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“What is most disturbing to me about this is that one group of people have decided to legislate that millions of otherwise law-abiding, good citizens are going to become felons over night,” TTAG reader Sean in MT writes under 4 of 5 California “Gunpocalypse” Bills Pass Senate. “Isn’t that exactly how Germany stuck it to the Jews in the 1930s? What’s next? Load up the brand new felons onto boxcars and send them off to re-education camps? I’m really disappointed that some of my fellow Americans would gleefully treat other law-abiding Americans with such malice. Stupidity from government I get, but this isn’t stupid. It’s evil.” True?

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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Why Do (Some) Cops Support Gun Control?">Previous Post
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  1. Oh California…….what happen to you?
    Something in the water???

        • No. It’s the air. It’s full of smug which is scientifically demonstrated to reduce IQ, cause cognitive dissonance, and is frequently associated as a triggering factor in dysphoria complicated dissociative personality disorder. These conditions frequently combine to form a sort of Voltron of statist attitudinal inclination and oxymoronic policy positions.

          No, an oxymoron is not an idiot with acne.

  2. So where’s the tipping point for gun owning, law abiding Californians? If not this, what?

    • We are past the tipping point. Democrats control legislation and assign elected representatives, in strong democratic regions, pre written bills directing them to submit them. Handful of men & women imposing their values on the liberties of others.

    • We are definitely sliding towards a state that is as restrictive as D.C. All guns will be registered, governmental permission will be required to purchase arms (like NY and NJ and DC), the Firearms Safety Certificate will be converted to a training requirement, there will be separate licenses for guns and for ammo, and background checks at every opportunity. The Ninth Circuit, absent strict guidance from the Supreme Court, will approve all of these laws. And they will pass because the next governor, in all probability, will by Lt. Governor Gavin Newsome or Senator DeLeon, both of whom have rabidly anti-gun agendas (with indications that theses attitudes are purely political and intended to get them elected, not that that makes any difference).

    • I always thought the extreme right is anarchy

      Why fascism is extreme right-wing too never computes for me

      • Freedom is actually halfway between anarchy and tyranny. It’s law that protects as many rights as one person can have without violating the rights of another. I suppose if you lean far enough to the right, past freedom, then yes, you get anarchy.

      • Fascism as “right wing” was a successful piece of Soviet propaganda. Same with categorizing National Socialists (NAZIs) as “right wing”. The reality is that all the horrors of the 20th century were create by left wing zealots, whichever flavor. To me right wing has to be opposite of left wing, and since left wing invariably implies dominance by the state (statism), the opposite of statism is what Libertarians espouse, maximum individual freedom.

        • I’ve always thought of the political continuum as a circle rather than a line. At one pole is something like libertarianism with maximum individual freedom. Diametrically opposed on the other pole, where the far-left and “far-right” ends would merge if the wings of the line were bent together, we find tyranny. What flavor it is doesn’t matter to the enslaved.

      • Fascism was considered a leftwing revolutionary ideology even by Lenin. But when the Nazis came to power then spake Stalin and it became right-wing. A Fascist became anybody who did not tie the Party Line.

    • The U.S. today has fascism on both wings, and it is steadily converging toward a authoritarian state where the only issue will be who controls the reigns of power. Doubt it not; if the left succeeds in eviscerating the Second Amendment, the right will gleefully use that to strengthen their own grip on things.

    • When I was in high school I was forced to read ‘The Handmaids Tale’, which if you aren’t familiar with was written in 1985 by Margaret Atwood (environmentalist/feminist/socialist).

      This was a story about some future dystopian society where the fascist conservative had taken over society and because of our destruction of the environment most women could not concieve and the solution was to use women who could concieve as some sort of sex slaves that the men could have their way with in place of their wives.

      Anyway I am probably getting the plot wrong but that’s not the point really. This was the fantasy back then on the left – that the conservatives were going to take over society and put in place all manner of fascist right wing nutjobbery and all the progressive people were going to suffer at the hands of the conservatives.

