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How could we have missed this pre-State of the Union State of the Gun Violence Prevention Movement address by Demand Action to End Gun Violence (a.k.a., Mayors Against Illegal Guns and their wholly owned subsidiary Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America)? In my defense, only 5k people viewed the video up to the time of writing. And there’s not a single comment underneath. Oh wait. Comments disabled. Who saw that one coming? I gotta say I didn’t miss much. Shannon’s one claim to fame: “Starbucks no longer welcomes guns in their stores.” Tell that to the armed robbers who visit the Seattle-based java joints for a stack of dead presidents. Or the armed off-duty cop who stopped an armed robbery at Starbucks. Anyway, no rude comments Dirk. That is all.

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    • was hoping it was a glass front on the desk or nothing there at all and she gave me a “sharon stone” moment, but alas. . . . . I think Mark is using the french tickler on her . . . that is all

  1. Is it just me or does Shannon Watts have those Nancy Pelosi-esque bug eyes? She also has a wierd droop with one side of her mouth. Does she suffer from Bell’s Palsy?

    As for the content of the video, I would like to meet the 82% of Gun owners that support them. I know a lot of Gun owners and not a single one agrees with them.

    • Her eyes are too far apart…I know that’s not her fault at all, but it creeped me out when I tried to watch the video. Her expressions remind me of how the alien disguised as a hot blonde who killed the president in “Mars Attacks!” moved around

    • Having fairly ignored the Shannon Watts channel, I hadn’t noticed this before: Her face is highly asymmetric. I thought it might just be the freeze-frame above, but Google Images showed otherwise. The left side of her face from brow to jaw is much thinner than the right side. No amount of makeup disguises it. Odd.

  2. What a load of garbage. They don’t want to respect the rights of law-abiding gun owners. “Common Sense” legislation in places like Connecticut made hundreds of thousands of law-abiding citizens automatic criminals if they failed to wait in lines for hours to register their “30 caliber clips.” Watts and her cohorts want outright bans and confiscations for all “assault weapons” which range from standard semi-auto ARs to my 10/22 squirrel gun.

  3. Why did they leave out the mag cap limits when reciting their CO “accomplishments?” Made it seem like the UBC was the only thing they passed.

    • I don’t have the stomach to watch those smarmy mannequins, so I have to ask: did their accomplishment highlights include getting three of Colorado’s anti-gun legislators thrown out of office?

      • They simply said that “no where else in the nation are the extremists opposing us as bitterly as in CO, ” or something to that effect. No R.I.P. or anything. Not that I don’t realize you were being sarcastic.

        • So that’s a yes, then. 🙂

          I’m not from Colorado and I’ve never been considered an extremist before, but if that’s what the people who threw those bums out of office are, then count me in.

  4. This may sound silly but I am so afraid that these misguided people are going to take my only source of protection. I would rather them tackle the true problem, mental illness. No one will talk about it period. I tried talking to Democrats and all they say is it’s guns. WHY?

    • Because dealing with mental illness is difficult, complex, and expensive.

      Picking on law-abiding gun owners is easier and garners more political capital from their supporters and easier packaged sound bites for the MSM.

    • Most mentally ill people are not violent. Just like most gun owners are not violent. Be careful about throwing other people’s rights under the bus just to save your own.

    • A lot of us here asked the same question, a lot. And consequently, haven’t been able to vote for a Democrat since.

    • What? You expect a terrorist organization to allow open comments on their propaganda and calls to jihad?

  5. Someone who owns a business in the areas where MDA is active should start a policy REQUIRING all customers to possess a gun to enter the business just to piss off Shannon Watts.

    • I know of no area where MDAAIG is active. Their friends have done damage in some states, but MDAAIG is utterly useless outside of the interwebz.

  6. I just watched it to hear what that bitch’s voice sounded like. Confirmed – whiney nails on a chalk board.

  7. If I was married to that harpy, I am pretty certain I would be a statistic of gun violence…………….self-induced lead injection…….

    Better still, maybe he needs to watch “What’s Love Got to Do With It” and take a lesson from Ike

    just sayin’

    • If most of us were married to Shannon, she probably wouldn’t be who she is. I’m not saying women don’t have their own opinions on things, but my experience is that rarely does a wife and a mother fight against something that her husband truly believes in. I mean, unless it’s gambling or whores.

