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Disney adds sheriff’s horse patrols, tightens gun policies the headline at informs. The article is big into the  equine element of Disney’s new security procedures, breathlessly sharing the fact that horse patrols had been eliminated due to their manure output. But now that they’ve got bags attached to their posteriors (the horses that is), the patrols are back! TMI? Well here’s something that armed Americans should note about the Disney empire’s new gun policies . . .

Disney’s theme parks also have stopped the little-known practice of allowing guests to check in firearms with company security rather than having to leave to store their weapons elsewhere. Guns are banned from the parks.

A Disney spokeswoman acknowledged the change had occurred but would not provide details about the process.

Storage? Who knew? Anyway, in previous posts about Disney, several members of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia let it be known that they’d carried concealed at Disneyworld/land despite the fact that The Mouse had declared the parks “gun free” zones. This they could do because front gate security didn’t include metal detectors or wand-equipped guards. No more . . .

On Dec. 17, Disney World, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld all began using metal detectors to screen visitors entering the theme parks. SeaWorld started out with wands but has since installed walk-through metal detectors.

No doubt a terrorist could end-run the theme parks’ security theater and attack defenseless guests. But there it is. No more House of Mouse for you?

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      • It’s a business trip (company annual meeting, being held at the Grand Floridian), that we’re extending a bit for some family vacation time. I still haven’t decided if I’ll even take my travel pistol. I would like to, especially since we’ll be spending a few days on the Gulf shore first. But once we’re at Disney, it’ll pretty much have to stay locked up in the hotel room.

        • I have family that works at Disney, it’s random selection of people wanded, walking through the detectors. I live on the Gulf Coast and pack warm it’s chilly here these days.

          • They were wanding people at first until they got the actual walk through metal detectors in place They even have canines that can smell Firearms because of the powder And the primer in the cartridges and they’re walking the dogs through The hotels and through The parks Both Epcot and Disney World They have straight up told everyone no guns on Disney property. End of story So if you’re going to bring one I would suggest you leave it in the truck or leave it in the van or in the car And act like you just don’t get it. They fail to recognize your 2nd amendment constitutionally given rights to keep and bear arms.

        • “It’s a business trip (company annual meeting, being held at the Grand Floridian), that we’re extending a bit for some family vacation time.”

          Chip, the NASA tour is well worth it… Budget a full day for it.

          • What Does NASA say About you carrying a concealed firearm legally on their property Its been about 35 years since I’ve been there So I don’t remember?

    • Do me a favor if you will. I am curious how far down they are wanding individuals. I’m willing to bet they don’t bother to bend over and check the ankles.

    • I just got back from a trip to WDW during Christmas week. It was fine.

      The metal detectors were there. I was asked to walk through on a couple occasions, but the selection seems to be random. I only saw 1-3 walk-through gates per park, so most people weren’t affected.

      I had heard of, but never had cause to use, the old “policy.”

      • Scary stuff. A terrorist has enough of an incentive to take a gamble on not being selected for screening. A legal concealed carrier does not. As usual a lazy attempt at security results in the disarmament of the law abiding and the increased potential of a tragic attack.

        • I agree. We will not be going back to any of the Theme Parks until ALL visitors are scanned with wands or metal detectors….random screening is just not enough.

          • Yeah God forbid they let a law abiding concealed carry holder actually carry a firearm in there lousy Park. If they did you wouldn’t have to worry about A terrorist attack Because all the people would be armed enough to where they could repeal it Instead of sitting like ducks in a shooting gallery. You’re obviously not pro 2nd amendment!

        • I’ve just applied for my CWP…..and I will certainly carry. I am pro 2nd amendment. But if I go someplace that I can’t carry….I don’t expect anyone else to (that includes terrorists). Look at all the big stadiums/football/soccer…everyone is thoroughly screened. I do feel a bit safer that way. Before the random metal detectors at Disney…I felt safer because I knew there were plenty of people with their CWP and were armed (as well as off duty cops and others). Now. I am just saying….do it thoroughly, to every person, or not at all! Random does not work.

