Biden angry second amendment
"Why won't people like you shut the hell up and let me bankrupt the gun industry?"
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At least as dangerous to public safety is the radically conservative majority on the Supreme Court that claims to revere state and local rights but seems prepared to upend municipal efforts to get a handle on the gun problem.

The consensus after last November’s oral arguments saw this majority as hell-bent on undoing New York’s strict limits on carrying weapons outside the home. At the time, Adams used the word “frightening” to describe “what’s about to play out on … the Supreme Court.”

How disconnected from urban realities are the good justices? “You don’t have to say, when you’re looking for a permit to speak on a street corner or whatever, that, you know, your speech is particularly important,” said Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. “So why do you have to show in this case, convince somebody, that you’re entitled to exercise your Second Amendment right?”

Ah, yes, giving a speech is like carrying a gun. Got it.

Those who rightly advocate reforming the police and the criminal justice system need to show how “policing that treats everyone with respect and dignity,” as Biden put it in New York, is, in fact, the best approach to combating lawlessness.

But the other imperative is to call out the hypocrisy of those who give fiery, divisive speeches about law and order while doing everything in their power to guarantee lawbreakers access to all the weapons they need.

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    • I think the most insulting thing about this article is the term “radically conservative”.
      There is ONE actual conservative on the court, and his name is Clarence Thomas.
      The rest are milque-toast Republicans at best, and lurking Kennedy’s waiting for the right moment to betray us at worst (looking at YOU Kavanaugh).

        • Make no mistake about it their sugarcoated Common Sense Gun Safety Label includes Gun Control rot just like all their schemes.

          In San Jose Gun Control zealots have singled out law abiding citizens who own firearms and have tied them to the criminal misuse of firearms. Law abiding gun owners residing in San Jose and other democRat strongholds must pay a tax to cover the misdeeds of criminals…It’s called discrimination by a Poll Tax.

          Between millions of new law abiding gun owners and Gun Control being correctly defined as an agenda history conforms is rooted in racism and genocide Gun Control zealots are finding themselves caught between a rock and a hard spot. Never mind the USSC…It’s quite normal for Gun Control zealots to blame anything and everyone but themselves and their racist nazi based Gun Control rot.

  1. lol
    upside down and backwards

    The problem is not the guns. The problem is the criminals that get ignored and let loose in the general population.

    Take the guns and the problem gets worse.
    Lockup the criminals and the problem gets fixed.

    The is not rocket science but the left wont do this. They do not want to fix any of this.

    • It’s working as intended; they need crime and lawlessness in order to justify an ever growing security apparatus to control the populace. Useful idiots and criminals will be sent off to the gulags and the death camps once absolute power is achieved.

  2. The hypocrisy is writing that they “who give fiery, divisive speeches about law and order while doing everything in their power to guarantee lawbreakers access to all the weapons they need.” The ones giving the fiery speeches are the same ones trying to destroy policing guaranteeing lawbreakers will continue to prey on the innocent.

  3. NFA alive and thriving. Courts say plastic pieces are machine guns contrary to plain statute. Several large states with severe restrictions on basic gun ownership. Cost of ammo extreme preventing cultivation of skill and new entrants. I’d say the anti gun lobby is doing quite well.

  4. The comments on the original article on the Washington paper website really show how stupid the public is and how scary it is that idiots are allowed to vote and breed.

    • Just read through a hundred or so comments and threads…you are entirely correct in that there is a whole lot of fear, ignorance and rampant dumbassery in the USA.

      One of the most priceless comments stated…”When there are no more guns then the Police can go back to being “good guys” since they won’t have to be hyper-vigilant for every stop or encounter”.

      No Guns = No Crime…such a simpleminded world view.

      People professing this level of unicorns and rainbow fantasy cannot partake in rational, fact-based, adult discussions.

    • I think that he needs a bit of assistance to commit suicide. A full thirty round magazine for an AR-15 to the back of the head would be almost as effective as both barrels from a 12 gauge shotgun.

      • “I think that he needs a bit of assistance to commit suicide. A full thirty round magazine for an AR-15 to the back of the head… “

        Yes, kill him because he dared exercise his first amendment rights by expressing an opinion you disagree with.

        Man, you guys are going for the whole authoritarian fascist Amerikkka.

        This is why you see increasing rates of firearms ownership by liberals, progressives, minorities, etc.

        • Wow, MinorIQ, way to play the hyperbole game (not!).