  8. all I know is that the NRA convention is in Indianapolis this summer and only a few miles from Shannon’s home, I mean MDA (MAIG wholly-owned subsidiary) Corporate HQ. I was thinking a field trip is in order. Maybe Shannon will let me bunk at her house, I mean MDA (MAIG wholly-owned subsidiary) Corporate HQ. She has room given all of her kids are out of the house, other than her step-son.

    • she doesn’t live in a gated community like some have said. you can see her house from Google Streetview. seriously, just for the lols, get yourself on camera and go knock on her door, say hi, and hand out a pamphlet.

      • April 25 – Apr 27th . . . . NRA Convention. I am about 60% set to go (working vacation and other plans). . . .

  9. Just last week our grassroots organization contacted Staples about getting some gun sense. We were subsequently told to fuck off and
    that she carries every day.
    Join us to accomplish nothing.

  10. Slick video, quality graphics, smooth talkers, WRONG MESSAGE. I’m sure most all of the left leaners just ate it up. I am very concered about this opposition to our rights and freedoms.

    We, as People of the Gun, need to come up with a counter initiative equal to or exceeding this. I know we have the NRA, and they are very capable. It just seems this MDA/MAIG/Bloomberg coalition is going to be a serious challenge to us.

    Yes, we can flame them all day long, but the result of that is losing our credibility. Let’s put our collective heads together and resist their opposition. Politically. Logically. Rationally.

    Like I have mentioned before, I’m all tied up in a 2A battle at my school. I challenge the rest of my fellow TTAGers to present a battle plan.

    Dirk, go ahead and spew, your audience awaits.


    • “It just seems this MAG/MAIG/Bloomberg coalition is going to be a serious challenge to us.”

      With so few hits on their videos, so few fans on Facebook, pitiful turnout at events, and no celebrity endorsement; I still fail to see why anyone sees them at a “threat”. The only place I see anything about this 3 ring circus is here.

      Why are they even getting the time it takes to read the post’s headline again?

      • They’re dangerous, all right. Not because they have vast public support, but because they can make it look like they do. They have money to buy legislators and the media favors their message.

        • They have money to buy legislators and the media favors their message.
          And THAT us what makes them dangerous. And now that Nanny Bloomie is no longer occupied and constrained by matters of governance, he can think up even more insidious schemes to throw his money at.

      • Because the MSM specifically seeks them out for their commentary and advice, much more so than any comparable pro-2A group.

    • Absolutely agree. In the eyes of the “takers”, the NRA isn’t exactly “grassroots”. We need our own collectivism of normal everyday people.

      • It will never work. If they can explicitly blame the NRA, they do so, but if its a pro-gun grass-roots movement, they simply call it “the gun lobby”.

        • Well, they call every group other than their own and others of their kind “the gun lobby” anyway, so what’s the big loss?

    • I think they will consistently run into the exact same problem the NRA has, although the NRA’s is less of an issue: They’re preaching to the choir.
      MDA is sure as shit not going to be the first place anybody on the fence is going to look for information on gun control. Some might still go to CNN and the like, but I think most will go to things like Vice to get their info. MDA ain’t getting converts.
      The NRA is a little better off, maybe just because they have a much bigger and motivated base to play to, but our collectively biggest problem is that despite having all the cold hard facts, reason, and logic on our side, we can’t seem to get much traction in the “middle” of the info-sphere. Name your reasons, cuz there’s plenty and many have to do with who runs them, but we really need more Penn and Teller types than we do even Colion Noir types.

  11. These people are so naive it’s not even funny. Violence will NEVER be ended; humanity is inherently violent. There will always be human predators preying on others whether it be physically as in robbery or financially as in Soros. The only way to protect against predators is to show strength, to make oneself not a target.

    • Humans can only hope to become non-violent when we become something other than human (through technology) or become extinct.

    • The only thing separating us from animals is complex language and opposable thumbs.

      We like to pretend we are a higher form of life, but everyone has has it in them to be animalistic, most people are only about nine meals away from being hungry enough to bash their neighbor’s head in for food.

  12. so I was watching the video again and well, something hit me (and no, it wasn’t the subliminal messaging of “Dirk, Come to my house, I mean MDA (MAIG wholly-owned subsidiary) Corporate HQ and give me the loving John cannot” that comes across with her constantly blinking her eyes in Morse Code).