  1. I was once wearing a DHS hat a friend gave me as I was walking into Magic Kingdom with the kids and wife. I casually was approached by Disney Security

    Security: “excuse me sir , Just a second, I was wondering if you are carrying a firearm?”

    Me: “no”

    Security “Are you sure? if you are carrying we can secure and check the weapon for you?”

    Me: “I’m not carrying, why do you think Im carrying?”

    Security “Oh, saw the hat, and not all officers know we ban firearms”

    I wanted to first explain I wasnt a cop. Then explain some other facts of life… but I didn’t. I just told him to have a nice day. I was more surprised that they offered to check the weapon.

    • I went through with a black bag that had MOLLE on it. When the lady checking the bag asked me if I was police or military I absentmindedly said I was police with former military (great opsec, I know). She then asked if I was carrying a firearm, when I said no she said that if I ever did when I came they would be more than happy to lock it up for me.

      This was back in Nov of 15.

      Guess they changed their minds…

  2. “Gun free zone” with security theater is crap. But if Disney is truly adding real security with metal detectors for all guests, that at least makes me feel a bit better. I must admit I’m a Disney fanboy.

    • I can’t wait until some terrorists go through the gates with flowing robes, while their accomplices toss some weapons over the fence for them to pick up.

      • They will simply waltz right thru the metal detectors with their rifles in plain view and shoot any armed security guard.

      • ^ This!

        When I was recently at Disney World, it looked exceedingly easy to toss some rifles over the fence (or under the fence for that matter) yourself the night before and then casually retrieve them the next day as a park patron.

        Of course this doesn’t even address employees and contractors who move large containers in/out of the parks … does Disney X-Ray all boxes, packages, tool chests, equipment containers, etc. that come in?

        And what stops a corrupt employee (whether security or otherwise) from smuggling rifles into the park?

        I get the whole “layered security” thing and “not making it easy” notion. The fact of the matter is that armed patrons are certainly an important layer of security — especially for themselves! And armed patrons certainly make it harder for spree killers and terrorists to commit mass atrocities. Why Disney would want to eliminate these important elements is beyond me.

      • I don’t understand your desire to see the security measures at Disney to fail. While I believe that the mouse is miss guided and it is only a mater of time before something happens. I hope and pray it never does. We as responsible gun owners should be, and need to be prepared for the worst, but never hope for it.

      • Not even. You can create security checkpoints, but all that does is cause the lines to be the “target-rich environment” instead of the park itself. Only a matter of time before they figure that out.

    • But you used to be able to check your firearm in at security before entering the park. Which was a much safer place for it than being left in the car in the parking lot. You also would have the protection of it while in the parking lot.

    • I was at Disney recently. I go often so I don’t remember exact dates , but definitely twice already in 2016. Guests with bags always checked. Metal detectors in place at all theme parks but only random selection. My wife asked if anyone in a burka or head covering is picked and was told no. Profiling. The back entrance to Epcot is less frequented so going through metal detector is almost a given. There is always a sheriff at the metal detectors. I asked the sheriff what would happen if I was discovered carrying. He said they would confirm I was legally allowed to carry( check my permit) , if legal ask me to leave park and come back unarmed. Said Disney was private property and they could make their own rules. You are not allowed to leave with hotel security at check in. Technically you are not allowed to leave locked up in your car while on Disney Property.

  3. What will the Disney Corporation do should a terrorist attack occur on their property? Perhaps a oops our bad while crews break out firehoses washing blood and guts from their streets then a check to the victims.

    No thanks, with twins, I have enough Disney for the remaining years I have.

  4. In years past I’ve carried concealed at Disney World in Orlando without incident.
    Are their metal detectors before or after the ticket sales, I wonder?
    What if you already have a ticket and are refused entry due to the fact that you are carrying.
    Can you get a refund for the cost of the ticket(s)?

    • “Security” is the first thing you go through, so on-site ticket sales are after that. But guests without bags are waved through very quickly, and only a small number of people are randomly chosen to be metal-detected. And they’re not at every park yet.

