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Gun control advocates are angry at politicians who failed to support gun control prior to The Pulse nightclub attack. As you and I and any sensible person knows, gun control won’t stop a determined killer from killing. If you’re a terrorist, you kill innocent people. It’s what you do — regardless of methodology (e.g. the arson attack on the UpStairs Lounge gay bar that killed 32 people). My question: where’s the anger at ISIS?

Regardless of whether or not the The Pulse atrocity was committed by a “lone wolf,” the heinous act was encouraged by an organization committed to murdering Americans. An organization that took credit for the slaughter of dozens of innocents in The Pulse’s “gun-free” zone. ISIS is as much to blame for this killing as man who pulled the trigger.

Where’s that anger?

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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: What's Your Barbecue Gun?">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: What Happens to Gun Rights If Hillary Clinton is Elected President?">Next Post


  1. He had been investigated by the FBI, but WASNT on any watch lists, he passed background checks for the firearms he obtained legally, and he was liscensed as an armed security guard, which in many states gives you special priveledges to ignore gun control laws. Exactly which piece of legislation would have stopped this lunatic?

    • A law forcing confiscation and an out right ban on all civilian ownership of all firearms. Not that I’m for such a law, but I’m sure that’s in the desk drawer of a few politicians in DC.

        • I’m sure the idea isn’t only in the heads of those with a (D) after their names. There are a few (R)’s with the idea too.

        • Omer, the old (D) and (R) designations should no longer apply. It needs to be (Ds) – Democrat Socialist, (Dc) – Democrat Communist, (Ri) – RINO, and (Rc) – Republican Constitutionalist.

      • He was an armed security guard. If there was a ban on civilian ownership what would have stopped him from comitting such atrocity with his duty firearm?

  2. Plenty of places. That’s why Trump is going to win and the muzrat pandering Demokkkrats are going to be stood up against a wall for their treason.

    • Really? Maybe you should change your handle to “hyperboleserge”.

      (And I’m no Democrat, for the record.)

      • Which part?

        The fact that Trump is going to ride the “I told you so” train straight to the White House?

        • No…that part may actually happen. But I don’t think the part about using the wall for summary executions is gonna stand. Just sayin’. Maybe you can just send them to refugee camps in the Middle East. Trump would probably approve and appropriate funding for that task. 😉

        • Trump will lead the charge by volunteering the use of the cargo hold in his 767(?) airliner.

          I figure those dog kennels for Great Danes would hold one adult or 2-3 kids easy…


      • So, since you are no Democrat, does that mean you’re voting for Trump or Clinton. Think carefully now . . and don;t give us some trash about voting for a third party also-ran who has no chance of winning, because all that will do is take a vote away from Trump and give Clinton another vote in the lead.

    • yeah sounds alot like what Hitler did in the Night of the Long knives. nice role model.

        • If you really buy into the venom you’re spouting, pwrserge, it sounds like you may be the one that needs standing up against the wall.

        • “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”

        • One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

          pwrserge, there may be things we’d see eye to eye on but on the whole I think we’d be better off in separate foxholes.

        • Please tell me what the appropriate punishment is for people who advocate the same ideology that slaughtered 80% of an entire generation of my family.

    • Don’t bother pwrsurge, even the gun rights community is filled with cowards who would never even think of using the 2A for what it was intended for. They’re as frightened to call out the left on their blatant treason as Obama is to say the words Radical Islam.

      They’ll give up all their rights and die as slaves muttering, “the ends never justify the means.”

      • @Silver…You’re being a bit melodramatic. Do you really intend to go around shooting Democrats? Do you really think that none of them have fought and bled for their country? Some of you keyboard warriors really crack me up.
        I spent 27 years carrying firearms for my country. I’m not afraid to identify and engage a threat. My thought is that you shouldn’t be so cavalier with whom you label the enemy and be a bit more judicious about those you target. Putting down the bad guys is not the hard part.

