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“With 33,000 Americans dying every year, Democrats believe that we must finally take sensible action to address gun violence. While responsible gun ownership is part of the fabric of many communities, too many families in America have suffered from gun violence. We can respect the rights of responsible gun owners while keeping our communities safe.

“To build on the success of the lifesaving Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, we will expand and strengthen background checks and close dangerous loopholes in our current laws; repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) to revoke the dangerous legal immunity protections gun makers and sellers now enjoy; and keep weapons of war—such as assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines (LCAM’s)—off our streets.

“We will fight back against attempts to make it harder for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to revoke federal licenses from law breaking gun dealers, and ensure guns do not fall into the hands of terrorists, intimate partner abusers, other violent criminals, and those with severe mental health issues. There is insufficient research on effective gun prevention policies, which is why the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention must have the resources it needs to study gun violence as a public health issue.” – 2016 Democratic National Platform

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  1. Yeah, go ahead guys and gals, don’t vote for Trump cause he’s not your cup a tea. Look what’s right around the corner.

    • Not only is that Hitlery’s platform, but every SCOTUS nominee of hers will have that platform as well.

      Our next President will nominate at least three Justices to the U.S. Supreme Court.

      If you must hold your nose while voting for Trump, so be it. A Hitlery presidency has the potential to bring our gun rights on par with Canada or Australia.

    • Putting the man-child into the White House is not going to help Second Amendment rights in the long run. All it’s going to do is shift the blame to the Republican party. Keep the House and Senate Republican and hope that they’ll have the balls to oppose either the turd sandwich or the giant douche this go around.

      • You comment is speculation, and you are talking about Trump “not helping.”

        Okay, for the sake of argument, I’ll grant you that Trump won’t move the needle TOWARD rights. I disagree with the statement on principle, but I can accept it as a starting point for a theoretical discussion.

        You conspicuously did NOT say he will overtly HARM rights. At this point, given the choice, I would rather have a POTUS that does no further harm to 2A (and all other BoR) Rights than one who is openly campaigning on flushing 2A down the toilet.

        At this stage, every POTG complaining about what Trump MIGHT do is for some reason drawing a logical equivalence to what Hillary is saying she will work very hard TO DO. She’s making it a priority in her campaign.

        So, call him a ‘man child’ all you want, but at least with Trump we have a chance that 2A issues won’t get worse at the federal level. With Hillary, she’s committed to gutting the idea of armed citizenry.

        • ‘…at least with Trump we have a chance that 2A issues won’t get worse at the federal level.’

          Yes we have a ‘chance’ that Thedonald won’t do harm to the 2A, but at what cost? Would it be worth the Republicans losing the House, Senate and Presidency in 2020? Do you think that the Democrats will miss their next opportunity to ram gun control down our throats? I’m looking at the long game here. We have a choice between a Giant Douche (Trump) and a Turd Sandwich (Clinton). Either will be a disaster, but only one will draw the backlash to the pro-2A party.

        • If you think the liberals will be around in 2020 to take anything you’re delusional. Half their party leadership will be in jail or on death row by the end of next year.

      • So you think any short term damage that Clinton might do is ok. But to quote Keynes “in the long run we are all dead.” the long run is a series of short runs

        You could vote for Gary Johnson. Oh wait a minute he doesn’t think much of gun rights either.

        • If the Republicans keep the House and Senate then HRC can do no damage to the 2A that they don’t consent to. For instance, there’s nothing in the Constitution that says the Senate has to consent to any SCOTUS nominee. Why can’t the court go 4 years with 8 justices?

        • If you think that the Senate will hold against a Demokkkrat propaganda campaign for eight years, you’re delusional. We need to get our justices in now. Better yet, we need to pack the court of 15 members like FDR did so that there won’t be a liberal majority for half a century.

