With the lyrics of Jim Morrison echoing in my head, the RSO called the final cease fire at 16:30. The 30-odd [in both senses of the word] gun bloggers assembled on the firing line lowered their weapons. Our weekend of full-auto frivolity had finished. We spent the morning in a pistol class run by Tom Given of Rangemaster. The afternoon was devoted to blasting away with full auto KRISS SMGs, Sphinx pistols and a bunch of Kel Tec goodness that Oleg Volk brought with him. I definitely want to say that Angela and her cohorts at Lucky Gunner organized the event with near-Glock perfection. Several junket vets reckoned they’d more fun this at the Lucky Gunner blogger shoot than they did at the Knob Creek machine gun shoot. Stay tuned for range reports, tank videos and full auto fun. Until then, here’s some of the hardware to tide you over.



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