      Looking back it’s clear that she was dead wrong (shocker) and it’s the progressives who ended up running the show and who are mucking up society (just take the whole bathroom mess for an example of that).

      Truth is stranger than fiction, fancy that.

      • I think most people believe Orwell’s 1984 was about right wing fascism. But then again, most people cannot read, either.

          • “have a look at “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut.”

            Will do. Thank you.

        • My pleasure. It’s always heartening to come across like-minded folks with an appreciation for literature.

        • Wouldn’t hurt you to read Atwoods book too so that you have a glimpse into the mind of a twisted progressive.

          More information is always better than less.

          • Wouldn’t hurt you to read Atwoods book

            Not familiar with that name. Title?

            I understand “progressives” because I went to university with them. They are all about “me, me, me, what can you do for me, me, me, everything is unfair and I want more stuff, me, me, someone needs to help me and pay their fair share, me, me, I don’t want to work, I want a position – not a job, if something must be done and done right that is what parents are for, anyone who succeeds stole it from someone else, performance measures are racist, everything I need to live should be free (preferably taken from someone else), nothing unpleasant to me should be part of my life, me, me, people who don’t think like me should be arrested.

        • I’ve actually read Atwood’s “tale”. Wasn’t my favorite but it was a worthwhile (and somewhat chilling) read.

          The beauty of the Vonnegut piece is that it only takes about five minutes to read, literally, but the point is made quite succinctly.

        • “lasttoknow says:
          May 29, 2016 at 16:56

          Wouldn’t hurt you to read Atwoods book

          Not familiar with that name. Title?”

          I discuss it up above, ‘The Handmaids Tale’

          • “I discuss it up above, ‘The Handmaids Tale’”

            Sorry, I missed the connection. Thanks for the clarification.

    • “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg. Great book – well researched, should be available on Amazon. He calls it “Fascism with a smiley face.”

      My definition:

      Fascism – “We have decided what is best for you. If you know what is good for you then you will NOT oppose us.”

      came from reading his book.

  3. Yes they are. It’s almost a distinction without a difference. If you do evil you are evil

  4. While they don’t consider themselves evil, neither did the Nazis. But evil is as evil does. And the end result will be inherently evil.

  5. This would have been the first response if every time I tried to post it yesterday that hadn’t crashed my browser:

    Yes, it’s evil.

    The evil begins at the point where politicians regard their oath of office on par with the way most people regard software licenses they have to click to agree to in order to use the software.

  6. At best, California’s anti-gun legislators are horribly misguided. At worst, they are evil.

    In the end it doesn’t matter. If a person points a firearm at me and indicates that they will pull the trigger, I am entitled to defend myself. Whether they are pointing the firearm at me out of malice or negligence really doesn’t matter.

  7. In literature we often see evil depicted as being quite, well… literal. “The League of Evil”, “Worldwide Conspiracy of Evil” and other such ridiculous fantasy organizations who serve as the antagonist for the story. In real life, evil rarely sees itself as such. Stalin, Hitler, the Kim dynasty of North Korea – none of them would have looked themselves in the mirror, smiled, and said “I am evil!”
    True evil sees itself as right and just and anyone who disagrees is simply wrong or an “enemy of the people”. This is why convincing a statist to abandon civilian disarmament is so difficult, they really do believe what they are doing is right and we’re just getting in their way.

    • Thus Obama is applauded for exercising whatever authority he can assert, to bypass the recalcitrant obstructionist Congress, and accomplish all the Good And Right Things that Need To Be Done. The possibility that the resistance could be opposition is dismissed as deeply racist.