        @pwrserge…You’d have to be a bit more specific if you actually want a response to your question about what to do with folks who wiped out 80% of a generation of your family. Many of us lost large chunks of our families at the hands of Germans, Japanese, Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Turks et al. What should we do about all of them?

        No sympathy here for the purveyors of terrorism against our country and people. I’m all for lethal lead injections for any and all that travel down that road.

        • Socialist took my family’s titles, lands, and lives. My grandfather didn’t even get the common courtesy to know where his family is buried. He spent his entire life as a “son of an enemy of the people” which made him a second class citizen in the Soviet Union. My grand-uncle (on my grandmother’s side) was sentenced to twenty years in a labor camp for allowing starving children to grab handfuls of grain during crop weighing. This despite the fact that he came back from Kursk without an arm and a brother.

          I grew up in the Soviet Union. I remember the rolling blackouts, the bread lines, the heating not turned on until the middle of winter and all the other joys of living in a socialist paradise.

          The difference between me and these social justice warriors is that I KNOW from personal experience the end result of what they are advocating. To me Bernie Sanders is a monster that visited the country where I grew up and praised it for its “progressivism”.

          My reaction to communists is no different than the child of a holocaust survivor’s reaction to Nazis. From my point of view, these people are the worst sort of sub-human scum.

          Oh and I also served. It’s the reason I need a cane to walk straight on bad days.

        • Thanks for filling in the blanks. I can certainly understand your angst and concern. Many of my own European relatives have suffered similarly.

          That said, I would still caution you not to be so quick to point the finger, indict and round up those with whom you may differ ideologically and suspect of being at odds with your sense of the legitimate social order lest you yourself become the monster you have described.

        • If I need to become a monster to prevent what happened to my family from ever happening again, then I will wear that badge gladly. It’s a small price to pay to prevent the fall of human civilization.

          As I said. The ends justify any means within my power.

  3. Comrade, you must somehow have missed the latest version of the Current Truth. Once a Muslim commits an atrocity, he is no longer a Muslim and in fact never was a Muslim. This stands to reason because, as we all know, Islam is the Religion of Peace, so Muslims are incapable of atrocities. Please update your statements accordingly and report for re-education.

    • Old Ben,

      You speak today’s truth, though tomorrow’s may be different.

      Read the Pravda daily to learn the truth!

    • Or…

      Maybe because that’s always the profile of these scumbags-
      Petty criminal;
      not religious;
      drinks/uses drugs;
      no history of regularly attending any mosques;
      low IQ/history of mental illness;
      social/family problems;
      no actual connection to foreign terror groups;

    • My brother use to quote the Russian Proverb from the days of the USSR:
      “Там нет правда в Известиях и там нет Известия в Правды”
      Or as he translated
      “There is no Pravda in Izvestiya and there is no Izvestiya in Pravda”
      In Russian Pravda means truth and Izvestiya means news – they were the two Moscow newspapers during the days of the USSR

      Any of the major TV/Cable news outlets: CBS, CNN, NBC, ABC easily fit the spirit of that thought. There is no truth in them and damn little actual news.

      • Nice try, but the grammar is butchered like a veal calf. Here’s what you’re thinking of: “В Правде нет правды, в Известиях нет известий”

  4. Don’t you know… this is ALL the fault of Republicans! Once the Liberals succeed in taking away the guns (never), then I guess they plan to go after the fertilizer companies and anything else a bomb can be made of, too. These same people would start complaining their rights were being infringed on if they had metal detectors at the front door of this bar. Everyone wants to have their cake and eat it, too.

    • I’d be okay with them putting metal-detectors and armed guards at every gun free zone. In fact, it should be mandated that if you want to post “gun free zone” signs you need to have metal detectors and armed guards at every entrance to scan every person coming in (including employees), just like most courtrooms. Once people got sick of that crap they’d instead frequent places that aren’t gun free zones.

