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Jim Cornette is an American professional wrestling manager, commentator, promoter and booker. Despite working in an industry that caters to people who cling to their guns and bibles like grim death, Mr. Cornette is as anti-gun as they come. To the point where I wonder how in the world he made it thus far. I can only assume he’s the manager fans love to hate.

desantis blue logo no back 4 smallMr. Cornette’s profanity-infused rant includes his not-so-secret wish that NRA Veep Wayne LaPierre’s kids had been in the Orlando Pulse nightclub when it was attacked. “He’d rather have the money than have his kids get shot in the head six times,” Cornette proclaims. Huh?

While his style isn’t for listeners with a delicate constitution (so to speak), Mr. Cornette is expressing the same anti-gun rights sentiments we’ve heard a thousand times. And he’s nasty about it, too. Which makes me wonder: generally speaking, why are anti-gunners such a nasty-*ss group of people? If not publicly, then privately.

DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Should the U.S. Army Ditch the M14?">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Are Gun Owners in Hillary's "Basket of Deplorables"?">Next Post


    • It’s just this simple – Nasty rhetoric is the ONLY WEAPON they have.

      This can be seen by the fact that when a person knows he is losing the debate he will inevitably resort to profanity and personal attacks since his logic (ammunition in a debate) has run out.

    • Projection

      Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.

  1. “are anti-gunners a nasty-*ss group of people? If not publicly, then privately?”

    They’re totalitarian lefties….of course they are. We ain’t seen nothing yet.

  2. They can’t get what they want so they act like petulant two-year-olds and scream and cry and stamp their little feet in frustration…

  3. Yea, well Cornette has been fired from almost every professional wrestling promotion he’s ever worked for. Some of them have let him go for creative reasons, others because he really is a short tempered individual.

    • Jim Cornette had a very keen mind for professional wrestling, but he’s so stuck in the old school he can’t accept anything new in professional wrestling or anything that’s not his idea. Thus, he lashes out like he did here on guns.

  4. 5:15 on the vid and had to stop. This dude is clearly an idiot, and he hasn’t the slightest clue about anything. Just another anti going on how about how dumb gun owners are and how much we like to have sex with our guns. Nothing worth listening to, folks. If you’re easily angered, definitely not a good idea.

  5. Why?

    Anti’s think “those others” incompetent — not able to protect themselves, worthless — not worth protecting, reactive — not to be trusted with a fly swatter, and subject — not entitled to decide for themselves, or even have an opinion, anyway.

    That’s how they got to “No guns for you!” You aren’t a fellow human. The conversation is not a shared search for truth, and a plan.

    No way they’d be nice, or even civil, if that’s where they start from. (“…bitterly clinging…”, and “… there are those…”) Sometimes the mask slips, like, say, calling about 20% of the country a basket of … well, you heard it.)

  6. I don’t know if everyone who harbors anti-gun sentiments is mean and nasty about it but certainly a lot of the vocal anti’s are pieces of work.

    The reason, I suspect, can be found by reading two books. The Road To Serfdom by F.A. Hayak and Last Exit to Utopia by Jean-François Revel.

    The fusion of the two books, in my takeaway, comes down to this: Some of these people truly believe that utopia is achievable. Now to get there, certain things must be done (like taking away your guns). Their opinion of you or I boils down to this: we’re standing in the way of utopia and what sort of asshole does that? Clearly, because you willingly stand between society and utopia you’re a bad person and therefore you are deserving of any sort of nastiness that might come your way.

    That’s what it comes down to for these people “Me good, you bad” and no one has a problem saying nasty things about bad people do they? It’s not a social faux pas to remark poorly of the 9/11 hijackers is it? No, they were bad people so a little invective thrown their way is totally acceptable. Same thing with the anti’s. We’re bad people so saying nasty things about us is acceptable.

    You can see this is some of what that dolt Piers Morgan said. Publicly (on CNN) he said that guns are bad and should be taken away, privately, in an interview that was caught on camera, he remarked he’d like to machinegun the lot of us.