        • If I trusted the giant douche to nominate a quality candidate he’d get my vote. Sure he clicked and pasted a list from a conservative group, but immediately backtracked on the list. I guarantee the GOP will rubber stamp any nominee he puts up, no matter how anti-2A that nominee may be. At least with the turd sandwich we can listen to Green Eggs and Ham read over and over for 24 hours straight on the Senate floor. Maybe the rest of the senators can grow a set.

        • That’s exactly, right, Serge.

          Strike while the iron is hot.

          Anti-Progressivism is in general on fire right now, and that includes 2A.

          The “Conservative” loser strategy for the past 20 years has been to play nice and try to ‘get along.’ Bullocks to that. The Proggies are on the ropes right now…not defeated, but ‘rocked.’

          Time to finish them, or at least go down fighting with that goal in mind. Playing into “let the Senate and House keep Hillary in check” is analogous to having your opponent on the ropes in total defense and then just going an standing in the corner waiting for the round to end in 1 minute.

          Besides, I don’t understand how this logic applies to Hillary but it doesn’t to Trump. If the (R) controlled Senate and House can prevent Hillary from doing too much, why then is it the thinking that Trump will ruin things?

          That makes no sense.

          Give no quarter. We are literally at war, a somewhat cold war but war nonetheless, for the survival of our Constitutional Republic. We are not going to win this war against the Marxist/Progressive usurpers like Clinton without fighting to win.

        • Except that electing Hillary guarantees Democrat control of the Senate and maybe even the House.

        • JR, the only conservative candidate in the last 20 years was W in 2000. He didn’t end up very conservative, but he ran as a conservative. Everyone else (the losers) were the ‘moderate’ candidates.

          Also, those with (R)s by their names will be less enthusiastic about opposing others with (R)s next to their names (unless it’s Ted Cruz).

        • Hey Gov:

          Would you cut the narcissistic bullshit where no candidate is good enough for you. You have no basis for your rantings on Trump’s position on gun or personal rights. It’s all just baseless speculation. Hillary is a fucking disaster. I get that you have the right not to vote for Trump, but your nonsensical anti-Trump rantings are bullshit. Did Trump fuck your girlfriend or something?

      • You are over thinking this Gov. Break it down to basic math.

        Hillary = guaranteed disaster
        Trump = probably disaster
        Probably disaster > Guaranteed disaster

        Without all the distraction it really is that simple if we are excluding third party from the conversation.

        • Wiki-fucking-pedia? That’s what you have Gov? Wiki-fucking-pedia?

          Did Wiki-fucking-pedia tell you what an utter fucking disaster Hillary will be for any non-progressive/liberal in this country?

          You are a ranting narcissist.

        • Next 8, do you really think you’re a good candidate to be lecturing others on rants and narcissism?

        • Way to address the issue Gov!

          Big news for you: your perfect candidate does not exist!! They all suck. Get over it.

        • Sorry, not everyone can address the issues as eloquently as ‘Wiki-fucking-pedia!’

          I’d be perfectly happy to vote for a mediocre candidate like I did in 2012 and 2008. I might still vote for the man-child. All he and his minions have to do is convince me that the potential upside outweighs the potential downside. So far you’re not helping your cause.

        • “All he and his minions have to do is convince me that the potential upside outweighs the potential downside.”

          Here’s your downside: If Trump loses, Hillary wins.

          If that does not convince you, nothing will.

          • Trump has made a mockery of the election process. Hillary has made a mockery of…everything.
            Obama was not as good for the progressives as they hoped. Trump will not be as bad for the Conservatives as we fear. Hillary will be worse…for the entire world.

      • The Trump – Clinton choice is a VERY clear one.

        It’s the difference between finding a pit bull on your front door step and finding a Komodo dragon.

        You don’t know what the pit bull is going to do. It might lick your face. It might bite it off.

        You know EXACTLY what the Komodo dragon is going to do.

        I’ll pick the pit bull over the Komodo dragon EVERY time.