    At .54 in the video (have to freeze it) and again at 3:32 (again, freeze), I don’t see much evidence of a wedding ring. Now, it may be the lighting. It may be a simple and slender gold band. But since Shannon is a kept woman (by John theoretically but by Bloomy in actuality), me thoughts she had a rock on there in prior vids/photos. Since John made MILLIONS when he left Wellpointe (aka Blue Cross) around the same time Shannon was their mouthpiece (defending lawsuits brought by badly injured [edit note: It’s for the] Children(TM)), well, you would think she would have a display to share with her other (rich, white, suburban and sheltered in gated communities with private security) moms and signal her rightful place atop the proverbial pecking order . . .

    In the words of Mr. Taggert, I am depressed.

  13. So I’ll admit, I never took the bait and looked at Shannon Watts. She’s cute for sure, but I couldn’t stop staring at her eyes. They’re……wonky. Does she have fetal alcohol syndrome or something? The spacing or something is just…off.

    • agreed – they are calling me like a POW signaling his status to his unit unbeknownst to his captors. I saw that on an episode of The Unit. I am guessing Shannon was a big fan of the show.

    • She’s got the bedroom eyes of a heroin addict who will do anything, and I do mean anything, to get her next fix.

  14. NRA – 2,979,000+ likes on Facebook
    NSSF – 267,000+ likes on Facebook
    Moms Demanding something or other – 139,000+ likes on Facebook
    Mayors Demanding attention – 20,000 likes on Facebook

  15. I saw a headline yesterday that said “Brain Dead Wife Taken Off Life Support” and I got all excited thinking it was Shannon Watts.

  16. I’m a lifelong democrat. Worked for the party, ran elections, etc. In an area where Dems are pretty much all pro-2nd and if they are not, they know better than to make that an issue.

    This is becoming a polarizing issue for the democratic party. It does not seem like it nationally, yet, because the issue really bas not been forced, but if they keep trying to force this truly shortsighted policy through and ignore the issues of mental health and poverty which are the TRUE issues at play, it will tear the dems in half the way the tea party is tearing the GOP in half.

    They are literally having to make up new laws out of thin air to try and think of things that would stop these shootings now. ‘No whistling on a tuesday.’ Pump action hunting shotguns have been around and readily available for over a century, so, is immediate action needed to legislate making them harder for law abiding people to get? Where do these people learn to reason? How do they come up with this drivel and recite it with a straight face?

    Apparently, whatever Moneyman Mike Bloomberg wants, these two puppets are willing to deliver. He says ‘dance,’ they dance. I wonder how much they sold themselves for to him? How much were their souls worth?

  17. Again, it’s a multi million dollar ad campaign the like Nazi’s ran. It’s like the war on tobacco. We potg need to counter them. Their goal is to motivate the uneducated fearful masses to believe that guns are evil and unnecessary. That good people don’t need guns.

    We have to counter every ad and video that they place to get the truth out there.

    We are fighting for our freedom with every word.

    Don’t underestimate the machine we’re fighting against. If it goes like tobacco we could lose.

  18. She certainly blinks alot – she subconsciously doesn’t believe her own bull$hit…
    When some women lie through their arse they blink alot

  19. I never understood all the fuss about GUN violence as opposed to just plain violence until I saw the movie Casino and that scene where Joe Pesci and his brother are beaten half to death with baseball bats and buried alive in a cornfield. And it just clicked, that looked so much more pleasant than being shot.

  20. Thanks to Dirk, I can now never stop wondering what color her panties are. I suspect they are sexy, whatever they may be.

    • that and whether there is carpet (do they match the drapes?), hardwood floors, or some other “format” on the surface down there . . . .

      • Carpet? Bleecchhh, ooop-ack! What is this, 1975? The beaver is seldom seen animal in the wild, thankfully made nearly extinct by the mid 80s.

    • Register Democrat, vote for the biggest idiot in the Primaries, and vote for ANYONE ELSE of your liking in the election.

      If Obama and his little friends can play Chicago politics, so can we.

  21. Starbucks most likely changed their policy because some gun owners obnoxiously and crudely abused their right to open carry in the stores and not because of Shannon.

    • And I’d say it made absolutely no difference in the other two billion Starbucks on the planet. You can still carry concealed.

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