    • Excellent. Add Bloom’s book “The Closing of the American Mind” and you have a very nice core package to understand how leftism consistently supports evil over good, and that which leads to failure and poverty over that which leads to success and prosperity.

      And I would say that, for leftists, invective directed at the 9/11 terrorists IS inappropriate.

      Worth a re-watch on this anniversary of the attack, the Sayet talk which formed the basis of the “Unified Field Theory of Liberalism:”

      The ideas Sayet put forth have considerable explaining power for the anti-self defense movement, just as for other aspects of leftism. Leftists cannot see (or, at least, cannot acknowledge) the difference between self defense and murder, especially if self-defense is successful.

      • I hadn’t seen this previously and I think he’s on to something.

        However, I don’t agree that the Left has no standards. They certainly do. For example they think they’re better than you and me. Just go find a Lefty and talk to them, they’ll tell you how superior they are.

        They’ll tell you that clearly you don’t have a college education even if you clearly do. They’ll tell you that if you have a degree it’s from an inferior school even if that’s clearly not the case. They’ll tell you you live in a trailer. They’ll tell you that you want dead children in the streets. They’ll tell you that they have a superior understanding of whatever topic happens to come up. In short they will go to great lengths to explain to you how you’re a stupid and bad person and that they are the embodiment of everything that is good and true and that they are highly educated and understand the world.

        • Very on-point references.

          I’ll add Thomas Sowell’s A Conflict of Visions, and Tom Wolfe’s Radical Chic and Mau-Mauing the Flack Catchers. Sowell ties all the differences of opinion on policy or role of government back to two “visions” of how the world works. Tom Wolfe does a very snarky take on the social pretensions of particular policy positions as fashion, back before everyone understood the term “virtue signaling”, or the slang “the cool kids.”

          You don’t have to only read stuff you agree with, so long as what you read is honest and coherent. So, as examples from another POV, try Lester Thuow’s The Zero-Sum Society, or Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr’s The Cycles of American History. For something anecdotal and poignant, try most of Studs Terkles stuff, especially Working.

        • I read all sorts of stuff but rarely do I actively seek out “the other point of view” in terms of a book when I already know what they’re going to say. I’d rather listen to the author talk.

          Two reasons: Youtube is free and I don’t have time to waste reading poorly written drivel that the author can’t back up.

          In college I had to read a bunch of Chomsky. What an utter waste of time. This asshole wrote a bunch of books basically declaring how stupid and manipulative he was. Why not save us all the time (and money) and just come out and publicly state “I’m a stupid and manipulative asshole who has nothing of value to say and can’t back up any statement I make”?

          If you’re gonna manipulate facts, distort history and just generally lie through your teeth I’d rather hear you say it for free than pay $35 to spend hours of my time reading it in print. I’m not saying that I seek out books that only back my perspective on life, far from it, but I’m not going to go looking for kook authors to read the kooky stuff they have to say because no one is going to pay me to write a rebuttal.

    • Great books! Jean Francois-Revel is one of those lesser-known authors, but all of his books should be read by anyone seeking to understand the totalitarian mindset.

      The Left in America is in particular weird in this sense. They will twist themselves into pretzels on the issue of whether the terrorists are actually, literally, evil, or rather just people who are stuck in an ideology that they were raised in and thus have no other way of seeing the world. So we have Loretta Lynch saying the solution is love.

      The irony is that they do not apply this kind of thinking to conservatives, or gun rights proponents. You never see the Left twisting itself into a pretzel on whether organizations like the NRA, or people like Wayne LaPierre, or Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, or any conservatives who opposite same-sex marriage, etc…are evil. You never hear them say, “Well, these are people who are members of a wrong ideology and they just don’t know any better. It doesn’t make them evil though, and it is up to us liberals to try and educate them on the truth so that they can see the light.”

      LOL NOPE.

      Blow people up, cut baby’s heads off, gun down people, rape women, kill children, etc…well it’s just a bad ideology you’re a member of, but it doesn’t mean you yourself are literally evil.

