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Constitution Arms sent out this email alert re: progress on their unique pistol. The brains behind the operation reckons his weapon might need a PDX-1-style defensive cartridge . . .

Endurance testing of the Palm Pistol prototype was completed in August, 2010. The procedure consisted of firing 10,000 standard rounds and 100 proof loads. Every 500 rounds, the gun was completely disassembled and subjected to wet fluorescent magnetic particle inspection (MPI) by an ASTM certified non-destructive testing laboratory . . .

The five structurally critical components (barrel, latch, receiver, barrel pivot pin and latch pivot pin) all withstood the test and passed with “no indications found.” Findings concluded the design was robust and structurally safe. The next task is the drop test.

There were some functional/ergonomic issues that surfaced which will be addressed in the production model.

We have started the process of obtaining production quotes from the various manufacturing specialties such as investment casting, wire EDM, plastics injection molding, stamping, etc. We do not yet have an estimate on production start date or retail cost.

Concurrently, we are exploring the development of a multi-projectile .38 special cartridge optimized for the Palm Pistol. This will be suitable for other short barreled self-defense firearms such as Derringers and snub nosed revolvers.

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  1. The point of this pistol is to provide self-defense capability to those who, for whatever reason, are unable to use a standard firearm. There are several physical scenarios that I can think of right away where this weapon would be a godsend to the persons affected. As an example: I have arthritis in both my hands. At present, I can still handle a standard pistol. Should it advance, that may no longer be possible.

  2. SFCRetired:

    You are 100% correct sir/madam. My gun is designed for those unable or uninterested in handling a traditional pistol or revolver. There are many people, like seniors, disabled or others with hand weakness, that are not "gun-types" and want a self-defense tool more effective than pepper spray. Also, my gun can be used by police as backup gun to mitigate gun grabs. 12% of law enforcement offcier who are shot and killed on the job, are killed with their own gun.

    Matt Carmel, President
    Constitution Arms

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