    • Is there a reason you have as your avatar the flag of the Arrow Cross Party, the Hungarian Nazi party that murdered 15,000 innocent civilian Jews over the course of the 5 months they were in power, while sending 100,000 more to concentration camps in Austria? I’d maybe give you the benefit of the doubt, and think maybe you thought it looked cool without knowing its history, but then I noticed you use the name Louis Marschalko, an ardent anti-Semitic author, who is a Nazi sympathizer and all around shit-bag. Funny to see you posting on a blog founded and published by a Jewish man. Doesn’t that make you part of the “jewish conspiracy” and “jewish media” you (presumably) are at odds with?

        • Yeah, i know i can be too much of an uptight fuddy-duddy sometimes… I mean really, who gets upset over the systematic government-sponsored genocide of an entire religion these days?

      • This has been mentioned before. What if I used “Che Guevara” and a clenched fist avatar instead? Would that be any less edgy do you think? Don’t get me wrong. I don’t object to you commenting on my chosen preferences. You have a right to yours and I have a right to mine.

        • We can discuss hypotheticals about Che if you want… I find his politics and his actions pretty despicable, though not on the level of national socialism and the holocaust. A more accurate parallel, if that’s what you were attempting to draw, would be asking if you were to use a Nazi eagle/swastika as an avatar, and the username of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Mengele, or maybe a prominent nazi apologist.

          However that neatly avoids the point of my original question, as I’m assuming you realize. you say: “Would that be any less edgy do you think? Don’t get me wrong. I don’t object to you commenting on my chosen preferences.” And that’s what I’m curious about… do you use that avatar and that username merely to be, as you say “edgy”? Or are the political ideologies they represent, in the words you use, your “chosen preferences”? If the former, well, that seems in poor taste, but so what? If the latter, well, I certainly prefer not to involve myself with those who support and advocate the systematic organized slaughter of millions of innocent civilian men, women, and children at the hands of their own governments based on their religious beliefs. I suspect others on the board in discussion with you might feel similarly.

      • Once Disney fell in love with H1b visas and fired their American IT workers, they got crossed off the vacation list. They can import their customers for all I care. Good luck.

  5. I knew and have used that storage before. Much better than leaving my personal protection device in my car for someone to steal. But alas, If I cannot take it to the park then I will no longer go to the park. Their loss as I have small children and i live in Florida. I averaged 2 multi-day trips a year. Now I can save the money for more range time and more fun personal protection devices to use there.

  6. A metal detector can add good security or not depending on the sensitivity the machine is set to and how much the operator is willing to inconvenience the people in line with belts, metal buttons, change, etc.

    With long lines at the entrance full of screaming children, I would bet on someone being able to get a small, well-concealed firearm in pretty easily.

  7. No more House of Mouse. No more Disney movies at the theater. No more Disney movie rentals. Disney CEO and VPs get hand written physical letters explaining why I will no longer spend money on their entertainment products.

    If I had kids or kid aged nieces and nephews, Disney CEO and VPs would get tearful letters from my kids asking them why they made Daddy/Uncle ‘Bear stop taking them to Disney World and stopped taking them to see Pixar Movies.

    When you protest, let them know *why* you’re hitting them in the wallet, and do it with an actual letter. A registered letter that someone has to sign for is best.

    • How many gun owners saw the recent Star Warts movie? I doubt your boycott or any boycott will get their attention. I personally hate all things Disney and refuse to buy any of their products, but I know they could care less about my principles.

      If years of negatively stereotyping blacks and Asians couldn’t affect their wallet, I doubt the gun crowd can either. They are the Teflon Bill Cosby of the mouse world.

  8. We went on Saturday, knowing these changes I left my CCW in the car. I was pulled out and “randomly” screened with the metal detector. When I asked what triggered the random screening, I was told I looked like a cop and they wanted to make sure I wasn’t carrying……….ridiculous!!!

