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 Delaware Governor Jack Markell (left) gets a universal background check bill (courtesy

Jeff Spiegelman [not shown], Representative 11th District, Delaware writes:

Yesterday early afternoon, HB 35 (universal background checks) passed. While this was not what many of us wanted, we did score some major victories. There were 11 amendments proposed with 4 amendments to the amendments.  but one of them passed.  Some of the additions to the bill include . . .

-Concealed Deadly Weapon permit holders do not have to go through a FFL for private sales

-Curio and Relic firearms do not have to go through an FFL

-The fee for the background check was lowered from $50 to $30

-Muzzleloaders are now exempt. (Can you BELIEVE they wrote a law that didn’t have them exempt before?!?!?!)

-The Amish will have special provisions to allow them to still buy a firearm without a photo ID

-Expanded the definition of what family members can get a firearm without a background check

-Provided a provision that specifically says that the background checks and the paper work needed for the checks are not to be used for any form of gun registration, gun owner database, or subject to the Freedom of Information Act

-Provided liability protection to the FFL dealers in the course of following the law.

I know it is not ideal.  However, the amendments make the law less of an affront to the rights of gun owners than the law would have been without them.

In case you are wondering, I voted for the addition of every amendment (including the amendment that did not get passed. This would have exempted private sales of shotguns from a background check) but then voted against the bill. The count was 24-17.

Have a very good Easter everyone. We will be back after the April break and leading the charge to defend the Constitution. Your energy and your spirit is what got these amendments put on a bill that tastes a little less terrible than it did before. Keep up the good work and I will keep you informed what is going to happen with the next phase. In the meantime, I will be hiding eggs for my niece while trying to keep my dog from finding them before she can.

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  1. This is what they call a “compromise”. . . I’m sure they’ll be back for another “compromise”after the next politically convenient murder.

    • The first gun show since the law went into effect is tomorrow in Wilmington. Instead of all this pointless yammering and assuming making asses of people, go buy something and test the system. Show a pattern of law-abiding citizens being denied before proclaiming someone is coming for your guns. Without evidence, the screamers are just paranoid conspiracy freaks. The argument about favoritism towards the Amish because picture IDs aren’t required for them demonstrates the complete lack of cultural knowledge of the state of some of those jumping to conclusions.

  2. Huh. I thought Delaware was a U.S. Territory, not a state. You mean it isn’t in Federated Micronesia?

    • Delaware, like Rhode Island and Connecticut, is one of those teeny states that are anachronisms left over from the 18th century. They should be joined to Massachusetts to make almost a real state–thus saving the cost of sending six anti-American senators to Washington in the bargain.

      • Bite your tongue! I have no desire to share anything more than I have to with those Mass$%%#s.

        At least we don’t have the Kennedy’s in CT.

      • Delaware may be small but we were first. We are also free of sales taxes which your state most likely collects.

        And oh yeah, we don’t border Taxechusettes, that would be Rhode Island. Pick up a book on geography at Amazon today!.

        • If YOU knew geography you would see that the two parts of Michigan don’t border each other either.

    • +1 and +my agreement.

      If the Amish don’t need a photograph ID to procure firearms then why does anyone else? Do members of the Mennonite community still need a photo ID? If so then why?

  3. those are cool hats – makes the wearer appear to have a really tall head. anyhow, good effort. sounds like you’ve made the bills less noxious.

    • The economy must be tough in Delaware. They skipped installing the iron spike on the top of the hat. “What would Bismark do?”

    • A more appropriate uniform for them would include brown shirts, jodhpurs and jack boots. Oh and let’s not forget the armband.

      • I was once pulled over by one of our dear Delaware State Poopers for expired tags. Thing was, a lady brown shirt from the New Castle County PD had already got me for it and given me a warning the same day.

        The State Pooper saw me as I was merging right and turning down another road. He then proceeded to come around the other way, turn onto the road I was on at the intersection I was stopped at, make a U in the middle of the road and come up behind me, proceeding with the whoop-whoop.

        He approached my car and with palpable aggression and asked me why my tags hadn’t been done. When I explained to him I had just been pulled over for this, he became visibly angry and in a tone bordering on ‘enraged’ he told me “You’re lucky… this time.” He then stormed off and peeled out of the lot where I had pulled over.

        Can’t make this shit up. By the way, fellow on the right for those who don’t know is Joe Biden’s son, our AG.

  4. Another day, another appreciation of Texas given what goes on in the states I’ve left behind (NY, DE).

    For 2 months income tax I don’t pay DE anymore, I could afford a trade-in Glock.

  5. If those LE Officers in the background are not there to provide security or giving a speech then they need to get back to work if they are on the clock.

    • They’re showing their support for this new law.

      No wait, LE doesn’t support stuff like this, at least not according to those who post here…but then we see a photo like this EVERY SINGLE TIME more gun restrictions are passed.

      I know, they’d lose their jobs if they refused, yadda, yadda, yadda and the vast majority are 2A advocates goes the chorus.

      And then they arrest the guy with the standard cap mag or the one who is carrying without the state’s permission…but at least we can all feel good sitting in jail knowing that they say they support 2A on sites like this one…ALL of the evidence to the contrary.

  6. “And now I, Voldemort, shall issue the following edict: Henceforth, all sales, transfer, possession, mention and thought of firearms shall be illegal unless…”

    • As a Delawarean, I am grateful for Spiegelman doing what he could.