  8. Seeing it first hand, here in California. It is not evil, but definitely born out of stupidity. Primarily from a fundamental ignorance of firearms and disregard for constitutionally guaranteed rights. It is largely legislating a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist: law-abiding citizens by definition do not commit criminal acts. On the other hand, none of the proposed legislation will prevent those individuals outside the target zone of the legislation from continuing to victimize the innocent. California can solve its urban violence issues; but doing so would require that it’s entrenched majority of liberal, progressive, big government politicians acknowledge the inconvenient facts regarding urban violence. In light of the national trend, it is a circumstance that wil never occur.

  9. It’s how it’s spun. I keep meeting people who don’t know a thing about an issue. The issue has no affect on them. They are however prone to fear so anyone scaring them and then offering respite from the “cause” gets their support/vote.

    Ask around. How many people are okay with all cars having a breathalyzer? They think oh it will save lives. Isn’t it enough that those who have proven to society that they can’t be responsible with car plus drink get to have their lives governed by a device. Anecdotal evidence here: a woman said her car starts 60% of the time if she hasn’t been drinking. (Smart guns anyone?) She often takes another car rather than being late for work. They don’t think or they’d see there are no stats to remotely prove safety. I sometimes think they are so afraid of the evil within themselves that they want laws to prevent their own actions.

    Compare that with the range yesterday where there were men and women of every age enjoying the science and fun and comraderie of shooting. Real dangerous people! 🙂

    So back to the spin. Do you allow unsubstantiated stories to cloud your vision about one issue but see clearly when it comes to guns? Could we want the truth no matter what?

    • “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opprotunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel (Former White House aide to Obama, now Mayor of Chicago.

      1) Use a tragedy as a crisis, or create a crisis where none exists. 2) Paint the crisis with as much emotion as possible, and throw logical analysis out the window. 3) Propose the one and only solution to the problem, which just happens to coincide with what you’ve wanted to implement for many years. 4) Paint anyone who opposes your one and only solution as evil, uncaring, not smart enough to understand the nuanced brilliance of your solution, or in the pockets of …. you pick the evil entity. [NRA?] 5) Force the solution on the people by any means, whether legislatively, by executive order, or through the legal system. 6) When the unintended consequences of your solution rear their ugly head, use them as a reason for more brilliant solutions to made up crises .

      • “Use a tragedy as a crisis, or create a crisis where none exists…”

        Kinda like how The Federal Reserve was created.

        • “create a crisis where none exists”

          This is how they got Obamacare done. First government destroys the healthcare/insurance market (regarding costs that is to say), then present the one and only solution to this problem – total government control over the market.

          And explains why the media and the state fall all over themselves crying the sky is falling whenever they can regarding firearms. The very reason behind the invention of the term ‘gun violence’.

          Oh yes, also the reason that the NY SAFE act was pushed through in record time after Sandy Hook.

        • The Federal Reserve Ago was passed in 1913 long after the 1907 panic ended. Discussions about creating a new central bank has been going on since the econo.if collapse caused by the demise of Second Bank of the United States.

          Opposition to the Fed is one of those issues that identifies faux Libertarianism with the left. Twenty years ago the idea that the banks should have buy in to the central bank would be taken for grantecby true followers of Hayek. Faux Libertarians subscribe to the ideology of “You didn’t build that.”

          • Something wrong here. I am not a Libertarian or even a Libertine. The Fed was created to enrich and protect the major bankers of the day. The collapse of the 2nd BOA was used to pretend the economy after the collapse was failing again, and only a private, central bank could save the nation. Even the name, Federal Reserve, is a smoke screen. The Fed is completely private, except for directors appointed by the President. The Fed pays the Treasury to print money, which is sold at printing cost to the Fed. The Fed then puts that money in circulation through private banks, which then do whatever with it. Through that process, an $.86 piece of special paper becomes whatever value is printed on it. The Fed makes money for its owner bankers by lending the taxpayer money to the member banks at a fee greater than the cost of producing the money. The Fed makes secrecy a religion. Never had an audit, by anybody. No one really knows all that goes on at the Fed, but the Fed has sufficiently scared the public into believing that any scrutiny will result in economic chaos and collapse.

