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There’s something strangely beautiful about the Cold War Soviet-era style. When you’re relying on secluded, secretive designers and slave conscript labor to actually manufacture stuff the results can be, well, interesting. Case in point: the old Soviet era PBS-1 silencer. A device so strange looking that it seems more at home in a modern art museum than a battlefield. For those looking to have an “authentic” Soviet Afghanistan experience, though, it’s required equipment, and now the folks at Dead Air are designing a can to make that happen . . .

I get the feeling Mike Pappas had a lot to do with this. Mike recently purchased a BMP, a Russian armored personnel carrier, and has been driving it around his backyard for a few months now. My guess is he has a bit of a soft spot for Russian equipment and wants to kit himself out accordingly, with the side benefit being that the American consumer market gets a crack at owning this stuff as well.

No word yet on pricing or availability, but given the success of their Sandman silencer line I’m betting that this thing is gonna be awesome.

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  1. This looks cool. I wish I could get a supressors for my Yugo M76, there is a factory option but of course we can’t get them imported because reasons.

  2. With all the new AK offerings lately, what is the overall status on concentric bores? All I’ve remembered hearing is don’t put a can on your WASR cause you’re gonna blow out the baffles. Haven’t done much research lately but I’m wondering if you could slap this on a DDI or a RAS-47, just to name a few, and be good to go.

  3. I will say the same thing I said here on their IG page (yup, Jon Wayne is now on the social media):

    Shut up and take my money.

  4. In soviet russia, gun suppresses you!

    In all seriousness it looks pretty steampunk with that finish. It’s neat to see some imported style even if functionality is similar. Wonder if we’ll see any thing similar to any of their pistol silencers.

    • From what I’ve read, the original PBS-1 didn’t do much in the way of suppression. And by the looks of the photo on that linked page, it doesn’t look like it does.

      • Yeah, but it looks good.

        As Billy Crystal’s ‘Fernando’ would say:

        “It’s better to look good, than to suppress good…”

  5. PBS … First thing that came to mind is Public Broadcast System (around Philly…)

    Anyway, OT but I like the new “related posts” links.

  6. I’ll take an adapter from my current can mfg and be able to use my cans on my other guns and my ak.


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