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When I reviewed the Porsche Carrera GT for The Truth About Cars, not a single commentator pointed out that you could buy 43 Volkswagen Passats for the same money. Here at The Truth About Guns, whenever we review a gun that costs over a grand someone inevitably feels obliged to mention how many GLOCKs (and range ammo) could be had for the same price. I get it. A GLOCK is a great gun. But more money usually does buy you mo’ better; whether that’s looks, durability, reliability, accuracy, history, something. So quit yer bitching — and I say that in nicest possible way — and tell me how you’d spend $10k on guns, gear and/or ammo if you had it. Me, I’d buy a Cabot and spend the rest on training. You?

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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Does the Bible Enshrine a ‘God-Given Right’ to Shoot in Self Defense?">Previous Post
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  1. I’d drop it on a nice .50BMG rifle and some glass…

    Taking a quick look at my safes, I can tell you that over the past ten years I have spend FAR more than 10k already.

    • Don’t forget to tithe 10% of your firearms spending to your gun rights group of choice. The Second Amendment Foundation, or Gun Owners of America will provide more long term firearms fun than that $1k will do in your gun or ammo collection.

    • That does sound appealing.

      My list:
      A slim Jim
      A roll of toilet paper
      50 BMG – tactilite T2 upper with match barrel, tank brake. – qty 2
      Tactilite matching lower – qty 2
      50 BMG ammo

    • I love the Porshe analogy but the truth about Joel is, if I had read the review on the Porshe, I would have probably would have told you how you could have a Viper and two Corvette Z06’s with that money. 😉

      Maybe gun lovers tend to be a little more practical than overpriced German car lovers ?

      • I’m in CA, so probably 5 polymer 80 Specter frames and the parts to build them out. The rest on ammo, training and donations to gun rights groups.

  2. I’d probably get an antique or something really pretty. I have most of the utilitarian stuff I want for the time being.

    • I would too, but some of them START at $10,000 and go up from there, for example, an Ivory handled master engraved First Generation Colt would easily double that figure. Although I could probably put together a nice collection of Civil War rifles and a couple of pistols. The good ones start at $2000 (and again, go up from there, to around $5000).

  3. Another CZ Shadow Custom, a couple CZ CzechMates, A Tactical Sport, then the rest on holsters/mag pouches/belts maybe some match fees, training class, components.

    A status symbol gun isn’t for me, and nobody has figured out how to make a better gun than CZ anyway.

  4. I Bridgeport… 80% AR15/AR10 lowers, components/accessories to complete them… and lots of ammo bought in small quantities.

    • This.

      Probably spend mostly on ammo, but also a nice dose of 80% lowers and parts kits.

      And, a better scope for my 30-06 than what I have now.

  5. A good couple of antiques, so that they’d appreciate in value. And then a Tippman Armory Rolling Block in 44 Magnum for the sake of it. 😀

  6. I’d buy a new barrel for my AR-15 and $9,900 of ammo. I figure at ~$0.30/r I might need to re-barrel once.

  7. Fully modded and decked out SCAR would go well over 10k.

    A Christensen Arms bolt rifle can reach that level…

    A Cabot could go for well more than 10k.

    I don’t want a ton of crappy guns.

    I want good, quality firearms.

    • Ammo and magazines. Lots and lots of magazines. Then, next time a Democratic president gets elected, I can sell them and double my money.

    • This. I understand the logic behind people that want bang for their buck (I am a college student) but equating a GLOCK to a hand built piece of art even something that is built to a higher standard is simply missing the point. Yes a GLOCK will go bang every time, yes it will serve you well, and yes it will most likely be more accurate mechanically than you are ever able to achieve with whatever high end gun you are buying but thats not the point. I could go buy a Honda civic that is going to do the same thing for me that a Cadillac would ultimately but equating the two is simply ignoring the difference between a craftsmanship forged item and one that purely utilitarian.

      • A Cabot is the car equivalent of a blue printed 911 (not even a 964), with a fancy paint job. It is NOT a 980. A STI 2011 DVC would be closer to that 980 analogy.

    • You say this:

      I don’t want a ton of crappy guns.