          “Man, you guys are going for the whole authoritarian fascist Amerikkka.” Yeah, because there are HORDES of us “evil Right-wing fascists” out there . . . protesting against illegal mandates, lobbying against unconstitutional “gun” laws”, fighting idiotic, unaffordable Socialist spending boondoggles (at a time when our national debt topped THIRTY TRILLION DOLLARS!!) – sounds fascist as hell to me. You dolt. ALL the fascism we’re actually seeing, today, comes from one side – yours, the fascist Left.

          Take your jab, whether you want it or not, for a disease that has a LESS THAN 1% mortality rate. Wear your mask, even though the CDC admits they are useless. Stay locked down, and lose your business, because “it’s for your own good.”

          Scratch a Leftist, find a fascist. You are falling into the dacian category – too stupid to insult. Join dacian at the cable, you can both micturate up it.

        • To the Lamp that went out in his head

          Quote——————our national debt topped THIRTY TRILLION DOLLARS!!) –————quote

          If you were not such an ignorant Moron you would know that under Bush and Trump they added Trillions to the deficit while Presidents like Clinton actually balanced the budget.

          Under Trump and his tax rape bill which gave Trump and his fellow Gangster Criminal Friends huge tax breaks and gave billions more in Corporate Subsides to themselves that dwarfed the crumbs paid to needy people on welfare, all of which added 3 trillion to the deficit. Yet the Republicans had the gall to claim they had no money for a National Health Care Plan.

          Try again Dim Lamp Head you as usual are way out of your league.

        • Lamp getting consistently powned by Dacian is reminiscent of how pwserge used to pown Haz so badly the Haz had to call eNd Of WaTcH and go away for awhile.

        • For an economic guru as you claim to be, then you would know a balanced budget with a government surplus is bad for the economy.

          Don’t forget what else happened in those years:

          Household debt rose while household savings fell.

          Fannie and Freddy took risk on low credit scores for mortgages.

          The trade deficit exploded. Dragging the GDP down.
          The economy depended on consumer debt and what does that debt lead to in the long term?

          So Professor which is better? A government balanced budget or manageable debt?

        • dacian the stupid,

          Gawd, child, you are absolutely a poster child for brain-dead stupidity. First of all, you twit, the budget deficits and debt have grown by a larger amount, in a shorter time, under senile Gropey Joe than under ANY prior president – you’re just too much of an idiot, and partisan liar, to admit it.

          Second, you giant buttnugget, any slightly aware person would be totally aware that Bush is NOT well-liked by conservatives, OR libertarians, precisely BECAUSE of his war-mongering and reckless spending. Even Reagan partisans will admit his biggest eff up was to give in to Tip O’Neill to try to get his military increases.

          Clinton never balanced a budget in his life – his “balanced budgets” resulted from a Republican majority in Congress putting the brakes on his spending spree, and were NEVER “balanced budgets”, except as a result of government accounting smoke and mirrors that would get a Fortune 500 CFO 20 years in the Greybar Hotel.

          Can you just make an effort, once in your life, not to be dismally stupid?? Go visit the cable; you’re too stupid to insult.

        • Hey, nameless, brainless troll!

          I see you’ve decided to move on from witless, drive-by, half-assed attempts at playground insults to outright fantasy, delusion, and lies. Go with that, nitwit – it’s a really good look for you!! Everyone on this forum is well-aware that (i) dacian is an idiot lunatic, who has never been right in his life, (ii) you are a brainless, witless sycophant, trying to get dacian to date you, and (iii) MinorIQ used to be at least making an effort to make an argument (admittedly, based on his ridiculously ahistoric, ungrammatical, and just plain stupid “Constitutional interpretation”); now he is reduced to pathetic, drive-by attempts at snark (at which he fails).

          Hell, the three of you regulary get your asses kicked by half the commenters on this board, and you haven’t made a point, or won an “argument”, yet.

          The three of you have a nice time pretending to wit and relevance, jerking each other off. We’d all enjoy it if you’d go keep yourselves busy with that, and let us have a rational conversation in your absence. Go visit the rope; you are too stupid to insult.

  5. “Ah, yes, giving a speech is like carrying a gun. Got it.”

    what a moron. That’s not what Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., said or implied, but its what you got. And the reason you got that was because you were confirming your own bias.

    What Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. was saying was that the second amendment is also a right and if the imposition of seeking permission for the first is not a requirement then why should it be a requirement for the second. In other words he was saying all the rights are able to be exercised without the need to seek permission. He did not imply “giving a speech is like carrying a gun”.