        • Precisely! If Hellary wins, the SCOTUS will get stacked against the 2-A, 5-4 immediately and possibly 6-3 or even 7-2 depending on how many of them drop dead and which of them drop dead or retire during a 4 or 8 year term. 9 million illegals will be given citizenship and the floodgates will be opened for millions more to come in. The majority of both the latter will vote for socialism and that will be the end. You may as well start plannniing to make your final stand. How anyone with any desire to stop the mad rush to European socialism and the total loss of whatever freedoms we have remaining would vote in any other direction, that is for Hellary, Johnson, write-in, or just staying home is beyond astonishment!!! Give Trump credit where credit is due. Unless everything he’s said is pure BS, he seems to be just what this country needs right now. Put a solidly constitutionally minded Republican House Majority and Senate behind and around him and we might have one last generational hurrah for freedom before our own greed, lust, and wickedness bring GOD’S judgment down against us. We have a lot to answer for. GOD SAVE THE REPUBLIC! 2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV – We need to!

      • Gov. William J Le Petomane:

        Time to change your tampon.

        While you’re being a “cuck” my family, friends and neighbors here in N.J. (that’s if I don’t get down to Va before 10/19/16, the registration deadline) will ALL be voting for the candidate (Donald J. Trump) who has TWO (2) sons who are “firearms enthusiasts” and who not only promises to protect OUR 2nd Amendment rights but sign “National Concealed Carry Reciprocity” into law as opposed to the adult diaper-wearing, stroke victim and corrupt closeted lesbian Communist who seeks to disarm us using Australian-style gun confiscation.

        If you give a f*** DON’T be a “cuck”!

        Vote Donald J. Trump!

      • Gov. William J Le Petomane:

        Time to change your sanitary pad or equivalent..

        While you’re being a “cuck” my family, friends and neighbors here in N.J. (that’s if I don’t get down to Va before 10/19/16, the registration deadline) will ALL be voting for the candidate (Donald J. Trump) who has TWO (2) sons who are “firearms enthusiasts” and who not only promises to protect OUR 2nd Amendment rights but sign “National Concealed Carry Reciprocity” into law as opposed to the adult diaper-wearing, stroke victim and corrupt Communist closeted carpetmunch who seeks to disarm us using Australian-style gun confiscation.

        If you give a **** DON’T be a “cuck”!

        Vote Donald J. Trump!

      • Ok Gov, what’s your reccomendsatkon then come November? I get what you’re saying about the importance of keeping a Republican congress, but what’s your plan of action? Vote for Clinton and then vote for R’s in congress to keep her in check?

      • I see a lot of bitching in your post but no solutions for alternatives. So go ahead, vote for Clinton or waste a vote on Gary Johnson, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

        • The solution I’ve suggested is vote the down ticket and wait for 2020 to get a presidential candidate worth voting for. Bear in mind if Trump wins we can write off 2020. If he loses the country will surely be sick of runaway deficits, stagnant economy and seeing Hitlery’s stunning face on the tube. If Trump manages to get reelected it will probably just about ruin any chance for 2024 since everyone will be sick of Republicans. So really it’s looking like a mixed bag either way to me.

      • Gov,

        I don’t think you’re as politically savvy as you think you are. Republicans in the House and Senate have caved before, and they certainly will again. Here’s the Democratic Party’s thinly veiled celebration of gun control under the guise of “common sense safety” and you seem unclear as to which party to support.

        As to Trump, his stated gun views are relatively clear, albeit inconsistent. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are no longer in the race, or I’d be voting for them. The sad reality is that they are too right wing for the general populace. Johnson technically is in the race, but has no chance of winning. Heck, my own views of the 2nd Amendment have changed. I’m pretty much an absolutist, with the caveat that have caretakers for the mentally unstable and searchable parole / probation for released violent felons. I used to support background checks. Not anymore.

        Hillary, on the other hand, celebrates statism and gun control at every opportunity. Plus she’s happy with an unsecure border and another 700,000 Syrian refugees, to name but a few on a long and distinguished list of idiotic Billary ideas.