      I want good, quality firearms.

      but then you say you want a Cabot.

      What the fuck?

    • but at what point do you surpass the magic set point for “quality” and start splitting hairs for further refinements and the rest is vanity?

      A Dan Wesson Valor and some custom grips will probably function better, be about as accurate and by all but the most shrewd of corksniffers be considered a top shelf gun. What does the Cabot get you other than prestige and checking the box of wanting to own one?

      Seems like in most classes of firearm you can spend about $1300-2000 and get an example of a firearm that is only intellectually different from the highest shelf.

  8. Well I’m seeing a SHTF scenario. Especially here in Illinois. A couple Ar’s,Mossberg930 tactical shottie,yeah 4 Glocks for me and the family,ammo and an extra pump shotgun would eat up that 10000 bucks pretty quick. A hunting revolver in 357, bolt rifle,long-range sniper stuff and a 22 for small game too would be in the cards. No foolin’…

  9. Beretta Silver Pigeon, 1911, AR15, some slides with reflex optics for my Glocks, a suppressor, an SBR, and a week long course at Gunsite (or similar school) for something.

    Probably went over the line there. The training is the last thing cut.

  10. Build my classic Smith revolver collection with maybe 6 pieces. After essential items bought, any left over would go toward old west guns – Winchester 1873 clone, Colt SAA, coach gun, etc.

  11. I would buy a rifle made by H&K and if it’s on sale I might have enough left over for one box of ammo (^o^) lol

  12. Build my wife an AR, buy a couple extra stripped lowers, 930JM Pro, Sig P320, .308 Bolt Gun, another 10/22 for my kids, .22 revolver, Henry .357 lever gun, and ammo for all.

  13. If it don’t go, chrome it. I will never be a collector of pretty or high end guns. Guns are tools and serve a purpose. Even the cheapest available firearms are probably capable of more accuracy than I am given my current age and state of health, so buying high end seems to me to be a waste of cash. A solid assortment in a range of calibers of reliable hand and long guns, with duplication for backup and a lot of depth in the spare ammo bunker. Good optics, some night vision.

  14. “When I reviewed Porsche Carrera GT for The Truth About Cars, not a single commentator pointed out that you could buy 43 Volkswagen Passats for the same money.”

    That’s because only pretentious dbags own Porsches.

    That’s like saying you could buy 5 pairs of work boots for the same price as one pair of Gucci loafers.

    It’s comparing apples to oranges, or dbags to regular folks, as it were.

    • Who owns Cabots or WC firearms and intellectually believes there’s a reason to own them and not a $1000 example of the same platform?

  15. Something from STI – maybe a copy of the Monster Hunters .45 they made for Larry Coreilla.

  16. I’d build an AR-10 hunting/target rifle from the ground up, with decent glass.
    After that, concealed carry class, mag pouch and plate carrier. Laser, mags, grips, and holster for my Shield, and the rest on ammo.
    Maybe a Performance Center Shield and/or an AR-12 shotgun just for kicks.

  17. Simple, buy 15000 jennings I can turn in at $25 to $50 a pop at various gun buy backs around the country. Now what I would do with my new $375K oh the possibilities…

    • Yeah! This! (and threaded barrels.. ok maybe some raised sights too)

      Ok fine maybe some glass too.

  18. I’d buy as much empty land as $10K could get me in western PA and build a range. So I can actually practice.

    • Seconded–although maybe not in PA (currently out West). Land where you can shoot what you want is getting higher up on the list.

  19. Desert Tech SRS in 6.5CM, with 338LM, and .308 conversion kits. A Nightforce scope, a bunch of ammo and a few long range classes. $10K might not be enough though…

    • This is exactly what I came here to post. Except instead of the 308 conversion, I would want a suppressor. Totally true, though, that $10k won’t cover it. 🙂

  20. I’m so boring: G17, PPQ M2, PMR-30, Mosin Nagant, M1 Garand Carbine, AK-47, and an AR. Leftover cash= ammo and extra mags.

  21. I’d buy what I’m eyeballing already, a Desert Tech rifle, although with the expanded budget suggested, I’d probably go for the HTI instead of the SRS.

    Oh, and suitable glass for such a fine specimen of a rifle.

