DeSantis Announces the New IWB Super Stealth EDC Holster

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DeSantis Super Stealth IWB EDC holster

From DeSantis Gunhide . . .

DeSantis Gunhide® introduces a new holster called the Super Stealth™

DeSantis Super Stealth IWB EDC holster

The Super Stealth™, #M97, is our latest ambidextrous IWB to feature our GRD™ (Gunhide® Retention Device.) The GRD™ locks the weapon with an audible click usually reserved for Kydex® holsters. The GRD™ also helps secure the weapon from a rear takeaway attempt. The IWB is made of premium padded 1060D ballistic nylon and comes with a sturdy 1 3/4″, powder coated spring clip which can be repositioned for left-hand carry.

MSRP is $51.99

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    • It does not appear to be.
      The IWB holstein I use collapses, it’ does make it hard to reholstien, so usually I just run the gunm dry and then pitch it like a cowboy.
      I’ve noticed Superman doesn’t mind the boolits, but he always ducks a flying gunm.

      • “I’ve noticed Superman doesn’t mind the boolits, but he always ducks a flying gunm.”

        I never could figure that one out… 😉

        • Trace amounts of kryptonite.
          I did not know that.
          Well huh, guess the germans put that in some of their Mauser boolits too.

        • I watched every episode as a kid growing up in the ’80s, when reruns were played.

          Little Rascals, too. And Felix the Cat. And the Three Stooges. And Laurel & Hardy. And…

  1. Might have to check it out. I have had IWB holsters like that before with a spring clips. Only problem is those spring clips are sharp and that creates problems as I’ve cut myself on them before. The Sticky holsters I use just don’t last long before there are holes in them and warn out. I’ve been looking for an alternative to the Sticky but want to remain with IWB appendix carry. I really like the quickness IWB appendix in a sticky provides. It provides a really fast draw and presentation.

  2. I bought a Muddy River Tactical for my Kimber Micro 9mm Holster – Concealed Carry – “Soft Sided Leather” Inside the Waistband (IWB) Concealed Carry. I cant’ believe how comfortable it is, in the pictures it looks stiff, and hard with a dark finish, but it’s soft and finished in a buckskin color almost feels like suede. Two guys bought it and raved about the holster and turned me on to it. “Can not go wrong for the cost”, their website has it for an unbelievable low price of $34.95, also offered on Amazon.

  3. $50 for this floppy universal piece of crap when my local guy will make a custom kydex to my specific gun/light/optic combo for $50.

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