  10. They’re the type of people that gleefully cheer “serves em right” when hunters get killed by wild animals. They’re the type you see posting on the Facebook pages of gun-control groups, hoping that law abiding gun owners, manufacturers and sellers get shot. Most of the ones in California don’t want to admit it, but deep down, this is who they are.

  11. Well, we judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior. Problem is even Hitler had good intentions.

      • Lee was lazy. Had to pay 70k for his campaign and took the first opportunity to break the law instead of flipping a few homes to close the gap. No worries though, took one for team infringe…Leon grabed the reigns and continued. Every elected democrat belongs in hell.

  12. Yeah, they know full well every one of them will result in a lawsuit that they will lose and the taxpayer will have to pay for in a post Heller world.

    • Man, that must be some pretty potent weed you been smokin.’ Seeing unicorns yet? Cause I can tell you are hallucinating. The fact of the matter is that NOT ONE law has yet been overturned by the Ninth Circuit so far. (There was Peruta, but that decision was superseded by a grant of en banc review that is still pending.)

  13. The legislature is elected by the people. The people are getting what they want. The problem with republican or democratic government is the people can choose poorly. The problem with dictatorship is the other guy might beat you to the top spot.

    • “The people are getting what they want.”

      Yes, they are. But while they are getting what they want, they may not like where.

  14. I don’t think the majority of anti freedom people are evil, a quote from the BBC telivision show Doctor Who applies here: “The very powerful and very stupid have one thing in common, they do not rearrange their views to fit the facts, they rearrange the facts to fit their views. Which happens to be very uncomfortable if you are one one of the facts that needs rearranging”. The people that elect these politicians are not evil, they are stupid. Some of the politicians are evil, and they use their power to feed the stupid so that they may succeed in rearranging the facts so that their views are then “correct” and then proceed with other parts of their agenda we can only speculate about. This is seen on the progressive’s view on both the first and second amendment.

    • “The people that elect these politicians are not evil, they are stupid.”

      There is evil and there is evil. Look at Dylan Roof, inarguably evil. But what about the actions of someone who does another kind of wrong thing, that results in death but in an indirect way? When you use the power of the state to take away a law respecting persons means of self defense, and that person is killed by another when he may have been able to defend themselves, is such a thing not evil?

      We have the right to defend self and others, when lives are threatened by other men. The public is knowingly voting for politicians who promise to forcibly take away the rights of people to defend themselves. This is not just stupidity, these people are actively seeking for these rights to be infringed upon. Stupidity is neglecting to fill your car with gas when going on a trip and there is no gas station available where you will be; stupidity is doing something unwittingly without knowing what you are doing. These people know that taking guns away from the law abiding is preventing them from being able to exercise their right to self defense, this is not unwittingly, it is purposeful. Yes it is stupid, but it is also more than that.

      If you drive your car while looking at your cell phone and hit and kill someone by mistake you have done something stupid. But we don’t just look this and say, ‘well he was stupid’ and let it go at that. Yes it would be stupid but you also knowingly drove your car in an unsafe manner – you were being purposefully dangerous. We call this manslaughter and you will be punished for this, such an act is a form of evil. No, it’s not the same evil we see in someone like Dylan Roof, but it is still evil, not just stupid.

      These politicians and voters are not just stupid, they are evil. They are purposefully taking away the individual rights of other men – by force remember, guns are taken away from people by people with other guns, this is an act of force. This is knowingly done.

      I think even taxation is a form of evil, it is the forcible taking of money. Remember this is a form of slavery, earning money takes time thus taking money means you are forcing other men to work for the state, this is called slavery. However it is a small evil, supposedly for the good of society and supposedly done equally among all and as such it is tolerated. But it is still a form of evil and that should not be forgotten.