  22. No idea.

    I just know that I would have a very irate wife if she found out I spent 10k on only gun related items lol.

  23. Maybe I’d buy a single “status” gun or collector’s item *after* I had a full collection in practical terms, but if I had $10k right now to be spent solely on things that go bang, I’d be buying a long list of relatively ordinary things.

    – A couple of really nifty AR-15’s with all the “evil” features, because I don’t have any modern muskets, and they give leftist progtards stomach ulcers.
    – A Marlin lever-action rifle and matching pistol in .357 magnum, and a lever-action rifle in .45-70, because awesome.
    – A couple of decent shotguns.
    – A bolt-action rifle in .308 with a really good scope.
    – All-purpose concealable pistols (say, Springfield XD mod 2 in 9mm) for the whole family.
    – Lots of ammunition.

    Have I spent it all yet?

  24. I’d buy 17 glocks. HA! Just April foolin’ around.

    I’d buy a scar for suresies, and probably the big wishes on my list. Particularly I’d really like the beautiful and amazing whitney wolverine. I sure wish they still made those. Such a cool looking gun.

    I’ll spare you the full list. Certainly a couple of glocks would make the list, though. 🙂 and lots of ammo. And training.

    • WAIT NO! Better Idea. Some portion of that purchase would HAVE to go to a surplus cnc mill and lathe. Build my OWN guns. As much from the ground up as I could. Obviously I’d probably source smaller pieces and coatings.

      Still. It’d be rad. Maybe I could jump start that lady guns business me and my Sister keep dreaming up.

      • Not going to buy a quality CNC mill or lathe for 10k, and even if you had someone give you one, you’d spend that in tooling. Hobby CNC’s are NOT production machines.

  25. 1. Finish AR build
    2. Precision rifle build in 6.5 Creedmore
    3. Precision rifle in .338 Lapua
    4. Smith and Wesson 627 Performance Center, used so that it doesn’t have that stupid lock
    5. Hand loading setup
    6. Tools for gunsmithing
    7. A bunch of shitty guns that I don’t mind screwing up so that I can learn more about gunsmithing

  26. A Cabot? I would want something that worked! So instead of wasting my money on a Cabot I would buy that $3000 Wilson Combat, A match grade M-1A, upgrade my XD 45 service to an XD/m 45, a Winchester model 70 in 22-250 and I guess I would spend some money and finally by an AR-15. That’s probably less than 10 large.

  27. When I reviewed Porsche Carrera GT for The Truth About Cars, not a single commentator pointed out that you could buy 43 Volkswagen Passats for the same money.

    That’s because the Porsche Carrera GT at least runs properly…unlike the Cabot, which does get the “I could get ten Glocks for that, and they would work better” snipe you seem to be complaining about.

    RF, it’s not the COST that appalls people…. it’s the cost AND the lack of functionality.

    • Everyone should own at least one gun that others hate (for whatever reason) just so when people complain out it on the Internet, you can come on and say, “I own one and it {$POSITIVE_COMMENT}.”

      That’s just how the Internet works, and if we all don’t do our part we are letting society down.

  28. I pretty much have everything that I could ever need. I would take $1000 and buy guns for a few friends that have much more interest in shooting than they do money, and spend the rest on various calibers of ammunition, magazines and training.

  29. I’d spend it on:

    a 300 blackout AR with suppressor
    SIG 226
    steel targets
    upgraded optics for the guns I have
    a nice spotting scope and range finder
    CPL class and guns for my wife
    Armor vest (jic things go bang in the night)

  30. I’ve always wanted a historical subgun, and would never spend the money on it unless someone forced me to, so I’d probably end up with a Reising—a solidly-built wood-furnitured historical machine gun, available for cheap because they ended up with a reputation for being persnickety in battle conditions. Not frequently encountering battle conditions, I would be fine with that.

  31. German marked Hi-Power, +/- $1,000
    Sig P226 Mk.25, $900
    FN-15 with ACOG and sling- $2,500
    Rhodesian FAL, ???
    South African R1 clone, ???

    I’d spend on guns ’til I hit $6,000 and the rest would go towards ammo.