      • I’d make one additional requirement: a system of supervised gun lockers where I can securely store my gun when I arrive and reclaim it when I leave. If you’re going to insist on a gun free zone, then fine, you provide security, but there’s also no reason I should have to disarm on my way to and from it.

  5. There is no such thing as “Anger At Muslim Extremists”, because anger at muslim extremists is “racism”. I know because the media tells me so.

    • You are on the mark. I think congress will soon be referring to them as gun purveyors. Apparently you can say anything about them as well as the law abiding citizens who enter into legal commerce with them.

      • Same thing, though the Muslim Brotherhood front groups prefer you use “Islamophobia”

  6. Oh, I’m angry at ISIS, but terrorists are going to terrorist. I’m also angry at the MSM and our leadership. Where is that anger?

  7. This continues to blow my mind. In the Liberal mind they can’t differentiate from radical Muslim and Muslim. I don’t think all Muslim are terrorists but I’m perfectly comfortable calling him and Mohammed(Prophet type) one.

    • Oh that’s easy. A radical muslim wants to kill you. The non-radical muslim wants the radical muslim to kill you.

  8. If guns were b& he’d just use bombs to bring down the whole building and kill everyone inside.

  9. The Democrat media is shaping the story to suit the Dems’ TWL-based gun denial agenda. The fact that Dem insiders like Obama and Hillary don’t seem worried about terrorism at all, are completely calm and scripted, after SBD and Orlando, tells you that they don’t believe these incidents are real. They have a very different view of what is going on.

    • And remember, to those like President Zero and Secretary Ovary, ISIS isn’t the real enemy. We are. Hence no real anger at ISIS, but overflowing anger at law abiding citizen that just want government to leave them alone.

  10. Here is a truth. Non Gay Progressives are probably more disgusted with homosexuality than are Christian fundamentalists. These Progressives only use Big Gay as a battering ran to destroy civil society and atomize society so they can exercise social control. What they are doing is projecting their own hatreds on a group they don’t like while their preferred victim group, Muslims, takes care of the homophobic part for them. Why else would they seek to divert attention from a terrorist attack on homosexuals?

    Protecting Islam is incompatible with protecting gays. Big Gay usefulness to Progressive has pretty much run its course. That is how they establish their pecking order.

    • Nope, I think you’ve misdiagnosed it.

      They support our gays when it’s against the mainstream US culture.

      But when it comes to Muslims, they get support when Muslims attack mainstream US culture.

      Perfectly consistent. To the extent that they perceive some group as being anti mainstream US culture, they support them. If the two groups they support hate each other…well, that just gets ignored.

      • I think you do not know the history of Progressive Popular Front movements.

        Back in the 1960 Pete Seeger went sent by the Communist Party to entertain and “celebrate” the counter-cultural left. Privately, he thought there behavior was disgusting and was more puritanical than a 1960s Baptist. They are no different today. Gay behavior disgusts straight Progressives and Muslims are their chosen instrument to take care of the problem while they engage in moral preening.

        • Now if you are specifically talking about the CPUSA, yes, I’ll agree. The Soviets had a policy of encouraging gay movements in countries they wanted to undermine, believing (wrongly, I think–but that’s beside the point) that doing so would weaken them. Gays in the Soviet Union got treated like absolute shit, for the inverse reason–the Soviets didn’t want their own society undermined.

          The run of the mill leftie here (as opposed to former card carrying commiefucks), I think, probably does sympathize with gays and anyone else they think of as being on the outs with “the man”, a category that Muslims also fit into. “The man” is some conservative evil man, so us folks who want to tote guns in peace aren’t on the outs with him, in their view–and therefore must be stomped flat. (Of course, they haven’t walked so much as a nanometer in our shoes, so they don’t know how wrong they are).

    • Current day leftist ideology is all about the oppression stack rankings. Muslims somehow win out over everyone else, women, gays, blacks, whatever, because of the conflict with “Western society”, leftism’s Great Satan, from which all evil flows.