        If you vote Independent, you have no chance of winning. If you vote Trump, you might win. And if Trump crashes and burns then I support and vote for someone else in 2020. If you vote Hillary, you are part of the problem and gun freedom really isn’t your thing.

        • If Trump crashes and burns bad enough to open the door for another (conservative/libertarian) candidate in 2020 then it would be just as well to deal with HRC for 4 years. What are the odds the country will try another Republican then? Probably have to wait until at least 2024.

          As far as his position on the 2A, one day he’s saying he’s for national reciprocity, the next he’s saying the government needs to keep a secret list of people ‘suspected’ of being naughty who can’t possess guns and have no due process to restore their rights. Either way we’d better hope the congressional Republicans get a backbone soon or we’re all screwed.

      • I’m not counting on a Republican Congress to stand firm on anything anymore. They’ve really let us down lately.

      • In case you’ve been asleep the last couple of decades the Left has achieved their goals by SCOTUS decisions. The congress is becoming meaningless. A Hildebeast win will mean a leftist court for the next 40 years. Congress is irrelevent.

    • A Hillary Administration will result in the SCOTUS turning Anti-business, Anti-capitalist and Leftist for the first time in history. That court will uphold EVERY idiotic democrat law, reg, tax and lawsuit for the next 100 years.The destruction of the 2A will pale next to the destruction of our economy as businesses are subjected to mass looting by the government and trial lawyers.

      The existence of the Republic is at stake. Every newly elected president of the last 24 years has had a Congress of their own party — Hillary will be NO different.

    • As I understand it, the condemned drops through a trap door in the platform that swings away, letting them fall a certain distance. The rope brings them to an abrupt stop, snapping their neck.

      Of course amateur lynch mobs operate differently, generally letting the condemned strangulate slowly.

      Either way you don’t hang *from* a platform. However, with any decent luck they’ve just hung themselves on the rope they gave themselves.

        • I would have figured it the other way around. But…fair enough. Here’s hoping they hang themselves off whatever equipment they’ve provided.

        • Oh, I think we should be willing to give them a little shove. The daily Muslim terrorist attacks in Europe are the best campaign advertising in human history.

      • Indeed, and what they are basing this on – the ignorance of the voter is proven time and time again, all you need do is ask anyone on the street even the simplest of political questions to demonstrate:

        “Liberal Zombies Endorse Paul Ryan as Hillary’s VP Running Mate”

        Paraphrased: “I don’t know man, sounds great, should help defeat Trump. All I need is some cool waves, and tasty buds.”

        Yes I made up that last bit.

        These are the literal useful idiots, and they vote to take away your guns and your money. To enslave you in short.

        And they have been winning at this game for decades.

        • Yes, but I think that is starting to unravel a bit. The momentum really feels like it’s turning. At least more and more people are waking up to the idea that something is very wrong. It will take them a bit more time to understand who the real enemy is. If things run their course, I think the word “Progressive” is about to become a curse again for 30-40 years, like it has been before. The main question is, given how far things have slipped, is: do we have time for it to run it’s course?

        • I would have answered that question differently: Tim Kaine might not be too happy about that, but since Ryan is an open borders, free H1b Visas for all guy, just like Hillary, that would make sense. Fortunately it looks like he is gonna be out of a job come November because he is going to loose his primary next month.

    • So…this WAS the most transparent administration in history. They were derelict in their duties for all to see. You know it. I know it. The FBI knows it. The mob that will vote democrat forever regardless knows it.
      The ballot box has become irrelevant. They shout you down or ban you from social media making the soap box irrelevant. What’s the next box?

      • I think everyone here knows my answer to that.

        It’s not the end of the road, but we can see it from here.

        • Heres the thing Liberals don’t understand or want to admit. If they win, most everybody loses. If Conservatives, Constitutional Conservatives win, most everybody wins.
          Conservatives choose the approach that as long as we can restore fiscal responsibility and the fundamental rights of all people, this can be handled non violently.
          The Liberal approach has one final step in the process. Rebellion, civil war, State sanctioned mass murder. Do Progressives think that far ahead? Seems like with a title of “progressive”, they would. Yet I think they only serve themselves in the present. Whereas Conservatives hold dear the values of the founders in order to preserve the Republic for infinite generations.

