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Here’s something forgot to mention, from “Last year there were 48 reported Lyme disease cases in Ohio, according to the Ohio Department of Health. The highest number of cases in Ohio is 82 in 2002. In comparison, neighboring Pennsylvania had 4,287 cases in 2005 (the most recent statistic available) and a high of 5,730 in 2003, according to the CDC . . . In the northeastern and north central United States, the deer tick, also called the blacklegged tick, transmits the disease. According to the CDC, only 15 percent to 20 percent of the nymphal stage ticks (those that typically spread the disease) carry the bacteria.” You feeds your deer, you takes your chances. For you and you neighbor’s kids.

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  1. Seems as if there is more to the story here, like people are sick of the invasion. Problem is, shooting by homes is soooo dangerous, but many city dwellers don’t realize how dangerous a deer-especially in rut, can be. Wait until a deer smacks someone with a powerful leg or a buck gores someone. If nothing else they wreak havoc on the road down here in SC. My dad rolled a car once and lost 5 cars to deer. A cousin’s car was actually attacked by a rutting buck once. I wonder if they have coyotes in the area, ready to move in soon?

  2. Pennsylvania has a huge deer population and a waning hunter population, unfortunately. I have several friends and work acquaintances who hunt and none of their kids are interested in the sport.

    Want to see the effects of an out of control deer population? Go visit Valley Forge Park.

  3. Someone should bring Solutions Not Shootings from Chicago to moderate between the deer and the hunters. Otherwise, violence will only lead to more venison.

  4. Sounds like someone is tired of the deer eating their landscaping. Of course the cidiots are drawing the deer in by feeding. Nothing like attracting potential disease and other dangers into your yard. These are probably the same sorts that think government and the police will protect them from bad things.

  5. I’m originally from Boulder, CO and we used to have an awful deer problem. Huge bucks were coming down from the mountains into the city which resulted in a lot of cars being destroyed on the roads and if I remember correctly several deaths. And if you know anything about Boulder, you know there aren’t hunters to stem the flow of deer. But soon the deer disappeared.
    Turned out the migration of deer was followed by the migration of mountain lions and several sitings were recorded. Fortunately there weren’t any attacks on humans, but the threat was real. These people don’t realize that their actions have consequences when feeding these deer and attracting them into the area.

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