“The couple, who are both students at UCF, said they got a knock at the door and when they opened it, two men barged in. Victim Nour Skargee said he answered the door and was immediately forced to the ground as one of the men pointed a gun at his head. ‘They said they were going to kill (her), and that’s when I really lost hope, you know?’ Skargee said.”  . . .

“The only thing I could think was, ‘I need to figure out a way to protect us,'” Nehme said.

If only a tool existed that allows a young, slightly built female to protect herself against one or more determined attackers who are larger and stronger than she is.

Wait, such a tool does exist! And Sable’s father had given her one for this very purpose.

“I grabbed the gun from out here in my closet. I pointed it at them, because he has busted through my door.”


Nehme said the man saw the weapon and immediately ran from the room.

Who could have possibly conceived of such a fortuitous result?

“I was helpless on the ground and it went from like, complete despair until, you know, I see her in the hallway holding a big revolver, and they’re running out the door,” said Skargee.

So, if we’re reading this correctly, a handgun kept in a (relatively) handy place in a student’s apartment protected her (and her BFF) from, well, who knows what kind of terrible criminal depredations? And all without firing a shot? Shannon Watts, please call your office!

Good that she didn’t live on campus where having such a tool would be prohibited. Better that she was able to get to her gat in time use it. Best if she’d have had the heater on her hip, avoiding the mad scramble for the gun — a race she might have lost.

As for the the usual civilian disarmament suspects who love to spout that horse hockey about having a gun in the house being more dangerous to the owner than the bad guys … go peddle your papers somewhere else. Sable Nehme isn’t buying them.



  1. Wait.
    So, someone’s child, (Ms. Nehme), protected herself and another with a gun?
    That her dad gave her?
    Someone call the “coalition” from the previous post.
    They’re not gonna believe this sh!t

    Oh yeah. They already don’t.

    • What?….huh?…..I thought the required plan from the university administration was to pee and barf on yourself if you found yourself in that scenario?

      “Being on the Left means never having to say you were wrong”……(Dennis Prager)

    • Would have been legally justified in using deadly force.
      Should have? That’s hard to argue. She stopped the threat without pulling the trigger and risking innocent life. But I admire her restraint. I’m not sure I would have done the same.

    • I don’t think putting yourself at the mercy of the legal system unless you have to to save a life is morally required. Sure they will likely strike again, but she would be risking an awful lot to try to prevent that herself. She already had a win.

      • I think she should have shot the one with the gun, no hesitation. I imagine the perpetrators were within 21 feet of where she stood or very close to it. If he had decided to attack her, with or without his own gun, they both would probably be dead.

        • Hard to say, maybe she had never shot it before. I’ve taken people out for the first shots to try only to discover they couldn’t hit a pizza box at 15 feet with a Mark III. There are factors here we’ll probably never know. Without being in her shoes, with her experience, calling what should have or could have happened is moot. Sure glad she’s ok though!

    • None of us were there and there is no possible way we could make better judgement than she did at that time.

      Plus tons of other factors. Was her friend in front of the bad guy? Was the revolver even loaded?

      • It sounds like she says “I cocked it back — it already had bullets in it”. That would be not only loaded, but cocked.

      • I don’t know WTF a “Nour” is but I’m betting defines NO balls.

        Daddy apparently didn’t tell his little girl not to shack up with an idiot.

        • Victim Nour Skargee said he answered the door and was immediately forced to the ground as one of the men pointed a gun at his head. ‘They said they were going to kill (her), and that’s when I really lost hope, you know?’ Skargee said.”……….Thats the part that says no balls. I dont understand the roll over and die mentality, sounds like he loses hope almost immediatly. Good thing she had a level head, and I bet she’s a second ammendment advocate the rest of her life.

    • Killing someone even when justified is a horrible experience and something you don’t want to live with. And then the bad guy’s family sues you. And the bad guy’s friends come after you. And if your really unlucky a prosecutor who wants to be mayor files charges against you because they don’t like people taking the law into their own hands, whatever that is supposed to mean.

      She pulled it, he saw it, and then he left. Probably won’t be back. Probably the best outcome.