  32. I really would love a high end Bergara and a STI of some sort. The rest I would spend on peripherals.

  33. 2X ruger precision in 6.5 creedmore,with glass, and glass for my m24 and glass and chassis for my savage 110fp 300win mag

    Probably run out at that point

  34. Not on a box of Glocks (no offence Gaston)… 🙂

    A nice 338 LR rifle with good optics and all the trimmings. That may go over the budget though, especially with ammo…

    • Similar to what I was thinking, but may I recommend you buy reloading equipment and hire a good tutor both for the reloading and to maximize long-range accuracy.

  35. A brace of Colt 1860 Army .44s, consecutive serial numbers if I could get them. Any leftover cash (HA!) would go for holsters.

  36. 1. 10% to various pro-2A groups
    2. FN PS90 SBR with suppressor
    3. H&K MP5 (Pre-ban)
    4. SIG Sauer P230 SL

    I’d use the rest of the money to buy conversion kits for my SIG P250 and ammo for the PS90.

  37. Hmmm. I think I’d just move up stuff already on my “to buy” list.

    A Caesar Guerini trap gun, or a C. Sharps rifle in .45-70, with the best sights available. There’d be a bit of money left over from either choice.

    Or I could be seized with a fit of nostalgia and go buy a higher-end Parker or Fox.

  38. I’d start with a carry pistol for my wife who’s decided now is the time to get one. Then a kid’s size .22 to teach my daughters in the future. Next would be a big-bore AR upper/rifle (can’t decide between .458 and .50). And of course silencers for most everything. Last would be lots of ammo.

  39. A new safe. For pity sake, a new safe.

    A Browning extra tall/wide pinnacle, Fort Knox Titan, or an Amsec CFX703620.

    • Or maybe just harden my hobby room. I wonder how much that costs? Probably more than $10K…

  40. My list would be rather mundane, but here is it.
    1400.00 Springfield Armory Loaded 9MM
    1300.00 Colt Railgun .45 ACP
    1700.00 Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad
    1200.00 Windham Weaponry 20″ Government Model
    320.00 1000 rounds .45 ACP
    240.00 1000 rounds 9mm
    480.00 1200 rounds 5.56
    600.00 1000 rounds 7.62
    500.00 NRA
    500.00 2A Foundation
    1500.00 Training
    260.00 .22LR

  41. I don’t know. 100 Sten or m31 parts kits and then get to work. Or… Maybe a cnc mill and a couple hundred 80% lowers. Something on that level.

  42. I’d definitely look for a ZH-29, the last one I saw for sale was $9,995.

    Failing to find one of those, an SMG FG-42 in 308 would do nicely, and spend the rest on ammo.

    There are a lot of times I kick myself for spending $10k on Santa Cruz & Gary Fisher mountainbikes back in the day (which my exwife sold while I was downrange)…..
    I should’ve bought ARs instead.

  43. Probably a couple cans, and build some really high end SBR’s. Add a couple thousand rounds 5.56.

  44. Desert Tech SRS in one of the 6.5 flavors, a .338 Lapua conversion, and good glass to top it off. Any extra would go to dies, shell plates, and components to reload the 6.5 and .338

    • However…to give a bit more detail, if you check my avatar you will see Miss Jayn Galt (fictional) who is a marks(wo)man and uses an Accuracy International AXMC338 in .338 Lapua Magnum with a Schmidt & Bender PM II 5-25 x 56mm scope.

      That set-up with a high quality quick-release suppressor would be my goal.

  45. I’d buy an AC-556k, with a 22lr kit. Not sure what I’d yank out of my safe to make room for it, but I’d figure it out.

  46. Rule of thumb for me is to buy at about the 75th percentile on the price scale. That’s proven repeatedly for me to be the sweet spot optimizing quality and price.

    You can pay more and get the absolute best, but the marginal utility just isn’t there. You can certainly spend less, too, but quality starts to plummet and isn’t worth the savings. Holds for guns, cars, homes, etc.

    A grand for a handgun really pushes the outer ambit of that sweet spot, as does two grand for a long gun. So for $10K, I’d expect to get several of each category, plus accessories and ammo.