      • I was told by Disney Security a few years back that Cops tend to think they could carry in the park and that was the reason they started the gun check in. But regular citizens also had access to the check in. it is sad, I liked it. I knew my Beretta was safe while it was apart from me. Now I must leave it all alone and scared in my car. or I can just save my money and spend it on my little children elsewhere while I get to continue my parental responsibility to protect them from those with evil intent.

        • For the price of entry of your family you could feed the Beretta for a week or purchase it a friend

    • Talked to a guy Disney Security the other week. They get a lot of cops who think the rules don’t apply to them.

      Gotta respect the park at least for giving zero shits about carveout entitlement.

  9. Someone should sue Disney for violating their Constitutional/Civil rights, this is blatant discrimination. If a baker, photographer etc. can be sued for not providing services to an individual(s) pertaining to events contrary to their
    personal beliefs – it should apply to every establishment.

    • Perhaps as part of the settlement or punitive damage award, key Disney management personnel could be required to attend Bill of Rights sensitivity training.

  10. I wonder if TSA will follow Disney’s lead, and attach poop bags to the horse’s posterior’s who patrol the airports?

  11. I can understand Disney’s “no gun” policy, and if you’ve ever heard “It’s a Small World” playing over and over, you would understand too. Five minutes of Small World is enough to make Mother Teresa wish she had a M134 minigun and unlimited ammo.

    • Next time you are forced to ride “It’s a Smalk World,” put in your headphones and start playing AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” as soon as your boat floats under the sign that says “Happiest Place on Earth.” It syncs up nicely, and you will laugh your ass off. I actually look forward to it now.

  12. Well, I visited Disney World last year with the family. I didn’t see any prominent “no firearms” signs so I carried concealed the entire time … carrying no less than 43, 43 I TELL YOU! rounds of ammunition. No one attacked us, my firearm never left its holster, and no one ever knew that I was armed. And, had a spree killer or terrorist suddenly started an attack next to me, I would have promptly ventilated him/her and significantly shortened his/her attack.

    Why does that warrant prohibiting firearms in their parks? Oh, I know why: because Disney World is a perfect utopia fantasy world and violent crime would never happen in a perfect utopia fantasy world … thus there is no “need” for personal firearms.

    Newsflash: my family was inherently vulnerable to violent criminals en route to and from Disney World — with most of our return trips in the dark. There is no way that I am going to return and have to be unarmed the entire time. Sorry Disney. Not only have you lost a customer (more precisely an entire family of customers) for life, you lost a customer that could have promptly stopped (or at least greatly diminished) a spree killer or terrorist.

    • May or may not. I carried a 3.5 inch folding knife into the Coca Cola tourist exhibit building in Atlanta, through the metal detectors. It was (like happens at the airports) totally by accident — didn’t even realize I had it and didn’t want to walk a mile back to the car to stash it. I have a feeling a largely polymer .380 might have made it in, too. Like someone else mentioned, I was most concerned standing on the line. A crazed jihadi could have easily taken out 100 people or more (mostly kids from all over the world, including hijab wearers) with a couple of grenades thrown in from the periphery or like the couple in CA did, by mowing them down. For all the security theater, there were not too many “real police” around, certainly not enough to have prevented a crazy from doing damage.

  13. So if they’re only doing random searches, the strategy is clear — don’t call attention to yourself because you look like a cop or operator. Go in looking like a metrosexual sissy-man dork or pampered Starbucks-addicted mom. No web belts. No 5-11 pants. Try bright colors and flip flops. You can store real shoes in your LL Bean backpack. Talk loudly about your food allergies.

  14. “But now that they’ve got bags attached to their posteriors”

    Perhaps Obama and congressional Democrats should have bags attached to their anteriors, preferably right below the mouth.

  15. I went in June, and left my gun in the hotel. I was flagged for having my knife in my pocket though. The “guard” was very power hungry about it, so much so that he didn’t notice the other pocket knife I had on me.

  16. As if the gates the paying customers use are the only entry/ exit possibility. Somebody hellbent for slaughter can get anything they want in there. This just makes us defenseless.

  17. Didn’t go to the park proper, but went to the public area to see Star Wars in their high-end theater. Metal detectors at the door.

