city’s rail system, dozens more officers would be assigned to CTA trains and platforms, a team of detectives would investigate nothing but CTA crimes and a Strategic Decision Support Center would be opened so that police can monitor the system’s 32,000 cameras.

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      • Lame comment. You know darn well people comment from phones and such. You sure got that guy though. Pat yourself on the back. You are awesome dude. Got him good!

        • And who tf do you think you are??? His daddy protecting him from the baddies?….. jeez…. SOME people lol

        • Or maybe some who sees through his bullshit. Are you the grammar nazi’s daddy protecting him? Fuck off.

        • Maybe half-asssses like you should stop making excuses for these idiots that spell like they are third graders, which includes a lot of the media. America once took pride in the level of education our people possessed, but not any more! Now most are content with whatever these morons type. You’re as pathetic as they are!

        • Rattler:

          “America once took pride in the level of education our people possessed”

          When? There is and never has been a nationwide standard for education. Ever. The rich get better ones than the poor, and always have. Not only that, but don’t act like we are smarter here than anywhere else in the world… drive through West Virginia if you doubt me.

          Nice try tho.

      • The only thing more gay than Internet spell checkers is hiring incompetent cops like this. That lady is making 80k to protect the public and she couldn’t subdue a sandwich.

    • The real issue here is two fold:

      1. Affirmative action. Allowing any woman and any man for that matter, to get into LE to fill a sex or race quota leads to this kind of cluster. Most women simply can’t fight most men and that’s just biology. Yes there are exceptions, and those exceptions should be cops/soldiers ect as much as they want.

      2. Many of you here aren’t going to like this, but it’s 100% true:

      The past 20 years of hyper prosecution of LE for “excessive“ force has kept aggressive and assertive men from entering into policing. Look, the kind of man that can routinely fight other men hands on, just isn’t the kind of guy that can stop, look, listen, communicate, and use sensitivity training. It’s the same kind of fight mentality you need for the NFL or Boxing. Yes, it will lead to people catching a beating, or a degree in brutality when making arrest, but that’s what it takes to apprehend violent men. When police enter a bar with a large violent drunk, they can’t stop to think about which arm technique to use which will be appropriate. You need men who will grab the man and force him into submission.

      Instead, now, we have decades of telling those men not to enter policing, and instead telling everyone they can be a cop. So now, instead of large aggressive men, we prefer timid females. Well, what do you expect her to do when faced with an aggressive man? Shoot him. Sometimes it’s justified, sometimes not, but either way, the man who would’ve been able to force him into submission with strength decided to go into a different line of work.

      • Oh bullshiit to your second point! The reason that you don’t get those guys is because law enforcement prevents many of them from being hired because they would rather play the politically correct game and hire based on minority, sex, ethnicity. And secondly, many of these politically correct hires are low on IQ and lack the ability to reason. In this instance, as an example, there was ZERO reasoning to shoot this individual because there was no justification – what violent crime did he commit and WHO made the determination that he was guilty? Jumping trains is what, a misdemeanor? AND where is the victim? As far as resisting arrest, we ALL have that right, even to the extent of killing a cop, if we are being falsely arrested – THE SUPREME COURT SAYS SO!
        Lets add that these two pride of Shitcago cops are excessively fat and should not ever have been considered for this job.

        The only time law enforcement is legally justified in shooting a perp is 1) when being fired upon, 2) when the individual was witnessed committing the crime and that crime being a violent one, etc. Shooting an unarmed individual in the back, while running away (twice), who committed a non-violent act/infraction (not necessarily a crime), and who was simply defending himself from false arrest, is NOT justified. Both of these cops need to be brought up on charges, and the shooter charged and prosecuted for assault with a deadly weapon/aggravated assault, attempted murder or murder if he dies, abuse of authority, use of a firearm in a felony, and when found guilty sentenced to the max!

        • I mentioned that… the affirmative action thing… also I don’t see where I was defending this action. But I stand by my point, that a number of years ago, the cops probably would’ve manhandled this guy rather quickly.

      • I agree with Ron. One additional point: the female officer looks to be significantly overweight/out of shape; something you see a lot of nowadays, especially the females.

    • Good to see ignorance is alive and well. The commentors here have certainly devolved over the years, including some of the long time people.

    • All concerned Citizens: Why aren’t the Two Mutts Videotaping the incident assisting 2 Uniformed Sworn Chicago Police Officers? Because they are part of the Chitcago Problem.

    • Don’t comply…Time to DIE??? I’m sick and tired of people standing up for scum bag criminals. Even if You haven’t done anything wrong. Putting up an Unnecessary Fight and acting a Damn Fool is Unacceptable. If you do the consequences are on You. Regardless of the Outcome. Everybody these days seem to care more about the criminals than they do law enforcement and in may cases the victims. Criminal Justice Reform is the new Civil Right catch phrase. What about Victim’s Rights. If you think it’s such an easy job. Shut up and put on the badge. I guarantee you’ll soon change your tune. It’s real easy to Monday Morning Quarterback a few seconds of video. Than it is to put your Ass on the line. Running your mouth on SM is easy. It anonymous and easy to hide behind. Do police make mistakes YES they do. We all Do. Should there be Consequences Yes for All of Us. The one thing that will solve all of this is Civility and Manners. Something many have forgotten and many more have never been taught. Peace Be With You. If You can Find It.

      • “I’m sick and tired of people standing up for scum bag criminals.”
        -This guy was suspected of walking between trains. It’s not a crime, it’s a municipal infraction, about on par with a parking ticket. Up until the police interaction, he didn’t even commit a misdemeanor.

        “Even if You haven’t done anything wrong. Putting up an Unnecessary Fight and acting a Damn Fool is Unacceptable. If you do the consequences are on You. Regardless of the Outcome.”
        –That’s not how the 5th Amendment works.

        “Everybody these days seem to care more about the criminals than they do law enforcement and in may cases the victims. Criminal Justice Reform is the new Civil Right catch phrase. What about Victim’s Rights. If you think it’s such an easy job. Shut up and put on the badge. I guarantee you’ll soon change your tune.”
        -It’s not an easy job. But this was not even a close call. You don’t get to shoot someone just because you are too incompetent to handcuff them. Some of us have actually done this for a living and know the legalities quite well. You don’t shoot someone over stupid crap. Even before Tennessee v. Garner this wouldn’t fly.

        • Hannibal, I get your point, and pretty much agree, they should not have bothered him in the first place. But when they *did* address him, attacking them should present the possibility of getting him killed.

        • There’s ‘attacking’ the police and ‘attacking’ the police. Every cop has been shoved by some drunk guy trying to run away. Sure, tack it on the charges when you get him. Every cop has been smacked by a junkie while you’re trying to handcuff them. Womp him back. You deal with it, ESPECIALLY when you have another officer there. It doesn’t rise to the level of deadly force, even if the cops in question are unable to handcuff the guy short of that. It means you need better cops, not more bullets- up to the point he presents an imminent threat to life.