    That said, I’d really like one of those fancy German drilling combination long guns. Some of those run around $10,000 as I recall.

  47. I would buy a browning a-bolt maple in 300 win mag. Then I would get a couple suppressor so and an fn-57 and I would spend the rest on optics and ammo.

  48. While more guns is always good, ammunition to feed them is always better.

    I’d go long 45 acp, 30.06, .308 and .243.

    I’d also add an ammunition storage locker, but that’s just me.

  49. Ok, I’m sticking to just guns, and no accessories. I’m also going with the lowest street prices I can find on the web because MSRP would just leave too much money on the table. This also assumes I get to keep all of my other firearms.

    CZ 75 Tactical Sport Orange 9mm – $1541
    Ruger Redhawk 44 Magnum 4″ – $840
    Smith & Wesson PC Model 41 – $1309
    CZ P-07 – $437
    CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Carbine – $995
    Ruger 77/357 – $680
    Dan Wesson 715 Pistol Pack – $1419
    Dan Wesson Valor Black .45ACP – $1685
    Springfield Armory EMP 4 – $932
    Savage Rascal Blue – $161


    • Ooh, I am so close on this one! The Scorpion YES! The Dan Wesson 715 YES! And ….. any revolver by Freedom Arms. A suppressor for the Scorpion and the rest in ammo.

  50. 1. A P-08 Luger
    2. 6.5mm Grendel and .50 Beowulf uppers for my AR
    3. A Triple Lock Smith in .44 Special

  51. Colt Python, $2,500 worth of mil surp sks mosins etc., $2,500 worth of ammo, and a nice ar and ak.

  52. Benelli M4, SCAR 17s with trigger and glass (already have a 16), CZ SP-01. Then ammo and mags (10 each for SCAR and pistol) to support all 3.

  53. With 10 grand. Id still buy a $450-700 RIA 1911 of my choice. The rest on a good holster and belt. All the ammo I could ever fire and a few range memberships. My 2 current RIA 1911s are 2 of the best 45s Ive owned over a 30 year period.
    May not be the prettiest guns but work they do. As well as any custom gun shop 45, Ive had in the past.

  54. What I should do with 10 grand dedicated to shooting sports is build a gunsmith shop and get set up for reloading.
    One can own too many guns but you never have enough ammo.

  55. I’d buy a couple Glock 17s or 34s, bunch of ammo, rent out an indoor range, bring along a couple of extremely hot high end ladies of the night wearing tacticool lingerie and a couple boxes of Trojans.

  56. Two (one for myself and one for the wife) SBR’d MP5 clones with collapsible stocks and all sorts of bells and whistles. If I have anything left I would buy a Steyr Aug A3 with some more bells and whistles.

  57. “If I had $10,000, I would invest half in low-risk mutual bonds, and take the other half to my friend Asadullah who works in securities…”

      • Yeah, I wonder how many acres I could pick up behind my Dad’s house. It’s all wooded right now and it’d be great for a range. I could spend the rest on a few silencers to appease neighbors, heh.

  58. While I do tend to measure out purchases in glocks, once I pass an arbitrary threshold I begin to measure investments in hipoint pistols.

  59. One off roster handgun probably a hk45. If I’m lucky a couple of extra mags. At least I won’t have to worry about pinning them to make em commiefornia legal

  60. – Finish the 6.8 I’m building
    – Vortex Razor Gen2 glass for the bolt action
    – 30cal rifle can
    – dedicated 556 can
    – split the rest evenly between AR and pistol ammo and enough brass, bullets, primers and powder to keep me topped up on hunting/precision ammo for the near future

  61. I’ve always wanted a Blaser with the extra fancy Turkish walnut stocks, but those start over $20,000, so those are out. I would probably opt for a few antiques that I’ve wanted, such as a WWII vintage Colt 1911, an early Browning Hi Power, an original Colt 1860, 1851 or 1861, An 1860 Springfield rifled musket, A Smith Carbine, an original Winchester in 45-70. I wouldn’t have any money to spend after that, but that would be OK too.

  62. I would spend the 10 grand finding a place that had a water cooled vickers .303 machine gun to rent and rent it.

    Whereever in the world I had to travel so long as it was legal. My bucket list would then be complete.