    They did let me lock my stuff up in the security office a half mile walk (on my broken foot) away though.

  18. That really surprises me, my uncle was a land developer in the sixties and seventies and was best friends with Walt Disney himself. And they both enjoyed hunting fishing Mostly offshore fishing but he went many a times hunting with Walt, And Walt had a very extensive nice gun collection he had pictures When I was around seven or 8i got the Sam And a couple of huge deer Off of private land on the back side of Disney where they used to hunt together. Just another anti gun zone blaming it on global terrorism

  19. I wonder if other theme parks (Universal, etc) are following this sterling example?

    And frankly there’s more danger from someone dirty diaper-bag hands touching my snack tray than from firearms. Are they going to stop them at the gate too? 🙂

    • I’ve heard from friends just recently in Orlando, They actually stopped him at the gate before he could enter the park and he said that he would be right back you would go and store the weapon securely unloaded in his trunk and the security officer told him it could not be on Disney property. Not in the parking lot not in the hotel not anywhere Disney property owns Explicitly told him this

      • …the security officer told him it could not be on Disney property. Not in the parking lot not in the hotel not anywhere Disney property owns Explicitly told him this.

        Disney can’t enforce that policy. While the ability to enforce a parking lot ban may vary by state, your hotel room is your residence for as long as you are leasing it. You may lawfully possess a firearm in your hotel room. The security officer can go pound sand.

        • Chip, I wouldn’t feel very comfortable leaving a firearm in a hotel room at a resort unless I had a way to lock it to something…

          • Roger that.

            I’m a regular traveler, thanks to work. In friendly states (i.e. not Massachusetts, where I am currently), I have a firearm with me. I definitely take appropriate precautions when I do so.

  20. That British woman sum it up perfectly, it is all about feeling safer. I was at Disneyland right after the shooting in CA, and in the park there were plenty of guests wearing pro 2A t-shirts. Six Flags would either not let them in or kick them out for wearing anything with guns on it.

  21. Just remember Disney World Has the tightest security In America. They hire Retired CIA, and FBI agents To orchestrate their security measures And they have Plans in place for just about any type of occurrence. About 20 years ago I was in the park when they locked it down because a child went missing and they thought possibly he might have been abducted And they had teens I mean literally teams of 15 people running through the park everywhere looking at every child and had printouts of what the missing child look like and was asking parents To show them their children and it was amazing with in 31 minutes they found the missing child he wandered off into Tomorrowland He was about 8 years old But I was really impressed with the way they conducted themselves very proficient And very thorough.

    • It has been my work experience that most plans do not survive initial contact with the “enemy”. I am sure the “lost kid” plan is used/practiced more than the SHTF ICS ones.

      • I would have to agree with you. But I would also say out of all the amusement parks Disney seems to be one of the most secure.

  22. If I remember correctly…people buy their tickets or arrive with their tickets, then bunch up by the hundreds to get on the ferry or board the monorail. This is at 1 park at the world. Entering this park is not done until AFTER the ferry/monorail ride. Soooo…anything terrorism would most likely take place “outside of” the security process.

    Granted, haven’t been there in ages so it could have changed. In that case, the terrorists just need to shoot their way through unarmed security to get in to the park. Yes, I pray (seriously) that it never happens. But our “security” in this country is, well…a joke. 🙁

    • Magic Kingdom at WDW is the only park you have to take a boat or monorail to reach it from the parking lot or nearby hotels. There is a monorail that can take you from the Magic Kingdom parking lot over to EPCOT Center, they are the only two parks linked by the monorail. Moreover, all the Disney Park are connected by Disney’s own bus system which is a nightmare of in itself.

      While MK would be the biggest target, just an attack on the crowds waiting to go in would ruin everbody’s day. The Epcot monorail, unlike the MK monorail wraps around inside the park which is a hole in security. Back over on the MK loop, the monorail travels inside the main building of a major hotel which is another security flaw. However, the WDW monorails are well worn out and long overdue for replacement, they are running on rags. One of the current monorails is made up of surviving parts from two monorails that crashed together a few years ago. Maybe they should worry about keeping their inferstructure up to snuff first.

