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You’re the only customer sitting in a Denny’s restaurant when two armed robbers wearing masks stroll in. Five seconds ago, your biggest concern was the havoc those Moons Over My Hammy are going to cause in your lower intestine. Now you’re wondering if these two scumbags are about to reenact their own little Luby’s. Fortunately, you’re have a CCW license and you’re packing…

The question is, what to do? But this happened in Texas – Houston, to be specific – where,  just like everything else, memories run bigger, harder and longer. So as reports, the unnamed diner took cover and open fire:

Officials said the suspects returned fire and fled the restaurant. The customer followed the suspects, firing as he went. The suspects jumped into a white minivan and fled the scene.

Officials said a white minivan with what appeared to be bullet holes was found later in the 1400 block of Griffen.

The smart thing to do would have been to lock the door to prevent the robbers from coming back and call 5-0. Of course, this was a Denny’s which delights drunks and insomniacs by never closing. There may not have even been a lock on that door. Still, running after the escapees while shooting just puts yourself and bystanders at risk. Not to mention assuming potential liability. Needlessly.

Nevertheless, there’s no way to know how many lives the customer may have saved by acting. And he may have made it easier for cops to track down the two would-be Dillingers. The moral: things can get real pretty fast. And usually when you least expect it. Carry your gun. Now. Always.

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  1. This guy seemed to have good intentions, but he could have made things worse because he missed the bad guys and they ended up in a shootout. Chasing these guys and continuing the gun fight was even more dangerous because now the street is turned into a mini war zone. He’s lucky he or some innocent bystander didn’t get shot, and hopefully he won’t be the one who gets arrested.

  2. If he was the only customer then he only saved himself and the employees. It’s not like robbers stick around for hours. After all, late night Denny’s are also frequented by late night police.

  3. Monday morning quarterbacks usually weren’t there and often wouldn’t have a clue if they had been there. Just because the bad guys ran away does not mean they weren’t hit. Here in Texas we like people who not only arm themselves, but have the balls to do something when it needs doing.

    The guy won’t be arrested, trust me.

  4. Stand up, assess, move to cover over blind egress, open fire and repel threats. Awesome example to set. It got real, he reacted without panicking. I applaud.

  5. Did one robber say to the other “I love you Pumpkin”, and the other say “I love you Honey Bunny”?

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