    Any change left I would long for a martini-henry and buy it.

  63. I’d spend a grand on as many Norinco 870 clones as it would buy, then a pair of RIA 1911s. Build two or three old-school ARs (peep sights, maybe a carry handle optic), and then troll a show or two for as many pieces of 1930s-1960s vintage cool as my heart desires. Rest goes for ammo and maybe a crate of PMAGs for the next panic.

  64. I’m a revolver guy so these are some rare and collectable Smiths I would covet:

    S&W single shot .22 with 10″ barrel $3000
    S&W Model 27-2 .357 with 3.5″ barrel $2500
    S&W Model 650 .22 Magnum with 3″ barrel $1200
    S&W Model 64 .38 Special (2″ or 3″) $700
    S&W Model 696 .44 Special 3″ barrel $1000
    total $8400

    Henry Big Boy Carbine .357 $800
    Henry Mares Leg .357 $800
    total $1600

    GRAND TOTAL $10000

  65. Alright, this is basically a marketing survey, but I’ll bite:

    -A 4 bore smoothbore muzzleloader. Percussion, not flint. (I don’t know what these normally sell for, nor if anybody currently produces muzzloeloading 4 bore guns anymore.)

    -Glock 35
    -H&R/NEF .308
    -Kel Tec KSG
    -Kel Tec SU-16C
    -North American Arms Ranger (I hear these are coming back sometime this year)
    -Pedersoli Rolling Block, .45-70
    -Ruger GP100 6″ Stainless
    -Ruger SP101 in .327
    -Ruger LCP Custom (The one with the tall sights and red trigger)
    -S&W Governor
    -Uberti 1862 Police

    • Especially the kel-tecs. Buy enough of them and you can run the table on supply and demand. When people start asking you where they all went, poof, there they are on gunbroker :p

  66. Bunch of good ideas in here. Mine would be a nice Garand (one of the higher quality CMP builds), a AR build in the $1500 range, a nice optic for that, a 9mm 1911 (I can’t afford those now, and haven’t done much shopping on it, so I can’t pinpoint one), a Browning HiPower, a CZ 75, and then a nice reloading setup. Then a chunk on ammo and reloading supplies. And I’d really like one of the new 9mm “SMGs”, like the Evo or SIG, and pay to SBR it and get a can. That one is really pie in the sky though. Maybe that one should be right after the Garand, get that instead of a AR!

    I also like the idea of donating 10% to the gun rights associations.

  67. I’d swap out my Savage 110 BA .338 LM for the CZ HE II .338 Lapua. Burris XTR II 4-20x in a La Rue Lt 111 mount with the Horus H59 reticle. Dan Wesson or STI 1911. Single stage press and precision equipment so I can actually reload the dang .338 LM. Buffalo Hunt. White tail deer hunt. Elk hunt.

    I’ll be doing some of those things anyways. And something nice for the wife.

  68. Well I suppose I’d start with a call to and put my deposit down on an 1877 Sharps. Then an order to Montana Vintage Arms for the sights. Probably time for a custom mold and a lead pot, and a deep supply of lead. Then I’ll need an original 1893 Marlin in .38-55, and an original 1895 Marlin. Both might need a trip to Al Springer. Well shoot, I’ve overspent my budget before Al worked on the Marlins. Guess I’ll have to pick only one Marlin.

  69. Id buy mint polytech legends, and put em up since values keep skyrocketing. Sell em in 10 yrs, and double or triple my money. Galils, valmets, colt sp1s, anything 89 preban sells like hotcakes.

  70. -3 Galil ACES in all 3 calibers -5.56, .308, 7.62×39
    -Last one would be a toss up between a Beretta ARX-100 or Colt LE901

    That would get me to $10K quick.

  71. ‘DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: How Would You Spend $10,000 On Guns?’

    Tomorrow’s DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: How Would You Explain To Your Wife You Just Spent $10,000 On Guns?

  72. I’d just put that money toward moving out of CT.

    But in keeping with the subject, a good M1 Garand, a high end 1911, a good AK, and a A$$ load of mags and ammo.