  23. The sweet British lady in the video clip says (British accent) “…I feel safer.”

    I feel thinner ever since putting away that pesky scale.

  24. Wouldn’t take much to hide the metal parts of a modern pistol inside the frame of a baby stroller.

    Just sayin’.

  25. Oh gosh. I’m not going to have to wait 220 minutes in line to ride some 2 minute ride after paying $92 to get into the park??

    Gosh, what other favors is Disney going to do for me?


  26. Meh, since I’m closest to Disneyland in KA, and I can’t carry in KA anyway because they don’t recognize freedom, I mean out of state CCW permits, I’m not too affected by this. I’ve been going since I was a little boy, probably been 30 times or more in my 27 years, big fan of Disneyland, not the lines. All that said, I keep what’s probably an “illegal in KA” pocket knife on me everywhere I go, and my SA is working over time while I’m there. Sucks that Disney would go this far to keep guns out of their parks though. Metal detectors? It doesn’t matter if only 1/1000 gets metal detected, it’s still pretty outrageous. But if anyone can say, “it’s for the children,” I guess it would be Disney.

  27. Disney in Orlando is a money pit. Now they expect me to be side stepping horse crap to over pay for their junk??? I don’t think so.

    • According to the article, they won’t have horses in the parks themselves, they will have mounted cops in Disney Springs which used to be called Downtown Disney, which used to be called Disney Village. Basically a overpriced stripmall near the edge of Disney World. It is free admission and they have had probelems with gangs and getto kids hanging out there and fighting there for decades.

  28. Glad I’m never going. Kids are grown-grandkids go with dad and his mother(ex wife in Floriduh). Great America was an ordeal a few years ago-I’ll still do Disney movies(unless they metal detect)…

  29. We can discuss hypotheticals about Che if you want… I find his politics and his actions pretty despicable, though not on the level of national socialism and the holocaust. A more accurate parallel, if that’s what you were attempting to draw, would be asking if you were to use a Nazi eagle/swastika as an avatar, and the username of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Mengele, or maybe a prominent nazi apologist.

    However that neatly avoids the point of my original question, as I’m assuming you realize. you say: “Would that be any less edgy do you think? Don’t get me wrong. I don’t object to you commenting on my chosen preferences.” And that’s what I’m curious about… do you use that avatar and that username merely to be, as you say “edgy”? Or are the political ideologies they represent, in the words you use, your “chosen preferences”? If the former, well, that seems in poor taste, but so what? If the latter, well, I certainly prefer not to involve myself with those who support and advocate the systematic organized slaughter of millions of innocent civilian men, women, and children at the hands of their own governments based on their religious beliefs. I have a feeling others on the board in discussion with you might be equally interested to know this.

  30. My experience, just apply to work at the park. The mall cops don’t search you going into work, only when you leave (if you have a bag or a box). They (security) were only concerned with property theft. “Insider threat” is the most likely event.

  31. Wait, does this mean no more bubble-guns? I knew I should have bought one last time I was there.

    I dont understand what barring cosplay will do, though.

  32. Almost had an awkward moment with a date last week at Universal. We went to see Star Wars and the closest theater was Citywalk. I’d never been since I’m usually not in Orlando (live long Floridian though) and didn’t know they had detectors. I was able to play it off that it was about my pocket knife, which I sure as heck didn’t want them taking (a $200 Spyderco). I then palmed my pistol and knife when we got to my car… re-entered and dealt with it. As a general rule if they’re going to disarm me I won’t go, still plenty of places to go that won’t.

  33. Wasn’t it a not uncommon talking point for us to say that any place that doesn’t let you carry should provide its own security, which Disney parks seem to be doing?

    The removal of a firearms storage service is the part I find objectionable, but the other stuff seems to be within the box of tolerable behavior for a private business, even if it’s not one I particularly like.

  34. Keep in mind that these rent a cops are not the TSA. It’s probably illegal to lie/deceive/hide things from them but not at malls, cinemas or theme parks.

