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New figures from the FBI reveal that California, despite having some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, led the country in active shooter incidents in 2023. AWR Hawking’s over at Breitbart News called out the obvious fact after the FBI documented 48 active shooter incidents across 26 states last year, with California accounting for eight of these incidents. That number was the highest for any state.

The FBI defines an active shooter as “one or more individuals actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area.” The report highlights that open spaces, including roads, neighborhoods, parks, and outdoor venues, were the most common locations for these shootings, Fox News and ABC News reported.

California’s eight active shooter incidents in 2023 occurred in various settings, including open spaces, businesses, and educational centers. This marks a continuation of a troubling trend, as the state also led the nation in 2021 with six such incidents.

Federal investigators reported a total of 105 deaths and 139 injuries from these incidents nationwide. Texas and Washington state followed California, each with four incidents.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has frequently touted the success of his state’s gun control measures while criticizing the more lenient laws of other states. In a tweet on May 13, 2023, Newsom remarked, “It HAS to be the humidity. Why else would California’s gun violence rate be 57% lower than Florida’s?” However, FBI data shows that Florida had only two active shooter incidents in 2023, a quarter of California’s total.

Newsom’s comments highlight a paradox in California’s approach to gun control. While the state has implemented some of the nation’s toughest gun laws, it continues to experience a high number of mass shootings. Something clearly isn’t working. Will Newsom and his fellow anti-gun politicians ever figure it out?

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  1. …. could it be because the Republik of Kalifornia leads the nation in not only the number of, but also the variety of nutjobs ?

    • You can take the nutjobs out of California, but you cant take the California out of the nutjobs.
      Ask anyone from the surrounding western states where the transplants are all to eager to duplicate the problems that they escaped from.

    • No, it’s because California with 40 million people, has about 12% of the nations population, so they will have about 12% of the nations mass shootings.

      Really, it’s obvious this is just a Gavin Newsom hit feature, from the conservative Republicans that manage the TTAG propaganda outlet.

      Of course, you will see no articles on how successful democrat controlled California’s economy is, here’s some actual facts for your enjoyment:

      “The economy of the State of California is the largest in the United States, with a $3.944 trillion gross state product (GSP) as of 2023.[8] It is the largest sub-national economy in the world. If California were a sovereign nation (2024), it would rank in terms of nominal GDP as the world’s fifth largest economy, behind Japan and ahead of India (3.937 trillion). Additionally, California’s Silicon Valley is home to some of the world’s most valuable technology companies, including Apple, Alphabet, and Nvidia.[9] In total, 11 of the Fortune 100 companies and 53 of the Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in California.“

      California’s economy is almost double that of Republican controlled Texas:

      “The three U.S. states with the highest GDPs were California ($3.86 trillion), Texas ($2.56 trillion), and New York ($2.15 trillion)“

      • So successful it has a net outflow migration even with illegals pouring in much like NY…….. somehow I don’t think you are presenting a full picture. With that said yes they do run a better budget than NY as I don’t recall them needing multiple bailouts to keep functioning at the government level over the last decade or two.

      • So what’s with all the street shitters, homeless and fetty zombies?

        If money solves all the problems and Cali has all the money.

      • How to tell us you’ve never actually been to CA without saying it, miner. I live here and I know the truth.

        You are the classic definition of a troll, miner. You will argue just to argue. If we all suddenly supported newsom you would be against him.

        • “I live here and I know the truth“

          And you made your choice, you live in California.

          You voted with your feet, you could live in any one of many Republican-controlled states yet you chose… California.

          Got it.

          • Great deflection there, miner. CA is a shithole.

            You slugs serving the top 1% have no clue about real Americans.

      • “No, it’s because California with 40 million people, has about 12% of the nations population, so they will have about 12% of the nations mass shootings.”

        Of course this statement is only true if gun control has no effect on “gun violence,” but thanks for playing!

      • Well, as a (former) California native, MajorLiar, I can tell you that, not only is your “information” outdated and slanted (it is), but it ignores two inescapable facts:

        1 California has the highest “outmigration” of any state. Apparently, a whole lot of Californians don’t want any part of your hypothetical “Blue paradise”; AND

        2. California went from having an alleged (totally false “government accounting”, but even accepting their BS numbers, arguendo) of many dozens of billions of dollars, and a multi-billion dollar deficit, in ONE YEAR.

        Suck it, MajorLiar. Suck it long, and suck it hard.

        • Lamp. We have in CA a first in the nation. Young people starting out their own lives in CA have little to no hope of buying a home. The median price for a home here is 900 grand.

          Gas is 4.50 tp 5 gallon. A studio apartment is 2 grand a month.

          newsom and miner49er serve corporate billionaires. So they have no clue what a wolrking class family needs or wants.

          • “The median price for a home here is 900 grand.

            Gas is 4.50 tp 5 gallon. A studio apartment is 2 grand a month“

            Yes, in a roaring economy prices for goods and services raise.

            Here in West Virginia, median home price is $167K. I paid $3.29/gallon this morning in Kanawha County.

            So why don’t you move back?

            • I married into a CA family. We are part of that economy. And it is not roaring. But you know that. Fortunately I married well.

              Continue to serve your wealthy elites, miner.

      • @Miner49er

        “No, it’s because California with 40 million people, has about 12% of the nations population, so they will have about 12% of the nations mass shootings.”