    But now that I see your stupidity, I think you should seek permission to exercise the first amendment before you get near another computer or are allowed to write anything that will appear in public. Oh but then you will scream “first amendment, free press..yada yada yada” while thinking its wrong for the second amendment to be exercised. Hypocrite.

  6. “Those who rightly advocate reforming the police and the criminal justice system need to show how “policing that treats everyone with respect and dignity,” as Biden put it in New York, is, in fact, the best approach to combating lawlessness.”{L

    You mean the hundreds of years of “police and the criminal justice system” and thousands of laws that did nothing to actually stop criminal predators lawlessness from actually committing a crime, the world is suddenly going to be all rainbows and lollipops by the democrats putting criminals back on the streets and de-funding police and making bail a revolving door get out of jail ‘almost’ free card? Wow! That’s a great fairy tale.

  7. Funny the same crowd saying speech is nothing like carrying a gun is going all out to destroy the careers and lives of people whose speech they seem dangerous.

    Damn the details and specifics. All they want is control. Control over you and me.

  8. Looking at that picture of theBiden pointing his finger and with the hot glare in his eye at that common working man is really something.
    I think if I was the secret service I’d have thought, ” Grandpa’s fixin to get his ass whipped.”

  9. I love that picture with this article. What happened was that Joe Biden tells the worker ‘you’re full of s***’ after the worker challenges him on his gun control stance. Also in the video below Biden claims to support the 2A then launches into his now infamous and dangerous shotgun remedy.

    Now why do I love that pic? Joe Biden is poking his finger at the guy, raises his voice trying to talk over the guy and trying to bully him to be quiet, and takes a step towards the guy and is obviously angry – showing the early aggressive precursor warning signs of criminal assault upon a victim (the worker).

    A president (in the video future president) that acts in anger to be physically aggressive and tries to bully a citizen is a thug.

    • This is also the senile fuck that wants to go toe to toe to keep Russia out of his kid’s cash cow Ukraine regardless of the toll… don’t want that sponge bastard moving into the White House with the King and his JillyJilly. Wouldn’t be able to sell his crayon “artwork” scrawled all over the walls. I can see how dacian thinks this is someone to be idolized, he has a penchant for certain leftist grifters. Maybe a good place to practice keeping invaders out of would be our own southern border, you dumbass maroon.

  10. Seems someone said to bind down government with the chains of the Constitution.

    Guns is not the issue. Allowing violent, recidivist criminals loose among the population is the issue.

    Either keep them in jail forever or execute them.

  11. “How disconnected from urban realities are the good justices?” = For God’s sake man, don’t you realize that if those uppity colored folks start thinking for themselves and taking care of themselves, we’re sunk?

    • He forgot about that part of the argument where one of the justices pointed out that you were far more likely to get mugged taking the subway at 2 a.m. than in some forest in the middle of nowhere. Maybe the author is the one divorced from the reality of where crime strikes most often.

  12. law breakers won’t get carry permits

    This at least gives law abiding citizens a fighting chance to arm themselves and defend themselves.

  13. E.J. Dionne is a very uncomfortable Liberal white man. Who while he lives in a city where the blacks have been disarmed. But is afraid blacks will be legally able to buy any gun they wish.

  14. E.J. Dionne is a sad, pathetic little man, who shares the delusions of dacian the stupid and MinorIQ (although, even I have to admit that he is more capable of literacy than either of those two idiots), who is beginning to realize that he is irrelevant to all but a small cadre of smug, self-important urban Leftist/fascists, who see their “control” of the rest of us slipping away, and can’t stand the thought.

    Whine a little more, E.J., maybe someone, somewhere will actually give a s*** what you have to say. I doubt it, but feel free to try.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! That was some funny s*** right there, nameless, brainless troll!!!!

      That YOU would even essay such a pathetic attempt, particularly with your pathetic limitations at trying to achieve humor, is comedy gold!

      Self-awareness level: 0.

      I am rapidly concluding that you are even stupider than dacian (albeit slightly less illiterate – VERY slightly!).

  15. So, how well have the current crop of restrictions, bans, permit schemes, and regulations worked on reducing crime?
    Gun control has always been, and always will be about keeping guns away from “THOSE PEOPLE”. Those people being whichever group is perceived as a threat to public order or to the social status quo. Can’t allow the n****rs, Irish, Italians, Chinese, Mexicans, White supremist, Muslims, etc. Must keep the deplorables and unwashed masses under control.

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