  2. Note, of course, that when they say they want assault (modern) weapons and large (normal) capacity magazines “off our streets” they mean “confiscated from anyone who doesn’t work for the government”.

    • And they assigned an acronym to it, so it must be a thing right? When they say LCAM, I see Lets Confiscate American Metal.

  3. Here’s another reason NOT to vote for Billery- I know it’s long but worth the watch. The RNC could make good use of the info in this video. 10% of the money collected for the Klinton foundation was used for charity, the rest weelllllllll….after her anointment to princess of the USA it went from millions to BILLIONS. hmmmmmm.

    • They both sold out the interests of their nation to foreign powers. Hillary kicked it into overdrive as sec state. If someone does that for ideological reasons, I would revile them, but at least there might be a modicum of respect there for a person who was willing to risk everything for sincerely held beliefs. But they did it for nothing more than personal enrichment, when they could have lived perfectly well just off pensions, especially with a few speaking gigs thrown in for honest prices. Could have gotten teaching gigs. Could have gotten private sector gigs just for the asking. They are the lowest of the low. Utterly contemptible. Literally worth less than scum scraped off the bottom of one’s boots.

  4. “ensure guns do not fall into the hands of terrorists”

    And how, exactly, does one “ensure” that?

    It’s not working so well in France these days, is it? The terrorists seem to get guns just fine.

    And even those terrorists that don’t want to bother getting a gun are doing just fine with knives and machetes. And trucks.

    See: France and Germany the past week.

    So, basically, the platform is nothing but platitudes to fool people into thinking they are actually doing “something” to prevent terrorism when it’s just empty promises.

    • One of the guns used in the France concert massacre was actually traced back to the Obama/Holder/Clinton “Fast and Furious” gun running scheme. So, it turns out that the Dem’s actually supplied a weapon for that one.

      • So, the platform should be changed to read:

        “To ensure that ISIS gets guns, but peaceful citizens of the US cannot.”

        Yes, that does seem more consistent with the Democrat ultimate goals.

    • I’ll settle for “allowing” as many guns as possible to get into the hands of good, rights-respecting people (I won’t say “law abiding” because so many laws (such as any gun control law) are malum prohibitum that, to my mind don’t make you “bad” if you break them).

      We outnumber the terrorists.

      • We only outnumber the terrorists for now. They are including anyone on the various watch lists as proven terrorists, saying they shouldn’t be allowed to buy guns. And those of us who have been paying attention have all seen/heard the NRA and their membership get called terrorists by the lefty/progs.


        It doesn’t have to be YOUR name on the list; just a name similar to yours, and that’s close enough. The name “T. Kennedy” on the list was enough to cause problems for Sen Edward Kennedy, and none of his names actually started with a “T” (Ted was a nickname, his full name was Edward Moore Kennedy).

  5. The dems are imploding even as we watch. 68 dem convention, anyone?

    Trump will be our next president.

    • Yep, I’m temped to go downtown to watch the show, even as we speak. But, then there is the stupid people, stupid things, stupid places rule which no sane person violates without good reason. That, plus it’s hot and humid.

    • He’s got it in the bag…

      Side note: I wonder where all the pro-gun, Bernie lovers who came on here months back swearing he was it are now…

      I wonder how much Clinton had to pony up for the Bern to sellout so quickly.


  6. “…We can respect the rights of gun owners…”

    Except for all these ways in which we will trample those rights.

    • They really do want more dead cops.
      If I had a son contemplating police service or military service, I would strongly urge him to join the military. Hell, if I had a son contemplating joining the police force or working in a fragrance boutique, I would strongly encourage him to sell perfume.