        • I was going to reply to this, but glad you did Hannibal. Here in CO, both of them would be fired and facing serious charges.

          If this dude has just shot someone, was in possession of the gun, and fleeing, then the fleeing felon rule would apply and it would be a completely justifiable shoot. In this case, over something I’m guessing is probably just a civil infraction, BAD.

          The sad thing is that Cook County will probably say “No biggy,” and clear it. The whole city of Chicago is a joke…

      • Police are Tyrants, you fucking fool. Standing up for criminals? Get real. This dude obviously had a run in with the law coming, but they did not handle it well. Plain and simple. Just FYI: You can’t have freedom and a police state. Confused boomer.


        A GWOT Millennial

      • I agree.

        Walking away from a cop giving you instructions is one thing.

        Too bad the bitch couldn’t shoot.

      • If I have not done anything wrong and a government employee tries to force me to do something against my will, then that government thug is a justifiable use of deadly force. That is the purpose of the 2nd Amendment, for a Citizen to be able to say no and make it home to our families. If you are a cop, please understand you are exactly the kind of moral inferior, who the Founders made sure We Citizens could use deadly force upon to defend our Liberty. You are what makes a 5.7 a true tool of Liberty.
        Cops are nothing but societal janitors, and We Citizens are the first responders to crime.

        • Okay, bigshot, consider the following scenario: You, a complete badass, are walking down the street. Two blocks over, a bank robber shoots a teller with a handgun and flees the scene on foot. By pure coincidence both you and the bank robber are the same race, approximate height, body shape, and wearing blue jeans and a dark hoodie with sunglasses (it’s cold and sunny!) carrying a bag. This is an unhappy coincidence.

          Now, responding police see you walking quickly away from the crime scene (you’re late for a dental appointment) and see that you match the description of an armed and extremely dangerous suspect. You do not know this. You KNOW that you are innocent of any crime. And this is true. But the police do not know it. And the courts recognize that since the police are not psychic, they have some measure of authority to detain even those who may not be guilty so that they may investigate upon reasonable suspicion.

          The police command you to stop and get on the ground. You gonna go for that sexy 5.7, confident in your right to “say no”?

          Have fun with that one. Know that your family ain’t getting a civil court payout for it.

        • Hannibal: He will die a legend then. An inspiration to those who won’t be tread on, regardless. Besides, hows he supposed to know what happened when the cops immediately result to such a tyrannical way of interrogation? Fuck em. Killdozer without the dozer.

      • I guess you disagree with the Supreme Court who have established that you have the right to kill a cop if it is in self-defense against unlawful arrest! And maybe you disagree with the Supreme Court finding that you are NOT required to abide by unconstitutional, illegal/unlawful laws. Fact is that if you’re not willing to stand up for your rights then you don’t deserve to have them!

        These cops abused their authority and power as well as violating this man’s rights, especially when they shot him for something so MINOR, and in the back, and unarmed!

        Your comment shows that you’re the kind of person that feels a woman that is being raped and threatened with death should simply let the rapist have at it, insead of dying trying to protect yourself!

        • So what these court decisions effectively say is that instead of being charged with murder, the one who killed the LEO, CAN (not must) have their charge reduced to involuntary manslaughter (plus any firearms enhancements). So, unless you are at risk of the death penalty in your jurisdiction you just got a potential life sentence without parole reduced to maybe 20 yrs. Still, broke from legal fees, no house to return to since you sold it to pay the lawyers, out of a job and won’t be able to get a decent job again, your spouse probably won’t be waiting for you, your children will be all grown up and your grandchildren you never met won’t recognize you. And likely a civil suit won by the LEO’s family will be waiting.
          Is it worth it? SCOTUS ruling or not, and that is assuming a creative PD was unable to come up with a probable cause for the arrest, which would moot application of the SCOTUS ruling. Remember you have a moment to decide, they have months to find an/or invent probable cause to legitimize your arrest.
          I know, I have been there.

      • Don’t comply…Time to DIE??? I’m sick and tired of people standing up for scum bag criminals. Even if You haven’t done anything wrong. Putting up an Unnecessary Fight and acting a Damn Fool is Unacceptable.

        Well, then you better STFU and get in line when they come for your guns genius.

      • If you do the consequences are on You. Regardless of the Outcome. Everybody these days seem to care more about the criminals than they do law enforcement and in may cases the victims.

        Well you better have a fist bump ready for the cops that respond to the red flag law that I call on your a$$ because I don’t like you.

      • If you think it’s such an easy job. Shut up and put on the badge. I guarantee you’ll soon change your tune.

        Pass. I don’t want to shoot people for minor infractions. Including resisting arrest.

      • It’s real easy to Monday Morning Quarterback a few seconds of video. Than it is to put your Ass on the line. Running your mouth on SM is easy. It anonymous and easy to hide behind.

        This is exactly what you are doing – except for the other team.

      • The one thing that will solve all of this is Civility and Manners.

        Well – let those cops know.

    • This is when a choke hold would come in handy, but I guess you can’t do those? I would choke him out and have my partner deal with his hands, and let me know when he goes unconscious.

        • He didn’t die of a chokehold. You don’t die 15 minutes later of being choked for a few seconds while you’re able to talk. You do die of cardiac arrest when you’re grossly obese and suddenly start fighting.

          The NY ME is a joke. Actually reading the report makes the conclusions absurd.

      • Meh, a collar or arm choke wasn’t even required.

        One of them pins his legs together and sits on them while the other does the same on his chest and pins the arms. Essentially a double full mount. Worst case the dude eventually wears himself out. More likely another officer shows up to help subdue the guy. Not the most Bruce Lee way to go about it but the safest from everyone’s point of view.

      • I was thinking let cops carry night sticks again. With proper training they are a usefull tool. She would have had plenty of opertunity to turn out his lights to put the cuffs on. He would have had a nasty headach but better than getting shot.

    • “The two of you couldn’t subdue a guy who had basic wrestling skills. Yikes.”

      The sad part is, if he survives the shooting, he and the lawyer he hires are gonna be spitting a multi-million dollar payout on this one. The only question is, how long will that money last for an addict?

      Not a bad day’s work, he’ll probably agree…

      • Honestly, IMHO if he lives he should sue and he should probably win.

        I have no sympathy for the Chicago tax payers on this one. They’ve been electing idiots to run the city for decades to the point that the city is already almost broke and is a laughing stock.

        If they lose a few million more they won’t know the difference and these two cops, IMHO, exemplify why the city should lose a few million more.

      • that’s the risk police departments take when they hire useless fat female cops. being “woke” is more important than some fat bag ‘o donuts cop shooting people they can’t subdue physically..