    People with pacemakers aren’t supposed to go through metal detectors (including the wand). I’m sure you could find an example of what those pacemaker cards look like online. If anyone wants to search you tell them they can’t use a metal detector.

    They’ll be forced to either let you go or to do a pat down but they might not even know how to do a proper pat down or maybe they won’t do a patdown at all. Most of them can’t even use the wand properly. They’ve literally missed obvious knives on my person that were like visibly attached to my pocket and belt.

    Either that or bring makeshift weapons or plastic/ceramic knives. There’s lots of ways around this but it is still a hassle.

  35. It is the same for employees also. And they have dogs checking workers cars all the time. They have a zero tolerance on this as I understand it. Some dogs have hit on workers cars and found people who left guns in the car ether because they were conceal carry and thought they were legit or went to the range and forgot them. Ether way they fire most of these people on the spot and send them home. Though I never got a confirmation I hear they fired workers with a few rounds of bullets left in the trunk. Including someone who worked part time at a fertilizer plant and kept some in the trunk and the dogs kept hitting on it from the phosphorus and potassium. Though they were in fact innocent they let them go because they said it kept the dogs from finding real problems.

  36. went to disney springs in feb. had me weapon with me,was standing in line for ice cream when i was approached by wdw security i was asked my name and the fellow introduced himself and asked if i would mind stepping out side ,np.then 2 sheriffs came over and i was asked if i was carrying,answered yes,asked to see permit and other forum of id, np. hey told me i could not carry on wdw property so they told me i could put it in my car or i would have to leave.still can’t figure how they knew i was carrying.

    • That’s because Walt Disney World is a bunch of friggin Nazis overpriced bullshit. You couldn’t get me to go to that Park if my life depended on it long lines after paying $100 to get in even with my Florida discount big $10 off I remember when Florida residents could get into the park 4:25 freaking dollars. It’s a big scam ripoff for tourists to come in and drive-on are interstates tearing them up Disney should have to pay for the expansion on I-4 it’s all destroyed because of all the tourists they attract and yet we the citizens have to pay for that shit. It is a big waste of money trust me I went when I was a small boy a couple of times when I was a teenager mostly on dates. Nothing like spending $16 on a friggin turkey drumstick. LOL I wish the place would friggin move somewhere else or burn down. It’s a real shit hole where they don’t respect the Constitution or the state laws which permit people to carry if they have a concealed weapons permit. And then they go out and infringed upon your rights to be in there Park after you paid that ridiculous amount of money and then tell you to leave no refund or anything you’re tough luck. I claim a giant BS. Giant amusement parks like Six Flags Disney World Disneyland in California they’re a thing of the past their amusement parks and they’re dying out just like the old carnival rides with all the toothless wonders and drunks that used to run those things. I can’t stand Disney World.

      • wow all that and you still didn’t give me a clue on how they figured out i was carrying,take a breath,relax.

  37. An interesting debate. A lot is written about the need to repel a potential attacker. Given all the shooting events we have had, there must be some evidence we can use to show that carrying guns works. We only need one example. Can someone please tell me when a citizen has stopped an event using their own gun. I just could not find one listed on google etc or in the media archives. But their must be at least one right?

  38. was at Epcot yesterday. They did do bag checks and run every one through metal detection and do random hand wand on some. Had a nice flip folder in pocket in line didn’t want to go back to car so put in my jacket and actually passed it around the metal detectors. Went to DW same thing. Then back to Epcit and left it in car before going back in..3 times was pushing it.