      Because of their status at the top of The Great Chain of Victimhood, Muslims are constitutionally incapable of racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other of the Regressive thought crimes, because those require power, which they, as the Victims Supreme, will always lack.

      Conversely, any negative feelings, statements, or opinions regarding them are automatically Islamophobia, because it is automatically an attack by someone “of privilege” on a victimized group.

      No, it doesn’t even vaguely make sense, but it really is what they think.

  11. Anger, one’s own anyway, is not as useful as cold calculation. Not saying there are any particular people in charge acting this way. I just hope there are some, or that there will be some.

  12. How about you stop giving the scumbag shooter face time…..let his memory evaporate out of existence.

  13. Anger? It is slowly becoming the norm. They attack, we suffer and life goes on. Anger and outrage are burnt out of most. The politicians aren’t angry as they blame everything but the issue and person.

    • I rather suspect that ISIS’s loss rate is way worse than almost anyone else’s.

  14. I’m more angry at our Republican legislature for ensuring this would be a “gun free zone”.

  15. The political left doesn’t dare point the finger at Islam because it would expose their disastrous foreign policy for what it is. These fanatics are inspired by the establishment of the caliphate (ISIS). The caliphate was allowed to be established when B.O. abandoned our responsibilities in the middle east. Now in fairness, we should have never tried nation building under G. W. Bush. Not because it wasn’t a noble cause, but because it was a task that would take decades and he should have known that the second the Democrats got into power they would undo everything that we worked so hard for and so many Americans died for. The consequences be damned because the consequences would be blamed on the former Republican administration.

    So what’s the solution now? The caliphate must be destroyed or these sort of attacks will only become more and more common. If the caliphate is destroyed it will blow a .50bmg sized hole in their entire philosophy. The caliphate is God’s (Allah’s) kingdom on earth, yet if the Great Satan squashes it, then what? The only other end to this would be a greater conflagration between the Sunnis and the Shiites. Oh, but we’re letting the Shiites (Iran) have nuclear weapons now. How long do you think it will take the Sunnis (Saudi Arabia) to get them? And if there’s two groups of people that won’t let mutual assured destruction stop them from launching their missiles it’s the Sunnis and the Shiites.

    This will end in blood. And the Republicans will be blamed. Because Democrats never admit their wrong.

  16. Sigh.

    Another of the celebrity elite is calling for an AR-15 ban. Says it’s time for America to “grow up.” Thanks Conan O’Brien! What would the Citizens of this Country do without your guidance.

  17. Yeah man, it’s the moozlems.
    Because a gay dude who drinks, hooks up with other dudes on Grindr & Jack’d, was a wannabe cop and whom everyone described as “not at all religious”…
    Yup that guy totally did this for islam.

      • Same reason that Dylann Roof left a manifesto citing the Northwest Front, an organization that knew nothing about him prior to the shooting.

        Crazy people, who do crazy people things, often want to belong to some big cause.
        For crazy racists it’s black separatism or white supremacist groups. For crazy muslims it’s ISIS. For crazy Christians like Anders Breivik, it’s the Knights Templar, lol.

        • Crazy people, who do crazy people things, often want to belong to some big cause.

          Yes, but if they want to belong to those groups, perform activities in support of those groups, how are they really different from the actual members of that group? They seem one in the same to me.

        • Sounds like every Moose-lim ISIS azzwhole I’ve heard about in the middle east. Get high,fuel your “courage” with drugs and aim for heaven by Jihad when there is no hope of achieving it by “piety”. Plenty of anger from ME…

    • Yea, just because you shout ‘Allahu Ahkbar’ and start shooting infidels doesn’t make you a Muslim.

      • (In the same sarcastic vein)

        Clearly, this is a plot to discredit Islam, the Religion Of Peace (TM), which is hated so much by Islamophobe bigots that some people are willing to commit suicide attacks just to besmirch it.

    • I’ve traveled to many a Muslim country, filled with Muslims who drink, who are gay, and who do terrible things to sheep and donkeys, sell porn, it all just kinda gets glossed over and ignored.