  1. Those tickets must be REALLY expensive if you can get shot to death for cheating on them. I suppose the “perp” should feel lucky for just being non-fatally shot, just the result of pure luck of marksmanship.

  2. Here is just one more incident of affirmative action in action. When they decided to diversify police forces by adding more women they had to lower weight, height and physical ability standards to get them on the force. Since you can’t have separate standards for men and women the male standards get lowered also. Because the officers are now smaller and not as strong they need to go to the gun sooner. Everybody knows it but nobody will talk about it.

    • Did they really need to shoot an unarmed man dead because he didn’t pay the fair for the public transport?

        • I am speaking to the scenario not this particular case. Next time this happens things can turn out as intended.

      • No
        He was shot for resisting arrest, with violence. And continuing to resist arrest after less lethal officer tools like mace and tasers had failed to subdue a suspect they had cause to arrest.

        • When did the man strike the officers? When did the man become a deadly threat after he stood up and when did he become a deadly threat to the public when he ran up the stairs? Was he wanted for murder? Was he a fleeing felon? Was he armed and dangerous?

          Is not paying the fare or moving between trains a crime worth such violence?

        • You know, I’m pretty sure I’m still up on my deadly force jurisprudence. And the last time I checked, the standard was posing an imminent threat of death or great bodily harm. Not ‘resisting arrest with violence.’

          And bullshit, by the way. I’ve had people resist arrest with violence. This is some doofus skirting the line between passive and active resistance and the only reason they couldn’t arrest him is because they’re fat incompetent boobs. These are the cops no one wants to have backing them up and they probably got detailed to the subway because it was a place everyone hoped they would do the least damage.

        • Maybe you should know the facts before you open your mouth! The Supreme Court has established that you have the right to defend yourself against false arrest by cops, even if you kill them –
          they also established that you do NOT have to abide by unconstitutional, hence illegal/unlawful laws – // There is no justification in the law that allows a cop to shoot an unarmed man in the back for ALLEGEDLY committing a non-violent infraction, which by the way is NOT a law!

      • There used to be billy jacks and night sticks to deal with these situations. Not allowed anymore

      • “Unarmed” has nothing to do with it. While this particular clusterfuck didn’t nessisarily merit lethal force, there are plenty of people on this planet that can kill you quickly with no weapon. A standard shape male between the ages of 15-70 can kill with a closed fist to the temple hard enough.

        • There are plenty of race cars on this planet that can do 200 mph. What’s your point? Either the guy deserved to be shot or he didn’t who gives a shit what other people can do. From the video I saw there was no reason for him to be shot…which is not to say that there was no reason for him to be arrested.

      • Because Chiraq couldn’t afford the loss of a few $2.50 fares (nor the cost proper training for the two LEOs), it is now likely footing the suspect’s medical bills easily in the hundreds of thousands, the costs of a likely expensive investigation, the suspended LEOs’ salaries, court costs if any criminal charges, both prosecution and defense, and civil liability costs.
        In my language there is a saying which translates to, “that which is cheap turns out expensive. “

    • If this guy got away because physical standards were lowered there would be no issue. Big deal, some guy who committed a BS infraction ran off. The problem is that BOTH of these nincompoops thought it was acceptable to use deadly force in a situation that in no way called for it… including shooting him in the back as he tried to run. Yeah, good luck with the burden of proof there.

  3. This is a result of PD admin not wanting meat eaters as cops. Be violent enough, soon enough, and people go into handcuffs and not bags. Pathetic display of ‘touchy-feely’. Dude should have been blasted in the head/face with knees and elbows as soon as his head popped out of the pile.

    • My suspicion is that these two ‘cops’ were thrown on a detail where they would hopefully do the least damage. It reminds me a video of a cop getting choked by a suspect while another (fat, useless) cop stood by blabbing on her radio for help.

      Then, out of the left side of the video, another (useful!) cop runs in like he’s about to kick the game winning punt and just knocks the suspect off with a boot to the head. The lesson of that video was to be the second cop.



  4. The first thing that stood out is the sad but simple fact that the female officer was next to worthless as a force multiplier to her male partner while he was trying to subdue the subject. Obviously a thorough investigation will bring more to light, but looking at the video alone, that seemed quite apparent. Oops! There goes about 30 years of political correctness right down the crapper.

    • It doesn’t take a thorough investigation to see the problem. This video and hundreds of others just like it are out there. We’ve all seen them. Over and over and over again. Maybe now that trans gendered women are pushing real women off the podium and off the teams, at female athletic competitions, we can finally talk about it. Even some feminists are finally starting to come around to the idea that men and women have some fundamental differences. God forbid! I am not trying to say that women shouldn’t be law enforcement officers or that they don’t have a place on a police force. I’m saying that men and women aren’t interchangeable.

      • Like John McEnroe said, sure Serena Williams is good, but she would be beaten by a decent Junior Varsity male player.

        Side note: that decent JV guy will never get the fame and fortune that Serena got. Why? Sometimes it pays to be female.

    • The video was almost as clear as it gets.

      The guy didn’t pay the fair, they stopped him, they tried to arrest him, they tried to tase him, they wrestled to get the cuffs on, the male cop kept telling the woman cop to shoot him, the woman didn’t want to go hands on, the male cop got tired, the woman took out her gun and shot the man, the unarmed man ran for his life going up the stairs, the cops chased him and the woman shot at him again, the man fell to the ground at the top of the stairs…

      Totally justified. The thug didn’t comply with orders. No white man is allowed to disobey lawful orders and not get shot. Doesn’t matter if white men are unarmed and running away. White people need to learn to respect the rules and law enforcement. Deal with it in court like a civilized person.

      • Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate between somebody who is mentally ill, impaired in some way or on drugs. Even Carbon Monoxide poisoning can cause a person to be uncooperative and combative.
        Disability shouldn’t be a death sentence.

      • >>The guy did not pay the fare
        This is not a crime warranting deadly force. We’ve not been in the habit of executing petty criminals since the late 19th century.
        >>The thug didn’t comply with orders
        Again, this does not warrant lethal force. Police officers are authorized to use one level above whatever level of force the suspect employs. The use of force continuum is as follows: Officer Presence -> Verbal Commands -> Empty Hand Control (soft or hard hands) -> Pepper Spray/Baton/Taser -> Less Lethal -> Deadly Force. The suspect in this case from the videos is classified as an “active resistor” – a person who does not follow verbal commands, resists attempts by the officer to take positive physical control over them, and does not try to inflict harm on the officer. Typically results in the charge of resisting arrest, and warrants the use of force up to Pepperspray/Baton/Taser without question. Less lethal is difficult to make the case for as he is neither assaulting the officers nor is he significantly larger/stronger – and most importantly he is outnumbered, unarmed and has not displayed aggression. Deadly Force is not even on the table, as Deadly force is only authorized If a police officer has probable cause to believe that a suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others. An unarmed nonviolent petty criminal fleeing the police does NOT fit that description. There was a similar incident to this in SC a few years ago with the shooting of Walter Scott. Another case of a fleeing non-violent suspect shot in the back by a cop. The cop in question from that incident is currently serving jail time for second degree murder. The cops in this video (both of them) should be at the very least be fired and hauled through a civil trial.

