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You don’t have to visit Las Vegas in August to know it can get hot there, what with Moe Green building it in the desert and all. So maybe the dude who strolled into a local DQ yesterday wearing a mask and waiving a 3-foot Samurai sword just needed a Dilly Bar really badly. Sometimes you just gotta cool down a little, right? Only that’s apparently not really what the unidentified stickup man was after. And he didn’t get what he bargained for, either . . .

Homicide Lt. Ray Steiber said that although rare, robbery attempts with swords have occurred in the Las Vegas Valley.

“I’ve seen it before,” Steiber said. “It’s a deadly weapon in the right hands, and preliminarily, it appears he was using it as a deadly weapon.”

The boys from homicide were on the scene because when the unidentified swordsman waived his katana around and demanded cash, one of the employees on duty kept his cool enough to administer a well-deserved double tap, sending him staggering back out the door. The would-be slasher was rushed to a local hospital, but assumed room temperature shortly thereafter.

We don’t know what the DQ corporate policy concerning associates carrying while on duty is, but we hope the heroic employee in question gets something like Peanut Buster Parfaits for life rather than a pink slip. Stay tuned.

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  1. DQ? Die Quickly? (Irreverently, this reminds me of the classic Indiana Jones scene wirh the street swordfighter vs. Indy’s pistol. Game over.)

  2. This is ridiculous. When are we going to pass some common sense sword control? After all, nobody needs a military-grade assault katana. Let people carry swords and it’s going to be like the 100 Year War in this country.

    Well, what can ya say… a crime was committed by a weapon other than a gun, and a gun saved the day. Who’da thought? If no one was carrying, the homicide cop might’ve been there to investigate some dead innocents rather than a dead scumbag. I’m sure we’ll hear about this soon on the MSM…right?

    • Ironically, Japan banned the owning of Katanas by everyone except the Samurai class around the 15th century. Prior to the edict of the Shogun at the time (I forget his name) – anyone from the lowest farm worker to the rich trader could own and carry a sword. But the institution of common-sense sword control ensured that Japan would follow a path of peace and non-violence thereafter… oh wait.

      • Yep. Then came the Meiji Restoration and the samurai had it REALLY tough – all swords were banned, and the social caste system abolished.

        Not that it mattered… by the time of the Boshin war & the Satsuma Rebellion and its aftermath, modern firearms had been introduced to Japan, like the 1863 Smith & Wesson Army No 2 revolver. A samurai who had spent a lifetime mastering archery and melee weapons could be easily shot to pieces by a former peasant turned disciplined soldier with a few months training of how to load, aim, and shoot a firearm.

        Ahhh, history.

  3. Working the DQ that day were a father and two sons (Lebanese immigrant family). They own and operate the store. Article doesn’t say which one was the DGU’er, but I think it’s safe to say that whoever shot won’t be fired by their own family member for shooting a sword-wielding maniac in their own store.

    • Like we even need to imagine what he’d say anymore. Zealots are predictable as clockwork (10 bucks says if he responds, he calls me a zealot and says I’m predictable):

      “If everyone in that store had just cowered and done what the misguided victim of society had demanded, then no one needed to die. He probably wouldn’t have killed or hurt anyone anyway. Probably. Just another example of gun violence when letting the criminal take what he wanted and hoping he wouldn’t hurt anyone might have worked. Maybe.”

    • No kidding. Where’s mikeb who usually has no problem coming up with something to say. Oh right, this article doesn’t further his agenda so he’ll be silent on this one. He’s one of those “true believers” when its convenient.

    • Any time a man with a gun kills a man with a sword, I have serious doubts. Don’t you? Was killing the guy really necessary?

      Sometimes it seems like you guys vicariously enjoy killing bad guys. Dan called the shooter “heroic.” The rest of you cheer in agreement.

      The poor guy with the sword was probably mentally ill. I don’t think cheering is appropriate when a sick person who should be in the hospital is executed for making threats.

