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“Doug Holloway, a local RKBA activist, organized a small group of gun owners who showed up at the event to offer to pay higher prices for legal guns than what the organizers of the ‘gun buyback’ were willing to pay,” reports As criminals walked in to sell their “crime guns” and worn out gats to the po-po—no questions asked—Detroit’s finest were in the parking lot, hassling legal gun owners buying guns legally, deciding that it was a problem because they were doing so on private property. Detaining without detaining, in the nicest possible way. Not.

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  1. typical mid-west to east coast, liberal, big city cop attitude..seen it live and in person in cleveland, boston, pitt, and a few other cities…these guys get the same attitude that their mayors, city councilmen and aldermem have.
    The reality is, he probably knows the law, but also knows how to f*ck with people (legally) and be a prick.

  2. Those guys were great! They kept their cool, they were polite, and they got the police officer to be the one who was confrontational and evasive. Had this gotten worse, it would have been the police that looked bad to a jury.

  3. This video should be viewed in direct comparison to this one:

    It just seems that the good, rational cops are few and far between. Is this just a media slant or the way it really is? I like to give the officers the benefit of the doubt, but with largely disproportionate evidence presented of cops that are everything from completely incompetent to total pricks on a power trip it’s easy to see why so many people hate them.

  4. Would someone from Michigan please let us know what the law truely says about individuals selling guns to one another on priviate property owned by a third party? If you need their permission what about public property? Can I stand on a street corner and buy/sell legal guns to those who otherwise are legally allowed to buy/sell.

  5. My understanding in Michigan (I am not a lawyer; this is what I grokked from the CPL class and many gun law summary books): There was nothing this guy could bust them for; he was fishing and hoping to find anything to trump up some charges. He probably figured they were from outside the city of Detroit and so worthy of that special scorn and hatred the city of Detroit reserves for the rest of the state.

    You can sell a private collection without government interference for the registration – apart from the usual Treasury stamp run-around on full auto. Venue doesn’t matter for those things. You have to confirm the person is at least 18 for a handgun sale.

    There are concerns about possession: Felons can’t have guns — but that’s a charge against the felon, again, unless you somehow knew the recipient was a felon — and the recipient would have violated the concealed carry law if he did not have a CPL and concealed the gun.

    Parking lots are an interesting thing. There is a right to transfer firearms from place of purchase that supersedes things like gun free weapons zones. My understanding is that in Michigan, if you buy a gun, then drive the kids to school with the gun in the car, as long as it stays in the car, you’re perfectly within your rights. The same thing applies for moving between places you live — if it’s in the car while you’re driving between places you’re supposed to be, as long as it’s packaged OK, you’re within your rights.

    Notice how the cop went the cop-wants-to-screw-with-you angle with the charge for disrupting a police investigation. He knew he couldn’t get the guy for anything. The CPL law discusses taking guns into places of worship (this was apparently a church — you technically must get permission from the presiding pastor or priest to carry inside the church) — but that doesn’t mention parking lots. The pastor could have told them to leave the church, and the cop could have gone after trespass if they refused — but the church was also acting as a public accommodation, running the buyback, so it would be awful hard to claim that this place wasn’t open to the public.

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