        If the officer body cameras have footage that shows he struck at or attacked the officers at some point during the altercation then the use of deadly force can be technically (although not practically or morally) justified. I await further data but I am not particularly hopeful. This is Chicago after all.

        • I realize you are likely being tongue in cheek btw. I am putting a serious reply in place to address those arguments as I am sure they WILL brought up sooner rather than later.

        • No wonder criminals do whatever they want…. if that’s the training the cops get….
          I’m my world that mfer woulda never had the luxury of less than lethal….I would go straight from hands on to deadly force….
          It’s the only way to curb criminal behavior…. PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

    • Two tasers, pepper spray… I don’t give either of them a pass. But the worst part is not the female officer (or both of them together) failing to subdue him, it’s the shooting. Yes, once you go hands on with a suspect he needs to end up in cuffs. But not at any cost. This guy was a non-violent offender up until police interaction and even then did not assault the police once they backed off. He was literally standing there when they shot him. And the male cop was just as bad, because he was the one telling her to shoot.

  5. two officers could not control the guy…. were I a betting man I’d wager they guy was drugged up.
    As for the shooting, from what I could see there was no weapon on the guy and he did not appear to be attacking the officers , so first shot may not be justified. After the first shot he was trying to run rather than attack…. so second shot not justified…
    As with all videos, there may be more to the incident than what can be seen on the videos.

  6. Disgusting. Petty theft should never result in a police response. Who really cares if people jump the rope, and ride for free? Stuff on the internet is mostly free; transportation is a basic need. and should be free. Paying fares is just more white privilege, more white supremacy in action. FREE THE TRAINS !

    The actual message here should be, “Screw with armed police, and you are gonna get shot.”* Let Darwin apply.

    *Argue with police at the hearing; stay alive.

      • Not everyone wants to live in the country, fkn a goat like you buddy….. sorry…. stay on the farm cause you wouldn’t last two seconds in the city….pu$$y

        • Know how many cops are in my town?
          Four. Which means exactly ONE is on patrol at any given time. We know them personally, and they know us. Ask a cop for the ‘subway’ in my town & they’ll give you a ride to the sandwich shop.

          That’s community policing. A totally foreign concept for a zoo animal, But we all make choices, don’t we. Enjoy the boogaloo, my friend.

    • Sam, that sounds like a plan! I would say that DECADES before we commit to free college, we should mandate that all public transportation be free.

      • “Sam, that sounds like a plan! I would say that DECADES before we commit to free college, we should mandate that all public transportation be free.”

        Now yer gittin’ somewhere. Transportation is a need, a right even. Food, clothing and shelter are needs, and human rights. Free food, free clothes, free living space….and free transportation to get between. Take the money from billionaires (regardless of political party); make ’em do something useful.

        Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité (for people in Rio Linda, that means free stuff for everyone!)

    • What happened to the good ole fashioned night stick. The BolaWrap would have also been perfect for this.

      • Beating someone to death, or disabling them for life, is a savage method to do the job that a few modern martial art techniques can accomplish in a few seconds.

        • A few well placed shots with a nightstick is definitely preferable to a few well placed shots with a pistol and is not beating someone to death.

        • 1) Used properly, a baton will not beat someone to death. Used improperly, almost any weapon will. The problem is that hitting someone with a baton ‘looks’ bad.
          2) “Modern martial arts” have lots of neat moves that are easy to pull off in a controlled environment with a willing partner. They are invariably a lot more difficult to do in the real world wearing a duty belt and against someone who may be drugged up and stronger. I’ve tried the approved and ‘pressure points’. The success rate is minimal outside of training. Chokeholds are much more effective but are not allowed because of stupid reasons.

          Keep in mind, a cop in Chicago is probably being forced to work all kinds of OT and may have to decide between watching his kids grow up or taking a bunch of martial arts training after work. The good thing about a baton is that it’s simple. Hit the outer leg, hard, repeat as necessary. Do not hit the head, spine, or nuts. Easy to train.

    • I almost agree with you, but that doesn’t explain the mayor before her or the one before that or the one before that or the one…. If they actually get one who will back the cops, loosen up gun control and self-defense laws, prosecute the crime and put their foot up someone’s arse, maybe things will turn around.

      • Too many cops. There is no need to back them up any further. The cops are corrupt and incompetent.

        To solve the problem gun control needs to be done away with entirely. No license to own and carry. The DA should not charge for using deadly force to defend life, liberty and property. Victims should be allowed to do the job the cops won’t or can’t.

        When the criminals know they can’t play the political game with the cities government, because the residents are now the defenders instead of the government, the number of criminals will decrease one way or another.

        • You have just incentivized the mugger killing the victim and claiming self defense.
          Likely backed up by a “witness” who will testify to that.

        • Well, J’hn, he can try! Being a “witness” might well prove to be fatal. Also, even if they’re successful, family members who know the deceased was an upstanding citizen and the killer and witness are scumbags, might just play that game in reverse. One way or another, zero gun control is the answer, whatever the question is.

    • LEOs are allowed to use deadly force under circumstances the general populace is not so allowed.
      (Apparently) deadly felon fleeing the scene ie:resisting an arrest with violence, pretty quickly reaches that definition where deadly force is permitted to LEOs.

      • Your claim (Deadly Felon fleeing the scene) implies both that the suspect has already committed a felony, is violent, dangerous, and poses a threat to the officers and public. Were that the case, shooting would be justified. The video footage does not bear out this argument at all however. The suspect committed a petty crime, resisted in a nonviolent manner, and fled the police. Deadly force was not warranted.

      • Generally FALSE. The police, with one exception, are held to the same justification for use of deadly force under the caselaw of Tennessee v. Garner, to wit: that the suspect is reasonably believed to pose a imminent threat of death or great bodily injury. While states may restrict civilians more by requiring that they retreat, the general rule still applies. Deadly force is not allowed to be used (anymore) to capture someone just because the police cannot do it using lesser methods.

        The exception is that the police may use deadly force against an escaping prisoner from prison, not a suspect.

      • You’re simply BRAIN-DEAD! LEOs have no such authority! Secondly, this individual was NOT a felon, especially not a deadly felon. He didn’t even commit a crime, all he did was ALLEGEDLY commit and infraction. Committing an infraction is not a crime, a crime requires a victim! Besides, his supposed offense was non-violent and only presumed.

