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Mvuleni Fana (courtesy,uk and Clare Carter/Contact Press Images)

“Mvuleni Fana was walking down a quiet alleyway in Springs – 30 miles east of Johannesburg – on her way home from football practice one evening when four men surrounded her and dragged her back to the football stadium,” reports. “She recognised her attackers. One by one, the men raped her, beating her unconscious and leaving her for dead. The next morning, Mvuleni came round, bleeding, battered, in shock, and taunted by one overriding memory – the last thing they said to her before she passed out:’ After everything we’re going to do to you, you’re going to be a real woman, and you’re never going to act like this again.'” In other words, the men justified the rape in the name of “correcting” a lesbian. It bears repeating: the right to keep and bear arms is a natural, civil right. Americans who undermine that right – here or abroad – put innocent life in harm’s way.

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  1. Yep, and now she probably has HIV given the prevalence in Africa. Definitely should have been a defensive gun use (DGU). Too bad all educational zones are gun free zones in South Africa. Too bad the vast majority of people wanting to defend themselves have to go through licencing and red tape. Instead of “gun free zones” – they should call them “pro-rape zones.”

    • Taken as a whole Africa dose not have an especially high aids rate. It is a continent of a billion people with iirc about 30 million cases. However if you break it down into nations ( would you tally all on NA as a single group) some are absolutely decimated by the disease. I don’t know where SA falls though.

  2. South Africa is one of those “may issue” types of places, not just to carry concealed, but to own at all. As usual, there’s a whole host of restrictions on type of firearm and ammunition, and you must demonstrate to a bureaucrat your “need” for the firearm.

    As one would expect, despite all of this, or because of this, they have an overall homicide rate and a gun homicide rate each about five times that of the U.S.

    I learned from a Madonna lyric decades ago that “poor is the man whose pleasure depends on the permission of another.” I would only add here that vulnerable is the man or woman whose security depends on the permission of another.

  3. And since this isn’t “gun violence,” it simply won’t be counted by the most strident supporters of gun control. The reality that this women may have had a fighting chance with a handgun will go completely unnoticed. Ours is a sick world. That’s why I carry.

  4. Guess I would disagree with some of the posters here on this one. Allowing relaxed gun laws in a country like SA and permitting millions of its citizens to arm themselves would result in a disasterousesly violent melee of bloodletting. Why? Because the citizens of SA are savages in large part. It is not like America. Nor could it ever be for reasons that should be obvious to the eye. And before some weakling calls me a racist, licks his paws, and waits for everyone to tell him how morally superior he is I simply reiterate; Widespread firearm ownership in a place like South Africa would be a disaster. You would have mega-death. Believe otherwise and you are simply ignorant. I’m sorry though that the woman got raped. She didn’t deserve it.

    • So these people are too stupid to make gun related choices . . . Except for when they elect leaders from among themselves to make gun related choices . . . Then they are very smart?

    • You are an idiot. You are an idiot for falling into the same mind set as any other anti. You think that the laws put in place actually prevent any one who wants to murder someone else from getting a gun. SA is a place with many savage people… And they all have guns if they want them. You are an idiot because you think the people not willing to break a minor law to own a gun would somehow be willing to break a major law if that minor law were not in the way. You are an idiot because you see another group of humans as being somehow fundamentally different from you. In short’ you are an idiot and going by your own rationalization should not be allowed to own a gun lest you decide that above and beyond not deserving the right of defense natural to every living thing that some people do not deserve the right to live period.

      • Well spoken, Sir. How does it go, again? “I don’t want to come off as racist, but these ignorant black savages aren’t nearly as good or developed or smart or intelligent as I am and therefore can’t be trusted.”

        I guess it’s SO much more admirable to be hacked to death with a panga than to be shot.

      • SA doesn’t have civilian ownership of firearms for the most part and had over 22,000 murders last year. All of England and Wales had 700 murders last year and their population is larger than all of SA. Who’s the idiot nThey ARE fundamentally different. They are raised with different values. These facts cannot be denied.

        • standard of living, social security, education, plenty of other factors. compare those and then get back to me. I bet I can find plenty of countries which make the US and you look savage. better turn your guns in bro, you can’t be trusted with them!

        • very few of our UK murders are done with a gun, knives, fists, feet and blunt instruments mostly, no getting round it humans kill, even in the least criminal of cultures, sometimes good reasons but mostly bad, the choice of method or weapon used is almost irrelevant.

      • SA doesn’t have civilian ownership of firearms for the most part and had over 22,000 murders last year. All of England and Wales had 700 murders last year and their population is larger than all of SA. Who’s the idiot now? They ARE fundamentally different. They are raised with different values. These facts cannot be denied. White South Africans cannot live outside of walled compounds and there is a terrible race war approaching quickly. I’ve lived amongst Native Americans and never had any problem. Hmmmm, I wonder why that is? You are the idiot sir and you represent a shrinking portion of society. The portion that says what they think will make them look superior when in actuality you are just a simpleton.

        • “And to PROVE that I’m a racist when I said that I wasn’t, I’m going to say it again and throw in some other ethnic group to prove how fair that I can be while being racist.”