      But a conservative in America and oppose same-sex marriage? EVIL

      Conservative and oppose abortion? EVIL
      Conservative and oppose welfare (or extensive welfare)? EVIL

      Sean Hannity? EVIL

      Ann Coulter? SUPER EVIL

      Rush Limbaugh? EVIL



      And speaking of the Nazis, I doubt they would have had this view of the Nazis, i.e. that they were not truly evil, just raised in a bad ideology to which love is the best response, like they do of the terrorists. For some terrorists (and certain Nazis), that probably was the case to a degree, as if you are raised to be a radical Muslim or a hardcore Nazi and have it drilled into you since youth, that is a bit different than if you convert over to it as an adult. But the lunacy of the Left is in how they’ll give such people a pass while hating conservatives and libertarians.

      Having said all of the above, I am pro-same-sex marriage and pro-choice.

  7. Also, if you dig around on YouTube, you can find interviews with him about carrying a gun back in the days where not everyone knew wrestling was scripted, and he was a heel(bad guy) character. And, you can also read stories about him threatening to shoot Brock Lesnar because Brock man-handled his girlfriend in a way he wasn’t supposed to.

  8. All special interest driven propaganda is nasty, it’s designed to elicit emotional responses and avoid factual information.

  9. You need to consider that these are the same people who think it is just fine to use the point of a gun to relieve you of your money. Some are quite willing to do the dirty work of pointing the gun themselves for the direct reward of putting your money directly in their own pockets, and some of them are only willing to use the power of government to force you to give up your money so they get a part of your redistributed wealth.

    They are already thieves, so you would expect them to be something other than nasty, ill tempered jerks?

  10. I love how he was using his first Amendment-protected rights that were written by the same people that wrote the second to rail against it. I wonder if he is intelligent enough to see his own hypocrisy in that with the way he was insulting our founding fathers.

  11. I put it very bluntly: Jim Cornette is a narcissistic ass. There was a time he was on top of the pro wrestling world when he was making the decisions in different promotions, but his time came and went long ago. For a guy in his mid-50’s, Cornette should be working for a wrestling company as a creative director, but he’s so out of touch nobody will hire him.

    Cornette only cares about Cornette and if it’s not something Cornette came up with or created, it’s not good. Since Cornette didn’t invent guns he doesn’t like them.

  12. When your whole sheltered life is driven by your pure emotions, you do not develop real coping skills. Thus, the constant lashing out in personal visceral manners. They don’t know how to be any other way.

  13. Like most supposedly extremist peace-loving unicorn ranchers, he is actually a delusional lunatic madman murderous hate monger.

    • Exactly. The professional online vaccine pushers use the same approach, going so far as wishing death to children who don’t vaccinate, all in the name of public health of course.

      • News flash. Your children may die if they are not vaccinated. Do what you want but don’t come crying when your kid gets polio or whooping cough or some other third world shit we got rid of years ago all because you believe in some sort of faux science about how bad vaccines are. Loosen up your tinfoil hat and stop reading whacked out crap from the granola club on the intertubz.

        • @pg2

          Wow, you don’t like it when someone decides he’s sick of your constant attempts to change the subject around here?

        • You’re welcome dipshit. My post was in response to your left field post that had nothing to do with the subject at hand. Now go take your anti-vaxer bullshit somewhere else.

    • Stanislav Mishin, a survivor of the former USSR, had this one pegged in his 2012 oped “Americans Never Give Up Your Guns”:

      “There is a lot of desire to bad mouth the Tsar, particularly by the Communists, who claim he was a tyrant, and yet under him we were armed and under the progressives disarmed. Do not be fooled by a belief that progressives, leftists hate guns. Oh, no, they do not. What they hate is guns in the hands of those who are not marching in lock step of their ideology. They hate guns in the hands of those who think for themselves and do not obey without question. They hate guns in those whom they have slated for a barrel to the back of the ear.”