        Secondly, Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.” Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. This premise was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in the case: John Bad Elk v. U.S., 177 U.S. 529. The Court stated: “Where the officer is killed in the course of the disorder which naturally accompanies an attempted arrest that is resisted, the law looks with very different eyes upon the transaction, when the officer had the right to make the arrest, from what it does if the officer had no right. What may be murder in the first case might be nothing more than manslaughter in the other, or the facts might show that no offense had been committed.”
        “An arrest made with a defective warrant, or one issued without affidavit, or one that fails to allege a crime is within jurisdiction, and one who is being arrested, may resist arrest and break away. lf the arresting officer is killed by one who is so resisting, the killing will be no more than an involuntary manslaughter.” Housh v. People, 75 111. 491; reaffirmed and quoted in State v. Leach, 7 Conn. 452; State v. Gleason, 32 Kan. 245; Ballard v. State, 43 Ohio 349; State v Rousseau, 241 P. 2d 447; State v. Spaulding, 34 Minn. 3621.

  7. What happened to good old fashion direct contact tasers?

    If you aren’t going to properly train your officers in how to subdue a suspect, at least give them something between pepper spray, which we saw her try, and a bullet.

    C’mon, man, I took down Corn Pop nothin’ more than a three foot length of chain and my hairy legs!

    • You can use tasers as direct contact. They won’t seize someone up but they hurt like hell. Of course you have to actually hold onto the tasers instead of tossing them on the floor for anyone to pick up.

    • “C’mon, man, I took down Corn Pop nothin’ more than a three foot length of chain and my hairy legs!”
      Gotta call Joe B on that BS.
      Joe had his buddy Obama call in a drone strike on Corn Pop.
      Obama loved taking out US citizens in that manner. Bet he wishes he called one on Trump to clear the way for Shillary.

  8. I’m sure that the investigation will determine that the subject was combative and was “coming at” the female officer so it was proper to shoot him.This will ignore the fact that he probably could barely see her since he was still trying (uselessly) to clear his eyes after being maced. Blood tests will almost certainly show that he was on something.

    In THIS video I’m not at all sure that her first shot was deliberate. If there is any better angle, it might give more to go on, but she certainly has already made her statement saying that the subject came at her so she shot him, then he ran away and she pursued him and shot again. The union rep ensures that no officer ever admits to shooting a subject unintentionally unless there is absolutely no possible reason for having fired.

    • This. The first one was an ND. She was in the middle of the verbal threat “i will shoot you”, poor trigger discipline allowed the autonomous contraction when she thought/said “shoot” to translate into a discharge. Second one was “oh well, it’s already done”

      At least she hit her target.

      • 2 for 2. That makes her a qualified sniper by NYPD standards.

        I think she may have failed that whole when to shoot thingy, though.

      • I believe you are right about her unconscious motivations, when she spoke the words “I will shoot you” her unconscious interpreted them as a command to shoot.

        Her second shot was a mix of anger and stupidity.

        • Even if the first bang was negligent, the second bang will certainly color the first in a criminal or civil trial – that she [Deputy Dipshit] had the intent to shoot both times. Perhaps this would have gone down differently if they knew they were being filmed. Idiots.

          • “Even if the first bang was negligent,”

            Is it an ND when the intention is to move the trigger from DA to SA?

  9. Have to be some kind of idiot to run up a minor ticketing offense into battling it out with cops, Tasers, MACE and getting yourself shot. No sympathy for that guy.

    Neither officer was at all impressive in this thing. Somebody should have been pounding the crap out of that guy until he was cuffed.

    The female officer? Is that a puffed out winter jacket or is she obese? No police officer, man woman or other, should ever be on patrol duty without being physically fit.

    The two shots fired do not look good for the officer.

    • The guy was impaired in some way. Disability, illness or drugs. Things get out of control. That doesn’t deserve a death sentence. It happens way to often. Can you imagine if dog catchers just shot every dog that bared their teeth?

    • As if the cops didn’t escalate the situation into an attempted murder. The male cop was ordering the female multiple times to kill him. All of this over a few dollars. The man was not violent.

      Cops love to escalate a minor thing into a deadly force situation because they are allowed to. It’s common in training these days. Which is why many citizens are pushing for more deescalation classes.

      In training they are taught that if the man is larger than you he is a deadly weapon/threat, thus deadly force is allowed if the man refuses orders and becomes combative. It does not matter if he is unarmed, only walking towards you and hasn’t verbally threatened anyone. If the suspect refuses to stop when ordered, shoot to kill.

      Some departments require some other tools to be used before the gun as a matter of policy. The DA doesn’t care as long as their office can make a legal argument for justification under law. In this case, they already went to mace and taser, so they can now go to gun.

      We will see if the government and union wants to defend these two dark skin officers. Usually they are the ones they don’t mind to sacrifice for PR because they are not wanted in the first place.

      • “In training they are taught that if the man is larger than you he is a deadly weapon/threat, thus deadly force is allowed if the man refuses orders and becomes combative”

        No, there is no POTS or TCLOE course that is part of the cerification curriculum that says because someone is bigger they are automatically a deadly threat.

        There is no training that excuses this shoot.

        • You’re good at ignoring the context of my post. I didn’t say if he is only bigger/stronger than you.

        • The two cops were unable to handle a suspect who was tougher than the both of them together. The question to be answered is how to give them the resources, whether it’s better training or simply more uniformed bodies on the scene, that they need to prevail. In this situation, they were down to two options — let him go or shoot him. Both are bad.

      • He didn’t order him to kill him, he said shoot him and I think he was talking about with mace because the woman cop had her mace in her hand about to spray him in the face, I think the dumb bitch cop thought he meant with a gun so she shot him a few seconds later, either way clearly the dumb bitch went overboard shooting him

      • Stop pretending to know what you’re talking about. You obviously have no knowledge of police training beyond what you’ve seen on youtube.

  10. Keystone coppers?! Maybe…Instead, let’s just quarantine S#!tcago…Build a wall around it…And throw the entire DNC and the rest of the DemoCRAPS inside of it…Place a moat and minefield around it….Case close…Next stop, Kalifornia…

    • Best comment by far. Don’t vote for sh!tty and corrupt leaders that don’t give a cr@p about you, then complain of poor conditions in your city (sh!tty?).
      Anyone who REALLY cares about being treated fairly and with respect has left these D run (D, for dysfunctional) places YEARS ago.
      Just look how bad Jessie Smellit was treated there, he was almost hung while just trying to get a tuna sandwich from subway. Granted, he paid his attackers, but that’s beside the point. He thought about “whites” while being attacked, so that makes it a racist attack.

  11. Form what I see, it doesn’t look good. But I will wait to judge the cops until all the facts get laid out. I don’t think the shooting was justified if he was just jumping trains to avoid the fairs. Still, considering the crime in Chicago, there could be more to the story. I would consider being a cop in a rural town or county. I wouldn’t consider being one in Chi-raq. I want Paul Harvey to give us the rest of the story, then decide.