      Look at it this way, how much of a slave do you have to be for it to be called true evil? If they take 50% of your money you essentially work 50% of the time for the state. Are you not a slave? Is it 60%? Or 70%? Because surely this would be out and out slavery if it was 100%, n’est-ce pas?

      Your money is your property, when the state takes your property it is evil. Your gun is your right to own, it says so in the constitution. When the state takes that away, they are taking away your rights, is this not evil?

      …apologies for the long post.

      • I believe I understand what you have said. I also think I agree with you, for the most part.

  15. Yes they are evil . They are in position to legislate and they easily abuse it . It’s the Democratic Party mindset of having control . “Power tends to corrupt ,and absolute power corrupts absolutely”

  16. We get the government the majority deserves. If they elect away their rights, everyone suffers.

  17. Does it matter what they are? Evil, insane, crazy, disgruntled, psychopathic, sociopathic, etc. They’re all just names. What matters is their actions. Theyre taking the rights of thousands upon thousands away from them, with the end result being that they end up defenseless, essentially, and thus empowering the /honest/ criminals. I’d have more respect for a day to day criminal than a politician. At least the “honest” criminal admits what they are.

    But who cares? The end result is the same, thus will have the same outcome eventually. Someone will get ticked off enough, with nothing left to lose… and lose it. You’ll have an executed political critter and likely anyone else nearby, especially if they try to defend said politician. And away~ we go.

    All tyrants want the same thing, whether theyre named Hitler, Lenin, Wilson, Clinton, Obama, Zedong, Pelosi, Boxer, etc. Your complete and utter submission and compliance. Anything else is unacceptable to them. They’ll never stop trying. Such is the way of this filth. Thats what they are. They definitely arent human, and shouldnt be treated as such.

  18. You must view it from the perspective that they are telling those under their authority how they should think and act under penalty of law. Whether this is evil or not depends on whether you think or act in accordance with it or not. Given the general American proclivity to resent and resist impositions of governing authority upon enumerated rights ostensibly guaranteed by said authority, it should be viewed as evil, and those responsible should be held responsible accordingly.

    There’s a third major insurgency coming in this country. It may not happen in my lifetime, but it will happen. And it will be between those who value their independence and those who purport to know what’s best for them.

  19. I beg you Californians to take a look at the California senate map vs an assembly map. They are almost the same in regards to the density of representatives from the city. This makes perfect sense for the assembly where a representative in the state represents “X” number of people. But why is senate representatives concentrated in the cities if the senate is California government is “modeled after the US government???”

    California has about 40 million residents. Montana has 1 million residents. Yet in the US senate they are equal in representatives and power.

    California’s senate however has over time modeled their senate districts just like their assembly districts. This makes their assembly and senate nearly identical in function. In the US gov, the assembly will vote in accordance with the majority and the senate can block that legislation by protecting the minority. Simply not so in the California senate when both houses perform almost exactly the same function representing the majority. The culture of the rural population is simply vastly underrepresented and basically has no say in the state activities which is odd looking at a map where 66% of the area of California is republican.

    This is why California is a direct democracy – not a republic.

    • If I’m not mistaken the SCOTUS long since found any state senatorial district NOT apportioned by population to be unconstitutional, citing “one man, one vote” They’d do the same to US Senate if it weren’t explicitly stated in the US constitution that it was to be the way that it is.

      • That doesn’t make sense to me. If the senate and the house within a state are apportioned the same manner it kind of defeats the purpose of having two houses. Why not just have one?

