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“According to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department, just after midnight Monday, a gunman entered a home in the 300 block of North Toner Street in Kewanna.” That’s in Indiana, BTW. The intruder was 41-year old Michel Righter. A fellow Kewannan. Kewanner? Kewannite? Whatever, when the un-named homeowners hears their door give way, one of them grabbed a gat. And then shot Righter, disarmed him, and held him until the local po-po could collect him. What prompted the intrusion? According to, “Police say a woman inside the home reported she is currently going through a divorce with Righter.” As Righter will probably tell you, love hurts.

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  1. Love don’t hurt. Now, being stupid that’s a whole other story. But stupid should hurt. Only hope that some people from the shallow end of the gene pool will have to learn is if stupid hurts. YMMV.

    • 2 Righters make it even more right? Righter vs. Righter makes it not so wronger? I think I’ll go lay down now.

    • Maybe it was mister Wright, Ms. Righter’s new BFF, who Wrighted (wrought?) Mr. Righter’s wrong… Right?

      • I thought they were hangin wright tonight, won’t be the first time I made that mistake, Randy

  2. And the leftists would have you believe everything would have been fine if she just cooperated with her violent, armed ex-husband. Like a dog. AKA, like a leftist.

    Though I’m sure peeing and vomiting on herself might have worked too.

  3. I love living in Indiana. Haters can hate but there are few simple pleasures in life as joyful as walking out back and popping off a few and neighbors either could care less or join in.

    • That sounds awesome! Where do you live (approximately), and are there houses for sale nearby?

  4. Related: be judicious about posting pictures of yourself holding guns on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. After a shooting I personally would not want to see a related-story link to a crappy picture of me holding a rifle, though in this case at least there is good gun safety on display.


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