    • The issue of you posting?
      You should already be tucked in by mommies and napping.
      You need your energy for tonight’s salad toss with the other trolls.
      Off you go now, sweet dreams assbreath.

  12. As a white male, I couldn’t help but notice that the suspect was also white while the officers were black. At no point did it cross my mind that this was in any way racially motivated, and the fact of the matter is that there was a real possibility someone’s life was at stake (Besides the suspect’s). That is why it is so important to let these investigations pan out before those of us who weren’t there pass any judgment of our own.

  13. What that police department clearly needs is an affirmative action outreach for transgendered female applicants.

  14. Huntmaster +1

    I watched a fat deputy sheriff restrain a rookie state trooper up against a wall once with his belly, because the Xbox generation rookie trooper, in his very early 20’s, was trying to pull his Glock on an unarmed non resisting WHITE person with cuffs on behind his back, because the rookies ego got bruised, because his attempt to escalate the situation in his favor failed.
    I got bad news folks.
    It isnt going to get any better..
    “The decline of western civilization.” isnt just a film documentary about the decline of the heavy metal music scene in the latter 1980’s. You fellas that keep saying “wait/comply” until you get to court to have “your say” are not living in the real world. Just one example. Six months ago, I watched a middle aged hispanic man attempt just that in court. As a rookie trooper wrote him a “guesstimate” speeding ticket for doing 90mph in a 65 zone. No radar laser lock, no nothing, just thought he was speeding from afar, lmao. The middle aged hispanic male was representing himself in court, calm and respectful. Proved that he was driving a rental truck with a speed govenor on the truck that would not allow it to go over 70mph, along with a faxed letter from the rental truck agency to prove it. After he eloquently refuted the ticket with the facts and his wife as a witness, the judge only stated that he might consider lowering the fine to 75mph in a 65mph zone instead of the fictional 90mph. Most blacks run for fear of being shot and rightly so, whether they have committed a crime and have a weapon or not, it’s in their DNA. Pointing a 9mm at an old lady’s head and shouting at the top of your lungs, because she didnt pull her vehicle over quick enough takes a large brain too. Good grief..
    It’s about survival out there!
    I go to court in my free time occasionally in a tri-state area just to watch “court life” up to several times a year. You cant expect human beings to respect or honor this type of treatment. When I was a kid and you knew you had a licking coming? You took it. However, you resisted when you weren’t guilty and your old man was a hard fisted drunk, whether on alcohol or power.
    It’s called natural law DNA.

  15. Given the guy’s previous behavior, most likely the cops were trying to take him in before he injured or killed himself.

    A taser won’t work unless both electrodes make contact with the target’s skin. This is a real problem in the winter due to heavy clothing.

    Mace is tear gas. Cops now carry pepper spray which is more effective. However, some people can withstand the acute discomfort well enough to keep functioning. If he was high on the right stuff, he could have been insensitive to what would take most of us out immediately.

    Omaha, Nebraska cops tried to arrest a meth addict for a series of convenience store robberies in which the clerks had been badly beaten. Three male cops weren’t enough to get the job done. They had to ask a private citizen for assistance. In my opinion, what made the difference was that the private citizen had been a wrestler in high school. Two other incidents, in which cops tried to take resistant mentally ill persons into custody, ended up with one subject crippled for life and the other dead.

    It’s not just an issue of female cops lacking the size, strength or temperament to handle resistant subjects. Floating around on the internet is a video of a college athlete lifting a male cop over his head and body slamming him.

    Part of it is poor training. Read what Ohio cop Greg Ellifritz ( has to say about the state of police training. Training costs money and is the first thing to be cut when budgets get tight. Ellifritz advises cops to get private training at their own expense in order to survive on the street. In defense of the trainers, they are getting recruits who have never been in a real fight in their lives.

    Part of a cop’s job is to go toe to toe with people who refuse to cooperate and have the size, strength, skills and determination to make it stick. Whether the Chicago mayor likes it or not, there is no nice way to deal with such people short of letting them get away with whatever they want.

    • Agree with this. The aspect that needs to be remembered is that when a suspect is just trying to get away, and not actively assaulting cops (i.e trying to fight them instead of running), the worst case scenario is not that he gets away. That’s bad, but an unjustified shooting is worse.

  16. Alright, I watched this one. For !@#$ sake. If I were trying to come up with a defense for the shooting nitwit it would be when the (drunk?) suspect reached down to grab his jacket. It’s not a winning defense.

    1) The fact that two “police officers” were, with the aid of two tasers (which they DROPPED leaving unsecure weapons around!) and pepper spray, unable to subdue one individual who was passively resisting and attempting to flee (badly) is pathetic.
    2) The fact that one of the same idiots, er, officers felt the need to use deadly force against a guy suspected of a non-violent misdemeanor while he was standing there refusing to be handcuffed is criminal
    3) The fact that these two have a badge and gun should be criminal but is indicative of major city policing today. I wouldn’t trust them to be garbage collectors but they have been invested with the authority to take away people’s freedom despite obviously having no clue about the law.

    Second City Cop blog (Chicago PD run blog) had the following to say about the shooting: “A couple of citizens filmed a bunch of the encounter, uploaded it around different platforms, and released it to the media. Look around and you can find it pretty easily. We did and …… well, not much to say about it.”

    About covers it.

  17. I see two out of shape cops that are not properly trained that cannot do their job because of that fact wonder when the last time they had a physical or been in the Jim all cops should be required to meet physical standards every year I know where I am there are some that could not run 100 ft. much less 100 yards and that includes the sheriff here who up until last year was a deputy and that is the reason this man got shot they need to keep in shape and trained properly and also know the law they are enforcing don’t care what color or sex they are

  18. It’s funny to watch all these people do a complete 180° on their stances from when Eric Garner was killed.
    Basic Jiu-Jitsu training would have allowed the officers to subdue this man without having to escalate force. It’s not a Chicago problem – I daresay a vast majority of police officers aren’t sufficiently trained with how to (literally) grapple with some of these situations so you see cases like this more often than they need to happen.

    • I agree that the Eric Garner case has caused a lot of damage because a “chokehold” is a very effective strategy to gain compliance and is less dangerous than a drawn-out fight.

      But let’s be fair. I wouldn’t trust these two to apply a neck hold. And since she shot an unarmed man who was running away (while the male officer told her to do it) they obviously don’t know the law on use of force, either. This is a personnel issue.