  7. Hey I was scolded on a Christian FB page when they had a bit about Conservative gals praying with/for the hildebeast. I said if you vote for IT it’s like voting Hitler. Adolf banned guns and killed babies too. I got the “only GOD can judge” diatribe”. The democrats and the hildebeast want your guns,children,money,freedom and your very soul. The republicans just want all your money(sigh)…

  8. Oooh look, new acronym “LCAM”- Good God that’s clunky. Maybe we should go back to just calling them “clips” to confuse them more.

  9. The Titanic sank because of the part of the iceberg they did not see. This is just the tip of the Democrat gun control iceberg.

    A complete reversal of the Heller decision lies underneath all of this. They declare the 2nd Amendment a government “right” and that no individual right exists. All gun ownership is then based on need and sporting purpose. Guess how that goes.

    You Trump haters listening?

    • “You Trump haters listening?”

      No, they aren’t.

      Dogma is very hard to let go; it’s even worth when it is false dogma sold hard by a corrupt media.

      The “right” that hates Trump at this stage of the electoral process is blinded by the same ideological driven emotion that drives the rabid anti’s. They are akin to the folks that have nothing but ‘small penis ammosexual’ in their bag of arguments. That’s exactly what their anti-Trump rhetoric sounds like.

      For example, I know one hard core Christian Right Conservative that has actually said he believes Hillary is better than Trump. And, he reinforced this mindset just this morning!

      • It’s already turning. And the more people see of Hillary, the less they like her. In the general, the DNC isn’t going to be able to keep her out of the public eye like they did during the primaries. On the other hand, the more people see of Trump, I think the more they will like him. There are a large number of people who know little or nothing about Trump apart from what the MSM says about him. In particular, stories about the many times Trump has played fairy godfather and quietly bailed out those in need will be very effective. Compare that to how Hillary has treated the “little people.”

        Some conservatives will hold out, for sure. And about 35% or so of America is so completely indoctrinated they would vote (D) even if Hillary messily devoured a screaming baby on live TV. But I think enough will turn.

        • I agree…the momentum right now is completely with Trump and Hillary is a sinking ship that the rats can’t get off fast enough.

          As for this:

          “Compare that to how Hillary has treated the “little people.””

          Funny you should mention that. DNC is being criticized this morning for throwing out food rather than giving it to the poor.

          Blood is in the water right now. A story like this likely would have been dismissed 3 months ago, but not now. This will send more over the edge.

          As for Hillary, “the Hate is strong with this one.” She reeks of the hatred she receives. And emits.

  10. Hmmm, they really aren’t coming to take our guns away, until they are.

    So what’s the ploy? Why finally be honest about their intent to take away our standard capacity patrol rifles? They have publically lied for most of their existence, except at the very beginning, about thier true intent to ban not just patrol rifles, but about banning handguns as well.

    From past behavior, I believe they are using this ploy of finally telling the truth about thier intent to ban our patrol rifles to misdirect our attention from some other nefarious and down right evil action in some other area of their planned implementation of tyranny.

    The only thing that makes sense is that the same bloody mindset that is at the heart of communism/Marxism and it’s spawn called liberal/progressivism; that allowed The un- repentant terrorist Professor Bill Ayers, that planned to murder 25 million Americans that would not be “re-educated” after the Weather Underground succeeded in their Marxist revolution; is that they and thier pawns in the old media know that this toxic and hateful narrative of “white Racist Cops” murdering “helpless and innocent” blacks; that they created, has led to the multiple murders of cops around the country and is only the beginning. I believe as they planned and hoped for.

    They know that what they have created is only the beginning. They will only escalate this narrative to full out war in the streets, with various actors shooting it out with those patrol rifles. And that too many people will fall back into the herd animal response and be willing to give up their freedoms for temporary security.

    The progressives plan to be at the forefront of that herd response, and be the ones leading the charge to finally pass a real and complete AWB with no “loop holes” or manufacturer s work around, with enough of the “useful idiots” supporting such an action, to finally get it passed.