  14. I’m not shocked anymore by the crazy, nasty, psycopathic drivel that the anti-gunners throw around. Ironically, the reason many people own guns and carry them for protection is because of unstable, violent people like the maniac in the linked video.

  15. “…f-ing us up the ass…”?

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 8>)

    It’s been said that when a person resorts to swearing, he has run out of reason and logic. (listen the above).

    (To be honest, I had to stop listening after about 4 minutes. “Do something. Anything.” Haven’t we already seen the results of that “logic” since 1934?

  16. ‘ Cause they are demon possessed. I don’t care a rats azz about pro-wrasslng either. I don’t “get” why anyone would want to be disarmed. Or care…

  17. Righteous indignation often follows the complete belief that you are correct when you are a D3mocrat, SJW, Anti-gun, pro-blah blah blah, etc. It is one of the main problems of left thinking. It takes some serious critical thinking about your beliefs and recognizing when you are wrong to break away from that hogwash, believe me.

    Heck you can look up George Carlin, he does a riff about how the most highly motivated people are often the worst in society, these nasty anti-gunners are absolutely the same. They “know” they are right because of how they feel about guns, so their feelings trump reality. Their feelings trump the Constitutionally recognized right of humans to protect themselves in the manner of their choosing.

    I REALLLLY want to see their faces when Trumpets is the winna come November.

  18. Anti-gunnners, political hacks, Westborough Baptist Church members and Matt Damon all exude a spectacular form of self righteous arrogance. Such arrogance breeds violent contemp for those considered beneath them.

    • In about 2006 I was living near Valentine, Nebraska, a town with a rough and tumble cowtown and vigilante history not that far removed from the frontier (the area was settled less than 100 years ago). A young service man from the area was killed in one of the sandboxes and word got out that Westboro was coming to protest. They didn’t show up. Word had gotten to them that if they showed their faces, things were going to get real ugly real fast.

  19. Many anti-gunners are full of hate and they make the assumption that everyone else is full of hate as well and using that logic they oppose gun rights because they fear hot lead flying everywhere.

  20. Sometimes I get a little more “strident” on the subject than I’d like. I am a rather unemotional guy but sometimes it sneaks in and I conflate all anti-gun people with the worst of anti-gun people.

  21. Because we are evil. Not just wrong. We don’t think like they do, and believe what they do. That makes us evil. They truly believe, deep down, that we are the moral equivalent of hitler. Some are just more willing to say it than others

  22. Well, Numbnuts – You started out wrong and then continued to be wrong. No, Wayne LaPierre is NOT the President of the NRA. He’s the Executive VP and CEO. Mr. Allan Cors, as fine a gentleman as you’ll ever meet, is the current president of the organization.

    Where do we draw the line on the firearms/ordnance people may own? How about the line being hurting someone or otherwise doing wrong with it? Someone who does that deserves the most severe punishment the law allows. The guy who collects interesting firearms is absolutely no different from the guy who collects interesting automobiles, the only difference being that the government doesn’t place any limits on how fast a car can go. If you’re old enough to buy a car that can go 200 mph (or have a rich daddy who will buy one for you) – have at it. Buying a firearm that will hold or shoot 200 rounds per minute? Yeah, you can – but only after an extensive background investigation. If we killed 38,300 people and severely injured another 4,400,000 last year with motor vehicles, shouldn’t THAT be a priority? Not in your little pea brain.

