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“I said, ‘You take one more step and this gun goes off in the middle of your chest. Do what you want.’” Not much room for interpretation there. An 82-year-old Albany, OR homeowner, Jim Brazel, had been ripped off just three weeks earlier. So when Justin Russell broke into his shop in an outbuilding behind his home last week, Brazel was in no mood to screw around. According to, he threw on a robe and grabbed his .410. “He’s making a mistake to try the country people. Because 99 percent of us are all the same. We’re not afraid to shoot.” But Brazel didn’t, instead holding Russell at gunpoint until the local Deputy Dawg arrived while his wife stood behind him, holding a pick axe. Anyone else want to take a crack at robbing the Brazels again?

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  1. A .410 and a pickax. Don’t mess with country. Not unless you want to be a mess. As a youth all the old timers I knew, men and women, had a shotgun within reach 24/7. They had peacefull worry free lives. At least as far as personal security went.

  2. jwm,

    Yesterday, I picked up a Marlin 39A made in 1946 with a weaver era scope. The gun is in 85% condition. I only paid $375. Such a deal!

    Albany Oregon is really close to Portland where I live. The man and wife are really a good representation of the strong, independent, and good self-reliant people in this state (except for the progressive gangs scattered in parts of Portland). I really like the people here in Oregon. Oregon is sometimes lacking in culture yet I would rather live among Oregonians than among the suburban Chicago crowd I was raised with.

    • Sounds good Aharon. Don’t offer to sell this one to AlphaGeek. I’m still mulling over the Savage over under I saw yesterday for 200 bucks. It’s a steal, but I really am gun poor these days. I don’t think I can fit it in my safe.

      I either need to be happy with what I have or buy another safe. Rock and a hard place. In a good way.

      • 🙂 Thanks! I’m only going to offer this one up for sale under one possible condition. I have a weaker left shoulder and arm because of two motorcycle injuries. If the Marlin turns out to be too uncomfortable to carry and then take steady aim with, during a day of rabbit and squirrel hunting, then she will need to be sold.

        A Savage O/U for $200? Wow, that sounds really tempting. You could always (for now) buy it and if it doesn’t work out for you, you can then later sell it to AphaGeek for a nice profit.

    • Aharon, You city boy’s that know little or nothing about the history and lack of culture in Oregon have moved here and totally fugged up what used to be a great State. I’ll splain it to you if ya want. Ken

  3. Thankfully this occurred in Albany, Oregon- as opposed to Albany, New York.

    Where the papers would have read:

    Daily news headline “Albany resident arrested for threatening a poor man just trying to make ends meet. The gun wielder is to be charged with unlawful use of a deadly bolt action shotgun”


  4. Does anyone recognize the make and model bolt-action shotgun that is shown in the picture and video?

  5. Shoulda plugged him and used the pick axe to bury what was left. Justin Russell would not be missed.

  6. Aharon: I am the man’s daughter. The gun he is holding is a Mossberg 410 shotgun multiple shot, bolt action, variable choke, full choke in picture. New in 1950.

    • Hello Joyce,

      I thank God your parents are ok and I’m grateful that they apprehended a thief. It was very thoughtful for you to reply to me and provide me with the gun’s details. Please give your father and mother our warm regards from the regulars here at The Truth About Guns.

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