    The only problem is that too many people will refuse to accept that “fellow Americans” could and would act in such a blood soaked way to pass such a law, to simply increase their control of the people.

    But really, if a whole group of people could rationalize the murder of the most helpless among us, the unborn, and call it a “right”, what is so hard to accept that those same people could rationalize the planned murder of those that have survived the womb, and justify it by simply saying “The ends justify the means”.

    The only problem that good people have is doubting the extent of what level of evil, that those that are evil are capable of.

    • That scares the living crap out of me. And the fact that you could be absolutely right scares me even more…

  11. I think the Trumpists here are a little willfully ignorant of Trump’s history; ignoring the 40-some years as an anti-gun, pro-AWB Democrat.

    His 12-month long conversion to “Not-Democrat” can’t really outweigh his almost life-long allegiance to the DNC; don’t confuse his “everything is a negotiation” style of communication that has him saying one thing Monday, and a different thing by Friday with conservative principals. Every stated position he has made has a counter position or walk-back he has also made afterwards; THIS INABILITY TO STATE A POSITION, INABILITY TO ADMIT YOU STATED A POSITION, AND INABILITY TO DEFEND YOUR POSITION ARE NOT THE HALMARKS OF A TRUSTWORTHY LEADER AND SHOULDN’T FOOL YOU INTO THINKING TRUMP IS ANYTHING BUT A POLITICAN WHO WILL TELL YOU WHATEVER YOU NEED TO HEAR.

    Oh yes, Trump is a dealmaker… and has said he is willing to make a deal on anything and everything… to include SCOTUS picks and 2A rights; he would rather have “a successful deal” (to bolster his image and ego) over a good deal.

    In other words… he will do what he needs to do to get people to buy into his image… and if this means balking on conservative Justices and supporting “comprehensive gun control”/”comprehensive gun safety”, don’t you think for a minute he will choose “going along with what the powerful think is popular” over “doing what is right”.

    • Hey we all know Trump sux-but the hildebeast sucks MUCH WORSE. And I was a Cruzer. I don’t think(?)Donnie sold out America to foreign powers…

      • I don’t know that Trump sucks. I’ve liked him for decades. Speak for yourself.

        • Pretty sure millions agree with me. I’ll still vote for the blowhard-if only to vote against the hilldbeast. I’m not looking for anything other than to be left alone. And keep my guns-this is all about guns…

        • Your single issue is guns. I think a little deeper. My single issue is Liberals.

    • Yea, people were saying the same thing about Reagan. He was, after all, not only a Democrat, but a union leader.

  12. CNN: Violent crime rising in US cities, study finds

    “In addition to a large increase in homicides, major cities in the US have experienced more than 1,000 more robberies, almost 2,000 more aggravated assaults and more than 600 non-fatal shootings in 2016 compared to this time last year. The only category of violent crime not reflecting an increase when compared to last year is rape.

    The 316 homicides reported by the Chicago Police Department were by far the most of any law enforcement agency included in the survey, a 48% increase over last year. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said there were 110 homicides so far this year, compared to 85 in 2015. San Jose’s 25 homicides more than doubled the amount during the same period last year.

    Data for New York City was notably absent from the report. The association said it had not yet received data for the nation’s largest city in time for its study.”

      • Not so much…

        And it’s good news for us, since Trump is preaching Law & Order, while the Dems will give a prime-time speaking slot at their convention to the mother of the ‘Gentle Giant’, Micheal Brown.

        You remember Mr. Brown? “Hands up! Don’t shoot!”…

  13. At first, I thought that screeching blonde’s bicep tat was armpit hair…

    I was on the verge of vomiting.

  14. Battle lines have been drawn. Now it’s up to each one of us to pick a side. It’s just that simple. All the other palaver is just bvllsh!t.

    • Thank you for saying what needed to be said, Ralph. It is just exactly that simple.

