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weGrow is open for business in the nation’s capitol. The 2,500-square-foot superstore (a stoner’s throw from Home Depot) sells marijuana growing supplies and classes on producing wacky tobaccy for holders of medical marijuana cards. (And no one else, obvs.) “This store will serve as a hub for many surrounding states and will be a great launching pad to promote safe and responsible cultivation practices to new growers as medical marijuana laws move eastward,” weGrow founder Dhar Mann pronounced in his presser. The D.C. hang is weGrow’s fifth “Walmart of Weed”; they’ve got two shops in California and one in Phoenix and Michigan. Delaware and New Jersey are next. Cool, right? Anyone want to guess how many gun stores there are in D.C., or what the gun laws are like in the Garden State? [h/t vcdl]

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  1. Pot isn’t for me, but if someone wants to burn a doobie, I’m fine with it. I’m obviously fine with guns. But the combination? Shooting while zonked would give a whole new meaning to the expression “I was stoned and I missed it.”

    Question: does a user need to take an eight hour class to get a medical marijuana card?

  2. What is the connection of a store that sells marijuana supplies and equipment with the lack of gun stores in DC? Why not use groceries and furniture stores?

    • You’re right. If the megalomanic politicians have their way, the bourgeoisie will be feasting while the serfs won’t have a chair to sit on, bread to eat, or a joint to smoke. And nary a gun to overthrow the corrupt. While there are no federal or local legal restrictions on furniture and groceries, de facto economic restrictions will prevent the masses from private ownership of anything. The greedy don’t want your rights, they want everything.

  3. Well California has gun shops and dispensaries, oh yeah but the list of guns we can’t own is a mile long, and we can’t carry, good luck on getting a license..
    But the Fed’s raid our grow operations constantly, and Oaksterdam university got closed down too. Figure that one out…
    The states and feds do what ever they want when it is convenient for them..
    The feds say the federal laws on pot over rides the state laws, but gosh darn it the state laws over ride the federal for guns, figure that one out!!!

    • “The feds say the federal laws on pot over rides the state laws, but gosh darn it the state laws over ride the federal for guns, figure that one out…”

      Quoted for truth!

      As they effete academics and lefty-liberals take over New Jersey, marijunan is being legalized while a 30-round magazine in your 10/22 will get you thrown in prison.

  4. Hmmmm…… so in the nation’s capital, I can’t buy a gun in town even though firearms are legal (except where they are not), but I can buy Marijuana which is federally illegal (except where it isn’t)? Oh wait, I see that this store does not actually sell pot, just the hydroponic equipment to grow plants that come from somewhere else. So now I wonder if I can buy Hoppe’s No 9, an Outer’s cleaning rod and patches, and paper targets from Walmart to use with the guns I got from “somewhere else”.

  5. It’s progress in the right direction. Personal liberty and choice and all that.

    Not sure how this has anything to do with the number of gun shops in the district other than there’s damn few of each (weed growing supply stores and gunshops).

  6. I saw this and I thought that all the politicians and bureaucrats in DC will now have easier access to the counsel of Mary Jane as they go about their jobs of governing us. I think they have been heeding the advice of Mary Jane for some time now.

    • The pols are hanging with Mary Jane? I’m thinking more along the lines of some Columbian package chased down with Johnny Walker. That would explain a lot, no?

  7. I cant post photos here, or I just don’t know how so you will have to toke my word for this. At the Harborside dispensery in Oakland there is a security guard and metal detector at the door. So if anyone wants to go in they have to give up their right to self defense. It just does not make sense to me that a group that has worked so hard to gain the right to medication would so vehemently deny the entire population their God given right to self defense. Yet this is the view of most liberal pot smokers. I think they just want to bury their heads in a cloud and peace out. Just not a reality based world view. I would never deny them access to their weed. Live and let live. Why do they want to deny me my rights?

    Of course if you are going to have a gun free zone you better have metal detectors. At least they got that right.

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