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“Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge John Russo sentenced (Waymone) Williams Jan. 10 to 18 months of probation and ordered him to take the gun class.” Sentenced to a gun class? Are they teaching miscreants safe and responsible firearms handling in Ohio these days? Not exactly. After an arrest and conviction in December, “…23-year-old Waymone Williams, had been ordered by a judge to take a one-day class about the consequences of carrying a gun to commit a crime.” It’s not clear whether or not Waymone actually attended the class, but he appears to have learned his lesson . . .

Police were called at 12:30 a.m. today and officers found Williams with multiple gunshot wounds outside a home in the 900 block of East 178th Street. Paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene.

Waymone and a pal had attempted to jack a couple as they got into their own car in their own driveway.

Investigators reported that the homeowner and a woman were getting into his car when two men wearing masks and gloves walked up to them.

“One of the males was in possession of a handgun and the other male was in possession of a crowbar,” Sgt. Sammy Morris said. “The male with the handgun struck the homeowner in head with the handgun and attempted to pull him out of the vehicle.”

The homeowner grabbed a handgun in his car and fired multiple times, striking the robber in the torso. The robber fired once, but the bullet missed the homeowner, Morris said.

“Grabbed a handgun in his car.” That’s probably an inartfully phrased way of saying that the driver pulled a gun. Yes, he may have kept the gun in his car, but the homeowner is licensed to carry a concealed firearm. It seems likely that he was packing at the time.

In any case, Buckeye Firearms Association honcho Jim Irvine has some advice for the homeowner after what must have been a traumatic event:

“I’m sorry for the situation and glad you were prepared and able to survive it. …If it bothers you, get some counseling. There’s no shame in it. The vast majority of permit holders don’t want to shoot someone.”

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  1. “I’m sorry for the situation and glad you were prepared and able to survive it. …If it bothers you, get some counseling. There’s no shame in it. The vast majority of permit holders don’t want to shoot someone.”

    ’nuff said

    • Gun owners are, for the most part, peaceful people who want to be left alone – not the nutjobs the media makes us out to be.

    • My buddy’s mother’s sister’s best friend’s husband’s grandson makes ($)72/hr sleeping his days away. He has been without a job for his entire life but last month his pay check was a helluva lot more than that just from sleeping in his bed for 12 hours day. Go to sleep and try for yourself.

    • Technically, it was “working in front of the camera plugged into her computer”.


      *Ducks the fruit thrown for feeding the robo-troll that won’t even ever see this*

    • The truly sad part is that for everyone of these scumbags that dies, another whole little is born.

  2. He’s a wayward “upstanding citizen”, unlike law-abiding citizens. Thus the special treatment. Cleveland is an earthly stand-in for Hell.

    • Thankfully, he’s not an upstanding anything anymore, having now become a good crook. The city should throw a parade for that homeowner.

  3. no, no, no. if someone pulls a gun on you a whacks you over the head, you are not going to have enough time to shoot them. you may as well give them what they want. the gun useless in that scenario, why even carry it. In any scenario, you just wont have enough time so here let me take that gun from you.


  4. Um, I guess the lesson wasn’t learned. The dead bad guy had a gun, but was unprepared for the consequences of using a gun in a crime.

    Guess the system failed Mr. Williams, eh?

  5. Williams, of East 120th Street, had one prior criminal case. He pleaded guilty in December to carrying a concealed weapon, obstructing official business and tampering with evidence. Charges of aggravated burglary and failure to comply with police were dropped

    Public prosecutors are lazy, useless bunch of bums. Committs an aggrevated burglary and the BURGLARY charge is what they drop. Wouldn’t want to put one more sweet little lamb in prison. In Ohio apparently Aggravated Burglary is a felony of the first degree, it requires a prison sentence of three to ten years. After the prison sentence is served the convicted offender faces five years of post-release control – a type of community control sanction. If properly in the pen since Dec, Trayyyvon’s bro would still be alive or perhaps, in this case, karmabit him in the butt a he properly received his death sentence (common law penalty for burglary).

    +1 for the homeowner. Needs to be a public award for such instances of a case of HP ammo.

    • Yep & because they refuse to prosecute gun possessions by those out robbing people they think people are stupid enough to believe that making everyone doing background checks is going to solve the problem.

      Yet in 2010 there were 80k denials for NICS applicants. Over half were prior fellons trying to obtain arms. Only 40 were prosecuted!

      So that means about 40k were denied their constitutional right ILLEGALY! All so some people can pat them selves on the back and said they “Did” something.

      What if 40k people were denied their right to vote, or freedom of speech or ….?

      • Interestingly we, as Americans, don’t have an enumerated right to vote. Nor is it established as unabrogable by any particular historical basis.

  6. Why do the people in the mug shots usually look like they just woke-up or they’re about to fall asleep with their eyelids half closed?

  7. Brutha looks sleepy in photo. He probably looked even sleepier at his own funeral.
    Sleep tight, lil’ hommie.

  8. Similar situation, different “education”

    I teach classes through GSL Defense Training. I’ve got at least one or two alum in the local SA’s office who loved the class. I suspect they are the reason I’ve had at least one student take our NRA Personal Protection in the Home course as part of their plea bargain agreement.

    The crime? Firing shots in the air to ward off kids throwing eggs at their home.

    Taking the class was educational to the individual about how pulling out your snubnose and exercising Joe Biden’s advice isn’t copacetic when it’s just kids tossing eggs at your home.

    I may have had some others over 16 years as well, I don’t know. That’s the one that came up to me after the class and thanked me for a good class that she initially was dead-set opposed to taking.

  9. Down in the hood all his relatives say “he was a good boy”. Brrrwaaahaaaa. You know just like Travon.

  10. I grew up just outside Cleveland, and know the place this happened.
    Collinwood is a predominantly black neighborhood on the East side
    of Cleveland. Oddly enough, this was a nice neighborhood where the
    wealthy Pullman porters lived. Working class, law abiding, church
    going black families. Then the 60’s and the Great Society happened.
    It’s still a black neighborhood, but it’s less neighbor and more hood.
    In this case, I can’t help think that the permit holder was also black.
    If this is true, isn’t a black on black DGU worth noting by the press?
    Hey, that would mean there are law abiding black people who have
    legally owned guns and CCW permits. Well that certainly wouldn’t fit
    the standard liberal narrative of white racism causing the death of yet
    another troubled black teen. Since there was no mention of race in the
    story, i.e. the permit holder is white, I’m betting that I’ve got it right.

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