    • He doesn’t strike me as a Muslim at all. Now, I just got back from an Iftar ( Ramadan prayer dinner wherein you break the fast) actually held at the local Episcopal church, so I’ve spent the last 3 hours surrounded be some very Muslim people who do all the prayers, have made Hajj, have done Asura, other pilgrimages, have studied under Sufi masters, memorized the Quran, make five daily prayers and extra supplications, and even make dawah. Were these people violent at all? Not any more than an average fellow American, that is, only if you make them really mad or they had to defend themselves from death would they use violence. They don’t see how Omar could have really been a Muslim considering he was described at barely religious and definitely nonobservant. Now, as for why people who go on sprees try to implicate other groups they are either barely involved in or not involved with at all, I have no idea. Maybe it’s a way of trying to take a grander stand to justify themselves in a better way than “I felt like murdering people today, so I did”. These people often seem to see themselves as lone warriors in a greater struggle. Such a shame the only worthy opponents for themselves they figure are defenseless people.

  18. Come one guys. ISIS terrorists don’t need our bullets – they need our love. Lots of love. We all need to put down the guns and let loose the love. While they are shooting us and slitting our throats and draining the blood into pails, we should be pacifists about it and feel the love. Non-violence people. Love them while they kill you. Just keep that love running, and everything else will go A-OK. Love people. That is what we need. I mean – you might die and many others too. But eventually the ISIS terrorists will see that pacifism, non-violence, and love is the way to go, and you should sacrifice your life to allow them to see this.

  19. I suppose the Nazis were only a problem because they had guns (granted they certainly disarmed everyone first). The nazi rise to power, if I follow Obama’s logic when he says radical Islam is “beside the point”, had nothing to do with Hitler’s ideology and wanting to exterminate the Jewish people.

    It had everything to with guns.

    So why was the iconography of the nazi party the swastika and not a gun? A symbol that is still as powerful today in it’s dark meaning as it was back in the day.

    It’s very insulting that Obama is insinuating the problem of terrorism is linked to gun laws. The problem is ideology and radicalism. Always has been historically.

    Sure, force of arms can help instill still fear and cause damage, but it is the idea that drives it all.

    How do you stop one ideology? With your own and superior firepower. Yup, guns and the people willing to use them.

  20. That’s right!

    Why does Omar not represent terrorism, but somehow, represents all gun owners???

  21. The fundamental truth is that the anti-gun cult doesn’t hate Islamist terrorists.

    They hate lawful gun owners, male, female, transgender, gay, straight, Muslim, Christian, atheist or agnostic.

    Most of all, they hate the idea of someone defending HIMSELF, rather than cowering in terror for three hours waiting for the cops to make a move.

    They’d rather see a THOUSAND Pulse massacres rather than to see ONE gay man defend himself with a gun.

    It’s just who they are.

    • And also–in spite being (supposedly) in favor of empowering women, and doing something about “the rape culture” they’d rather find a rape victim strangled to death with her own pantyhose than see her defend herself with a gun.

  22. Where’s the anger At Muslim extremists? It’s right here. And it’s getting stronger and stronger every day.

    • What you call “Muslim extremists,” I call “observant Muslims.”

      Read the Sira and tell me that Muhammad wouldn’t have done as bad, or worse, than what just happened.

      • There’s tons of crazy, potentially stuff in the other Abrahamic faiths as well, but here’s the thing: observant Christians and Jews can practice their religions without conflict with modern, Western, Enlightenment values. Believers just shrug that stuff away without a second thought, and go about their business as peaceful people. This is as true of the most devout fundamentalist as it is of the most casual Unitarian. No Christian or Jew lives as if it’s still Biblical times.

        Islam has never experienced such a modernization. Pew has done research and very large percentages, often majorities, of Muslims hold very extreme views that are in conflict with Western values. Views that originate from Islamic texts. Those numbers, depending on the issue, often represent tens of millions, sometimes hundreds of millions of people.

