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San Antonio resident Paul Cavazos’s home had been burglarized twice before. So when he and his girlfriend came home to find a third break-in under way – by the same burglar, they think – Cavazos reached for his trusty smooth bore. As is reporting it, he ran outside to stop the lightfingered filcher in his tracks holding his widescreen. And most of it was captured on Cavazos’s home security camera here. Maybe not the best tactical decision, but probably really satisfying nonetheless. Especially when he commanded the dirt bag to eat lawn until the local 5-0 arrived to collect him. [h/t Tyler Kee]

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    • How often do you shoot? How well do you shoot? We train all of our riflemen to use the “chicken wing” because it creates a pocket that helps to steady your shot.

      CQB guys will say to keep your arm down so it doesn’t get shot at, that’s fine because in CQB you are not worried about hitting a 4 MOA target.

      IN this case the prep was holding a TV and couldn’t shoot back if he wanted to, without dropping the TV but by then he would have already looked like swiss cheese.

      Get my drift?

  1. This is the dream of everyone who jas ever had something stolen from them. Sounds like the BG has done this many times before too. Dont mess with Texas!

  2. I don’t know if I’d be so bold as to engage someone outside the home, wanting to defend myself not only against criminals but the justice system as well. Luckily he didn’t have to fire, all’s well that ends well. Great job.

      • No, I have them to protect my wife and 3 kids. The difference is knowing where the line is between defense and offense, so I can see my kids without an orange jumpsuit.

        • well the law in florida is if the burglar comes into my home im clear to kill. BUT if hes out of the door i can only “scare” him by pointing a loaded weapon.

    • In the free state of Texas, lethal force is justified in or out of your house to prevent theft. Even, apparently, theft of someone else’s property, on someone else’s property. The thief is fortunate he didn’t try to keep running.
      Not much the local prosecutor could do. And given the homeowner is apparently Hispanic, nobody is going to organize protests.

  3. Wait, i don’t understand this. A citizen with a gun and the situation ended without a blood bath? Weren’t the police supposed to kill him as soon as they arrived? Oh, wait, this wasn’t Chicago. My bad.

  4. good on him aye. people like that deserve that kind of treatment… if you did that here in australia though….(mind you pump action shot guns are near impossible to get a license for..) you as the home owner defending your property would be straight off TO JAIL…..americans definatly need to be proactive on this new bs law of “gun control” they are trying to bring in…best of luck with it!!

    • Yeah spot on AussieCam first question would be, “How’d you find the time to unlock your gunsafe then unlock your ammo storage”? Then it would be, “If you could do it that quick you haven’t got secure storage, and you’re carrying a loaded weapon…. so we’ll just pack up ALL your guns and ammo and suspend your licence and you can apply to the court to justify why you should be allowed to get em back”

  5. Did you see the TV station blurred the thief’s face in the video? Typical liberal asshole media, they’re so concerned about criminals. They want to protect them by taking our guns away and keep them from being embarrassed after they get caught in a home invasion.

  6. Well good for him. This is what a law abiding gun owner does. Definitely a great outcome and….oh yeah NO SHOTS were fired and the law was enforced! Too bad this won’t lead the evening news. Definitely a GOOD guy with a gun!

  7. OMG! Pistol grip shottie with collapsible stock! OMG!

    Not a shot fired, bad guy caught, and no one hurt. Sounds like a win all around for Mr. Cavazo.

  8. He sure put that tee vee down carefully,lol. The perp would have probably said piss on a 9mm, just something about a 12ga pointed at your face though, Randy

  9. This is unreservedly a good thing.

    Though I am a bit surprised. Would have thought that a pistol-grip shottie with a collapsible stock would have taken care of business without requiring any intervention by the homeowner. Those things are dangerous, dontcha know.

  10. “…compliant. He was very compliant.”

    Lol. Hard to argue with a .76 caliber rifle at nigh point blank range when your hands are full with a stolen t.v.


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