      • So hypothetically if he was mentally ill he should have been allowed to chop some people up?

        The problem is that the mental health care system in this country is abysmal. All these mass shootings have to do with individuals that were off kilter, on the radar and weren’t dealt with properly. With good and proper treatment the mentally ill (and I use that term because it isn’t a bad thing) can lead perfectly normal and productive lives. What they lack is a comprehensive systemic mental health care system and that void fails not only them but fails society as well.

        The sheer number of Americans that have at one point or another sought mental health care is staggering. They encompass every societal strata and every profession we know.

        There have been huge public awareness campaigns for all the different cancers, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, down’s syndrome, cystic fibrosis and plenty of other ailments but when has anyone else seen a campaign for mental health awareness? Rubber bracelets? Dozens of specifically colored products? Not a thing.

        I’ve dealt with it for 25 years and the sheer amount of ignorance and preconceived notions about mental illness is well and truly pathetic. As advanced as we like to think we are in 2012 we have miles and miles to go as a society when it comes to understanding mental illness. I’m all too aware of the calls to bar anyone labeled “mentally ill” from possessing firearms but that is an arbitrary and reckless slippery slope. Google how many cops that are taking or have taken psychotropic meds.

      • Well I suppose that kid in China that recently murdered his entire family with a kitchen knife was no real threat either since it wasn’t a firearm. He was just misunderstood or mentally ill. Got it. Please stay on your side of the pond. I’ve lived over there before and have no desire to go back.

      • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Oh wait… mean MikeB is SERIOUS????????

        Wow, we obviously know who has never been in physical danger before. It doesn’t matter WHY he was there with the sword (other then to commit a crime), and your theorizing about “mental illness” is just ignorant reaching becasue your arguement has no basis in known facts. If he was nuts or a tard, then his loved ones failed him long ago for not watching him close enough. But once he passed the Point of No Return, it is his actions that justify the results of the situation.

        But never let reality get in the way of “the agenda”, huh?

        • OMG Mike, really? I studied kenjutsu for many years, and can tell you, swords, and not just samurai swords, can do more damage than a bullet! I have also worked in the mental health field most of my life, and being mentally ill does not absolve someone of the consequences of their actions. The rule is 30 feet, if some one with a knife (or sword) is within 30 feet, you shoot. End of discussion.

          • Thanks for that genius observation out of your experience.

            “swords, can do more damage than a bullet!”

            So can a freakin’ toothpick in certain cases.

            • You implied the argument that someone with a sword wasn’t a deadly threat to anyone and shouldn’t have been shot. Now you are using hyperbole to make ad hominem attacks. So just when is a toothpick more dangerous than a firearm in these “certain circumstances?”

      • you truly must not allow any mirrors in your place mikebnumbers. there’s no way you could stand the sight of yourself after typing one like that. no pride, honor or dignity. you’ve given it all up.

      • “The poor guy with the sword was probably mentally ill. I don’t think cheering is appropriate when a sick person who should be in the hospital is executed for making threats.”

        Look at it this way Mike, he’s been permanently cured of his mental illness.

        I don’t have any doubts btw. Anytime a guy with a sword, knife or gun tries to rob someone, I don’t put a lot of value on that person’s life. That they assume room temperature simply makes society a lot safer.

      • You can chop a mans head off with a single swipe…..which is FAR more lethal than a firearm. Stay off this forum and leave gun owners alone if you cant see the clear logic of firearm ownership. You dont bother us, and we wont bother you.

  4. I dont hear the liberals crying for sword control laws!!!! I guess its not big enough to get them in the headlines.

  5. Yeah but at least the criminal didn’t have gun, see gun laws work! Oh wait this was in Nevada, never mind!!!
    Move along nothing to see here….

  6. First, there’s a good reason why we don’t carry swords anymore.
    Why a sword vs gun is bad idea in 16 seconds or less.

    Second, if you’re brandishing a sword in public, and you’re not participating in a martial arts demonstration at the local mall,
    you’re next date is probably with Dr. G.

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