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No the gun did not go off. (Nice try going viral.) It gets worse from there. “You should only do this if you’re 100 percent sure you’re going to get shot,” our man advises. Huh? How are you ever going to be 100 percent sure of a bad guy’s intent? Even if he screams “I’M GOING TO SHOOT YOU” a gun disarm is a hugely risky endeavor. If you attempt it, put your hands up in a compliance position to reduce the amount of time needed to grab the weapon. And continue to strike. Or shoot. And if you train (or make a YouTube video), please safety check the firearm and maintain muzzle discipline. Anyway, your thoughts on gun disarms?

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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Are White Gun Rights Advocates Racist?">Previous Post
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  1. “Anyway, your thoughts on gun disarms?”

    Like every other staged fight scenario – lame and unrealistic.

    You want to see what taking a gun from someone in real life looks like, just play around on Youtube for awhile.

  2. Lesson learned: put some space between yourself and the bad guy *if* you feel the need to detain him or her at gunpoint.

    • There is another disarm video that keeps coming up that all I could think about when I saw it was no reason not to keep space. One big advantage woth a ton is you don’t need to be able to reach them to be effective. The one I saw he is doing a demo at a school or something, I think a few face to face and one with the gun directly to the back of his head, all I could think of was back up a few paces and all that goes out the window.

  3. I am trained in disarming knife or handgun. Absolutely last resort! I would not try…emphasis on try unless one had no other choice and death looked imminent.
    Drop…roll…jump….run in a zig zag…or anything else if you have no other means to defend yourself but in doing the previously mentioned be heading for cover while doing it.
    I do not practice disarming so therefore I would more than likely end up having a very bad day no matter how much macho I might wish I had.
    Macho or bravado is another term for stupid in most cases.

    • Did they ever train you with a guy who keeps the gun close to his body and his weak hand and out to block you.

  4. Nuckin’ Futs, these guys are for sure. Never mind practicing this with a loaded gun(it might not even be the case with some clever edits, as they might have said this just to appear extra cool/dangerous/stupid/whatever). Far more and better things to train before this ever needs to be developed in your skillset of personal defense.

    • I wouldn’t count adding a gunshot sound effect as “editing”

      … I’m just saying it’s so simple pretty much anyone can do it.

  5. That’s pretty funny – his hand was grasping the slide with his thumb in front of the trigger guard when it supposedly went off.

    And it’s always easier to disarm a gunman when he’s waving the gun in your face. Should have been holding it sideways for added realism.

    • If you watch the whole video he shows the right way to hold the gun when you are up close and actually said that the attacker doesn’t have any firearm training. So first part of a disarm is hope the other guy doesn’t know how to actually prevent a disarm.

      • First step in preventing a disarm is don’t get within 2 arms lengths of the bad guy. He can’t take the gun away from you if he can’t reach it.

  6. As a last resort.

    Kind of like a knife fight – YOU ARE GOING TO GET CUT.

    In a grapple for a gun – someone is likely getting shot.

    That’s a hard mindset for most people.

  7. Ignoring all the other issues, I see this mistake constantly in gun disarms videos. NEVER use your attacker’s gun again him after the disarm. you do not know its condition. It may not be real, may be jammed, broken, unloaded etc. After a disarm, draw your own weapon.

  8. I have never been confused for Bruce Lee, so, umm, no. Just no. Give it up unless you are about to die anyway, and then go all in. If you are going to die anyway, then it doesn’t matter so much if you take a hit.

  9. Lam mall ninja crap.

    The only thing good that can come of this is if some Gecko45 wannabe gets killed practicing.

  10. Put simunitions in the gun and tell the guy wearing the chest protector to pull the trigger the second the other guy twitches instead of just standing there and letting the gun be taken away. 9 times out of 10 baldy is going wind up with paint on his forehead in that scenario.

    So many martial arts scenarios are stupid because practicing them full speed would likely result in someone getting seriously injured so you have to rely on scenario based training like what you see here.

  11. I successfully disarmed a man who attempted to assault me. This was 3 years ago the weekend after my birthday. I held the man until police arrived. This was before I got my concealed handgun permit.

    Some of you may not believe me and I understand. The individual was highly intoxicated if that makes a difference. I have no extensive martial arts training outside of what I was taught in the IDF and wrestling in school.

    I guess my point is that it’s not impossible to disarm someone. However given certain circumstances it may not be smart to attempt to. It worked for me but if I did it a 100 different times maybe I would end up shot 99 of them. But years ago I resolved to never be anyone’s victim. You pull a gun on me I’m going to assume you’re going to try and kill me and I will react accordingly. I didn’t watch the video so maybe it’s some far out nonsense.