  73. Custom Surgeon rifle in 6.5 CM with a Tangent Theta 5-25 scope. Left over ~$600 would go to a Spuhr mount and couple boxes of ammo.

  74. Old Classic REVOLVER! that would use up the 10k! A S&W Nickle w / real pearl grips #3 Schofield in 44-40 would be nice. Call it a hedge against inflation. Of course I would want to shoot it and it would drive me nuts.

  75. At this particular time point, I would spend it all on AR magazines. Then, depending on how the polls will be looking later this year, sell them for then-current market prices either before November, or shortly after.

    Then, I’ll have to figure out how to spend $20-50k on guns. But that is a different question, with so many more exciting answers.

    • I like the way you think, sir. If I had the upfront cash, I’d be buying a crate of PMAGs right now.

      • President Trump is highly unlikely.

        But it doesn’t really matter. Fervor will be high either way before the election, and if the polls are too close for my comfort, I’d just dump the mags at that point. I bet they’ll be selling for at least twice the price already by then.

        OTOH, if it’s clear that Clinton will be the winner, then wait until they start a formal AWB bill proposal…

  76. I’d go with a mix of collector and shooter. An Israeli Mauser kar98k, a Destroyer Carbine and a surplus Browning Hi-Power. On the more practical side, a 6.5 Creedmoor rifle with a good scope, a service match AR, an AR carbine, a Benelli shotgun, some 10/22s, a mid-range 1911, an M&P 9, a Ruger SR-22 and a .357 magnum revolver. Then maybe an SKS or vz 58

  77. It’s not about the guns it’s about the ammo. Buy a few guns and get enough ammo for them so you become proficient with them and keep shooting. The price of ammo is crazy.

  78. (20) Smith and Wessons 15-22 Magpul editions

    1 Barrett 50 cal and 2 Colt Pythons (or 1 Python depending on whatever they are up to now)

  79. A Sig P210, FN SCAR17, mags for both, an excellent optic for the SCAR, a silencer rated for 7.62×51 and the rest (if any) on ammo.

  80. It would become part of my training and ammo budget. I would definitely attend MAG-40 and follow it up with MAG-80 and Rangemaster’s Instructor course.

  81. I’d buy a bunch more AK parts kits(7.62×39 and 5.45), a bunch of barrels, a barrel of rivets and receiver flats, a bunch more mags, and tins of that sweet sweet ammo(7n6 as much as possible and whatever 7.62 was cheapest). Now that is a retirement plan, an investment, and a potential armory for friends and neighbors should socialism prevail stateside. When my grandfather was old he wanted to make a bamboo fly rod for every grandkid. Maybe I’d try to make every one of mine an AK. There is no better way to say I love you than to literally and figuratively teach someone how to fish. Fish being really fish and also being the capability to live free and protect ones self.

  82. I’d go to Yakima, WA and meet the nice gang that still runs the family business at Ljutic. Then is spend an hour picking out the finest piece of American Walnut wood with a deep feather grain and have them build me a custom fitted, hand made 12 gauge shotgun Combo with a single 34″ barrel and an over under set of 32″s. Then I would hand them the money without a receipt and wait a year for the coolest, fastest trap gun ever. Also I would get a Ljutic hat. Ask me in a couple months how that worked out!

  83. 4 decent AR-15s with red dots (one for me, my wife and each kid), 4 matching 9mm handguns (probably Ruger SR9s), a nice Howa in 300 win mag, with a good Lueopold scope, a Ruger SR1911, about 5 chip mckormick mags, about 3 dozen more AR mags, and the rest to ammo

  84. Whatever long gun and glass in .338 or 6.5 that DysG recommends for elk out west,
    a precision rifle course, to get good at using it,
    a good guided hunt, to bring home some meat, and then
    a nice reloading setup with enough commodities to reload my own for the next 5 years.

  85. Training, training, and more training. Not tacticool or mall ninja training. Training for real world scenario’s, that apply to situations that PotG might find themselves in. Let’s face it. I’m not clearing buildings, rescuing hostages, or fighting ISIS. Yet.

    Oh yeah, having the tools and learning the skills to reload the caliber of firearms I own would be nice too.

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