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I thank Rev. Kevin Fisher for his military service and offer my heartfelt commiserations for his loss. But I don’t think that gun control is the answer he’s looking for. While it’s horrible that his uncle (also a Reverend) was murdered, the fact that the killer violated the sixth commandment using his uncle’s gun against him is irrelevant. Setting aside personal responsibility for handgun retention (out of respect for the dead), if it hadn’t been that gun, it would have been something else. Or not. Who knows? The Mayors Against Illegal Guns think they do. The killing “proves” their point that it’s safer not to have a gun than to have one. Which is just plain wrong. And not a little disgusting. As for Rev. Fisher’s mother’s murder at the hands of his father [via shotgun] . . .

Same thing. Does Reverend Fisher really believe that his father wouldn’t have taken his mother’s life if he’d been prohibited from owning a shotgun? Does the man of the cloth consider his own story the last word on gun control—discounting 1.2 million defensive gun uses per year—to argue that outlawing specific types of gun (or all guns) would make this country a safer place? Yes. Yes he does.

As for Reverend Fisher’s “Demand a Plan” placard, why are all these people so scared of saying what their plan is? Why does the Mayors Against Illegal Guns website ask you to sign their petition before telling you the plan?

Maybe it’s one of those “pay no attention to that plan behind the curtain deals” that simply wouldn’t survive the cold light of day. Well here it is, in bullet form:

  1. Require a criminal background check for every gun sold in America
  2. Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines
  3. Make gun trafficking a federal crime, including real penalties for “straw purchasers”

Number one insinuates the federal government into the private sales of firearms, raising the specter of gun control and confiscation.

Number two removes the most effective self-defense rifle available to law-abiding American citizens who have a Constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear [their choice of] arms. And limits Americans’ ability to use that rifle and other firearms effectively.

Number three is a done deal. Providing a felon with firearm is a felony. Lying on form 4473 (a.k.a., “straw purchasing”) is also felony, punishable by up to five years in prison and fines.

Worth contemplating.

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  1. The good Reverend should be looking more into the mental aberration of his father, and what horrible defect led him to turn monster and kill his wife and the reverend’s mother, and less into the tool his mentally-aberrant monster father used to commit the deed.
    It is so much easier to blame the tool and absolve the user than to place responsibility on the human beast that murders.

  2. What will be interesting (well, maybe not); is when those atheistic liberals that start foaming at the mouth about God, nativity scenes in public parks, nuns protesting outside abortion clinics, or the horrific thought of school prayer, and the Libs decide to start piling on the good Reverend’s bandwagon. Or perhaps it is he who has piled on to their bandwagon. When there is a shared belief – in this case the crucifixion of the 2nd Amendment – it is rather hypocritical of both sides to set aside their ‘other’ beliefs in order to strengthen their numbers on this particular belief.

    As a 22+ year law enforcement veteran I have been to countless domestic violence calls – including several murders. If the Father’s father (???) used a shotgun to kill mom… Her days were numbered. Unless of course she would have been willing to seek law enforcement protection – you know, guys with guns. As for the other relative – Am I my brother’s keeper? – I know there are several preachers (usually in southern states, God bless ’em) that are clear minded, readily armed and willing to smite those willing to violate God’s commandments. Even David had a CCW in the form of a slingshot.

    Ever wonder about those pious minions that have sworn a life of pacifism? How come they are also so willing to FORCE their pacifism onto those of us with different beliefs?

    Well, Happy New Year and… God Bless.

    • “Ever wonder about those pious minions that have sworn a life of pacifism? How come they are also so willing to FORCE their pacifism onto those of us with different beliefs?”

      Wow. Just Wow. Awesome statement.