    Take that for what you will.

    • I believe you.
      Disarming an opponent is not as difficult as the comments here make it sound. It IS necessary to do it correctly. The first thing to learn is to ignore the weapon, which is one of the things this video ‘teaches’ improperly. The opponent’s weapon is irrelevant, it is the hand holding said weapon that you need to focus your attention on. Once you take control of the hand, the weapon will point wherever YOU choose, so even if it is a firearm, and it discharges, it should still be safe so long as you remember to point it in a safe direction once you have control of his hand.
      This is the SAFEST way, but probably not the way you were shown, if your training was in Krav Maga. Remember, there is no such thing as safe. Life itself is inherently unsafe, and all things are a balance of cost/benefit, or risk/reward.

  12. What!? Liberals always tell me that guns just get taken away from people then used to beat their opponent to death with it all the time!!!

  13. Whenever I see something on this subject, what I think of is a line from those old Ed McBain 87th Precinct novels: “It never gets better, it only gets worse”. In other words, if you are threatened with deadly force, go all in to protect yourself NOW, don’t try to delay things and hope the situation improves. Intuitively, that makes sense to me. Any counter-arguments out there?

  14. C’mon guys ! You make this so easy, so easy.

    Another “good guy with a gun, acting responsibly”; no chance of a negligent injury or death.

    And you wonder why we are filled with “irrational fear” of people walking around with guns?

    I’ll just leave this to ya’ll. Have fun.

    • “so easy, so easy.”
      There’s a saying “cowards take the easy way out.” You like it easy because it doesn’t require any real actual analysis – or intelligence – on your part. Not surprising you like it easy.

      “Another “good guy with a gun, acting responsibly””
      Did anyone ever say this was responsible gun handeling?? This site shows not only the good but the bad too, as examples of what not to do – but besides that, can you actually prove that was a real gun discharge?? No responsible trainer would do these drills with a loaded weapon, plus this was meant to be a viral video… why don’t you just admit you came to this page for your masturbation material. O ye of little intelligence.

      “And you wonder why we are filled with “irrational fear” of people walking around with guns?”
      We are afraid? I’m not, but then again I am familiar with responsible weapon handeling, and a I’m not a hysterical woman.

      “I’ll just leave this to ya’ll. “
      Yup, hit and run. It’s the cowards tactic. Run! Before anyone decides to respond.

  15. “Damn, Jones, just rip my finger off.”

    One of my troops after I demonstrated how to disarm someone with a pistol. Full force, you use the trigger guard as a lever to break the finger (instead of causing minor discomfort – ie: demo).

    Those techniques work, if you train with them.

    But you have to train with them. And you have to train realistically (no handing the firearm back to the badguy for a do-over, creates bad muscle memory – see Dave Grossman’s book). Basically, you have to train to disarm then engage. Your objective is to make the opponent a noncombatant as quickly as possible.

  16. The point where the vic reaches in his pocket top get his keys is when my LCP comes out to shoot the perp in the face.

    Win or lose, I’m going for it.

  17. I think they shot lucy and ethel off camera with that ND.
    Got some splaining to do Ricky.
    This so incredible to watch.
    Robberies dont happen this way?
    Armchair quarterbacking at it’s worst!
    Ohhhh ricky…waaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  18. The real danger is if the assailant manages to grab your gun with both hands, or with one hand close in to his body, while your gun arm is extended. That gives him all the leverage, and he can now point that gun wherever he wants.

    Likewise, if you are unarmed, you want to try and grab with both hands, or if you have just one hand free you need to use your upper body muscles in concert with it to apply the proper leverage. This always unfolds on the ground, and it nearly always causes an ND.

    From watching hours of police shootings it seems like criminals have an uncanny instinct for making this happen.

  19. Learn martial arts. Why not? More knowledge is always better. Just keep in mind, it takes years of martial arts training to be good. To be good at guns, a fraction of that time. Like the others said… As a last resort.

  20. There was a news report a few years back of a guy who works in private security who disarmed a mugger who tried to rob him. The mugger made the mistake of pointing the gun at the guy while very close to him, and the guy was able to react very quickly and disarm him. He didn’t want his name or picture posted though.

  21. If the gun fired during the disarm, the “good guy” who now has the pistol… is pointing a gun at the perp that cannot be fired. The slide will not have cycled due to the hand over the slide during the firing. Hope I’m making sense here. The pistol now has an empty shell in the chamber. Unless he manually racks the slide, it’s useless to him.


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