  19. The position of the criminal wedged partially on the ground and against the wall can make effecting custody difficult. Even with a partner getting a good physical hold is compromised by the wall and provides the suspect with a nice leverage point. Doesn’t mean shoot the dude, but it’s not easy gaining compliance with someone actively resisting you. Dealt with this a few days ago, an outstanding member of society with “mental health issues”

  20. He got what he deserved…. THEY WERE MORE RESTRAINED THAN I WOULD’VE BEEN….

    • There are limits to that. I’ve always believe that if you run from the cops you should expect an ass-whupping when they catch you. If you attack cops- i.e. start punching them in the head, etc, then things get real dicey.

      But in this country you’re not supposed to get shot in the back because the cops are too out of shape to arrest you for a municipal infraction that wouldn’t even warrant jail time.

  21. How about no chicks out in the field? Chiraq has paid a bundle for inept & weak women…parking tickets,playing mom to young children & family dynamics is where they belong. Duh…

    • I’ve known some women officers I would trust far beyond some male officers I’ve met. The problem is the lack of standards. And while there was a time when standards were probably lowered to increase diversity, now the standards are low to get ANYONE to apply.

      • The standards were lowered to get females on the force. Lack of upper body strength in women? They don’t care. Its just a numbers game. And many girl cops have shot men who aren’t afraid of a lady cop. But are afraid of a male cop. And respect male cops more than lady cops.
        Male cops and female cops are not equal. A gun doesn’t make them equal either. Their job is to arrest the criminal. Not shoot them. If that’s the case then we CCW folks can shoot them ourselves just fine.

        Which is how it use to be in the good old days.

  22. Very sad to see unfit police officer resorting to lethal force because they aren’t capable of winning a physical struggle. Looks like either a negligent discharge, or she was simply mad at not being able to subdue him and decided to shoot.

    He’s a white dude and she’s a minority woman, though, so…wouldn’t get your hopes up for charges.

  23. Good thing everyone is the same complexion…otherwise it would be a hate crime and riots in the streets…just sayin’…

  24. I’m with you folks on the physical aspect of training and physical ability your absolutely right. However, its really getting way past that stage. People are more and more depending on the mindset of authority and assumed power that in the end they will come out on top justified one way or another. “He that thinketh by the by the inch, and speaketh by the yard, shall be kicked by the foot.” They should have followed on foot and got on the radio. In wrestling, if you know your out manned by your opponent? You dont put yourself in a position to get pinned and lose. You ride it out scoring points where you can, as there are points for escape too, then when it’s all over you either win or lose by points, but you dont get stuck and you dont break the rules. There will never be enough lawman who are skilled in grappling, martial arts, pressure points, non get hurt skills to fill the ranks. You have to be practically brought up in that in environment to safely execute potentially serious injury to someone. It’s not acadamy course and most departments wont authorize that stuff. Example, that needless cross forearm choke hold on that large black man selling illegal cigarettes in the street that panicked and poorly resisted arrest, but died on the street. Illegal choke hold across the apple, a death over cigarettes. Not worth it..
    I encourage all LE that go hands on to get fit and learn basic skills, but temper your mind first with nonviolent crisis interventions and your hands on training will follow suit, if need be. We dont want our officers nor anyone getting hurt if possible. One Adam 12 requesting backup, copy?
    Be safe, weigh the possible outcome. The suspect is very lucky to be alive and possibly so are the officers.

  25. Why the fuck are second amendment supporters defending cops blindly? What the fuck is wrong with you boomers? I hate seeing that “OK Boomer” bullshit, but you morons fit the fucken description. Especially in a scenario like this. That woman should have never been on patrol, or a cop at that. Do you morons really think these police give a fuck about your rights? You know, I used to be all thin blue line bullshit, when these BLM idiots started all their bullshit, but the fact is: POLICE ARE TYRANTS! Wake the fuck up. Even those ones standing on the side of the fat bodies protesting in VA are tyrants. They just don’t want to get shot for the government telling them to take your guns, but they will certainly do it on their own free will if you fail to comply with them. The best thing I can tell all you morons is that if a cop follows you long enough, they will find a reason to pull you over. That alone describes their red coated mentality. Sorry to break it to you, I know it would be chaos without “law enforcement” but these fucken clowns will be the first to die, right along side any military that sides with the tyrants telling them oppress innocents. Judge me all you want, but you don’t know shit about me and you never will. I served. I paid taxes. etc etc patriot ramble nonesense. Just know that it took our founding ‘fathers’ 200 years to stand up to the crown, and over a 2% tax. We are at fucken 38% now. Ready when you fuckers are. Quick way to weed out shitbags like this female dredd with a badge. You either boogaloo, or die.

    • Emotional. If anybody above was defending the cops how do you know they were boomers? Your experience of service must be different from mine. I never want to see war again. Especially not in American towns. boogaloo or die?

      I bet you believe it will be over quick. A real cake walk.

      • It probably was different. I went to two wars over oil and opium. Fuck have you done, patriot?

        And no, it won’t be over quick, and you won’t enjoy it.

      • I agree, what the F does AGE have to do with opinions on TTAG stories?
        This is BS…..Quote”What the fuck is wrong with you boomers? I hate seeing that “OK Boomer” bullshit, but you morons fit the fucken description”…End Quote.
        Because someone is of a certain age they MUST think a certain way? Retarded logic.
        I enjoy being told by the TTAG trollfarm that I live in some type of retirement home. I’m a genXer with two sons in their 20s, one not even old enough to drink legally. Whatever the trolls need to tell themselves to help fall asleep when their mommies tuck them into bed is fine by me.

        • Bitch you are in the same category as them. I see you rant and rave about republican shit all the time. If you fit the boomer mentality, you are a fucken boomer.

    • You seem seriously unhinged. Why are you getting this angry over some people who are pro LE? Go outside and have a smoke before you have a stroke.

  26. since no one else said it

    What happened to the days when a citizen would jump in and help a cop or cops in trouble or need instead of standing there filming like a wimp while yelling out “worldstar!”

  27. Was that cop chick actually doing anything up until the point at which she demonstrated the world’s slowest draw and shoot?

  28. I hope those ignorant ghetto looking Coptards get life in prison. What is next…the chair for littering?

  29. This is really a training issue. A relative of mine stole a golf cart and crashed it into a part of the clubhouse where other carts were stored for the winter. When the police officer called to tell me about bail, he said sorry but he’s a little beat up, it took 5 of us. I said no problem, they were worried about a law suit.
    Another time when I arrived where he was living, there were two police officers inside trying to subdue him, the other two officers would not go back in.
    He is 5′ 7″ and weights about 150 lbs. he’s also a manic depressive.
    Many police officers don’t know how (training) to diffuse a situation. They get no training.
    Both those officers belong in jail.
    its training…

  30. I came across an off duty female cop working security at a supermarket in a tough part of town. In height and width, she was the size of a door. I suspect a punk she confronted on the job would beg to be shot. It would hurt less.

    My wife and I took riding lessons at a stable where one of the other riders was a female cop. Her other leisure activity was entering full contact karate matches. The riding instructor referred to her as a “tough broad”.