  23. FUDDs should start listening at 9:05 in the video. Maybe the FUDDs can pick a side after listening to that.

  24. I’ve got one of my masters degrees in media communication and I’ve spent a fair amount of my career in the field. Here are my thoughts from that perspective on the question:
    1. Our society has moved away from any concept of manners, in favor of the concept of being PC. So as long as you stay with PC bounds, you can be as nasty as you want. It’s the new normal.
    2. Internet based interactive media today, like blogs, podcasts, message boards, give people “immunity” from even what’s left of manners to say really mean stuff. They can’t see their audience, the audience either can’t see them or can only see them on a screen. People can say stuff that they would never say to the person’s face they are attacking.
    3. Although nastiness is the new normal, an over-dependence on it shows weakness and desperation. If the anti-gunners are getting nasty, it means that’s all they feel they got to throw at us.
    4. The thing you do when you don’t have the facts on your side is try to create a “spiral of silence.” That term was created after WWII, but it described the PR campaign Hitler used to demonize the Jews. By making antisemitism “PC” in Germany for that time period, it wasn’t so much that he was convincing anyone with rational arguments, but he created a situation where any opposite opinions were not acceptable to express. That’s what’s happening with the PC and anti-gun arguments today. They are not convincing anyone, they are just shutting up the opposition. Then the undecideds, the fence sitters, eventually think, “Well PC and anti-gun are the only arguments I’m hearing, so they must be right.”
    5. There is more than liberalism going on here. There is liberal self-righteousness. It is not just that liberals and conservatives are all Americans, wanting the same thing but having different ideas about how to get them. It is that liberals are “othering” conservatives, dehumanizing them, so their opinions will not matter. Hillary’s statement this week that half of Trump supporters were “a basket of deplorables,” which she explained as meaning racists, Islamophobics, etc, is a perfect example. They are saying we don’t need to argue the facts with you because you are less than an acceptable human being.

    This is what’s happening and our side needs to take big steps to counter it or the argument will get away from us even though the facts and the Constitution are on our side. And frankly, I don’t think the NRA or what’s left of the conservative media are doing enough. I think they are slowly being converted to the other side to ensure their survival.

  25. “Which makes me wonder: generally speaking, why are anti-gunners such a nasty-*ss group of people?”

    As someone not unfamiliar with how pro-gun people treat each other here, I am reminded of something about motes and beams.

    • A valid observation, Sam. As jmf552 says above:
      “2. Internet based interactive media today, like blogs, podcasts, message boards, give people “immunity” from even what’s left of manners to say really mean stuff. They can’t see their audience, the audience either can’t see them or can only see them on a screen. People can say stuff that they would never say to the person’s face they are attacking.”
      It happens here, too.

  26. On reflection, I’ll now be carrying a second spare mag just in case I run into a violent deluded psycho like this guy.

  27. The left has never gotten over the fact that they aren’t allowed to have slaves anymore. See, we’re not people to them, just wayward property they should be allowed to use for their own enrichment and pleasure. And to them, nothing is worse than the anti-slave – the free, armed citizen. They know that we won’t bend our necks to take back our collars. They don’t have the spine to actually try and enslave us anymore. I suspect this is also why they embrace islam so much because slavery is alive and well in it.

  28. To be fair, it’s like that with any kind of debate. When you run out of logic and facts, you go emotional and ad hominem.

  29. Being an asshole and going around threatening people etc is a lot easier when you don’t have to worry about someone having a gun and shooting you.

  30. Only two probabilities.

    1)Virulent anti-gunners either need a job and are sucking up to those who are recruiting and want a test drive.


    2) they are people towing the line because somone has pictures of them with animals in the barn.

    Hollywood is full of communists pushing communism and they get the suck-up actors/actresses to sell it because in the Soviet Union, actors/actresses (entertainment) were always treated to one cut above the common citizen.

  31. It’s very simple.

    A big slice of anti-gun cultists are like Heath Ledger’s “Joker”. They thrive on the suffering of others.

    The idea that a woman might, on her own, prevent herself [using a firearm] from being beaten, raped and murdered fills them with a seething rage.

  32. Most of them are cowards deep down and they don’t want to admit that the idea of defending themselves terrifies them. They turn their fear into anger against those for whom self reliance is a core value.

    Oh…and they’re douche bags.

  33. One anti-gun nut in my family actually said that anybody that can’t defend themselves with their bare hands deserves to be raped, beaten, or killed.
    I don’t think he would spout that BS if his wife was raped or one of his kids beaten.

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