      On a side note if I had a daughter that age and as pretty as she is I would teach her how to shoot as well.

  2. “The incident happened midafternoon at the Village of Alafaya Club, which sits down the street from the university.”

    So the way I interpret that, it was off campus, and campus carry laws (if there are any at UCF) were not a factor in this incident. But it’s still a powerful anecdote in favor of extending the 2nd Amendment all the way to college students.

    • Wait … wait a minute! You pointed out that the victims were college students. Gun grabbers tell us that the victims therefore must have been drunk, on drugs, or impotent (because of hormones or the stresses of university life or some other such nonsense) and therefore incapable of thinking much less acting rationally, purposefully, and effectively. I don’t believe that a drunk, drugged, and emotionally wrecked person had the wherewithal to use a firearm effectively to defend themselves.


      • A lot of colleges demand that you live on campus housing for your first year/two years.
        For some victims their choice of school is enough to degrade their rights of self defense and defense of others.

    • I graduated from UCF a few years ago and can confirm this apartment complex is off campus. It is only a few minutes away but campus policies definitely do not apply.

      That being said I’m guessing the lease she signed probably included something about not keeping firearms on the property. I don’t know if it would be enforceable or not ( I believe it is) so she may run into an issue there (definitely better to have to move out due to a shitty lease than to be a victim of violent crime).

      And if I recall correctly concealed carry on campus is prohibited but a gun can be left in a car on campus due to recent changes in Florida law (previously even having a gun in the car was prohibited by state law).

      • If she violated the apartment rules she’ll be fine…..because she is a she.

        ….and because there is a War On Women(TM) !!

        Don’t misconstrue this is a swipe at her….but rather a comment on the tactics of the Left and how they get to decide if a story is a story.

  3. So her dad gave her the gun, right?
    So moms demand action for dumb stuff about “feeling” safe while dads provide the tools so that their daughters can actually BE safe.

  4. Gun grabbers keep telling us that if we try to use a firearm to defend ourselves from attackers, the attackers will take away our gun and use it on us. But the attacker never took the revolver away from the young lady … so this story could not have happened.


    • They’ll also exclude this incident from their statistics of defensive gun uses, because no shots were fired/no bad guys were injured/killed.

      (No sarcasm needed or implied.)

  5. I’m becoming more and more certain that I will not pay for my children to attend a college campus on which they will be prohibited from defending themselves.

    Also, this story nicely demonstrates why certain Colorado legislators can go screw themselves sideways.

    • Indeed, but as it stand right now, Colorado is one of only two states where college campuses are forbidden from barring the legal carrying of firearms. Besides Colorado and one other (I forget which), every other state either has it banned outright or leavs the choice up to the individual schools, with the force of the law backing their decision.

      • Utah has no “pistol free zones” for licensed concealed carriers. Thus anyone with a Utah concealed carry license can carry without concern on any Utah state college or university. (I imagine the same applies to out-of-state licenses which Utah honors.)

        I believe there are options as well for Oregon, Kansas, Wisconsin, and Mississippi.

  6. They should have both “assumed a defensive position” and submitted to their attackers. Someone could have gotten hurt.
    Besides, this never happens, well hardly ever, and stuff.
    Besides, who is going to protect our children from those who are protecting the second amendment?
    And stuff.
    And everything.
    Nome sayin?
    We just have to do something, even if it’s really stupid.

    • Ha! Number one on the top ten list of gun grabber oxymorons. “Crime is so rare you are paranoid if you think you need to defend against it, but crime is so virulent we must do something ANYTHING to stop it”

  7. I watched the news video. Near the end Miss Nehme said, “I am so thankful I had that gun in my room. Like, I don’t know what would have happened …”

    I would put my money on rape, robbery, and then murder. Thankfully, Miss Nehme did not have to experience any of those additional horrors.

  8. Ummm…did I miss the part about NOT opening your door without identifying the miscreant on the outside? Rule #1. She did good. God bless Dad. BTW I’ve never left a sarc tag and never will…

    • I was going to make the same comment. If you don’t know the person on the other side of the door, just don’t open it.