      Anti-2A bigotry is strong here, I’ve heard the vitriol they spew when they don’t know gun owners are nearby and it is downright frightening how misguided many elite, wealthy Delawareans are, not to mention corrupt. There is a lot of wealth tucked away here and we will have to fight them tooth and nail to stop this from going further in the future.

      I have worked for the state here in DE and it is a 100% Democrat run operation. I was fired from the DOL the day after stating I owned a firearm. My co-worker’s jaw dropped when I told her and the next day I got a call saying not to come in. They gave other reasons, but the timing was not a coincidence. I would have never mentioned it, but a local gun shop (X-ring supply) had applied for a tax credit and my co-worker asked if I knew what the shop was because I am from Newark, where it was located. I had bought a S&W 642 there years earlier.

      An older lady I worked with there told me “they’re all democrats” my first day on the job and she was constantly referred to by my liberal co-workers as a “troublemaker.” She had no way of knowing I was conservative other than my appearance and manner. She told me how they ostracized her and she was ruthlessly mocked behind her back, I heard this myself and they tried to get me to join in. It was twisted, childish and the same liberal women who mocked her joked regularly about their ongoing prescription Xanax abuse. Often they were too high on Xanax to do their work and they would be AWOL frequently during the day. Yet they were fast tracked for promotion.

      It was a truly terrible place to work and Wilmington, Delaware may as well be Chicago, Illinois based on what I’ve experienced.

    • He doesn’t want a medal; just acknowledgement that there’s someone in the fray who has the right idea.

      He deserves credit for his efforts, and to be re-elected.

      • You’re right. He deserves to be re-elected. It’s the majority of the citizens in Delaware that deserve to have their asses kicked for voting the liberal congressional majority into power.

        • This. We had a Republican Governor (Pete Dupont) who saved us from bankruptcy and for years a Republican Leg that balanced the budget and kept the public unions in line, or else. Now we have Dems controlling everything and lots of new social laws are coming on line and taxes are going up.
          In a way I’m surprised we didn’t get a NY or Conn response to gun control, but there are a lot of house members who hail from the redneck areas of DE that know which side their bread is buttered.

  7. I does seem however, that the Forces of Freedom are falling back in face of the domestic assault on the Constitution.

  8. The Amish will have special provisions to allow them to still buy a firearm without a photo ID”


    Giving them exemptions is showing favoritism for one religious belief which is unconstitutional.

    • It’s not favoritism; a number of groups dislike photographs, so allowances are made. The army also deploys kosher kitchens, and Muslims get prayer breaks.

      To accommodate all religions and favour none is within he meaning of 1A, although unfortunately preference is generally given to desert monotheisms.

      We’re not too bad on that score, actually.

  9. “-The Amish will have special provisions to allow them to still buy a firearm without a photo ID” I read this and instantly thought to myself hmmmm straw hat – straw purchase? 🙂

  10. Well, he might’ve been able to trim some off and add some swiss cheese to it, but it still pretty much looks like a shit sandwich. Maybe not NY or CA brand shit sandwich, but still…
    Sounds like the Rep at least tried to do his job, and it’s appreciated.
    It’s just like many of you have already said, though, it will never stop with just this. be it six months or six years, the precedent is now set, and as soon as there’s fresh blood, they’ll be back for more.

  11. Either the state troopers heads are to big, or their hats are to small. Can’t decide which it is.

    • Oh, man, if the pic included their calvary-style (‘jack’) boots and sock garters, you would NOT be thinking about the hats.

      Unsure of reason, but collars of those shirts seem to run very small. Who cares, they smell like leather.

  12. Quote: I know it is not ideal. However, the amendments make the law less of an affront to the rights of gun owners than the law would have been without them.

    Similarly; Being hung with a new rope is less of an affront than with a dirty one.

  13. Oh why of course not they wont use this list to take away your gun until they sneak another amendment thru or some judge says otherwise. They chip away just like termites. They will not admit that their ultimate agenda is to confiscate your guns this comes in increments. Vote these people out of office the sooner the better. So they have criminalized privare gun sales. While Odumbo arms the drug cartels Alquaida in Syria Libya Africa he efforts to disarm Americans. This is the definition of Anti American.

  14. The government ALWAYS uses these laws to turn against the people. They ALWAYS go outside the law push the limits of the envelope to their own ends. Just as these weapons that they create Tazers , sonic weapons, microwaves all supposedly for military use they end up using them against the citizenry. Tasers for example were at first so they wouldnt have to use lethal force , a humanitarian thing. Now they are used as judge jury executioner to torture handcuffed people into compliance men women children old people. And tazers do kill ,hundreds of deaths attributed to them. These laws will be used for confiscation there is absolutely no doubt about it. ABSOLUTELY NONE!

  15. Just like a knife that they are using to just find the space between your ribs the one closest to your heart. They will claim its for an anatomy lesson nothing more. Until that final push…then its too late. Once these so called laws are in place once the guns are gone there is no getting them back. These rights were fought for people died . Now these people look to the exact same countries (England Canada Australia ) we fought against for these rights as examples for our society to follow! These are the unamerican enemies from within our forefathers warned us about. They should be referred to for what they are traitorous deceitful subversives trying to weaken America . The people are the government to take away their firearms is weakening them , pretty simple now isnt it. Simple logic.

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