  15. Lets translate the Democrat Party Platform on guns:
    1. 33,000 gun deaths (strongly implied “gun violence” link) – Per the CDC over 21,000 of those are suicide. Do they think someone who is suicidal won’t find another way such as suicide by cop? You know they don’t want to disarm the cops.
    2. Build on the success of the Brady Act. This success is simply smoke and mirrors and the number of folks wrongly turned down is so high that prosecutors never bother going through that hay stack looking for the one needle. What they are asking for is “universal background checks” which is just a way to make it difficult for you to sell a gun to a friend or give one to a family member.
    3. Repeal the PLCAA because it makes it impossible to sue gun manufactures and retailers. This is a flat out lie. The law does not prevent lawsuits that result from defective products or from other forms of negligence. In point of fact they want to be able to sue gun companies out of business, as a sort of death by 1,000 cuts.
    4. They want the BATFE to pester gun sellers and revoke FFLs over minor infractions to make it more difficult to find a place to buy a gun.
    5.They want the CDC back in the business of anti-gun propaganda since everyone tends to discount “gun research” done by folks who are clearly gun control advocates, as a bonus that would shift the cost of it off on the tax payer.

    Hillary has gone on record about how she feels about guns:
    1. Appoint new members of SCOTUS that will dump Heller (and McDonald). This translates to turning the 2nd Amendment into nothing more than the right of the government to arm itself.
    2. We need to look at Australian buybacks. You can read this as saying that she not only wants to ban the sale of entire classes of guns that she doesn’t like, she wants to confiscate them from American citizens.
    3. Remember it was a Republican Senate that confirmed Elena Kagen, do you trust those guys not to wimp out for at least four or more years? I don’t.

    Contrast the above with the Republican platform on guns: We uphold the right of individuals to keep and bear arms, a natural inalienable right that predates the Constitution and is secured by the Second Amendment.

    Donald Trump has given us a list of people he would appoint to SCOTUS Most of them were excellent and none of them would be acceptable to Hillary since she will appoint only far left judges and justices.

    Go ahead be a “Never Trumper” and vote for that Libertarian guy and his nearly as bad as Hillary VP pick, or sit on your vote and not even go to the polls. As for me, I am left with the one choice. I will gladly vote for Trump and will push my Congressman and Senators to support the Hearing Protection Act. I believe if we can get it passed Trump will sign it, we sure know hell would freeze over before Hillary would sign it!

  16. If there is insufficient research on what gun control policies are effective, then why did you just recommend a gaggle of them?

  17. My my I have never seen such garbage spewed here amongst friends. A lot here are 1 issue voters,
    If guns is that issue.
    We have one choice and that’s Trump.
    You folks who believe he will shove us under the bus are more then likely dead wrong.
    Chose Hitlary for any reason and our rights will be 100% gone for a lot of us in what’s left of our lifetime.
    Think of it simplistically.
    Trump maybe an and Im being polite here a jerk.
    But he will surround himself with more on our side.
    He wont be running the show. It will be those chosen around him to do so.
    Let him try to fix the economy and make the deals. That’s what he does.
    Its those who are around him that will run the show.
    The boss doesn’t always have to final say or even care.
    To those fence sitting. Hold your nose and please vote TRUMP……

  18. As of today, certain former Trump bashers in my circle were saying that he might not be so bad. We were discussing the likelihood that the next WikiLeak will be even worse for Hillary than the last few. Assange is threatening a new set of leaks. Won’t say they will be about Hillary, but a leak about Donald would not damage him. He says the same stuff on TV. Every leak about Hillary exposes the hypocrisy further.

  19. I can’t bring myself to vote for Trump. However, I may be able to bring myself to vote the Republican ticket, because Mike Pence seems a pretty decent guy. I’ll have to wait and see, though, as a lot can happen between now and November.

    Come to think of it, this may be the first election where my presidential vote is actually counted! I generally vote with an absentee ballot, so one candidate or the other usually throws in the towel before the my vote’s even opened, but somehow I can picture neither Trump nor Hillary being a gracious loser…

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