    Part of the problem in Chicago (and elsewhere) is excessive sympathy for thugs. A female cop chose to take a beating that left her with a concussion to avoid the repercussions of shooting a violent suspect high on PCP. It’s one thing to expect a cop to risk her life to protect a crime victim. It’s entirely another to expect her to do the same for a violent criminal.

    • “Part of the problem in Chicago (and elsewhere) is excessive sympathy for thugs.”
      Of which the Chicago PD are merely a sub-group.

  31. You go to Africa and you get what you get. I will never go any where I can’t CCW, period. And yes South Chicago is Africa.

    • “And yes South Chicago is Africa.”

      If you look at the history of the Chicago PD, it seems a lot more like Byelorussia… German occupied Byelorussia.

      The Chicago PD should change their uniform to that of the Einsatzgruppen with the addition of a checkerboard around their caps. Replace the star with a cypher of an entwined $ sign, the nest of snakes of the German Anti-Partisan badge and the Democrat logo, since there hasn’t been a non-Democrat mayor in my lifetime and I’m 63. To top it off, all the districts can replace their current names with the names of famous Chicago cops, which would be worn on cuff titles on the uniform coat in the manner of the SS. Some suggested district names:

      * Jon Burge
      * Gerald Callahan
      * Alvin Weems
      * Jerome Finnegan
      * Keith Herrera
      * Anthony Abbate

      • Dude you just went over the head of 99% the people who commented here.

        +1, I love you.

        • Growing up in Chicago and having a knowledge of history is pretty much a guarantee of a poor opinion of the Chicago PD. Add being Black and it’s 100% guarantee.

  32. Too bad there was no one there to return fire, gun free zones get innoce-

    Wait, those are COPS shooting up the subway and trying to kill unarmed people.

    Pretty soon we’ll have to shoot the cops AND the robbers just to stay alive.

  33. Charlie Beck? Not THAT Charlie Beck?!?! He was chief of LAPD until he retired. Wasn’t a more antigun cop in the country. he testified under oath, with absolutely no factual basis, that “more guns means more gun crime.” Needless to say, there were VERY few CCWs issued under his reign. (Still are for that matter.) I suspect that there will a slowdown in issuance of CCWs in Chicago untilhe leaves.

    • Charlie Beck was L.A. chief of police, he has nothing to do with CCWs, that is for the L.A.Co.Sheriff to handle. Yes, he and most other police chiefs and sheriffs in the state of Ca have to toe the political line and be anti gun. The whole thing is that firearms are for the rich and powerful(and their security services), not for the unwashed masses that feel the need to live through a violent confrontation with gang rats or legal gang members
      (violent SWAT and/or the many other L.E. forces) we have here.

      It is all politics and the one world government types(including most Republican and Democratic politicians in national employ).

  34. Your supposed to mantain a distance the moment control of the suspect is lost. If you can not engage safely you are suppossed to create a safe space between you and the person and reassess the situtation. They honestly could not control him so should not have tried. The idea of putting hands on him or finding tougher men to do the job is absurd. Too much fat shaming and gender shaming. Its not scientific.

    Science says to appropriate a safe distance and follow the suspect if he walks away while calling for and waiting for backup to arrive. That being said cops are a waste of $80,000 a year. The city would safe money and be more prosperous if they fired all the police and used the saved money for free or cheap transit.

    These were not professional cops. They behaved as drunkenly as the person they were arresting. Being a cop it not hard. The low iq of police is not limited to these individuals. I would have followed the suspect until I had a better angle to attack him from. Its called a dragnet.

    The cops should go to jail and he should get alot of money in the lawsuit, $1.4 million. But giving him money is no excuse for how they created more crime instead of eliminating it. They say they want to be judged by how they fixed the problem rather than how they caused the problem. That makes me ask,” if I gave you $1,000,000 would you let me shoot you? You would need surgery but would be in stable condition.”. Of course you would say no but then I would counter, ” No you don’t understand. I am trying to help you.”. And of course you would see through that bullshit too. But this is the type of lies they say.

    It would be easier if they just did not cause this problem to begin with instead of offering money to people they victimized then calling it “help”.

    • +1 very well said.

      I am too boogaloo and too dropout-ey to use big words like you, but I’ll stand on the frontline for people just like you.

  35. The brutal ugly reality few will acknowledge is that EVERY SINGLE LAW passed in America is enforced with the threat….and often use of DEADLY FORCE. Doesn’t matter what the law is…..even jaywalking….if someone accused of violating ANY law in ANY jurisdiction doesn’t IMMEDIATELY give complete and total obedience to the systems hired thugs they WILL BE KILLED if necessary to insure compliance. THAT IS REALITY. And those running the system WANT IT THAT WAY. That is why low IQ badgemonkeys can essentially commit state sanctioned murder and not only get away with it GET A MEDAL.

    • Let’s be honest. You can be shot for not obeying a “law” that isn’t actually a law AT ALL. A cop will shoot you for not obeying a law which either doesn’t exist, doesn’t exist anymore, or which he doesn’t understand.

      Hence all of the threats to people detained for “suspicion”… of something the cop cannot intelligibly and coherently articulate at the time of the detention and resultant threats.

      • Just waiting to get pulled for my “no step” sticker that says “No officer, I am here to confiscate yours!” Been on the truck, by itself (no other stickers, I’m not a degenerate) since december. Had police and sheriffs behind me, closely. No step.

        Why wait? It’s time to cut some rug on that dance floor. The more they feel entitled to, the more they try to take. Done hiding how I feel. If more people had anti-blue line mentality they’d learn even quicker. Modern day SS is all they are.

        • If by default they’re going to treat you like a criminal, by default treat them like Nazis. If they don’t like that and act out, bend them over the civil lawsuit table and have your way with them.

          Show them the respect they’ve EARNED.

    • Right, no matter what, obey police orders.

      When they come to your door with that court issued red flag order, don’t resist.

      Remember, if you do not comply with police orders, instant death may result, and there will be no charges filed against the authorities because you had it coming for noncompliance.

      Very good, I see the fleet of Russian spambots has bivouacked directly in our midst.


    • I never thought I’d agree with Miner49er, but here we are, talking to a less intelligent submissive who enjoys increasing taxes so tyrants can enforce their interpretation of laws.

      Just quick fucken around and vote democrat already, you moron.

    • Attention, spambot failure.

      Duplicate post under identical user name, recalibrate algorithm.

      Activate quasi-random user name generator, deploy sporadic vocabulary implementation, randomize syntax generator, engage.

    • “Pro Tip: Don’t fight the police and you won’t get shot.”
      How’d that work for:
      * Amadou Diallo
      * Akai Gurley
      * Michael Pleasance
      * Levar Jones
      * Justine Damond
      * Charles Kinsey