        I’m saying this not as a fan of Christianity or Judaism. I’m an atheist, so I don’t generally have a soft spot for religion. I prize Western civilization, it’s values, and it’s works. Intellectual honesty demands that the threats against it be correctly identified and understood.

        • While there are passages that can be cherry-picked in the Torah, or the rest of the Old and New Testament to show how ‘intolerant’ or ‘violent’ Judaism or Christianity can be, there is nothing like the trilogy of the Qur’an, Hadiths and Sira in any other religion. Nothing. People need to start reading the books of Islam – as I have done. Once you do, you’ll realize that “Islamophobia” is just plain common sense.

        • REF: Dyspeptic Gunsmith comment:

          If you want to understand and argue Islam read the books.
          To understand the Koran there are a couple of things you must know.
          The Koran has two significant different segments, Mohammad’s statements while in Mecca and his statements later in Medina. You need to know the difference between earlier and later statments because if there is a conflict between statements, the later over rules or replaces the earlier. This is referred to as abrogation.
          The Koran as printed is not in sequence of event/proclamations, it is mixed early and late.
          You can find Koran in sequence of events on line. Do a google search.
          Why is that important?
          While in Mecca Mohammad did make statements (still in the Koran) that referred to Jews and Christians in a peaceful manner. After the Jewish tribes refused to convert to Islam, while in Medina, Mohammad issued commands to conquer, subdue and kill them. The later statements abrogate the earlier.
          With the Koran printed out of sequence it is hard for a non-muslim to figure out.

          CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) gets on TV after a Islamic terrorist killing and talks about “religion of peace” and refers to the Koran citing peaceful statements, all the while knowing those statements were abrogated. Their job is “taqiyya”, lying to further Islam.

      • What you call “Muslim extremists,” I call “observant Muslims.”
        An interview with an Imam who stated that Muslim extremists and fundamentalists don’t exist; these believers merely want more Islam.

  23. Anger at the Religion of Peace™ would distract from the amazingly thorough job the media is doing of rebranding the religiously motivated terrorist attack a mass shooting.

    You have to wonder how long it will take the gays to realize they’ve been chucked into the volcano to appease the social justice gods.

  24. it’s not part of the Liberal political agenda which is always supported by the media, to ever hold the person committing the crime responsible. All they want to do is further their Liberal agenda, and holding Muslims responsible for atrocities is not part of that.

  25. Muzrats are now in vogue and very chic.
    The more people the Muzrats mow down, the more the liberals love them.
    Christian are all terrible and refuse to bake a cake for a gay man.

  26. If this was a shooting at an abortion clinic by a radical Christian fundamentalist (like the Westboro Baptists), the news would have been all about the “Christian” killer.

    The media is just playing the anti-gun game. I put a good portion of the blood on the media and progressives’ hands.

  27. Homosexuals claim they are like black people. They are correct.

    Homosexuals want free stuff from the government. Log cabin folks not included.
    They want the government who is made up of homophobes to protect them.

    They say the police hate them but it was the police who saved them. Including a police officer who was shot in the head. His Kevlar helmet saved his life.

    This was a homosexual on homosexual crime.
    And just like the blacks the homosexuals can’t blame the group they hate more than Muslims.
    That group is the white Christian republicans who have sex in the missionary position with the lights off.

    One one big difference between blacks and homosexuals is after the Charleston church shooting a majority of the black population now believes in the right to keep and bear arms.
    Joining the NRA is another matter. There has been to much democrat racist propaganda directed at the NRA.
    I don’t believe a majority of homosexuals believe the right to keep and bear arms.
    The gay leadership certainly does not. The
    Pink pistols have a lot of work to do.

  28. The guy wasn’t a Daeshbag; he wasn’t even really devout and probably barely was even practicing. He sure didn’t act or talk like an Islamist. He was a hateful human being who would have been far better served by having been swallowed by his mom nine months before he was born.

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