        In England, at this day, if elections were open to all classes of people, the property of landed proprietors would be insecure. An agrarian law would soon take place. If these observations be just, our government ought to secure the permanent interests of the country against innovation. Landholders ought to have a share in the government, to support these invaluable interests, and to balance and check the other. They ought to be so constituted as to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority. The senate, therefore, ought to be this body; and to answer these purposes, the people ought to have permanency and stability. – James Madison

  20. Yes, this is pure evil. Registration only has one purpose: confiscation. I think it’s a mistake to label the people behind these bills insane because it provides them with an excuse, which they do not deserve. The psychologists who study psychopaths say that 1 to 3% of humans are born with a genetic defect that makes them incapable of experiencing empathy, which is the defining human characteristic. Lacking empathy, these defective non-humans have no conscience. Although they appear human, they are not troubled by murdering millions, starving women and children, poisoning thousands, torture, profiting from the misery of others, or retroactively making law abiding people criminals for something they legally purchased. Heinous crimes against humanity is what psychopaths do, and they have been doing it since the dawn of civilization. The 20th century is replete with recent examples. Psychopaths seek positions of power over others, like government office, and being ruthless they rise rapidly in any hierarchy. Psychopaths are also typically wickedly clever because they are never troubled by moral or ethical issues. It’s important to keep in mind that this entire country is currently being run by the .01% who are all psychopaths. They achieved this power incrementally in the same way that the war on guns is being waged. Many poisonously ambitious and/or rabidly idealistic human beings are willing to serve these psychopaths and do their bidding. The Founders understood evil, psychopaths, and minions, and placed the 2nd Amendment right up front in the Bill of Rights because it protects the entire Constitution from the psychopaths and their minions. The psychopaths have to take our guns away before they can go all out totalitarian. It is a serious mistake to underestimate your enemy. These bills are not honest mistakes by misguided individuals. This is tyranny and treason. Take an honest and informed look around you. The psychopaths and their minions have already done a lot of damage to this country, and we are way down the road they have paved for us. But they will never be able to get away with total dictatorial power as long as the people are armed and don’t delude themselves about what is happening, who is behind it, and where it is headed.

    • That was pretty well said for the most part.

      But, dude, do you ever paragraph?

      Just a suggestion, make your content more readable.

  21. Yes its evil. When not one law passed has any effect on criminal behavior. Yet turns your average every day citizen into a felon. By forcing a civil person to make a conscience decision to disobey an unlawful decree.
    Its a persons duty to not obey a law they find the opposite of a know right.
    Just as its an officers duty to not follow a law. Or command they know violates the rights they have sworn to uphold.

  22. Yes, quite. And possibly not from this planet as well. Evil aliens from the planet Douchebaggia

    Next question, please.

  23. Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.
    C. S. Lewis

    • C.S. Lewis; terrific.

      Where did you get the quote? I would like to read the entire essay/book.

        • “C.S. Lewis, God in the Dock: Essays on Theology (Making of Modern Theology)”

          Thank you, very much. Always admired the mind of an educated, secular man committed to debunking Christianity, then happily failing – and admitting so. Especially in awe of his relentless logic on so many matters.

          BTW, if you only exposure to “Shadowland” might be from the TV event, I recommend you read the actual book. It has no ending, which is difficult and satisfying at the same time.

  24. They are evil. Look how all the current laws and proposed bills are written so that only law abiding people would be affected (do you think criminals keep bullet buttons on their rifles or 10 round mags in their pistols? Do you think criminals only own handguns on the approved roster and carry with a permit?) Their end game is to disarm law abiding citizens so that they are completely reliant on the state to protect them from armed criminals. They want to use the fear of wolves to keep the sheep in line.

  25. I spent a great deal of time studying the Wiemer Republic and the rise of the National-Socialists in Germany. Progressivism and Fascism are kindred ideologies. We are disloyal to their rule, therefore, we must be declared immoral and we should be subjugated and exterminated.

  26. Well some are . I lived in Luis Alejos district and he was a petty little man who never let a crisis go to waste.

    The demographic war has been lost. Hispanics should, based upon cultural values, should be coservatives and republicans, yet the party has totally blown it. Barring a major change by republicans, the California experience will be repeated in every state. Oregon, Washington and colorado are already way down the path and others will follow suit.

    • “Hispanics should, based upon cultural values, should be coservatives and republicans…”

      But you must look deeper.