    • As a lifelong Methodist, I am 75 now, I was always aware that I could enter the armed services as a conscientious objector without question, though few did. In WWII those that claimed that status were simply given non combatant duties and still served their country. The vast majority of pacifists served in the medical corps and many received medals for valor. In recent times the idea that “I cannot save a soldiers life because he may kill again when he is well and that would violate my pacifist beliefs” is simply a coward’s way of avoiding duty. No Christian, pacifist or otherwise, would withhold help from a brother on the basis of what he has done or might do in the future. Our only reward is that he or she might follow our example. I know of no group with this philosophy that is forcing their beliefs on others. Evils committed by any church are usually traceable to state or monarchy control or to infiltration by evil men such as pedophile priests – the proverbial wolves in sheep’s clothing. The Gospel has not changed.

  3. generalizations do nothing to further our cause.

    I am an atheist. however, I’d be willing to bet my salary that many people of religious persuasion would agree with my code of ethics and morals on all accounts. mine are just the result of self-reflection and the understanding of the benefits of a good deed and the detriment of evil deeds.

    whether or not my morals are the result of the fear of punishment or the want of reward has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the degree of my morality. please don’t lump atheists in with liberals. especially, with such negative connotation intended.

    on topic: it sounds like his father would have found another way to kill his mother had he not owned that shotgun.

    • It’s not a Christian vs. non-Christian or a right wing vs. left wing thing. The question here is whether we hold people accountable for their actions. Insisting that we don’t go around killing innocents is a low standard, one that the vast majority of us, gun owners or not, find easy to meet.

  4. Reverend, if that’s what you are then your job is to share the Gospel, preach Christ crucified and to win people to him, to develop mature followers of Christ…. period.

    “For I am the way the truth and the life, for no one comes to the Farther but through Me” John: 14: 6, share this, live this and quit with the gun control.

  5. If they want to get religious on people and talk gun control, then I guess I better state that I’m an ordained priest and am a firm supporter of the second amendment and I can show you a lot more. Don’t start bringing religion into this Bloomberg because then you will get a ton of really good, honest men with integrity standing up to you.

  6. Unfortunately some will give credence to this man because he is a preacher. I on the other hand would give a fool like him less credence. If he is so gullible to spend his life preaching about a mythical god, he is unlikely to ever be able to sort out reality.

    An imbecile should know that if a man wants to kill his wife, he doesn’t need a gun — there is the blunt instrument, the bladed weapon or tool, and fire, among many choices.

    Only a bigger fool than Rev. Kevin Fisher would pay him any mind.

    • Right, because believing in a higher power makes you gullible and incapable of sorting out reality in a rational world.

      Friend, sometimes, people with whom you hold opposing opinions are not stupid, they simply feel differently than you do.

      I would respectfully advise you to grow up a bit and learn how to treat people with respect, even if you disagree with them.

  7. This preacher has done what a lot of people do, reflect on their considerable pain and emotionally(not rationally) reach the wrong conclusion. I’m sorry for your pain sir, but also for your lack of thinking skills.
    As RF said, your brother’s death was likely his own fault. As a prosecutor of 100’s of domestic violence cases I can assure you that it was a long term of escalating violence that culminated in your mom’s murder. During that time your mom failed to involve the cops so that her husband could be removed or psychologically helped.
    Your family’s story is an old and all-too-common one. You became a preacher to help others. Good move. But don’t learn the wrong lessons or advcate against others’ rights because you’re in pain.

  8. The Episcopla/Anglican church is the bloody arm of the British monarchy that caused my Quaker forefathers to flee Salisbury and take up farming in West Jersy in 1653. It was that, or give up the faith, or be hung, drawn, and quartered. They provided a mighty spiritual pillar in support of turning the world’s leading manufacturing economy into a mere raw material supplier –India. They cheered on the boys headed for Flanders’ fields. For the last thirty years the Church has become nothing but a bunch of pink ministers preaching defenseless peace at any price, yielding their flock’s yeoman duties to the police, any police. This minister stilll hasn’t recovered from the bloody predations within his own family, and is therefore in no position to suggest whether we should submit to his foolish plans.


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