    • Screw Disney World and Epcot Center they have done nothing for the State of Florida since they were originally built here. I’ve lived here for over 46 years and 40 of them spent in Orlando Florida. That amusement park has caused the destruction of our major Interstate through Fair I-4. There is so much traffic coming from and to Disney World theme park Center destroying our highways and interstates with all this tourism traffic and no one is paying the State of Florida for Damage Done to our streets and throwaways by this huge theme park. It’s absolutely ridiculous. People that live in Orlando and have to work out in st. Cloud Kissimmee are absolutely stopped every morning and every night by thousands of tourists traveling on the highway going from Orlando to the Disney Epcot theme parks. It’s absolutely imperative that these huge theme parks that have set up their own City so that they don’t have to even come in to Orlando they’re all just secluded out there where they can rob you of your rights and your hard-earned money for a $12 turkey leg. I’d like to see Disney World shut down and those businesses bulldozed absolutely retarded that we have such a huge theme park and they don’t get any taxation for themselves to help replace the infrastructure that they deteriorate. Plus not to mention all the assholes that come to this state to see that stupid ass overpriced Park. And not to mention they employ probably around 60% gay lesbian people to work at their parks. There’s not much on the news about what goes on out there but let me tell you I’ve had friends work there their entire adult careers as employee and let me tell you something you go down into the employee lounge in shower area to get cleaned up after work you’re able to see something you never wanted to see before two men having sex in the freaking showers it happens all the time never makes it to the news channels though but they’ve got like a pedophile ring working out there at Disney World just something for you to think about next time you want to take your children there.

      • There has been hundreds if not thousands of lawsuits settled quietly swept under the table out of court buy miner’s that were employed at Walt Disney World that have been exposed to Criminal sexual abuse and other horrible charges that Disneyworld basically paid the settlement and swept it under the carpet.

        They have former FBI agents working for their security former Homeland Security agents former NSA agents all working to keep the park safe that’s where all this anti-gun crap came from and the fact that they employ such a large rate of homosexuals and lesbians and cross-gender.

        This is supposed to be a family-orientated park where you can go with your children and enjoy yourselves and the entertainment. However the park is full of Peter puffers. I’m not anti homosexual or anti lesbian I figure whatever you do in the privacy of your own home is your business but when you bring that crap to your workplace it’s unprofessional and downright disgusting I wouldn’t want to see a heterosexual couple making love in the company shower area when I’m 16 just trying to get cleaned up so I can go home from work.

        And the News agencies absolutely never cover any bad publicity towards Walt Disney World because the business makes so much money for the State of Florida and tourism. However that money that is made by these Taurus who are traveling on our highways and prematurely wearing out our infrastructure is unacceptable Behavior by such a large theme park worth so many billions of dollars.

        Here’s a hint for you Walt Disney World Walt would be rolling in his grave if he saw what was going on in his amusement parks nowadays I met the man a couple of times back in the seventies my uncle was a very good friend of his that used to hunt and fish where Tomorrowland is located now.

        My uncle was a developer and him in wall we’re really good friends they did some business practices back in the sixties together developing land over near the space coast for all the astronauts in the space program they did a bunch of housing properties out out there and Canaveral.

        All I’ve got to say is I don’t care what kind of people you hire but there shouldn’t be this many lawsuits against a company for sexual deviant acts of homosexual and lesbian people in there washrooms and in there employee facilities.

        Most people don’t understand that Disney World has just as much property under the ground as they do above the ground it was a designed by Walt back in the sixties to have everything underground so that no one would see the trash collectors the security people they can move completely underground under the entire park and this leads to having areas which aren’t always monitored by security which leads to these sexual in the windows in the showers and locker rooms and workout areas it’s absolutely disgusting is what it is I have a couple of friends who work security out there right now and they say they still have people filing complaints with them for sexual harassment devious activities going on in the locker rooms and viewed by minors children that are working out there get to watch this kind of crap and where is channel nine news or ABC when it comes to s*** like this they’re nowhere to be found. Even when they have a major accident on a ride like Space Mountain where children in the past have lost appendages fingers hands from becoming on seat-belted in the ride back when they had seat belts instead of the restraints the bars that come over your shoulders people would remove their seatbelts and the system has a way to know when you unbuckle your seat belt but the seat belts had to be outside of the car the roller coaster cart that is to detect it and then it would stop the rod it was a little too late for a few people out there and they lost their hands one girl was killed on Space Mountain that very small part got put on the news but nothing else was ever said.

        They are great at covering up the crap that goes on out there. Do yourself a favor and go to Six Flags.

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