      Once worked in a commodities warehouse, supervising 56 “hispanics” from 9 countries. Two of them were actually second generation American citizens and spoke English; they were my first-line supervisors.

      At lunch one day, I asked my two first-line supervisors why South America, with so much natural resource and so many people, was not as developed and sophisticated as North America. Their response was startling, and informative.

      The upshot of their reply was that the dominate culture was of Spanish descent. So much so, that one only need look at the facial characteristics of the national leaders, and the popular TV and movie celebrities: Spanish, not mestizo (intermarriage between Spaniards and indigenous peoples). Also, the Spanish-dominate heritage included the concept of ” the Patron” (puh-trone). In that setup, the land owner, the Don, the Boss, the Leader, the Employer provided every creature comfort and need, and the people of the Patron provided vitally unlimited loyalty. The result? Very conservative family values, but utter dependence on “the Patron” to provide food, clothing, healthcare, shelter, etc.

      Take-away? Leftism is so popular in South America because the Leftists promise to be the biggest and most benevolent “Patron” of them all; punishing the lesser Patrons who exploit the people. Conservative personal values, leftist political values.

        • This goes back a ways, but when the Zoro movie first came out, there was great celebration in parts of California, under the heading, “Finally, Hispanics are getting the recognition they deserve; a hero of their own.” Curiously, the Zoro novels were written by an Irishnan, depicted a privileged group of Spaniards, and was portrayed in the movie by yet another Spaniard. The Mexicans were shown/described as poor Campesinos being mistreated by the Mexican government, or bad Mexicans serving in the corrupt government or army.

  27. To the gallows with them, each and every one! After a trial of course, a swift one, with a jury comprised of OUR peers.

  28. Evil? Or supremely arrogant AND ignorant? What difference, at this point, does it make?

  29. A lot of people have negative things to say about politicians and Law Enforcement yet few are neither.

    If you want to effect change run for office or get a job in Law Enforcement.

  30. The mexican cartels are paying the politics well to sell out the 2 second adment there ……….

  31. This is what happens when the people turn their back on God.

    John Adams quote if i remember right;

    “Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people.

    It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”

    Stock fat and deep, big war coming.

  32. Tyrants are Evil.
    California Legislators are Tyrants.
    Therefore, California Legislators are Evil.

    • Not that it important, or particularly enlightening, but “tyrant’ is ancient Greek meaning “Boss”, or “Chief”. Words mean what we say they mean, nothing more, nothing less.

  33. They are an abomination! wait until the elections then nullify the bills by any means necessary, string them up with Tar and feathers then take away their citizenship for treasonous and seditious acts after deportation to Easter Island! after about three weeks air drop a case of MRE’s for every `10,000 people then have drones televise the action, name it survival of the Politicians Watch Man ‘s inhumanity to man! just kidding
    Actually there is not a whole lot people can do as they have been neutered, Afraid too stand up for themselves so they give wanta be power brokers what they want and then take it in the shorts for the home team! people so wrapped up in their I phones to care about anything that doesn’t take the Phone away! bet if the Butt heads started restricting them their would be riots in the streets, this is what the Democrats want so they can declare Martial Law and make Obama a Dictator! Sig Heil you f****ing Democrats

  34. This is the same California that has a law against placing your GPS in the windshield or on the dash of your car. Someone actually believed – and convinced others to believe and pass a law – that it is safer to have your navigation device down in the center console, where you have to take your eyes off of the road to check your directions, than it is to have it where it is in your natural line of sight for safe driving. This is the ultimate Land of Big Brother. Remember the politician in San Francisco a few years back that tried to pass a law barring parents from having their children circumcised? If there is a way to infringe upon individual freedoms, some liberal lawyer/politician in California will make it happen. After all, they know best. It is a land created by lawyers for lawyers to keep lawyers employed. Everyone else just feeds the livestock or slurps at the trough.

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