      In any case, I’ll bet this dude won’t make that mistake again.

      • “I’ll bet this dude won’t make that mistake again.”
        I wouldn’t be so sure. Thugs tend to have difficulty learning from their own mistakes.

  9. Many years ago I had a female cousin off to college. Her daddy gave her a S&W 19 to take with her. She still has that gun and has never been robbed, raped or assualted. Funny how that works.

    At the time she was complaining. She wanted to take a S&W 29 that wasin the family. She was a good shot with it but her dad insisted on something more purseable.

  10. Imagine that! A gun, in the hands of a criminal is a tool of fear, intimidation, coercion, and possibly even murder. But in the hands of a normal person it is a tool of defense, ensuring even the bad guy survives the encounter.

    Who’d a thunk it?

  11. “Better that she was able to get to her gat in time use it.”

    Exactly. Good thing that Sable didn’t have the gun encumbered with a keyed gun lock, and enclosed in a locked steel safe as the CA DOJ would have her do. When she needed to have her revolver in hand for protection, it was readily accessible.

    No doubt having the gun with her, or on her person would have been better. What if Sable had been in the kitchen, or in the shower, when the invaders barged in?

  12. Calling Dan Baum: This young lady demonstrated how to represent moral, responsible firearm ownership. All the other horse puckey pales in comparison.

    • I don’t know JR_in_NC … I think Mr. Baum is going to deduct major points from Miss Nehme for storing her revolver on a closet shelf rather than storing it in some sort of safe.

      The fact that a locked safe would have prevented her from accessing her revolver before the home invaders would have assaulted her is an acceptable penalty, apparently, necessary to make gun grabbers feel good and win their hearts and minds.

  13. Well, that can’t be right! I’m told by Shannon Watts that this kind of stuff “Never happens!”

    … Too bad she didn’t shoot them too. Still a good ending. I’m tired of hearing stories where the criminal/s break/s in, terrorizes the residents and take whatever they want, then escapes, sometimes after killing the resident/s…. Should have shot them.

  14. Predators look for the helpless weak and defenseless. When you are none of those things, like having a big revolver; the predators will even run away.

    If these two men have committed other violent robberies, why didn’t the news provide a physical description?

  15. And if gun control advocates had their way, she would have been vomiting and urinating on herself instead and they continued unabated to violate her and her property.

    In additional to their being classist and racist, they are also sexist.

    They don’t want women defending themselves or even having the ability, because when people think for themselves their cause loses momentum. Kind of like it has been for a while now.

  16. Mr. Dan Zimmerman, It would be awesome if TTAG interviewed the Dad and how he came about giving his daughter that big revolver.

    PS: Thanks for all that you and TTAG does.

  17. There are a lot of comments about the “big revolver”. I went to the local news website. The revolver they showed looked like a snub nose Rossi, probably a .38 special. My “big revolver” is my Colt 1917. A Ruger Super Redhawk, or a S&W Model 29 is a “big revolver”.

    Nevertheless, the Rossi will work and is actually a pretty good home defense and/or carry gun for a young woman like that. Good for her Dad! Good for the young lady! Boyfriend, you got lucky, man up!

    Things like this are the reason that I home carry my S&W 642 “small revolver”.

  18. Am I the only one who is bothered by this language / description?

    “Channel 9 talked with a University of Central Florida student who pulled a gun on two violent intruders who attacked her boyfriend and threatened her life.”

    To ME… the phrase, “PULLED a gun” is derogatory… a pejorative. I think a CRIMINAL “pulls” a gun, whereas a Good Guy “DRAWS” a gun.

    Or am I being pedantic?

    • Not at all. Words matter, and semantics is ever present in the media. This report seems to be generally pro-gun. At least we were not told “She took the law into her own hands”.

  19. I wondered how they found out the home invaders were armed with a “pellet gun”. I suppose they left their weapon behind in their haste, perhaps along with a pool of urine, and some feces.

    Making the perps pee and tihs themselves instead of the intended rape victims sounds much more practical to me.


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