        • “SA doesn’t have civilian ownership of firearms for the most part and had over 22,000 murders last year.” So . . . no change necessary as far as you can see?

        • Do I have to point out that “raised different” is NOT fundamentally different? That us what is called a superficial difference. In as much as it is true though black South Africans are raised different, if not to different values then certainly under different conditions. And that is where they are fundamentally the same as us. Place tens of millions of Anglo whites in the same level of poverty and oppression and pass laws that ensure only criminals will have weapons and you WILL get the same results. It is a pattern repeated countless times with every race throughout history. So to answer your question you are the idiot, again… Still.

        • Marine 03,
          I think you are partially correct in that many SA natives have not come from a culture where individual thought, individual rights, and individual responsibility have been valued. I would infer from the nation’s history that their culture is much more tribal in its values as compared to the Greco-Judeo-Christian-European culture which has historically dominated America. However, continued restriction of individual rights, and continuing to treat individuals as sheep is not the answer. An actual state of freedom, and a culture and ethic capable of dealing with freedom, go hand in hand; they need to stumble forward together. The State impedes both.

        • Let me guess, marine03. You made it as far as boot. After about 6-8 weeks you got one of ‘THOSE’ discharges which doesn’t look good on future job applications. Am I right?

    • The people of South Africa have a right to self defense as much as any other person does. They are responsible for their own safety in the same way that we are. It is not up to anyone to “allow” them to have arms – all their government needs to do is not prohibit it (same as in the USA).

      If those who would otherwise be victims of rape or assault instead defend themselves, perhaps killing some of their would-be attackers, then the society will be better off (not to mention the would-be victim).

    • Having been to South Africa recently, I can honestly say none of the people I met were “savages.” Also I am a firm believer that an armed society is a polite society. It’s a pretty big leap to say that allowing people the simple right to own firearms for self defense in SA would result in blood running in the streets. Give me a break, as in the US there are already a ton of people there who own weapons illegally. I think the average law abiding Afrikaner, Zulu, Xhosa and Bothoso deserves the opportunity to not be a victim.

      • Exactly… So tired of the “RKBA for me but not for thee” people who lurk around here… “OMG, Mandela was a commie – he should just suffer under apartheid, don’t give his people any guns!”

    • Soooo they’re such savages, that they’re abiding by the law and would only possess firearms if they were allowed to do so following a change un the law, at which point they’d go wild and start shooting the place up? Oh that makes a lot of sense. Ever occur to you that the savages, aka criminals, already have guns and are already shooting the place up, and that it’s the civilized people who are following the law and being terrorized by criminals?

      All that allowing law abiding people to defend themselves would do is even the odds and save civilized people’s lives. After all, the licensed gun ownership rate in S.A. is about 4 per 100 people. The overall gun ownership rate (legal and illicit combined) is estimated at closer to 13 per 100. Looks like the good guys are already badly outgunned and could use some tooling up, don’t you find?

  5. And if they are never free to make their own choices, like humans, and to see the consequences of those choices, none of this will change.

    • ” violence will never stop, it is nature”. Fixed. And the idea is not to stop violence but to reduce it from the unbearable levels many experience. We are not the antis to be believing in fairy tales.

      • Having the choice to use unjustified violence (muggers, rapists, murderers, etc) on another is part of the human character as is the choice to be a pacifist and not go to the defense of an innocent person when attacked (or to use violence to defend oneself).

    • There’s a whole lot about man and his alleged nature which may well lurk beneath the surface, but that’s what civilization was created to rechannel into more productive purposes.

      I regard it as confessing, not bragging, when I say that I have brought violence against other men before (not lately, of course), but that was always in self-defense. I haven’t initiated violence against anyone. If I can overcome primal urges not to bash someone’s head in with a rock or a Glock, why can’t others? Why do they get a pass on their lack of self-control and get to blame their caveman legacy?

  6. How barbaric.

    One of the most profound lessons I learned in Afghanistan is that people in general are just a lack of electricity and a little food shortage away from killing each other with rocks.

    • Don’t discount the importance of “moral capital.” By that I mean a shared moral code which allows a society to function in the face of adversity and to bring about prosperity. A free society with strong moral capital will rebound and rebuild even in the face of an absolute calamity–Japan after WWII for instance. Whereas without strong moral capital, even a minor problem can lead to mayhem–my in-laws for instance.

  7. Can someone explain to me why the “feminist movement” in the US is one of the big supporters of disarming women? Is there any rational basis for their support of laws that make women easy prey?

    • When you decide that you and you roup divided along any given lines is at a disadvantage you have two routes to take to parity. The difficult and long fight to raise you and yours to the same level as your former superiors or the easier route of bringing every one else down to the level of 2nd class citizen. The latter is almost always easier because there are bound to be people in power willing to align with you for the sake of expanded power.

      • Sort of like the Stalin-era Russian joke telling the story of a peasant with one cow who hates his neighbor because he has two. A sorcerer offers to grant the envious farmer a single wish. “Kill one of my neighbor’s cows!” he demands.

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