        I see that math, knowing how stats work, and knowing what context means are things you are not familiar with.

        No wonder you anti-gun liberal democrats are completely delusional – you make up everything then lie about it to yourself and everyone else.

      • CA would not rank fifth if it were a sovereign nation. CA uses an accounting trick to include state and federal funds into it GDP. Take away the federal funding if it were a sovereign nation, and it looks more like a third world country.
        How many companies have LEFT CA due to their excessive taxes, regulations, in the past few years? LOTS.
        Then there is CA ballooning debt,
        Not to mention, all the liabilities like pension funds. Ironically the CA pension body that manages the funds for the pensions, is divesting in fossil fuel companies and investing in ESG and green companies. Both of which track records have been absymal.

      • Such a successful economy that many companies are leaving to set up in more business friendly states such as Texas.

  2. Cali can handle it the way they handled all their other problems by decriminalizing shootings and cutting taxpayer checks to gang members.

    • Translation: “How can I interpret the data to get the outcome I want?”

      You must be a government employee. It’s okay. Everybody does it.

      • normalizing for population is not “interpreting the data to get the outcome I want”! it’s literally the most basic thing you need to do with things like this!

        If you have 10× the population, you should have 10× the incidents, all other things being equal!

        It’s like saying “a breakfast sandwich used to cost $1 when I was a boy [30 years ago]” because you’re not accounting for inflation!

        holy shit.

        • So, jsled, you ignorant slut (props to SNL), I guess that means that all that ‘progressive gun control’ in California has accomplished diddly-squat, amirite?? Are you really so stupid you can’t even see the inherent contradictions in your own ‘policy positions’ in re: gun control? Or do you just argue out of both sides of your mouth, depending on what suits your agenda?

          YES, all such statistics should be adjusted for population. But all that means, at BEST for your side, is that all that much-hyped CA ‘gun control’ (waiting periods, red flag laws, limits on number of guns that can be purchased, outright banning of all “new” guns (the handgun registry), ‘assault weapons’ ban, ‘high capacity magazine’ ban) has accomplished exactly . . . not a friggin’ thing.

          And, speaking as a former California native, you simply have no idea WTF you are talking about, jsled. ALL major cities in CA are dirty, crime-ridden, homeless and druggie infected sh*tholes (SF, LA, SD is rapidly becoming one, Bakersfield, San Jose, Fresno, Sacramento, Oakland – hey are ALL sh*tholes!). Oh, and guess what they ALL have in common?? Exclusively Dimocrat governance!!!

          You remain too stupid to insult.

          • jsled said, “If you have 10× the population, you should have 10× the incidents, all other things being equal!”
            That’s the problem with your statement, ‘all things’ are not equal between california and other states.

    • California approx 39mil 8 incidents
      Florida approx 23mil 2 incidents

      Even being generous it’s 2 to one CA to FL adjusted per capita.

      • Numbers are too small to show much statistical validity for any particular year. Note how the article happily skips over 2022.
        This sort of junk analysis using skimpy data to draw conclusions w/o any consideration of variability/standard deviation is what the gun control lobby does. It’s to no one’s benefit to validate their junk science tactics by copying them.

        • “This sort of junk analysis using skimpy data to draw conclusions w/o any consideration of variability/standard deviation“

          That’s a lot of words, a more brief and concise term would be, ‘ propaganda‘.

          • “Propaganda”

            Sorta like when some chickenshit leftist pretends that the scenic. mineral-rich, incredibly fertile Gateway to the Pacific is prosperous due to leftwing policies. Propaganda. indeed.

      • Thank you. For all the bloviation about this statistic, you are one of the only people to have stated the problem concisely and performed the proper analysis (which gunnies win anyway).

        All the people complaining about how rates are some sort of “libtard propaganda” in this case ought to be ashamed. We gunnies routinely argue out of the other side of our mouths (and rightly so) when some idiot compares the “number” of some tragedy in the UK, Canada, or Japan with the “number in the USA. “But we have 100 times more people,” we point out, and we are right.

        Rates are the proper statistic of comparison for this issue. And the point is, even with rates, WE WIN. So get your heads on straight and stop jerking your knees.

  3. I ponder if Cali leads the nation in Fentanyl and now Nitazene (ISO [10x more potent]) deaths? We already know ODs are twice the death rate compared to anything firearm related. Cali, yup leads the nation good job Gov. Hairdo/Aunt Pelosi.

  4. CA has more strict gun regulations than any other state. They have more gangs than any other state. Strict gun laws are only followed by law abiding citizens. Gangs tend not to obey the law. Common sense tells us that. What CA is in short supply of is common sense.

    • The south has a lot of gang issues as well but locking them up and letting citizens shoot them in self defense seems to keep it a bit more controllable.

  5. Yippee!!! So ILLANNOY doesn’t lead America in mass shootings? Can we have our gats handy again? I reckon there’s a boatload of them thar forbidden mags & semiautomatic thingies floating around😀

  6. Active shooter.
    I suppose an inactive shooter is
    1. Either dead.
    2. Has no bullets.
    Watch it, he’s got a knife.
    WTF is Active Shooter

  7. Perhaps look at where the executives of those Silicon Valley companies call home… it’s not California even thou their companies are


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